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Chapter 74 Day 25 It is a Good Day to make a Miracle





It was the night before the arrival at our destination. The Usamimi Grandpa named Rubirith [ED: “Rubi Ritto-san” in the previous chapter] came into our tent, carrying a bundle of papers. Even though he was also a beastman, his eyes looked like that of a panda, and I could also see paint all over him. G, grandpa, just how many days did you stay up to finish this……


I helped support Rubirith-san’s body and seated him down because his feet started wobbling.


「Ooops, you don’t have to work to the point of breaking down. You are not young anymore so I want you to take care of yourself……」

「Sorry, sorry. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt so much joy. Time passed by so quickly that I didn’t notice. But it’s also thanks to that…… Here」

「………Oooh, Amazing!」


This could even stand toe to toe with paintings that I saw from my previous life. Hou, this is really amazing. The landscape and detail of the surroundings are perfect in every picture. The color and composition are also accurate enough to almost look like a photograph. It is such a splendid painting from my point of view.


「This is such a splendid artwork. Grandpa, this is definitely great. Oh, next time, can I ask you to draw a portrait of Forna? I will be decorating the entrance of the castle with it」

「Ooh, I’ll be sure to live long enough to be able to draw it at that time」


I gave Grandpa 100 gold coins as a reward for his efforts. Though he did try to refuse it at first, saying it was too much, I was able to make him accept. With such a splendid art he created, this amount should be more than legit enough to be expected. I won’t accept rejection for the reward.


Although reluctant, Grandpa properly received his reward.


「You didn’t really have to force such a large amount of money for an old man like me…… It is more than enough that you have me start painting again. I’ll probably be saving this as insurance for my grandchild to support their future」

「Eh, you have grandchildren? Next time introduce them」

「That would be a great. I have a really cute grandchild after all.」


After that, Rubirith-san went away. With this, everything is ready. It was really a surprise to find someone this skillful, and that helped a lot.


 And finally, Aidle arrived at the site.


A prairie that looks like it would last forever. At the horizon there is a vast forest, with trees high enough to be noticed from far away.


This is their destination, a new starting point.


「Yup, there is really nothing here」

「That is only natural」

「Fluffy Sta~rt~♪」


Since all the dangerous demons in the surrounding have already been cleaned up by water dolls and Knight Maker in advance, there shouldn’t be anything that could be considered a threat for now.


I then asked Forna to group up all of the beastmen, forming a donut around us. The idea was to have them spread out as if surrounding the central plaza of Galania. 


「Eh, okay, but what are we going to do after that, Aidle?」

「Is there something you want to talk about?」


「What are planning to do Master」


It is going to be a surprise. When I stood at the center of the circle, I lined up the sheets of paper drawn by Rubirith-san which depict the view of all of Ladaria.


The rest will be up to me.


「Arena,『S.A.T』 mode」

「Hai~…… yo. I’m ready, Aidle. What will I do?」

「I want you to be my backup. I might overload during what I will do, so I want Arena to support me in decreasing the load. For now, place your hand on my shoulders」


When Arena placed her hands on my shoulders, I activated 『Synchronization』 to give her an overview of what is to be done.


「………You are about to do something ridiculous again, Aidle. But I guess I also want to do this too」

「I like the Arena supporting me like this all year round, you know?」

「I know~♪」


Two people were smiling at each other. There is no need to be nervous. It is already a surprise for Mika and Cielo to see Arena growing up like this, but the thing coming up would surpass it by far. They might be surprised to the point of gawking with their jaw almost falling off. And then I expanded fairy magic to everyone and let them hear my voice.


「From this point onward, I want everyone to remember their life at Ladaria, what everyone should know. Like a park where children would play with their friends, a bar where people enjoy drinks and have a happy time with their friends. Anything and everything from the daily shops everyone visited and all of the places that everyone should know」


Aidle then activated Fairy Magic. The image was to combine the thoughts of all the beastmen, along with the images from the pictures surrounding her.


And so, one after another, all of Ladaria’s sights flows into Aidle’s head. From the rustling of trees, to the lively voices of the people and the smiles on everyone living their daily lives. As everything flowed into Aidle’s mind, she couldn’t help but shed tears……


It was certainly a wonderful country, a really wonderful country.


The activated Fairy Magic picked up one picture after another, as thoughts that flowed into Aidle combined with the images. Each time an image is selected the picture emits light that continues to increase its brilliance. When the last piece of painting glows, she lifted all of them up.


She carried it as if she was holding a child……


「Now, all these pictures are filled with thoughts and feelings of everyone. Every single memory of everyone is also within. I was able to see and feel it without any thought of exhaustion. I can definitely say, Ladaria is such a wonderful country」


Cheers rose from the crowd. They are all filled with feelings of honor, knowing that their country was being praised.


「Because of that, I want to give shape to these feelings. I want to make Forna’s dreams a reality, along with everyone’s dreams together. I definitely want to make it happen. That’s why………」


 Aidle became a fairy.


Those who were close to the center were holding their breath as they witnessed the scene. Because what was happening in front of them was really absurd, everyone was too stunned to even make a sound.


Aidle soared carrying all the pictures, and as she flew around, she dropped pictures into the ground.


The Beastmen’s dream, their feelings, their memories…… her Fairy Magic―――― Manifesting.


From the first piece of paper, what came out was a gate

「Hey, that’s……The great gate of Ladaria? 」


The second piece was dropped to the place where the center of the city would be found and disappeared. Then it became the shopping square.


「Uwah, hey, look, my house is over there……」


Pictures kept disappearing one after another. And every time that happened, a scenery of Ladaria was recreated. The beastmen were thinking that they were in a dream. That a fairy is showing them a dream based on their feelings.


However, Aidle had no intention of ending that dream.


(Conceptual Resistance, to think that it would even lessen the burden of my skills, but that is also something to be happy about…… and that really worked well. It seems like my existence has been almost completely removed from the reasoning of this world…)


What Aidle was more concerned about before was the burden of Fairy Magic above everything else. The more it is used, especially on a large scale such as this, the greater the fever and headache she would have to suffer, to the point of losing her consciousness. It was really a good thing that the burden was greatly relieved by acquiring Conceptual Resistance. With this, Aidle was able to use Fairy Magic with almost no burden, as if she was in the same state as the transformed Arena.


 Even so, the burden due to the absurd use of Fairy Magic could not be completely removed. The intensity of her headache was also starting to grow exponentially as she kept going. But such things can be endured through sheer will and belief. That’s why Aidle continued dropping the paintings. 


The cityscapes didn’t go away no matter how much time passed. And more than that, it only continued to multiply as time went on.


And finally…… The last piece symbolizing Ladaria itself


「The castle…… my, my home………」


Forna covered her mouth as tears flooded her eyes. It was the place that she already gave up returning to. Other beastmen were also shedding tears. Because right now, the town where everyone dreamed to return to for many years is right before their eyes.


Completed, perfected


Aidle who finished creating everything fell from the sky. She was already unconscious, and Arena caught her gently then wrapped her in her arms. Using Fairy Magic, she triggered her Humanization skill. Then she gently brushed her friends cheek that was sleeping in her embrace.


「Seriously Aidle…… I’m really proud and happy for my best friend」


 From that thay, the country that once disappeared, has finally returned. At the same time, that event will forever be remembered in history. The new Kingdom of Ladaria was known that day as 『The Sleeping Utopia』 and 『The Miracle of Fairies』……


「Ah, Aidle was really far out of the norm」

「……Mika, I received a new revelation. They are asking for my help」

「……Eh? 」

「Come on, we must hurry. Time is running out」

「Eh, wait, Cielo~?」