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Chapter 73 Small Steps Forward and Contract with Neighbors

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip

Two weeks have passed since then. We had no problems moving around, there are also no problems between Cielo and the others, and because Cielo’s curse was removed there were no large scale attacks from demons anymore.


 The beastmen were quite proficient in combat. Moreover, because most of them live alongside with nature, they were able to sustain themselves by hunting in groups or scavenging and were able to prepare their food quite fast. Because of their high sense of cooperation, there was nobody who would do any kind of selfish actions. Thanks to that, I didn’t really need to do anything, not unless somebody got injured and would need my assistance in recovery.


Some of them were quite unwilling to be healed, though they were also blushing…… they would even complain that they don’t really need it.


「Is it possible to apply this effect into something like this? Also by compressing magical energy on the bottom of the shoe to create air pressure, won’t it also be possible to jump high in the sky?」

「Certainly, but if we made a mistake, it might tear off your leg instead. We would need a much better solution to improve it」

「The magic consumption would also be relatively difficult to reduce considering how the mechanism would work. Also, we need to think about what it would do when landing, because even a sturdy beastman would be hurt if he falls from high up」

「Hey, how about adding a reverse of the jump function feature. Won’t that make the shoe more multifunctional? 」

「「It is not that simple to apply!!?」」


Right now, I am discussing with the beastmen’s Magic Craftsmen that produces magic tools. My schedule for a while now has been to play with Arena in the morning, have lunch with everyone at noon, stay alert and watch out for demons in the afternoon, and finishing by talking about magic tools with the craftsmen in the evening. Paper was not a problem during our discussions since I can freely create it with no limits.


However, we still don’t have the tools and equipment to produce magic tools at the moment. Those facilities will be carried over from Galania and would be installed again when the new place is established, so the tools will available soon. What we currently lack is materials, but it won’t be a problem since I am going dive in a dungeon soon in order to procure some magic tools that could only be found inside it.


Speaking of what will be needed when I start the preparations……


「……Is there anybody who knows a painter?」



A dog beastman oji-san leaned to the side probably thinking if he knew anybody like that. But judging from his expression, it didn’t seem like he knew anyone. When I was thinking what to do, a young black dog beastman to my side raised his hand saying 「I think I know someone?」 to answer my inquiry.



「I think he was staying in a tent close to this place…… you see, he’s a really old man. A person with white rabbit ears. He was called Rubi Ritto-san」


 Oh, Oh I see… usamimi. It’s an Usamimi Ojii-san!!…… that’s to be expected too I guess. Not everyone with bunny ears has be cute I guess. But still, it would be great if he’s a fluffy Ojii-san. Oh well. I thanked the black dog onii-san and went to the usamimi grandpa’s tent.


 It seems like the grandpa just finished having dinner, so it’s just the right time for me to come over.


「Oji-san, can I have a bit of your time?」

「Nn?…… oh, it’s hime-sama’s friend. Is there anything this old man can help you with?」

「Yes, Oji-san is a painter, right?」

「…Well, I did used to draw before, but since the time that I became a slave, I haven’t really used my hand to paint anymore…… I don’t know if my skills will still be good enough to help you」


The old man stared at his hands with a sad look. I could still see the colors of paint that have probably permeated his hands from the many years he has worked. With just that alone, I could understand just how much he liked to paint and his passion for it. I then held that hand gently and told him.


「There is something really important that I would like these hands of yours to do. I will definitely give you a great reward, so I would you like you try it. The work content is………」


When I whispered close to his ears and spoke about the contents, the grandpa looked down for a bit and thought about it.


「……Hou! That’s really interesting. That’s also a good deal. It would also be good to rehabilitate of my rusty hands…… but still, it’s questionable if I can actually do it on time」

「Well, I think that it would also serve quite well as a support. But I want it anyway, so I would really appreciate it if you can do as much as you can. I will provide the paper, pen, and paint, and later will be the reward――」

「I will do the best I can to finish it before the time when it will be needed comes. Thank you for giving me this work Jou-chan」


Then the usamimi Ojii-chan went back inside his tent carrying tools that I’ve given him. I could see fire burning in his eyes. I am really looking forward to what he will create.


On the next day, I could finally see Haval.


「It’s been a month since then. It was a relatively quick return now that I think about it」

「Well, this time we won’t be going in instead we will just be passing by it」

「Eh, are you not going to drop by to say hello? 」


Forna-san, you see. I have rather created a really black history in that place and I don’t want that to be known by everyone. That nickname I got from them was too cringy and illogical that I feel like crawling inside a hole when I hear it.


「But, but we should go. If we don’t greet the locals and tell them the circumstances, won’t they become confused?」

「That’s right Aidle-san. We really have to go there…」


No, you see, won’t it be more appropriate if you go instead? Both Cielo and Mika would also probably be going as part of their work too. I have big plans in terms of rebuilding so I want to concentrate. Having a Shrine Maiden a Hero and Forna-chan go which are all cute girls would probably make everyone all go Deredere.



「Oh, what is it Arena?」

「wanna~ to see Yae-chan!」

「Is that so, fine let’s go then」


 Yes, yes…… I’ll go, sigh, time to go I guess~♪


「But before that, I need some spiritual support…」


I’ve been too busy lately. I need a supply of Arena power for now. I called over Arena, and then seated her on my lap. I then rest my chin on her shoulder……Ahhh~ perfect.


「Oh, then I’ll take over this side」

「Forna too~」

「Eh, Ah, Un…」

「Ohh, me too…」

「Eh, eh, eh…… then Ciello will hug from behind!!」


 ……Is this paradise? I am currently surrounded by cute and beautiful girls on all sides feeling their fragrance and softness. This is wonderful. It’s so wonderful that the power of love is overflowing. So Happy…



(((So cute……)))


To Aidle who was sloppily smiling as she was surrounded by everyone, the thoughts of everyone other than Arena are the same. And of course Aidle didn’t notice it, but all the women who surround her could understand each other’s feelings.

In most cases, they don’t usually show their emotions, and most of them think that her gestures most of the time are weird and stupid, but they do know it is somewhat irresistible. Beside that her figure when she is fighting or just playing around would certainly attract everyone’s attention. Only Arena who was looking at the spoiled Aidle would think that she is having a blast and enjoys the time together with her、


(So precious…)

(So irresistable…)

(So cute…)

(I want to take her home…)


 Those were thoughts running inside everyone’s head. Also, seeing the interaction of the girls is also the pinnacle of a healing image to the surrounding audience that watched over them. As a matter of fact, just seeing Aidle flying around in her Fairy form would already be a soothing view for everyone. That is just how the Fairy Race is seen altogether.


「Charging complete, now then everyone, let’s go」



As for the soldiers, no the people of Haval, they were certainly aware of the movement of beastmen from the royal capital, and the notification was 『A large group of beastmen will be passing by, and everyone should not concern themselves about it as they pass by』. But when the gate watchers witnessed the huge number of beastmen travelling together approaching the city, and they couldn’t help but feel tense at the looming presence.


「…Over there?…… Eh, no way」


From the group of beastmen, a single carriage headed straight towards them. Do they need something from us? While they were busy thinking about the things to happen, a girl with pink hair popped out of the carriage. There were also several faces that they knew around her, and all of them were extremely beautiful and attractive women.


The dumbfounded gatekeeper could only say「……Andel?」. That was just how astonishing the scene was for them.


「It’s been a while Gatekeeper-san. Sorry for the sudden commotion」

「AH, eh, Ah……」


Aidle couldn’t help but show a wry smile to the gatekeeper who was shocked and dumbstruck that he couldn’t even properly reply. Since Cielo and Forna could also be considered Royalties, it just added more pressure to the person in question. After greetings, everyone left the gatekeeper who couldn’t even answer due to the great shock and they kept on going inside the city.


「Well then, first we will be visiting the Lord’s house. Are you fine staying here by yourself for now? 」

「Yeah! Will wait for everyone to return!!」

「Okay, we will come back as soon as possible, but if something pops up, be sure to inform me via synch, okay?」

「Roger~ Take care~♪」


Well all handed our baggage to Arena and went our way. As expected of Arena, she is just too sweet to everyone, including me, and that’s why everyone wants to treasure her so much. Well, there is no purer existence compared to her, and anyone would feel like they are healing if they stay near her. As for me, I would probably die of sadness if I Arena disappeared or left me behind.


「Now then, let us say our greeting immediately and return. Our destination is already within our grasp」


「It’s been a while since then Viscount. Have you been well?」

「……I didn’t really want to say anything because I already know that you are with the princess of Ladaria, but why is the Holy Shrine Maiden and a Hero with you too? What in the world happened in just that one month after you left?」

「Well, about that, it’s a secret you see」

「…………Is that so. Then it’s fine, I won’t ask」

((Is it really fine if you don’t ask…))


Well, I could also say that everything was fine and all, but it’s just that a lot of extra stuff happened along the way. Even I am at a loss as to how I would explain everything so I just swept all of it under a rug. Oh, when Sigurd saw me, he bowed down and immediately ran away. Dabble-san was also shocked at the reaction of his son but ignored it. He probably understood something as a man. And also, it seems like Dabble-san already arranged for someone to be engaged with him soon……


「That’s all I guess…… I didn’t expect for Heroes to do something like that though. Anyway, I’m just grateful that the King didn’t abandon this land…」

「That should be everything that we needed in Haval for now I guess?」

「I see. So do you plan to leave after this? I think it would be great if you could also pay a visit to Hilte and Drew too」

「I guess so…… Well, I will be building a new country just next door, so I would really be glad to get along with everyone」

「That is of course」


Dabble-san then turned towards Forna and bowed down.


「Princess Forna, we would also like to offer you our best regards from now on. The beastmen slaves that are in my town will also be send over, as soon as the procedures are finished…… They have also taken great care of us」

「No…… It is I who would like to offer you our gratitude and would be really glad if we could get along well from now on as neighbors」


On our way back, Dabble gave Aidle a sheet of paper. It has a royal seal which is proof that it came from the royal capital. The contents were mostly contracts in establishing an adventurer’s guild and when the place will be established.


「Take it with you, they are already gathering the staff and the personnel necessary for it to be established and will be sent here soon. At most, it will probably be about a month until they come so please do establish a place for those people to stay when you start the rebuilding」

「Got it, well then, see you again some other time」


 When we returned to the square, I could see Arena surrounded by merchants and was laughing together with them. Ah, it seems like she started something. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.


「Aidle, welcome back~♪」

「We’re back~. Sorry to keep you waiting, by the way, what are you doing?」

「Playing shogi with uncles~」


Ah, just like before huh. But then Arena quickly tidied up everything and cleared it up, and there were people who disappointedly voiced 「Ahh, can you show us a little more~」 from the onlookers. But her reply was nothing more but an innocent smile while saying 「Nope~♪」 to everyone. They couldn’t help but shrug their shoulders in disappointment, oh Pad-san was actually included in the group.


「Yo, Pad-san. Long time no see」

「Ah, Ai, dle-san. ……Nn, indeed, long time no see. No wait what should I say about this scene, it’s quite troubling with everyone staring at me…」


 You are barely able to resist is it. Well, I guess the pressure from people around right now is really strong, but I would like to ask about his family if they are fine. Well, he is a good person and also the first person we have ever met when we started our journey. I would like for our relations to also stay strong from now on.


「It was really good that I have encountered you before. It would have been really dangerous if you were not there at that time, right? 」

「That really is true…… by the way, are going already? 」

「Yeah, I’m looking forward to the stories that I will tell Yae-chan later. Right, Arena」


「Is that so, Then we will also take our leave」

「Ahhh, I found the Pink Haired Angel!!!」


Oh no, I was found by someone from the groupies. We immediately climbed the carriage to move out.


「See you again, Pad-san!!!! Move-out!!」


After that, we immediately left the city. It was much earlier than we expected, but it couldn’t be helped since more troublesome things would happen if we stayed even a little longer with those people already knowing our whereabouts.


We managed to catch up with the marching group before dusk. Now then, there’s still about a week of travel before we finally reach our spot. Now then, at last, my original plan is now about to start.


「Country building, it will definitely be fun, Arena」


「More importantly, what’s the goddess of white waters……」

「stop, don’t ask!!」

「No, the Blooming Ice was also cool!」

「Please forget about that too~……」

「Everyone, what about my nickname? What is it like?」『Violent Blaze La Veil』

「「「Very alike」」」

「……is that supposed to be a compliment?」