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Chapter 10 The Skills of the Twin Sister

Rinne-chan was holding two sticks shaped like a sword.

I you look closely, you can see that her body is fit and resembles that of a sporty school girl which joins sports clubs.

I guess this is the result of everyday training.


「Fuu… Well then, can you show me how you defeated those two professional adventurers? 」


After saying that, she took a pose holding tight her two swords. One pointing forward and the other close to her face, her legs were apart and her right knee is slightly bent forward.

It looks like a stance where she was about to beat a drum.

She is about 1.7 times taller than me, or more like almost twice as tall as me.

In terms of body difference, I’m probably in the disadvantageous side I guess?


【Since you will be starting first, I will do my best to counter but not to the extent that any of us would get injured 】


Just like the stance of a samurai about to pull the sword out of it’s scabbard, I set up my club in an iaido stance.

Something like this is what I wanted to try.

Somehow, I wanted to know if there is iaido in this world.

「Well then, here I go!… Haaaa!」


At the same time she breathes out, her right hand move above her head, while her left hand tried to assault me moving from her center of gravity.


I move with a few steps to the right, then strikes Rinne’s sword approaching me, but at that same time she slashed down her right hand towards me as in a really fast motion.


Well I have expected that, so with action like flipping a sword I then gripped it firmly, and as to not kill the momentum from the iaido, I rotated my body and pushed the club upwards striking the sword. Well even with my small stature I was able to put it to a stop.


My and her movements have been stopped perfectly, From Rinne’s forehead were large beads of sweat dripping down, then she said.


「I… I surrender…」


And so I held my club down and bowed.


「So… So Strong… Are you really a toon golem…? 」


Rinne-chan, told me her frank opinion.

It feels to me that like she cannot believe it.


【Well then shall we end it with this. Next time maybe we shall practice parrying? At that time please accept me. 】

「Wait… Wait just for a bit I’d like to ask something! 」

【Yes, what would it be? 】


While taking out a breath, She picked up her wooden sword and looked at me with a serious face.


「That, that sword technique, how can that be used, can you teach me about that… 」


Is that how it is?

As I have expected, it didn’t exist in this world.

It is kind of fun to bring Japanese technology on another world.


【Yes, it’s alright, first of all, you will need a sword sheet or imagine something like that_______ 】


Every time I am teaching while practicing slowly, it seems that the other person have become a little polite.

Rinne-chan’s eyes were sparkling as she talked about her dad.


「I, I see… so that’s why I wasn’t able to get the proper distance right away.」

【That’s right. End of explanations.  】

「Oh, thanks for that! I also have another request, is it alright? 」

【It’s fine, so what might that be. 】


Rinne-chan breathed out again, and looked at me, and asked with a slightly serious tone.


「I want Iris-chan to practice with me every time, other than practicing with myself… Though I want to use two swords… I wan’t to memorize Iris-chan’s movements and techniques… and then if I don’t understand something, I would like to ask Iris-chan about it. Is what I really want to ask you but maybe I’m just being selfish, but… please do consider it. 」


With saying all that, she then bowed her head towards me.

It cannot be helped if you asked me something like that.

But honestly I have never used twin swords before, but well, I wonder if I can manage it somehow?


【I understand, However because I am also a beginner at twin sword style, I may not be that good, is that alright? 】

「Yes, Yes! Alright! Thanks for that! 」


And after that she hugged me.

The warmth of a person is really good, then the door from the house opened with a *gachank, Ghana came out from there.

How was a snake able to open a door, is what I then thought about.

【Rinne-chan, dinner! 】


We nodded and entered the house together.


On the table, there were delicious looking dishes that were prepared, mainly soup bread and others were lined up, everyone was already on the table.

Kel and Ghana seems to be eating their portions on the floor. The treatment of pets is quite similar to my previous world.


「What would you like for dinner Iris-chan?」


Is what Rommon-chan asked.


【About eating and drinking and also sleeping, those things don’t seem necessary at the moment, so I will just be recovering my MP while sitting on the chair here. 】

「Are you fine with that? 」

【Yes 】


Well, that’s the only thing I can do, there is no other choice.

Actually I do have appetite and would like to join, but I don’t have a mouth, so it cannot be helped.

I want to become more humanoid soon.


「Okay then, shall we start the meal. 」

「For all the ingredients that we have today, we thank you.」

【【Let eat! 】】


I can hear the sounds of everyone eating.

Endure it, I will endure it for now, I will be able to achieve enlightenment, I will overcome this trial, believe in yourself!

I indulged myself in meditation only by being in a state of absence.

Without concentration there is no point in meditation.


【Behavior bonus! MP and Magic have slightly increased!  】


Oh, thanks for that.

I was thankful that something like meditating is giving me something.

I was sure that something would increase.

I have overcome my appetite!


「「Thanks for the meal!」」

「You eat as fast as always.」


It seems that they have finished eating the moment I finished meditating.


「Iris-chan, are you all good now? 」


After that, Rommon-chan who finished eating greeted me.

I got off the chair and replied.


【Yes, what is it? 】

「Together… will be able to take a bath? 」


A bath is it… Indeed, the body must be cleaned, especially since I am a mass of soil.

So I decided to accept.


【Yes, I would like to take a bath. 】

「Ufufufufu, then the bath is over here. Oya, grandpa, we are going ahead first ok? 」

「Yes, take your time? 」

「Then, you can go after us. 」


I was then dragged by Rommon-chan into the bathroom.

After getting dragged and entering the bathroom, Rommon-chan took of her clothes.

A tinge of youthfulness can be seen, and white soft skin has been revealed.

It’s beautiful… no, no, no, no.

Well though not that old yet, her chest size seems to appropriate for her age.

It’s a cub about the latter half of A and almost to B.

By the way, Rinne-chan’s breast that can be seen on her sports bra appearance was almost the same as Rommon…

Or more like the sports bra is pressing it down so it’s smaller…


「Where are you looking at Iris-chan? 」

【Eh? What is it Rommon-sama?  】

「Err, why are you looking this way? 」

【There are no weird feelings or the like? Is it probably because, I am female 】

「Muu? Well never mind. 」


Ooops, why are you looking at me as if I’m strange?

If it’s something like this, maybe I should turn around and just use my pebble view to look.


「Yoshi Yoshi, Do you feel good Iris-chan?」

【Yes, I can see that I am becoming more beautiful.  】

「Is that so? I’m glad… fu~fu」


My body have been washed by Rommon-chan.

Every corner of my body.

This is my first bath since I’ve been born… It feels good having a bath after all.


「I, I have always longed for doing something like this, I have done this together with Kel for a few times now. 」

【Are you satisfied now, are you satisfied with me? 】

「Hmm, Yeah, I’m really satisfied!」

【Is that so? Then it’s good this way. 】


That’s right, I guess this is a good time to know more about this girl. It might be good to ask at this relaxing time, asking about age and so on.


【By the way, Rommon-sama how old are you now? 】

「Me, well, I’m 13 years old, I will be 14 in the next 4 months. 」


She looks younger though, like 1 to 2 years old younger.


【Is that so, you sure are still quite young 】

「How about Iris, how long is it since you were born? 」

【Well, about that… 】


Now that I think about it, I don’t know how Toon Golems are born!

That’s because I only took over this body.


「Toon Golems are found coming out from rocky areas, so do you know what day you were born? 」


Ah, is that so…  Well I decided to just not remember about it.


【I am sorry, I cannot remember 】

「Is that so. Well you don’t have to force yourself to remember it. And that finishes the cleaning. 」

【Thank you, Shall I wash you too Rommon-sama’s body? 】

「Ok, but… be sure not do anything strange ok? 」


Rommon-sama looked at me with a raised eyebrow.


【As you know, I am also female, I won’t do anything strange.  】

「Ok then, please help me wash. 」

【Yes, I will be helping then.  】


I carefully and quickly wash Rommon-chan’s body.

Such a nice silky skin, I’m so envious.


【Washing, washing…  】

「Thanks. That should be good enough. Let’s wash off the foam finish up the bath.」

【Yes! 】


We then left the bath.

Rommon-chan changed into a pink colored sleepwear and yawned.

Then turn around and speak to me.

「Sleepy… Hey, Iris-chan are you not sleepy, what are you going to do while everyone is asleep? 」

【After this I’m thinking of going outside and continue my training. 】

「Is that so…………」


Errr what is it? Why are you showing a disappointed face…


Or is it maybe that you want to sleep together? If so, then should I say it?


【Rommon-sama, do you want to sleep together with me? 】

「Is it alright? Well you see that is also one of the things I’ve dream of doing.」

【If you are ok with such a hard lump like me then please do. 】

「Yay! Thank you! Then let’s sleep together! 」

【I leave it up to you.  】


Then as soon as we got out of the bathroom, we said to everyone who was still awake that we will be going to bed now.

Rommon-chan said that she would be sleeping 3 hours earlier than usual.


「Nice, would you like to lie here next to me? 」


I lied down next to her as she have said.

Warm… again, Is what I felt.

Perhaps this is her warmth that I feel.


She placed one of her hand to me.


「Thank you very much for today, please help me… become a good monster user… I hope to work with you in the future too.」

【Yes, Rommon-sama, I’ll be sure to stay with you and until the future too. 】

「Well then, good night! 」

「Please have a good dream. 」


After a few hours I got up and watched over her sleeping face as if I’m looking at a daughter of mine.