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Chapter 13 Special Skill Development!

Hello! I tried calling out nearby monsters by only thinking about it and then it came! A Goblin.


By the way, I have been practicing magic with Rommon-chan, so I tried to think a little about how magic works… that is MP.


I tried to be conscious of that MP  I have and imagine that I can freely manipulate it.


While thinking of ways, I thought of collecting and releasing in from my mind, like in the case of 『Pair』 where I collect it on my palm, and then releasing it while thinking of the effects of 『Pair』 and the skill would manifest.

Theoretically attack and defense magic should work in the same principle.


In other words, MP can be converted into anything, be it attack or defense depending on how you thought about it and properly execute it.

Then if I think about ways to attack, then I could probably use MP directly for attacking.


Gripping my fist, I then enclose it with MP like that of pasta swirld in a fork, and then making that MP burst like a liquid splashing from a container that broke and make that image manifest and burst out.

Like this… or like this… or like this!


_____Doo! [TL:It’s not an explosion sound but like saian aura]


And so, my fist was wrapped in something like a light blue aura and I noticed that a low reverberation sound was coming from it.


Hooray! It’s a success!

I was expecting something else would happen but, this was much better than expected.


【You have learned 『Magic Flow Control』

【Action Super Bonus! All Stats will be easier to increase dramatically】


Alright! So it was recognized as a skill, then time to hit that goblin that is approaching with this fist!

Huh? Goblin stopped approaching?

Well, anyone would realize that someone in front of them isn’t a common enemy if it suddenly begins to glow in a blue aura.


While startled, I quickly approached the goblin and hitting it with a right straight, with my fist wrapped in mana.



The Goblin blew off and crashed into a tree tremendously.

It seems that it also finished it off because I received XP.


I checked the place where the goblin crashed with my lamp and it was a total disaster.

Internal organs splattered and blood flows out of its mouth like a waterfall.


Seeing this result isn’t this a little too much for damage?

It can may be used in the future if needed, it’s MP consumption also is too high but may decrease in the future. It was the first time for me to use something that burned 20 MP out of you know.


I’m currently just a Toon Golem, what would happen when I evolve… It would probably hilarious if can generate a crater like those from anime’s and cartoons.

Although this would be considered as a big achievement, but I still haven’t finished with my experiments yet.

I search again for new prey while thinking of things I would like to try also continue sending provocative waves from the surroundings.


And found the next target, well it’s just another Goblin.


Next in line for testing is to try imbuing weapons with magic power, I will first try it with my knife.


By doing the same image as I did with my fist, I was able to control the flow of magical energy and then slowly wrap it around my knife.

I also spent 20 MP when using it.

It is evidence that I have properly grasped it.


I quickly delivered a slash on the goblin’s neck, as a result it seems that it’s durability and attack power have risen considerably.


Good, that means it can also affect weapons and…


Let’s do some more expirements with magic power.

The next experiment would be to just let magic power fly out like those in anime.


I also made use of another Goblin as test subject.

I fire a magic wave from my fist which consumes 5 MP and giving it an image of my strike hitting its target which is the goblin that was away from my position and was heading towards me.


Something like a fist size magical energy flew out and hit the goblin making faint as it hit its chin.


Then I tried using the knife again covering it in magic energy and sliced sideways.

The magic wave took the form of a sickle blade… and yes it flew towards the goblin hitting it.

That also seemed to finish it off.


【You have Learned Magic Wave! 】

【You have Learned Magic Burst! 】

【Action Bonus! All Stats will be easier to increase considerably! 】


Oh, it seems that it was also recognized as a skill.

But then again, it gave another stat boosting improvement.

Is it because I developed it myself?


It is good since I still have a lot of things to do.

For now I’m meditating in order to recover my MP.


Then I found again another goblin. This time I used magic power from my fist to compress at one point, and then I used the image of an explosion so that the condensed energy burst out all at once.


When that condensed mass of magic power that I sent with my fist hits the goblin, the mass glowed brightly for a bit and then… Boom! it exploded just as I have expected.


【Mastery, Magic Bomb】

【Action Bonus! All Stats will be easier to increase! 】

That’s a good one being able to blow away a goblin and was also recognized as a skill. The goblins was blown away along with my arms… this skill, I should consider the time and place to use this.


It cannot be helped. I absorbed from soil from the ground and regrow it.

With this logic, if I collect magic power and compress it in the center of my body and detonate it, by exploding I can definitely harm everyone from my surroundings.

Well, suicide bomber would be a very last resort though.


On another note, increasing the amount of MP compressed also increases its area of effect and firepower.


A few minutes later after regenerating my arm, I picked up the club that the goblin was using.


And then I encountered a Centipie.

I gathered magic power again the same as before but this time I used the goblin’s club as a point of compression.


And then hit the Centepie with the tip of the club…

The tip of the club glows the same way as before and explodes, instantly killing the Centepie in it’s point of contact.


The result is that, if you use a tool or substitute to initiate the skill, there is a high chance it will break the tool, but the damage you receive would be minimal to none… and so on.


In conclusion, magic explotion is quite a useful skill.

For example, you can simply use stones and throw it packed with compressed explosive magic and turn them into grenades.

This ended up into something more useful than I have thought.


Well then, let’s try out the last few experiments for now.


This time it will be a combination of skills which is mixing 『Magic Flow Control』 and 『Magic Explosion』!


The timing is also good because I found another Centipie.

This time while coating myself in magic energy, I used Magic explosion once more.

And as a result, the damage of the explosion against me was greatly mitigated.


And then, I tried putting in 『Magic Explosion』 on 『Magic Wave』.


When I tested it out, it resulted in a huge success!


Before flying, like using on a tool before, I tried adding the 『Magic Explosion』 to the wave that flow out from me. The result was as I have imagined where the place the magic wave hits exploded.

Moreover it was also recognized as a new skill name 『Magic Wave Bomb』 and because it was self-invented it gave again stat improvements.


Then lastly I used it with the wave used from the knife, then after penetrating its target the magic wave exploded it was also recognized as 『Magic Slash Explosion』.


… That should conclude all my experiments so far.

Let’s end the experiments at this for today.


A lot of skills have been learned.

It may also be good to tell Rinne-chan about magic flow.

And thanks to 『Magic Bombs』 seriously, I’m confident that in the case I encounter a higher rank mob, I would be able to fight back.


My level has also increased to level 9.

The amount of stats I have gained when leveled from 8 was a ridiculous amount.

This amount of increase on stats certainly does not belong to a mob of the lowest rank…


Just one more level and I might be able to evolve.

For now I have to search for more prey and quickly raise my levels.


I keep selling out fights and beat them one by one.

On the way, I also learned 『Detection』 and 『Provocation』 which greatly increased my pace of hunting monsters.


And finally Level 10!


And passed it turning 11… and again… and again…


Are?… Why… did I not evolve?

How do you evolve to subspecies anyway?

Are?… Why?…

Oh, well, I’ll just have to ask Ojii-san when I come back.


I became a bit irritated and hit a hiding monster in one shot… and so my level reached 12.


Let’s check my status for now.




Iris (Toon golem)



HP: 135/135

MP: 114/114

Attack: 170

Magical Power: 111

Defense: 161

Dexterity: 137

Speed: 140


Special skill: [Telekinesis] [Provoke] [Detection] [Magic Flow Control]

   [Magic Suicide] [Magic Wave] [Magic Explosion]

   [Magic Burst Edge] [Magic Blast]

Magic: [Pair] [Offensive] [Deep]






Then, when I checked out the pocket watch the was borrowed from Ojii-san, It was already 6:00 in the morning.

I went back home a little irritated because I wasn’t able to evolve.


When I entered the house, Ojii-san was already awake and was drinking tea.

So Ojii-san wakes up as early as possible.


「Oh, How are you… So, were you not able to evolve? 」

【Yes, I’m fine, my level have reached 12 but I was not able to evolve. 】

「Wha…What, really…」


That being said, he showed a great smile.

Why are you so glad about that?

Even though I was really down about it.




Wha… What!!!


「You can become a Transcendent Species!!」

【Eh? What is that? 】


「You see, it a subspecies which is even high than normal subspecies, with this you will definitely evolve into a transcendental species! So surprising! For the first partner of my grandchild to be a transcendental species! Only 3 of them have been recorded and not even the type that was raised, I have not seen of any being evolved! It will be a great day for a celebration today! 」


From a subspecies… I could evolve into something better?

In other words, I have more talent than just that of a genius…

As I ‘m still trying to grasp the reality, I’m fantasizing of evolving into a humanoid beautiful girl, or a good looking handsome boy but would you really call that a genius?

I can’t let myself die anymore.