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Chapter 75 Day 26 A Line that shouldn’t be Crossed




It felt like sleeping in a fluffy fragrant futon, is what the pleasant feeling I’ve felt after I woke up. Ah……… where am I?



「Oh, you finally woke up Aidle. It was just the right time」

「You’ve slept for a whole day you know, Master? 」


Hou……for me to be greeted by two beautiful ladies upon waking up, it was an amazing way to awaken.


Well, for the time being, I need to get up. I then begin looking around the room…… so big. It’s as big as a room in castle of Galania. I’m in a king-sized bed besides an ochre wall. The furnitures in the area were also gorgeous. These were all made by me and Arena.


「Is this, inside the castle? 」

「That’s right. Ah, here」

「Nn? The communicator, why is it here? 」

「I contact Testania-san on your behalf. I wouldn’t have been able to if it was far from the cave, but we are close to the neighborhood right now. She told me that she will be scolding Aidle again.」


Hai, I’m sowee. Using fairy magic on the level that I’ve actually lost consciousness will probably take me a while to recover. It was to a point where even Arena would have been angry at me. Ah, she returned.


「Aidle~ good―――――nightー……」

「Thanks Arena. Take a good rest」

「We can leave Arena here to rest for now. Also, Forna told me to accompany you to meet her when you wake up」

「Hoi, hoi. Now then, maybe I should also ask for some food while I’m at it~ Oops」


I have just completed one of the biggest tasks I could ever imagine in my life. It couldn’t be helped that I would end up famished. Uwaah, this place is so wide. The hallway is also really long.

「Forna says that the country seems to be much bigger than before, you know? 」

「Heeee, well, what I made was only based on assumptions and rough estimates after all」


Looking outside, I could hear loud noises coming from the city. The current city view is much more amazing in comparison to what the picture depicted. As expected, it seems like Rubi Ritto-san had to work o finer details again.



La Veil led me to the throne room. This place was also really wide. The ceiling was also really high that it looks similar to the ceiling of a cathedral. On the throne, there was Forna seated and people were surrounding her. It seems like they were discussing about something, but at the time she noticed me, she immediate jumps out of the throne,



「Woops. Everybody sure likes to jump straight at me~」

「Should I join too, Master」


Well, I won’t decline it at least. Forna smiles cutely as she rubs her head happily on my chest.


「To be able to create such a miracle…… you have become the personification of hope for our country……」

「I’ll be expecting you as a good ruler for this country. What is the situation of the city? 」

「Un. Everyone went home to verify things and came here to report. Everyone was surprised. Not only houses, but everything else including the furniture was reproduced.」

「That is a result of everyone cooperation. More than that, is there anything for me to eat……」

「Oh my, Aidle-sama. There is a cafeteria nearby, so why don’t we head there to eat? 」


Ooh, nice proposal there Meru-san. Let’s head there immediately. Forna came along led by Meru-san and she was holding my hand. Because she is really happy holding my hand, I let her continue. I wonder if she will let me nib her ear?

「Now that I think about it, where are Cielo and Mika? 」

「Eh, um. Cielo went to the city saying that she had something to do. Mika also followed her along」

「Things to do? 」


I wonder what that would be. I don’t remember any priest or church being established here? Wait, she is a religious symbol.


When we arrived at the cafeteria, there were only few people present. Everyone was lightly dressed as soldiers, and they seem to be focused on their meals. I then talked to the auntie running the cafeteria,



「Excuse me. Food p「Creation Goddess-sama!!」………Hai? 」

「Thank you for gracing us with your presence!! Please take your seat and wait for a bit!!」



Iya…… nope, no, no, no, no.


Why did I end up being strangely addressed like that? Oi La Veil-san, why are you laughing at me at a time like this? Look over there. Forna, can you explain this to me, why are profusely sweating? I am a Fairy, you know.


「Here it is Creation Goddess-sama, I have prepared your meal. I don’t kow if it would suit your tastes, but please do ask for more if you wanted to」


What was served to me was something that resembled steak. It sure is amazingly tender, wait isn’t this a really luxurious meat? Just eating a bit makes the meat melt in my tongue, you know? No never mind that, won’t you to tell what is with this way of addressing me.



「Um, what is with this Creation God thing you were saying……? 」

「It was what Miko-sama stated, the god of『Fairy Religion』. And the God of Creation for that religion, is none other than you Aidle-sama!!」



……WHATTT? [TL: this was not in Japanese… Aidle literally said Huwaht]



「Umー……err. Don’t tell me……」

「That’s right, all of the beastmen present at that time acknowledged this!!」


La Veil…… tsk, she ran away. Then, Forna, why are you facing away and trembling? Now then, you won’t deceive me by swinging your tail cutely like that, you know.


「Now Forna, you are going to explain all about this, right? 」

「Ha, Haaiiii……」




After that, Aidle now stands in the throne, and in front of her is Cielo and Mika who were seated in straight position like criminals about to receive judgment. After the two returned to the castle, they were immediately captured by an immobilizing Halo that Aidle created and was dragged on their feet towards the throne room.


Aidle is, sporting a really cute smile that anyone who sees it couldn’t feel any ill intent. However, to the two people in front of her, they were trembling in fear and was feeling as if their lives were about to end at any moment. If they carelessly open their mouth, they understand that they might end up dead in that moment…… however, Cielo mustered all of her courage and tried to explain.



「Um… about that…… that is…」


「What’s wrong Cielo? Why are you showing a blue face, don’t tell me that because you were overwhelmed by my fairy magic, you received a Divine Revelation and in just a day you tried to establish a new religion with me as the center of it and made the beastmen worship me? Or is it because you were shown a future where I actually reigned over this world as a Goddess or something? If that is the case, then I could only assume that the Goddess is someone with brain filled with flowers and with a lot of lose screws in her head, and won’t her INT be much closer to that of a goblin, but what do you say? You do know that I don’t really like getting involved in such complicated matters, but I do get tangled up in such things. But if this goes on, won’t my name and appearance be known to the world. I was thinking of continuing our journey after we settle things here, but if wherever we go, being worshiped as 「Goddess of Creation……」 by any and all beastmen we encounter will make us definitely stand out a lot. I was thinking of punishing the people responsible for this by hanging them naked on the gates of the city. Or maybe I should proceed with such punishment? I was thinking of really doing that, but what does Cielo think about this? Will you answer me? Will you please answer me? Please respond to my inquiry, oh two timing Miko-san」



After receiving my machine gun like talk without holding back, Cielo quietly shed tears and prostrated. Mika who was watching this seems to have completely frozen out of tremendous fear. Behind them, La Veil wa gazing at them without really having any sign of concern, and Forna was being suppressed by Meru-san. He was covering her face with both hands so that the scene in front of her would’t be visible to her eyes.


Aidle’s eyes then set on to Mika.




「Hey there worthless Hero, I didn’t notice you at all. I think an amoeba would have more presence than you are, you know. I do know that Mika is a Hero that is good at concealing her presence though. I didn’t really ask why you didn’t stop Cielo and just watched her as things go on. But with this, I find you to be really incompetent. You might be thinking that someone insignificant like me would just be forgotten anyway, hahahaha, so I think it will be alright. I think I can find some use of you though, like throwing you in an orcs nest for example. I think they would really be happy to include you in their family you know, or maybe you prefer goblins. They smell the worst, but I think they would be able to satisfy you a lot so I think it would be fine, or maybe I could send you to work in a place where a lot of dangerous monsters or vicious gases are being emitted like in the worst mines, I think you would be happy just to be helpful to other people, right? I am thinking of doing that you know, but what does Mika think about it? Will you answer me? Answer me okay? Open your mouth and answer you useless slug」



「……I’m, I’m, I’m sorry for even being born」


She also ended up prostrating the same way as Cielo. La Veil was also probably surprisd. If Arena was around, I would have been much milder than this……but. I didn’t really expect that I would explode like this after all. But well, thinking about it, this would have probably been the first time for me to lash out without holding back like this in this world. Anyway, the roots of my leisure life is about to collapse right now after all. In this situation, I couldn’t really keep my Cool Idol Figure.


「……Oh right, Cielo. Have you already created the scripture for the said religion? 」



La Veil asked Cielo who have already turned have degraded into something like a corpse. After hearing her answer, she faced Aidle who is now showing a really scary expression.


「Master. In order for you to travel as freely as possible, can’t you just emphasize it in the scripture? 」





「Haaah, I thought I wa going to be killed……」

「I absolutely thought I would be killed, you know~」

「The next time you want to sport something like this, be sure to inform me in advanced, do you understand? 」

「「Ha, Haaii……」」


Because of La Veil’s suggestions, both Cielo and Mika were able to somehow survive with their lives intact. The two offered La Veil their heartfelt gratitude in tears. In the meantime, I made sure to spread the scriptures to everyone and make sure that they follow it. At that time, I pointed out to everyone points that they absolutely have to follow,


・Never ever show it to anyone other than the producers(Except for family members) and creditors of the scripture.

・If defied, a harsh punishment will be received from the creator.

・The name of the Creation God should be allowed to be spoken only inside the church.

・If you encounter anyone speaking about the Creation God outside of Ladaria, be sure to find out their identity. Cooperate in the concealment if needed.

・If you are going to make a worshiping idol, be sure to make the face vague.

・It is important to value the mood.


That is all. The last part is to for my power. Based on this notes, I created a scripture within a day, copied it and distributed it to everyone. This should mitigate some immediate concerns…… is what I wanted to believe.




「Hora, let’s make up now. Sorry for scaring you a bit ? 」



I slept with the two later that day that was finally released from their heavy tension. They were like angels when they are asleep after all……

「Aidol~ do~ne♪」



Un, with 1 more person included.


「Anyway, why did you do something like that」

「because…… I want everyone to know about Aidle’s achievements…… I’m sorry」

(A very straightforward way of thinking huh…… that is a precious thought, but seriously Mika should have done something about it)*Nade *Nade

「……? 」