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Chapter 9 We will be Exploring around the Village!

After hearing about things that I wanted to know from Rommon-chan, I decided to look around the village.


【Thank very much for telling me all that information Rommon-sama, it’s probably just about the right time for me try be looking around the village. 】

「Un, it will probably be just fine. Take care out there. 」

【Hai, I’ll be going then. 】


I bowed to the two and went outside.

From behind the house, I could hear a “Haaah! Hoooh!” sound along with the sound of swinging something like a stick along that girl’s voice as she was fighting something.

That voice is definitely Rinne-chan.

Let’s take a little peak.


Huuah! Heyah! Yaaaah


As I have predicted, it was Rinne-chan who was swinging the two piece of wood in the shape of a sword.

She did mention she wanted to train as a swordsman.

Seeing her training, It made me impressed.


Oh, Iris-chan! Were you watching?

It seems that she noticed my presence.

On her upper body, she was wearing something like a sports bra, the ones that covers more than just the chest, the type that is typically used for exercise.  

The figure which is drenched in sweat is also beautiful.


【Hai, I have seen it only on the last part of your sword training though. From whom did you learn?   】


Rinne-chan replies after placing the swords on her back.


「Ah, un I have learned from our father who is staying in the castle town in this country and was with mom who works with the knight order of the castle, father teaches me every time he has was able to come back home! He is someone I’ve been dreaming to reach! 」


Her moved eyes seem to be sparkling.

Regarding working as a knight for the castle is probably something like doing migrant work…

Were you lonely? Nope, I don’t think so, gramps was also here after all.

Because I have a lot of free time, it probably won’t be that bad to join Rinne-chan’s training every once in a while, it will also serve as my training.


【I see, thank you Rinne-chan, would you like me to accompany you in your training for a bit? 】

「Eh! Really!? 」

【Yes, I think it will be a good training for both of us. 】

「Yatta! Iris-chan, thank you! I don’t get the right rhythm fighting with just imagining alone. To protect Rommon, if I don’t become strong, I won’t be able to fight against adult adventurers! 」


As Rinne-chan said that, made her hands into a fist while thinking about something, and faced forward.

Certainly, she is the type of person to run towards the forest alone just for the sake of defending her sister.


【Let’s do our best Rinne-chan! 】

「That’s right! 」


Oh, that’s right I almost forgot, I went outside with the purpose of going around the village.

It is bad after deciding to accommodate you, but I have to this errands first.

I will accompany you at later time, so forgive me for this for now.


【Please forgive me Rinne-sama. I will have to look around the village for the time being. 】

「Don‘t worry about it, Then I’ll be showing you around, I have already told everyone about Iris anyway. 」

【Thank you for that, I am certainly grateful. 】


I thanked her for her kindness.

If someone like her would show me around, there will probably be no problems.


「So, where are we heading first? 」

【First and foremost would probably, the village chief…… 】

「Nn? Ah, tentatively the village chief of this place is grandpa, I forgot to mention about that. 」


Wolk jii-san was the village chief of place…

Well, He doesn’t really have that village chief like presence.

Let’s just crash out greeting the village chief for now, and let’s just have Rinne-chan be the guide in other to greet the nearest people.


【Ah, if that is the case. Then, greeting the nearest houses would be good to get along with everyone in the future. 】

「Nn, Okay! got that. Let me guide you! We will be starting from the nearest house in order. 」

【Thank you 】

「Then I will be preparing for a bit, so please wait. 」


As she said that, Rinne-chan went back home quickly.

For now I’ll do some meditation while waiting for her to finish her preparations.

A little bit of my MP has been used up after all.


【Conduct Bonus! MP have been slightly increased! 】


Oh, great! That would really help.

Rinne-chan came back when my MP was just about ot be filled.

While wiping her sweat, she was now dressed in yellow clothes.

She was also wearing brown short pants.


「Well then, let’s go! The first place we are going to visit closest to this place is the blacksmith, who is handling almost all of the metalworking needs of this village.」


I followed Rinne-chan who moved first and then reached the place in just a little while.

Without even hitting the door, someone was already outside and was hanging something like a towel.

We ran into that person and Rinne-chan introduced me.


「This person here is the blacksmith of this village!」

「Oh Rinne! Is this the Iris that you mentioned which is Rommon-chan’s first partner that is a Toon Golem?」

「That’s right! 」

【It’s my first time meeting you. My name is Iris, a toon golem. Please to make your acquaintance.】


The blacksmith was showing a face as if he was really impressed.

Everyone will probably have a face like this when they see me.


「Hey, Rinne-chan are Toon Golems supposed to be this smart? 」

「No, that’s not the case, Iris-chan is just special 」

「That’s probably right 」


The blacksmith was gently stroking his chin which has a growing beard.


「Is Iris-chan… a boy? 」

「Nope, apparently a girl 」

「I see, right, Iris-chan, if you have any problems regarding metals come over. I will make it cheap. Well I wonder if golems use any metal tools though. 」

【I be relying on at that time】


I replied for the time being.

Iron will be good, though I have less opportunity to use it. Rinne and I then parted with the blacksmith and moved to the next place.


「This place is a sewing shop, everyones clothes are mostly made here and other things 」

「Ah, Rinne-chan, is this the one that you mention a while ago, that Iris-chan? 」

【It’s my first time meeting you. I’m  is Iris, a toon golem.】


As expected, this person has the same reaction because I can speak fluently.

After saying that “if it’s sewing leave it to me” she game me a white ribbon saying that it was something that was unsold. Happy.

Rinne-chan tied the ribbon on my left shoulder.


The place we headed next was a weapon shop.


「Oh, you came by again Rinne-chan, Is this the Iris that you were mentioning? 」

「That is so! 」

【This is the first time we meet. I’m Iris, a toon golem 】

「Well, this is certainly surprising…(That’s right, is Iris capable of wielding weapons? Ordinary toon golems can’t handle it after all… Well it seems to have a good mind…  」

「Well? 」

【I can handle it just fine】

「Well, that’s great, then you can have this it’s something that’s unsold. 」

【Thank you】


What I got is a big club it’s a little too big for me! I’m sorry but something like this isn’t usable for me in terms of its size.


After that we greeted farmers and other people around the village.

What I found out here is that Rommon-chan and Rinne-chan are liked by all the people around the village and the village’s specialty products are pears.

Some of the young people I could even predict that have affection towards Rinne-chan.

Well too bad for them, coz Rinne-chan doesn’t even notice it and I don’t really have any intention of mentioning it though.


After returning back to the house where Rommon-chan is waiting, it seems that Wolk jii-san and Ghana had already returned.


「Oh, welcome back, so were you able to see the village? 」

【Hai, everyone in this village seems to be a good person】

「That’s right this place is a really peaceful village. 」


Wolk jii-san stroked Ghana’s head as he said that.

Rinne-chan then asked about what happened to the adventurers.


「So Grandpa, what happened with those people? 」

「Right, right. About that, I have labeled “Those guys” as someone who tried to assault a girl in the middle of being guided. They were now sent back to the castle town as criminals. 」

「I see, that’s good to know… Alright, from now on Rommon let’s do our best being careful not to be attacked by those kinds of people in the future. 」

「Hai! I will be careful, Onee-chan, please take care of yourself too, alright? 」

「Yeah, I know」

【If anything happens, I’ll be there with you too】


I also said what I’d like to.

In order for me to always be there if anything happens, I will never again let anything like that happen.



「Well then, shall we have dinner soon 」


Wolk jii-san said so.


「Yeah, it’s just about the right time to start preparing. What about Iris-chan?」

【I’m fine without eating anything, I will train for a bit outside】

「Oh then, I would like you to train with me until the food will be ready.」

【Alright, I don’t mind】

「Then I’ll call you later when dinner is ready」


I picked up the club that I left behind that was taken from the goblins, and went outside to the back of the house with Rinne-chan.