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Chapter 11 Time for a Special Training

I woke up.

Or more like my consciousness returned.

It seems that morning has arrived, looks like I was able to sleep properly.

I guess shutting down my consciousness was the right thing to do if I want to go to bed.

I can sleep without the desire to do so.


…And there’s a beautiful girl sleeping next to me.

Last night I managed to go to bed along without crushing her or something.

Even though it’s only during bedtime, I’m worried that I might accidentally fracture Rommon-chan’s thin looking fingers.


But still, her sleeping face looks so cute, it makes you want to nibble her.


「Nnn… …uun … Iris-chan? Ohayo」


Oh, Rommon-chan seems to have already woken up.

Her looks just as she woke up is also cute.


【Ohayo, Rommon-sama, It’s a nice morning were having】

「Nn… … … …! That’s how it feels! It is nice! 」


And then as Rommon-chan got out of bed and went downstairs, I also followed along with her.

After walking for a bit, we finally reached the living room.


「Ohayo Rommon, Iris-chan, Rommon, breakfast is ready, you can have it now. 」

「Unn, Got it」


After saying so we she then went towards the table and took a seat.




A little while after Rinne-chan came down while hugging a stuffed bear.

Eh, what’s this isn’t that really cute.


「That, Rinne, you’re carrying a bear again」

「Ah! You’re right I’ll be back after I return it. 」


Rinne-chan returned to her room while making loud footsteps on along the way.


A girl aiming to be a warrior while holding a cute stuffed bear, so cute, is this what they call gap moe?


Ah I have seen a lot of good things and it’s just in the morning, it’s a healing scene.

「Ehem, Then again Ohayo! 」

「Ohayo Onee-chan 」

「Ohayo Rinne and then 」

【Shaaa… Ohayo’ndazo】

【Ohayo, Rinne-chan】

【Ohayogozaimasu, Rinne-sama】


Kel and Ghana also got up and joined in.

It seems that everyone is here now.


「Well then everyone, let’s have a meal.」

「I’ll help serving it.」


Everyone then started.

On the other hand, I’m here too starting my meditation. I will just endure it even if I have appetite.


【Activity Bonus! MP and Magic Power will be easier to improve! 】


Oh, Thanks for the upgrade.

Will it improve every time I do this?

If that is so, then every time everyone eats I have to meditate.


「「Thanks for the meal!」」

「As always, the two of you finishes quickly.」


Oh, it seems that the two of them have finished eating.

Like their grandpa’s reaction, I also felt that they were really fast.

It’s probably time to stop meditating with this as the signal.


「Yosh! Iris-chan, help me again with training! 」


And so, Rinne called out to me.

Then I stood up in response to her.


【Yes, but it would depend on today’s…】

「Ah, wait a minute! 」



Rommon-chan stopped us from going out.


「Because I want to study magic with Iris, can’t you just do that in the afternoon? 」

「It’s Okay, but can Iris-chan use magic? I have never heard of a golem using magic spells before, maybe something like a golem made of fire would be able to use fire spells…」


At that moment Rommon-chan has decided what we will be doing for today while having a cute doya face.


「I just remembered! Rommon-chan said yesterday, that you that you were able to use recovery magic! 」


Somehow, I also feel proud about it.


【That’s right! 】

「Eh!? Really! But mom said that with a genius golem, it would definitely be impossible for them to learn recovery magic… Ahhh! My head can’t take it!」

「Ha! Ha! Ha! Iris-chan is really amazing you know, you can’t compare her to any other species of golem.」

「Ehem! 」

【Ehem! 】


The both of us put our hands on our waist and push out our chest with pride.

I could not become a beautiful guy or pretty girl, but if I will be considered a genius among all is OK, I can enjoy this golem way of life in a meaningful way.


「Alright got it. But first is me! You can practice magic in the afternoon! 」

「Un, it was you who asked first anyway. 」

「Well then, let’s go for it Iris-chan! 」

【By your will】

It is also nice that they are competing for me.

Being in a competition between two beautiful girls… this is definitely my time to be popular!


After saying all those things, Rinne-chan and I went outside leaving Rommon-chan and started practicing with her twin swords.

First is memorizing her moves, then I took the position of the one receiving the attacks.


【this is how you do it, you ave to guard it like this】

「I see, so that’s how you move the hands.」

【Yes, that’s why I can easily evade Rinne-sama’s attack____】


I will be teaching her various things I know little by little.

In this way she will definitely become stronger.

When I am teaching her, her eyes seems to be sparkling and when hearing stories, but most of it are things to teach her of course.

It is nice to see the product of a person’s effort.


Besides it seems that attack, defense, speed which has been improved many times too.

I also gained benefits from this.


Our total training time was four hours plus a 30 minute break in between since this morning.


「Onee-chan, it’s lunch time!」

「Hai! I’m coming now! Ah, the training has ended, please teach me again tommorow」

【Yes, with pleasure】


I and Rinne-chan then went back inside the house. I meditated again as Rinne-chan and Rommon-chan was having their meal.

From the afternoon onwards it will be studying for magic.



「Then, it’s time for studying magic Iris-chan! 」

【Hai! 】

「It is extremely rare to find a toon golem memorizing magic, is it okay for me to observe as well?」

「It’s fine, Grandpa」

「Thanks for having me around.」


In that way, Gramps decided to join us in studying.


「Iris, do you remember how to use 『Pair』 can you try and execute it? 」

【Yes, I still remember it】


I released magical power flowing in my body outside (from my palm) while imagining with a feeling that it will provide recovery.

Then as a sign of success, a green soothing light emerges.

Once you memorized the for it, you don’t really need to chant anything.


「You were actually able to do it! This is truly surprising that the common sense regarding monsters will probably be questioned. 」


Wolk shows rounded surprised eyes as he said that excitedly.


「Then, as a Demon User I will do my best to assist you!」


Then suddenly Rommon-chan announces that, but well I don’t really understand anything about demon users or their techniques.


【What are demon user techniques?】

「What are demon user techniques right? One needed to share MP with your familiar or use the familiars MP! There are two commonly used techniques, the first one is very useful where the damage from the demon user is shared towards the familiar. And the other one is… hmmm? What was it again? 」

「Ummm, what is it again grandpa?」

「Don’t ask me, you should look it up yourself from the book」

「Yes, right! Errr…」


Book is it… Now that I think about, I seem to be able to read the letters of this world, and it also seems that I’m also able to write it but I have never actually tried it out.

Let me try reading for a bit.


【Rommon-sama, can you show me the book for a bit? 】

「Eh? About that is just… wouldn’t it be hard? 」

【Is it so? I could read the blacksmith’s billboard yesterday, I might also be able to write it if I try? 】



The two of them were staring at me so surprised because I was beyond what they could expect.

Well it is already surprising enough that I can do conversations so fluently after all.


「Eh… Even demons cannot read or write letters… even some humans can’t read or write…」

「For the time being try writing something. Here, some paper and Pen 」

【Understood… then I will write 「I am Iris」

「Ah, please do so」


Holding the pen was a bit difficult but I was able to use it somehow, I wrote on the paper 「I am Iris」 and  「Hello」 right after it.


【Here it is. As you can see, I was able to write】

「Let’s see… 「I am Iris, Hello」…Iris-chan, could it be, are you human inside? 」

「I also felt that way…」


That suspicion sure surprised me…

Let’s change the subject quickly.


【By, by the way, shouldn’t we start with magic practice now】

「Well, there is no use pursuing that topic, Iris-chan is just a genius」

「Wow! Iris-chan is no longer just a normal demon…」

【For, for the time being please show me the book】

「Oh, that’s right. Rommon show it to her. 」

「Y, yes」


I received the book and looked at its contents.


【The other pattern is… Improve capability of using auxiliary magic, can be used with any auxiliary magic… Rommon-sama, I don’t recommend using the first pattern instead you should use this one.】

「You really could read it… yeah, I don’t plan on using the first patter because it’s only used in cases of emergencies」

「Hou… It’s splendid…」


As expected it was more astonishing to see me reading the book than understanding the book itself.

Well it would still be of no use without practice!

【Rommon-sama, Wolk- sama, can you please stop being too surprised anymore and we should proceed with the practice. 】

「Ah, sorry, that’s right」

「I’m sorry too, Then let us continue studying about Demon Support」


And then everyone finally ceased to be surprised, Rommon-chan began reading the book once more.


「Hmmm… What would be good to start with?」


For now, I want someone to use recovery magic on.

A golem has high defensive capability, then if recovery magic is added then I won’t be having problems with simple enemies.


【I want to learn magic, next to pair.】

「Next to pair is… Repair is it, alright I’ll teach you about it.」

【…Thank you】


Oh, right why haven’t  they asked about that.

The level I mean.


【Is it ok for me to ask one more thing】

「It’s Alright」

【I heard that Toon Golems should have evolved from level 5 but I’m now level 7】

「Oh, that’s… if that’s the case then it will be for subspecies evolution」


Subspecies Evolution? What is that subspecies evolution?

Can I still possibly evolve?