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Chapter 14 I am a Genius is what Everyone Said!

「「Ojii-chan, what is with all that noise! What are making a racket about… 」」


The twin beautiful girls came out while saying exactly yhe same thing.

Seeing them like this makes me convinced, they are twins after all.

Like yesterday, Rinne-chan came out again with her hugging plushy in her hands.


「It’s impossible for me to not shout out in excitement! Listen here, Iris-chan still hasn’t evolved even after passing level 10!」



When they came out they still looked drowsy but as soon as they heard about my condition, their eyes became wide open and were looking straight towards Grandpa Wolk.


「Eh… Is Iris-chan sick?…」


Rinne-chan was looking at me with a worried face.


「Not, that’s not it! This means that Iris will evolve even beyond subspecies! This is truly amazing, because when she reaches level 15 she would probably evolve into a transcendental species! 」


Rommon-chan replied towards Rinne-chan’s worried enquiry quite excitedly.


「Above Subspecies?」

「That’s right! Above Subspecies! If compared to humans, subspecies would be an ordinary genius and the transcendental would be a genius that far exceeds a normal genius, a great genius! 」

「Eh! Iris-chan is a great genius? Amazing!!」

【I feel embarrassed… 】


I lowered my head while fidgeting.

Calling me genius over and over again makes me really embarrassed.


「Well then, Today it will be a celebration!」

「But what would you like to do Iris-chan, you can’t eat meals right? 」

「Ah I’ve got a good Idea… Iris-chan really likes baths right? 」

【Yes, I really enjoy it】


No way, are they going to prepare a luxurious bath preparations for me? I will definitely apprecieate it.

Having a bath is nice.


「If so, then how about the both of us wash Iris-chan together? 」


What did you just say?

Isn’t that way much better than just preparing a luxurious bath…


「Errr… I would like to join Iris with me today…」

「Well, I wonder if I should take it twice for today, one the morning and one in the evening? Then in the morning the three of us can take it together… 」

「Ohh, that’s a good Idea! Let’s do that! 」


Somehow the talk proceeded without any of my permission… They decided that Rinne-chan would take a bath in the morning and again in the evening.

I must firmly record in full detail everything in my memories.


「Is that okay with you Iris-chan?」

【Yes! I am truly grateful】

「Oh, that’s great! Well then now that it’s finally decided let’s take a bath! 」

「Morning Bath! 」


And with that kind of atmosphere, I was being congratulated a lot and was having a really great time and was about to proceed towards the bath.


However, it also flew out in just a moment. Suddenly the door of the house was suddenly knocked with a loud sound.


「I’ll go check it out」


Walc Jii-san became serious and was giving an aura of a dignified village chief and proceeds towards the door.

It was the Pear farmer’s old man that was wearing a straw hat stood there with a panicked expression.


「What’s wrong Steve? 」

「… … Gob… There were Goblins that I haven’t seen on the fields… I found em when I was check’n the fields.」

Oh, he was saying in a strange accent.

A goblin you’ve never seen before? I’m curious.


「I see, let’s head there right away 【Let us go Ghana】


【Ah, I would also like to go along! 】


Even I am surprised by myself, I actually voiced out my feelings.

I wonder if my curiosity to see the goblins got ahead of me?

Nah, probably not. It’s probably more like I would be selling a fight against them.


「Oh, I understand, it is alright, come along. Are the two of you coming with us, be sure to run away if thing get dangerous alright? 」

「「Hai! We’ll go along! 」」

「Then let us go」

「Come, it’s this way.」


The four of us moved out leaving kell behind who was still asleep. We then proceed towards the pear plantation.


「Right’ere! They are over’ere」


As he directed so, at the place where Steve-san was pointing his finger, five monsters were there who were devouring the pears in the area where they are.


They are slightly larger than normal goblins and their hair color is a little grayish. There were four that seems to be evolved goblins and one more with a more flashier color with their skin color being pink and hair colored green.


「… 4 Hobgoblins and a Lady Goblin… and that Lady Goblin is a subspecies…」

「「Eh, then does that mean…」」

「Ah, that’s really bad… if it’s just with us alone that is.」


What… what is it? What is it that is really bad?


【What is bad about it Wolk-sama? 】

「A Hob Goblins is under the Rankings of E, a Lady Goblin is also Rank E and a subspecies of that would at least be Rank D if you compare it to adventurers. 」


Well for me, If its only to that extent then I feel like I could win against them. I want to harvest them as experience.


【Should I take them down? 】

「No, I think it’s probably impossible. All of them would have a Stat of at least 50 or more at average. 」

【If it’s only to that extent, there would be no problems. My Total Average stat is more than 120. 】


Everyone around me were shocked as if hearing something that is impossible.

Only the Pear Farmer Steve did not understand anything about that.


「What did you just say!?」

「___!? I’ve confirmed it! It is real Ojii-chan! 」

「Have you already stopped being just a Toon Golem… 」

「Hee… So the latest golems are quite amazing」


I then implied to the surprised people.


【Well, Just leave it to me 】



I gathered magic into my hands and converted into magic bombs then launched it towards the demons… the 『Magic Bombs』 were released 5 times while shadow jabbing at a fast pace.


Among them, the four Magic Bombs exploded at the target I designated and well it did definitely take the goblins along with the explosions.

However one of them, the Lady Goblin managed to avoid the explosions.

Though it wasn’t really able to avoid it without damage and it resulted in burn marks all over its body.


【You have Defeated 4 Hob Goblins! 120 Experience Value Acquired!】

【Level has increased by 2, and resulted in level 14】

【Behavior Bonus! Magic Power, Attack and Speed increase have been improved! 】


After barely escaping the explosions, the Lady Goblin quickly fled, but well, let’s just say that all of them have been defeated.

Well, my MP have also been depleted.

「Eh… Eh? Iris-chan, what was that just now…? 」


Rinne-chan asked then leaving her mouth agape.


【This is a new technique I developed yesterday in the middle of the night! How is it? 】

「Iya, you can’t even be considered F rank anymore…」

「Seriously, are still a Toon Golem?」

「Yeah, are the newest golems able to learn explosions just like that… 」

【Gweyt Iris-chan, stwong ain’tcha 】

[TL:Great, Iris-chan, strong ain’t ya.]

「 (If this one here can create skills on her own, then this one is even above transcendental species… No, no… that can’t be… it’s probably just my imagination…  No but if by any chance…) 」


While each of them are giving me their impressions about my Magic Bomb, it seems that Wolk Jii-san is the only one who seems to thinking of something else alone.


Steve then speaks up changing the atmosphere around us.


「Iya, no matter what that is, I didn’t think that Iris-chan was able to chase away such foes… It was really surprising, thanks to that, the damage was significantly reduced. I would like to offer you my pears as thanks. 」

「Eh, but you see… Iris-chan can’t eat food… 」

【That’s how it is… 】

「Iya, iya, Rommon-chan is the one responsible of this one, so please do bring as much as you want 」


After saying that, he shove to us three a lot of pears into our arms.


「Oooh, my thanks.」

「Is it really ok? 」

「It’s fine, you can have it, I would probably need to pay much more than just that if it was an adventurer or the soldiers that I have asked for help, you can’t even compare the price I would need.」

「「Ah, Thank you!」」

【We appreciate it】


The three of us gave our thanks.

I was also given some pears. Yeah, Earnings!

But I can’t eat it!


By the Wolk Jii-san is still spacing out thinking about something.

Rinne-chan who noticed disturbed his concentration.


「Ojii-chan, what are you spacing out for thinking? We’ll be going now!」


It seems like he’s finally brought back and noticed.


「Ah, I’m sorry about that Steve-san, about the pear, thanks, we’ll be going then.」

「Yeah, that really saved me. I guess, that’s the end of it」



After finishing things, we then finally went back home.


Finally, it’s the dokidoki bath time.

It’s bath time surrounded by two cute girls!

Tension is increasing!!





Inside the forest, one pink goblin was running healing its wounds by emitting light-yellow-green light.

She was shocked.

In this village where pear are being grown, there was a strong Toon Golem that seems to be more cheeky than itself.


And without saying anything… Well no it’s a Toon Golem so it naturally can’t talk, but it suddenly attacked and all of its men were killed.


I’m sure that Toon Golem is now having all those Pears for itself.

If it thinks about it, it regrets and gets really frustrated which ended up having a grudge against that toon golem.


Furthermore suffering burns on its beautiful skin. [TL: Meh!! Cough! Cough! Cough!]

This is worthy of death for that.


She kept running and will definitely report this to its partner soon.

Its partner is strong. It was even capable of killing some humans which were trying to hunt it. As well as helping me raise my level to evolve into a subspecies.


And so it continued running leaving the burns on its feet that cannot be cured.

Even if it is a little later than when it moves normally it continued.

In order to kill that damned Toon Golem with its partner, a Boss Goblin (Subspecies)…