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Chapter 76 Day 27 The Hot Spring felt great




「It’s Aidle-sama……」

「Oooh… Aidle-sama……」


The next day, as a trial run, I went out with Arena and La Veil. Nn~ this is a good place, Ladaria that is. The whole country is like a huge forest, but the space is well divided and is gentle to the eyes. The air felt great which is similar to Fairy Town, and the country looks like it was covered by a green carpet. The sound of the running watermill also gives off a wonderful ambiance. It makes me want the fairies to come over to play.


「Ahhh…… she’s so cute……」

「They are like goddesses……」




「I think it’s a good time to stop escaping from reality already?」

「What is it La Veil. I couldn’t hear you, what are you talking about~Ahahaha!!」

「Well, but, you see…… being the center of attention like this is kind of awkward.」


That’s right. It’s even more of a pain for me. I am already having the urge to yell out to make everyone stop. But at the same time I don’t want to betray their expectations. Ah how frustrating.


Probably understanding how I feel, Arena held my hand.


「Aidle, let’s become fairies?」

「……Ah, that would probably make things better. La Veil, we will disappear for a bit」

「Ah, that’s cheating, master!?」


And so I changed into my fairy form. If I don’t want anybody to see me, Fairy magic will automatically activate to make me disappear. After that, the two went to see the cityscape while hiding inside La Veil’s hood.


「Alright, La Veil, GO~♪」





La Veil kept on walking for a while. She went around seeing various places like the guilds and government offices. After walking a bit more seeing almost all the establishments, they concluded that everything is fine.



「Oh, that place is……」


They discovered a certain house in the distance. Canvases could be seen over the window and a signboard was placed in front of the house labeled『Rubirith’s Painting Class』. Ohh, so he’s teaching how to paint now.


「La Veil, let’s go over there」

「Alright. Alright I get it. That’s why stop pulling my ears」


The entrance was closed, but when we took a look inside, we found the figure of Rubirith who was a number of teaching students and elderly people. He was also seems to be livelier than we have expected. It seems like he has managed to make a living on his own.


The three were watching the scene take place while drinking World Tree Honey Juice. Everyone shows their work to Rubirith. The well received ones were praised, while others were given advice on what to improve, and everyone soon gone home happily carrying their work.

The last person who was left behind was a Rabit-eared Girl. In front of her is a blank canvas, and it seems like she still haven’t started painting.


「I wonder what’s wrong?」

「How about going over there?」

「Alright, let’s go」


Along with Arena, we flew and landed on the girl’s lap then showed ourselves. At first the girl blinked a few times and then reflexively covered her mouth. It seems like she didn’t want to create a loud noise. Only her long and slender ears were moving about as a reaction. Her bright red eyes also resembled that of a rabbit.


「Oh, are you fairies?」

「That’s right, I’m Aidle, this here is」


「I, I am Lapis」


Lapis bashfully pats Arena’s head. It seems like her curiosity peaked seeing fairies up close. Soon enough her face loosened into a smile. Arena also happily giggles while being stroke by Lapis. Me? I’m rubbing my face against her cheeks. The sensation was amazing.



「Now then, Lapis. It was only by chance that I’ve found you, but is there something bothering you? 」

「Eh……ummm. I have decided that I want to draw. But I somehow can’t seem to do it…」


Looking closely at the canvas, it doesn’t seem like it was actually blank, but there are traces of being erased over and over again. Noticing that I’ve realized this, Lapis became depressed again. That’s no good you know, for a cute girl to have that expression.


「Alright, Arena. Let’s help Lapis」


「Eh, bu, but……」

「Now now, let’s do this, okay~」

「Become clean and beautiful~♪」


I seated myself on top of Lapis’s head, while Arena cleans the canvas using fairy magic. Now then, I’ll also activate 『Fairy Magic』. I’m also making a clear transparent image on the canvas.


「……Wha, wha. Amazing, how did you do that? 」

「It’s the mysterious power of fairies. Now then, are you able to draw this? 」

「……Un, if it’s like this」


Alright, let’s also make her hands more dexterous. Become dexterous~ Become dexterous~ Become dexterous~ Become a beautiful Onee-san in the future~



One hour later, the finished picture of an old man with and a girl were walking together. Both of them are facing back, however the two of them are both smiling at each other. The quality of the image is high because I’ve helped.


「Thank you for helping me, I’ll show this immediately to Grandpa!!!」


Even though she found it a bit hard to carry the canvas, she did her best to immediately show it to Rubirith. Now that I think about it, she must be the grandchild that Rubirith once mentioned.


「Ooh, Lapis. I have been waiting. Will you show me what you’ve painted? 」

「Un… this」


The grandpa who saw the art looked at Lapis with a surprised face.


「………This, did you draw this by yourself?」

「I didn’t do it on my own. The fairies helped me!」


The moment she said that, we also showed ourselves resting on her shoulders. Hello, grandpa. It seems like you were having a blast enjoying yourself for the whole day.


「You, you are…… aren’t you that ojou-san. I see, no wonder she was able to create such a detailed image. Thank for Guiding Lapis to create such an image. Or rather, you did your best to make such a wonderful picture…… This is similar to the miracle you did last time……」

「Oh right, can I commission you to make a portrait of Forna」

「Ooh, I’ll gladly do it. I also want Lapis to be one of her friends」

「Ehh, is it alright for me to be friends with Forna-sama?」


That is indeed a good idea. I’ll inform Forna about it later. I should also commission a portrait which includes Arena and everyone. It might be kept as a heirloom later.


「Master, your real intentions are leaking out. Don’t get everyone dragged in this time」




Now then, after walking for a while with La Veil again, we arrived in a place where white steam was rising from its chimney. Eh, isn’t that a public bath house.


「This is the public bath house」

「Hou, this seems to be a more luxurious bath that I’ve expected」

「Aidle, that~」

「Nn?…… Hou」


There are several flags in front of the public baths, and there’s also a banner with 『Ladaria Special!!』 written on it. There’s no facility like this in Galania.


Now that I think about it, I don’t really understand it but Fairies don’t get dirty. Is it bcause of their metabolism? I do sweat, but it’s not to the point that I would feel sticky because of it and it has a natural floral scent. I was grateful about it as a woman because I won’t need to use perfumes because of that constitution.


「Is there one in the castle?」

「There is one, I took a bath with La Veilー♪」


「Shall we head over there La Veil. I’ll also ask everyone」




Yes, it was decided to take a bath tonight. I immediately called Forna, Cielo, and Mika. Why am I grinning?


The bathroom was covered in white walls, and then right in front of us was a wide bathing area large enough for everyone to be able to swim. There’s also a place where hot water comes out, and it was a lion statue.


It’s normally filled with steam and hard to see, however I have fairy magic. Even if my head suffers, I must imprint the image of beautiful women inside my brain. It will be like admiring a sculpture of Venus.



「Oooh, what a large bath this is Forna」

「It, it was a dedicated bath for a king, that’s why……」

「This is my first time bathing with a friends……」

「This reminds me of school trips……」


「I’ll also Dive~」



「Ahh, this is nice~♪」is what La Veil sighed when she dips her naked body 「Fuee~♪」 is Aidles reaction seeing La Veil while doing a backstroke with Arena. Ai~ya the temperature of the water is just right.


「Both the public bath house and the castles bath are supposed to be collecting water from springs under it, but this location is supposed to be different from the old Ladaria, and we still don’t know the actual source? Aidle, do you know where it’s coming from? 」

「Eh…… who knows?」


Ehh, I don’t know. I’ve created this place without knowing about that. Watching closely, the hot water was kind of milky in color. Uwah~ this water seems to have a beautifying effect. Arena is going to be turned into Smoothrina. I’m sure that she will be more squishy than before, so let’s pinch her a lot later to test if she will be smooth like mochi.




Now then, my excitement is going to overflow again if this continues. Just seeing the three is already breaking my limits, and now Forna’s tails is hitting my stomach.



「Fo, Forna…… your tail?」




Oh, she didn’t answer back. Oh, are telling me that it’s ok? Are you really sure about this, you will cry out loud, you know?



「Ahahahaha, Arena. I’m already reaching my limit, you know, please stop~ oh no, this is bad, this is bad, this is bad」



Arena finished it off with a hug. Forna’s tail was also wrapped around my belly. This, this…… a really dangerous situation!! Please, spare me from all of this!!



「Ah, nn!」

「Fo, Forna-san!?」



Ah, this is no good, Forna’s tail and Arena’s hug combo… I’m losing it. It’s overflowing. No, I can’t stop it anymore,


「What’s wrong Master~ Don’t you like taking a bathー♪」


And then, La Veil attacked from behind me. She held me close as soon as she submerged herself in the water. The double bouncy stimulus is hitting me. I, I must not move, endure it my will, or else it would really be bad.


「Kuu, get away from me La Veil, hey, don’t tickle me!?」

「E, ehe… ehehehehe……」


Cielo who took the chance while I was held by La Veil moved her hands on my waist. It was something that a beautiful woman shouldn’t do!? No, stop, please stop it,


「Fufufu… Aidle-chan……」


Ah, ahhh… Mika…… not you too, you are a hero, don’t make such a disgusting look!? That is definitely the face of someone who is about to do some mischief!! No, stop it, help me escape. Be the noble hero that you are supposed to be and help me escape this hell!!


「Mi, Mika, you are a hero, right? Please help me! Help me escape out of this hell!!」




「Mi, Mika…」



She then grabbed my foot. Oh no, this is bad



「I will have my revenge against that punishment!! Ho~re, ho~re, ho~re, ho~re~~~!!」

「Ah~~~aha~ahahahahaha!! S, stop, stop~~~~~it!!」


Mika attacked my soles with tickles. Revenge is not something that A hero should be doing!! No, I can’t……










After that, water tentacles were created using fairy magic and everyone was engulfed in a tickling hell.


「Arena, my tickles are super strong, you know…」

「Nyuru nyuru~♪」


「「「―――Haaa!!」」」 everyone was out of breath from laughing too much.