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Chapter 8 I ran out of MP…

It is nice that I have learned recovery magic but, I ran out of MP

I want to increase it some more… my MP.


Besides, Kel’s wound was not yet completely closed.

But, well it has been recovered to some extent that it won’t bleed if it was hit?

If it just took a good long rest, it will probably be alright.


Kel seems to have fallen asleep maybe because of the sense of security or just that being influenced by recovery magic feels pleasant.


「Fuuu… Ne, iris-chan」


I turned towards Rommon-chan and nodded.


「Did you ran out of MP? 」


I nodded in confirmation.


「Okay the… Then, there are things I would like to be asking you for quite a bit… will it be alright? 」


I nodded again to confirm.

「At that time, if Iris-chan wasn’t there to rescue me and Kel… … I was thinking that I would have been on a lot of trouble. 」


Yup, that was really dangerous.

I can only say that you were lucky or more like really lucky.


「But well, thanks to that I was able to meet with Iris-chan, because I am aiming to be a great demon user, I am only borrowing monsters from grandpa or mother… So as of now Iris-chan will be my very first companion. I am really thankful for that… thank you… 」


Rommon-chan faced me and bowed her head.

I pat the head of such a good child, like Rommon.


「Fuuun~… Iris-chan… You know, sometimes you just act as if you are not a demon… normally… you don’t save other demons nor humans… could it be that you are actually a human inside? 」


I tried nodding in a jest along with what she said.


「Eh, Really!?」


Ok now that reaction is scary, It seems like she’s being serious.

I shuddered in my head in panic.


「It’s fine… could it be turning into a demon, is it some kind of curse or something… 」



Is there a possibility that I being a pebble would be the result of a curse?

Nobody would definitely accept a curse like that.

Well, at least this came out good.


「By the way, Iris-chan, you will be able to see the status of demons by using the contract! Well, the other side won’t be able to see not unless permission is given from the contractor. I have to gain experiences on such things, for now… is it ok for me to see the status of Iris-chan? 」


I nodded in agreement.


「Then, let’s check. 」


After saying so, Iris-chan turned her palm towards me and closed her eyes.

You can see an orange haze coming out from the palm of her hands.

Then she tilted her head for some reason.


「Although I have checked it… Iris-chan, you are already level 7? Normally a Toon Golem evolves at level 5 you know… why is that Iris-chan that is a toon golem already at level 7…? Since it’s already 7 levels, the statuses are definitely much higher and… as expected if you compare it to other F rank monsters…」


F Rank? What is that?

Certainly, that is kind of worrisome, although I should have evolved at level 5 I am now currently level 7… I’m wondering what the reason might be?

Could it be a system that I cannot evolve?

Isn’t that bad?


I felt uneasy about it, then drooped my shoulders and tilted my head.


「Oh!… do not be depressed, it’s probably fine, as it is now I think? 」


Even though your saying that without anything to basis whatsoever…


「You see, those adventurers who attacked me were supposed to be E Rank adventurers, but since Iris-chan defeated then which is supposed to be an F Rank Demon, I know that Iris is strong as it is now. Even that by itself make you useful! 」


So I guess it all depends on the ranking is it.

I don’t really understand it though, so I’m still not convinced!

Oh, I have to start recovering MP now!

Well, I don’t really know how to recover though.

I turned towards Rommon again.


「Eh? Eh? What’s wrong? Un, as expected, it’s inconvenient after all if you can’t speak… Then try this Iris-chan, try to relax you spirit a little, because of that just maybe, you MP will slowly recover. 」


Oh, so that’s how it is you recover, thanks for teaching me.

I nodded with my cranky neck and tried to lightly shut down my consciousness.

The so called zen-meditation.


A few minutes later, I felt that there was something missing from me before, but now ceased to exist.

I checked my status and found out that the MP was now full.

I can talk again with this.


【Rommon-sama, My MP have fully recovered. Thank you very much for your instructions. 】

「Eh!? Have you already completely recovered? Just how quickly did you recover upon relaxing? 」


Fast… Is there no concept of meditation in this world?

This should be useful information for everyone.

I decided to teach her generously.


I didn’t think about anything. As if you have stopped thinking, is what it’s supposed to be like when doing it.

「Eh, what’s with that, isn’t that really amazing. I am thinking of my favorite food and sweets and wanting to relax… 」


Well with that, since you will be thinking about a lot of things, it instead won’t let you relax completely.

In any case, I got Rommon’s favorite thing.

Sweets, is it, how cute.


Well, that’s also right… as I can see, there are probably different ways for people to do it

「Yeah, that sounds good as it is, but the way you do it is really awesome recovery? By the way, it seems that you are thinking about something a while ago, what is it that you would like to know? 」

Ah, that’s right, it’s about Ranks. What is a Rank?


Right, that’s something I want to know.

Rommon-chan made a relieved face for some reason.

I wonder if she was thinking that I was thinking of some weird stuff…


「Oh, it’s only that, I see… About Rank is it? Mainly it is information on monsters and adventurers… It is something like a base of strength, and is separated from F~SS in this world. The rank of demons is determined by their experience value. There are upper, middle and lower ranks too. By the way, A Toon Golem is under F Rank… they are on the same level as Slimes. The rank of adventurers I will be explaining about them next.  」

I understand, thank you.

I see, I have possessed a rather weak demon.

But still, it saved me that it was something that was humanoid.

If it was a slime or something else, it would have probably been quite horrible.

Well, let’s just leave those things in past, let’s listen about adventurers for the time being.


「For the Adventurers that is… It’s a job of mainly defeating monsters by putting their bodies on the danger zone and also doing chores! Anyone can be an adventurer! And then the adventurer’s Rank would be based on the person’s strength, number of activities done and trust, the higher the rank the better jobs are given to them!  」

Hmmmm… Is that so?


It seems like I have heard about something like that.

It’s a common thing on fantasy stories where you could hear about them.

In this world, that work is a reality.

In other words, this world is quite a dangerous one.


Now then, why did those two garbage people came to this village?

Did they come here because of some work?


【So what kind of job did those people who attacked you received here? 】
「Well, you see, recently goblins have been vandalizing the field that is why they want them to be hunted down, their number is 4, and those adventurers are also supposed to help me find a monster to become my partner. 」


Four goblins is it?

The number of goblins I have taken care of also numbered the same, could it just be a coincidence.



【Four Goblins? Before I met with Rommon-chan, I have defeated the same number of goblins! … and now I have also become the companion! 】

「Uwah! Isn’t that amazing! Iris-chan is absolutely amazing! Is this Destiny? 」

【I feel really blessed if you praise me. Please praise me more! 】

「Awesome, Great, so Clever! 」

【Thank you! 】


It really makes me feel great when I am praised!