The Strongest Fairy

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Is the Strongest in Another World a Hero? A Demon Lord? No! it’s a Fairy ~desu!
Isekai Saikyou wa Yuusha? Maou? Ie, Yousei Desu!!
yōsei san ga sekai o happi-endo ni michibiku yō desu



A girl who drowned in the sea while asleep and then was reincarnated in another world realized that she was fairy. Why not a human? There was no explanation? Realizing she had already died it was then an agreeable fairy that appeared before her. She was then taken to the land of fairies. “Well, anyway, since I have been reincarnated into this world I want to travel around to all places!” She decided to go on a journey with her friend but the world is quite a troublesome place. Fine, let’s bring em all down!

This is a story of a certain fairy who guides everyone to their happy end. Murder is definitely a NO desu!


Character List

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Chapter 1 Fairy Reincarnation, Begins with a Bang
Chapter 2 The Town of Friendly Fairies
Chapter 3 Road towards a new Journey
Chapter 4 First Time Raising Levels and Miscalculations
Chapter 5 Hide and Seek and Image
Chapter 6 Raising My Partners Level
Chapter 7 The Emptiness of Departure
Chapter 8 Discovery! The First Human and Town
Chapter 9 Adventurers’ Guild
Chapter 10 Hunting Time
Legend 1 Testania and Norn (Early Childhood)
Chapter 11 Please Visit Our Home
Chapter 12 Escort Request
Chapter 13 A Long Day of Escorting
Chapter 14 Reliability and Proof
Chapter 15 The Worst Enemy is Drowsiness
Chapter 16 Canaria’s Adventurer’s Guild
Chapter 17 A Noble for the First Time
Chapter 18 Earl VS Fairy
Chapter 19 Knight Leader VS Fairy
Chapter 20 Clean-up and Parting
Chapter 21 Priorities
Chapter 22 Just One Adventurer Left
Chapter 23 Start of Living for Survival
Chapter 24 The End of Household Strife
Chapter 25 End of Training
Chapter 26 Taking a Stroll and an Emergency Request
Chapter 27 Extension of Request Continuation of Expectations
Chapter 28 The Dragon on the Hill
Chapter 29 Fairy VS Red Dragon
Chapter 30 Demonic Contract
Legend 2 La Veil’s End of Boredom
Chapter 31 The Mystery of The World The Mystery of Fairies
Chapter 32 Subjugation Report
Chapter 33 The Day Before the Festival
Chapter 34 Festival: Participation before the Show and The Party’s Name
Chapter 35 Aidle Concert Live in Haval
Chapter 36 Shopping Challenge
Chapter 37 A Quiet Morning Didn’t Arrive
Chapter 38 Arriving at the Capital of the Kingdom
Chapter 39 The Inn Manager looks like a Man
Chapter 40 Opening Announcement of the Battle Tournament
Chapter 41 Battle Royale ①
Chapter 42 Battle Royale ②
Chapter 43 To all of the Audience I’m Sorry
Chapter 44 Tournament Finals Round 1
Chapter 45 Battle Tournament Finals Round 1 Hero Side
Chapter 46 Battle Tournament Finals Round 1 The Challenger
Chapter 47 Exceeding Expectations
Chapter 48 Final Battle 2nd Round ①
Chapter 49 Final Battle 2nd Round ②
Chapter 50 Final Battle 2nd Round ③
Chapter 51 Final Battle 2nd Round ④
Chapter 52 Quarter Finals ①
Chapter 53 Quarter Finals ② Fairy Disappearance
Chapter 54 For a Friend
Chapter 55 Arena Rescue Mission ① Arena’s Seriousness
Chapter 56 Arena Rescue Mission ② Fairy and Dragon VS Hero
Chapter 57 Naming: Special Arena Mode
Chapter 58 The Power of the Mood
Chapter 59 Fairy VS Hero
Chapter 60 Prizes, Negotiations and an Old Man
Chapter 61 Fairies and People
Chapter 62 Fairy and Song
Chapter 63 Morial and Suvia
Chapter 64 A Surprise for the Beast Princess
Chapter 65 Vague History and a Letter of Apology
Chapter 66 The Bridge of Fairies (Propaganda)
Legend 3 A Silent Proposal
Chapter 67 La Veil’s Great Adventure at the Madalcoz Forest
Chapter 68 Arena’s Charity Works
Chapter 69 Words of the Heart
Chapter 70 Day 1, I picked up a Saint. part 1
Chapter 70 Day 1, I picked up a Saint. part 2
Chapter 71 Day 1, I’ve Absolutely Decided not to Forgive
Chapter 71 Day 1, I’ve Absolutely Decided not to Forgive part 2
Chapter 72 Day 1, The Second Time was Really Painful
Chapter 73 Small Steps Forward and Contract with Neighbors
Chapter 74 Day 25 It is a Good Day to make a Miracle
Chapter 75 Day 26 A Line that shouldn’t be Crossed
Chapter 76 Day 27 The Hot Spring felt great
Chapter 77 Day 58 The Will to not be Dragged Down
Chapter 78 Day 59 The Price is an Eyeball
Chapter 79 Day 74~88 Growing up in a different way
Chapter 80 Day 89 Dignity of a Ruler
Chapter 81 Day 89 A Merciful Tyrant
Chapter 82 Day 90 ~ Day 180 Young Beastmen Group Eneku
Chapter 83 Employment of Heroes
Chapter 84 Heroes as Guards
Chapter 85 It’s just a matter of time.
Chapter 86 To Amone
Chapter 87 Search Preparations
Chapter 88 Hiring a Bagger
Chapter 89 Group Level Up ① Underground Floors 1 to 3
Chapter 90 Group Level Up ② Underground Floors 3 to 7
Chapter 91 Group Level Up ③ Underground Floors 7 to 19
Chapter 92 Deadly Trap Road Floor 20
Chapter 93 – With a Little Courage and Pride
Chapter 94 Moving Forward and a Miscalculation after a long while
Chapter 95 Secure Transportation and Floor 21-30
Chapter 96 Race Difference and Floor 31-50
Chapter 97 Death Inviting Footsteps – Floor 51
Chapter 98 Fairy VS Ancient Armor (Holy Armor)
Chapter 99 Dungeon Fairy
Chapter 100 Never Abandon
Chapter 101 A New Name and Departure
Chapter 102 Loot and Invitation
Chapter 103 10,000 Years of Experience
Chapter 104 We meet here, but it’s been a thousand years
Chapter 105 I just wanted to say 「 Thank you 」
Chapter 106 Cleaning Up the Remaining Troubles
Chapter 107 Air Travel Dream
Chapter 108 Mika Side: The Cursing He
Chapter 109 Cielo Side: A New Hero
Chapter 110 Depressed, Laughing, Inciting
Chapter 111 Opponent in a Fight
Chapter 112 Use One’s Frustration as a Learning Experience
Chapter 113 Underground Exploration and Training
Chapter 114 What do We Live For?
Chapter 115 A Child’s Lament