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Chapter 12 Subspecies Evolution… What is it?

【What is subspecies evolution? 】


I asked wolk jii-sama the meaning of that unknown term.


「Well it is subspecies evolution as it meant… Well I guess I have to explain about subspecies first.」

【Please do so】

「Alright, well subspecies represents an evolution train which is stronger than its original counterpart, for example a goblin, even under the same category if the other one is considered a subspecies it will definitely be much stronger than normal, although the ranks wouldn’t really change that much it will have skills that are not found on normal ones and some even acquire some kind of unique or special skill」


I see, so that’s what subspecies are?

I might meet some in the future.

It might be good to consider that they may be a strong enemy.


But could I also be on the path of being one? I wonder if that’s a good thing.


「And another note, for and ordinary monster to evolve into a subspecies, all subsequent evolution will be much stronger than the previous subspecies evolution」


Really? That’s lucky then?

With this, in my golem life could it be considered a winner?


Alright, I’m quite lucky I suppose, to be evolving from a subspecies variant from an early stage.

「Let’s see, If I am right, the level needed for evolution should have been increased, Iris-chan needs to be level 10, you can earn just about enough experience if it’s just from the demons that appear in surrounding the forest 」


It is probably good to do some leveling in the forest while everyone is asleep.

Should I hunt the surrounding goblins then?


【Thank you, And also, I’m thinking of going out hunting during the night when everyone is asleep starting from today.】

「Alright, doing so would also reduce the issues with demons that comes from the forest… Oh and also could you take some parts of the demons when you return home, we will teach you what parts you have to collect and will also lend you something to put them into along with a lamp」


Parts of demons, you mean something like gathering and such things?


【Why do you gather demon parts? 】

「It will be exchanged for money…」

【Ah, ok, got it】

So it was exchanged for money huh…

I have to harvest them then, the parts to be gathered for goblins are ears and nose.

Money is important after all.


「Oh and there’s one more thing I forgot.」

【What is it? 】

「As for Rommon, being her contracted demon, even if she is not around, one third of the experience you get will still be given to her.」

【Alright, I’ll keep that in mind.】


So experience value is also sent to Rommon-chan.

I see, got it. I will definitely kill a lot of demons!


I have finished all other things so I would like to be able to practice 『Repair』 soon.


【Then for now I, I would like to practice how to use 『Repair』 soon Rommon-sama

「Ah, yes let’s do it」


I go along with Rommon-sama and were practicing together.


It was nice to practice together with her, but regretfully we were not able to learn repair today.


Instead of that, magic called 『Offense』 that is used for improving offensive magic attacks and 『Defense』 which is also for improving magic defense have been learned, magic power and mp increase have also been improved.


Rommon-chan said that I’m a genius, but I don’t usually remember things that easily.


Besides although the mechanism regarding the flow of magical power is within my grasp, for me it is more like a sensation closer to blood flow as I would describe it.

It can also be shaped freely by your own desire.


So with tonight being arranged as my leveling time, I would like to do some experiments in applying the concepts of manipulating the flow of magical power and its mechanisms.

Perhaps it might be possible for me to develop and master good techniques.


「Everyone, Dinner time!!」


Rinne-chan who was back from training and was standing near the dining area finished preparing dinner and called over Rommon-chan and Jii-san.


「I guess, that will be all for today.」

【Hai! 】


I also meditated during dinnertime this time. Meditating has been my norm for dinner now.

My status have also improved while doing so.

I feel like its getting better and better as I keep on meditating though, I wonder why?

Was it because it’s an effective training for clearing up the mind?

Maybe that’s how it is…


「「Thanks for the meal!!」」

「Fast as ever…」


Certainly, that was really fast.

They seem to have finished eating so I also stopped my meditation.


「Ne, ne, Iris-chan, would you like to sleep with me today? 」


Certainly, it’s a request coming from a beautiful girl. But I’ll pass on it because I have something to do today.


【I’m sorry, I have something I wanted to do today… and won’t probably be back until tomorrow morning. 】

「Well you, I would like to bath and go to sleep together! But would it be alright to do that tomorrow? 」


Seeing your face which looks regretful is also cute.

So Rinne-chan also want to sleep with me?

Me who is more like a hardened lump of soil? I understand in Rommon-chan’s case because she is my partner but, why would Rinne-chan want to?


【Yes, if this me is good enough… but why? 】

「Because Iris-chan is cute!!」


Well, certainly, because I look like a 「Baby Golem」 maybe it’s also cute. I guess there is no choice but to do that, tomorrow I’ll be sleeping with her.


【Wolk-san, can you lend me those tools now? 】

「Ok, just a bit, I’ll go prepare it. 」


What he brought out was a green bag, a lamp that looks like a camping lamp, paper and a clock. Written on the paper are parts of monsters that I need to keep as request by Wolk-Ojiisan.


I also went to take my goblin club and a knife was also added.

To be exact, it is already know by Wolk-ojiisan that I am good at using weapons when exterminating demons.


「Take care!!」

「Don ‘t overwork yourself!!」

【Hai, I’ll be leaving then.】

I went outside of the house.

This is the first time for me to go solo in a while since I’ve been taken care of by this family.


Let’s do our best earning money… Let’s go on an adventure to raise level at the same time practice magic and training.


Is it okay for me to return around 6:00 in the morning?

While thinking so, I entered the forest.





10 minutes after I started walking inside the forest, the first thing I met was a Centipie.

I am planning a lot of things to try out with this centipie.


Punching once…




While half dead use 『Pair』.




Then hit again and half kill it…




And then recover and hit it again and finish it off.


I repeat it about five times until my MP ran out.

[TL:The Poor Thing…]

I took this cruel act because I thought that if you use it practically, you can easily improve your magic and also improve acquisition rate.

I am not reflecting on it.


【Defeated Centipie! Acquired experience 7】

【Behavioural Bonus! Magic power increase have been improved】


I try to provoke nearby monsters without thinking about it, capture it, then finish it off.

I repeated doing that action for about ten more times, and then as I expected.

My level rose to 8.



Iris (Toon Golem)

Lv. 8


HP: 50/50

MP: 23/23

Attack: 70

Magical power: 21

Defense: 62

Dexterity: 36

Speed: 38


Special skill: [Telepathic Communication]

Magic: [Pair] [Offense] [Defense]




My MP and magic power have increased a lot.


It seems that my meditation and training with Rinne-chan produced a terrific effect.


I’m expecting a lot when I evolve.



Well then, after examining my level and confirming things, time to try out some more stuff.