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Chapter 78 Day 59 The Price is an Eyeball

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip

Good morning, it’s Forna desu. Starting today, Aidle’s 『Buーt Kampu? 』 will begin. I was told to come to the gate without carrying anything, but I don’t know why.


「Aidleー…… what is that?」

「Just following the mood.」



For some reason, she was wearing patterned clothes with dark colors. It felt like it would be suitable when hiding in the forest. Arena was also saluting next to her. Is that some kind of uniform?

I’m wearing adventurer-style clothing and armor that is easy to move in which was prepared by Meru, but I wonder if I should also wear something like that?


「You don’t have to be worried. If something comes up, then we could easily return using fairy magic.」

「Well then my friend, let’s move out~」

「Move outー♪」



La Veil was the only one dressed in a white robe and red dress as usual. I was thinking that she looks like she belongs in a separate group……




「Now then Forna. The work in the castle has been left to Meru for now, and we will be away for a whole month to train starting today, but are you prepared?」

「Un!! I’ll do it no matter how hard it will be!!」

「Good, then let’s go. La Veil, transform!」



With that said, La Veil transformed into a red dragon big enough for the 3 of us to ride. It would be troublesome if she transformed in her original form and was discovered by Cielo. We then moved to a nearby forest.

On the way, Forna suddenly pulled my clothes,


「Um, do we have a plan to follow in order for me to become strong?」

「Nn? It’s simple. Forna, you just have to level up by killing immobilized monsters, and after defeating them, you will have mock battles with us. I, La Veil and Arena have different fighting styles, so you will be having mock battles each with us. Of course it will be harsh and painful, but you have to endure it, okay? 」



After hearing the details of the training, Forna was a bit upset. Un, sorry. I don’t want to be strict and hash to a little girl like her, but if I don’t do something like this, it will be very difficult for her to defeat Ojas.


Forna(8) Lv.1


Race:Fox Beastman


HP 60/60

MP 8/8

ATK  15

DEF  10

MATK  17

MDEF  18

INT  760

SPD  22


【Inherent Skill】Fox Fire




Her current stats, other than INT, are lower than a goblin’s…… Even though she’s a beastman, it can’t be helped because she’s still young. If it’s like this, she won’t be able to wing it by only using simple means. I have to be thorough doing this, even if she sees me as a demon.


Speaking of which, her inherent skill『Fox Fire』, is something that is unique to her race.


・Fox Fire

『A Unique skill possessed by Fox Beastmen. A type of fire attribute magic. It’s effects depends on the average status of the individual. Because it is a magic that is manipulated using mental image, chanting is not required to activate the skill.』


I was thinking that this would become a trump card, although it’s limited to fire attribute effects, it is quite similar to Fairy Magic. I’m thinking of training her with this skill as her main.




「Alright, we have arrived. Do your best, Forna!」

「U, un…… where is this?」


After travelling for a while, they went down in the depths of a dark forest. Above us were nests made of small trees and a collection of branches glued together by some unknown material. And then Aidle tells Forna about the place without a sense of danger.


「This should be a good place. We’re under a Wyvern’s Nest.」





Right then several high pitched screeches from wyverns flooded the area. Forna immediately pulled out her sword although she was trembling. Aidle on the other hand was spinning a glowing halo with her finger. La Veil was cuddling Arena, who was rubbing her sleepy eyes.


「Wha, why isn’t there any tension, everyone!?」

「Well, we would feel some, if they were at least stronger than a hero.」

「That’s just……」


While they were talking to each other, the wyverns attacked all at once. Right then the Halo on Aidle’s finger shot out and split into many glowing rings that immediately captured all of the approaching wyverns. The wyverns that were suddenly immobilized crashed into the ground head first. There were some unfortunate ones who broke their necks and died on the spot, while others lost consciousness from the impact.


A wyvern that fell in front of Forna with its eyes rolled back due to fainting became her first target.


「Yosh, Forna, Attack!」



She cried. For a little girl like her who has never experienced a direct confrontation, it wouldn’t have been a surprise if she fainted. However, she was able to endure it, showing that Forna is more courageous than a normal child at her age.


「Forna, with your current status you won’t be able to damage it’s scales. That’s why I suggest you aim for the eyes, stabbing there until it dies.」


Aidle was like a demon.


「Ufufu…… so this is how it feels like when stabbing it’s eyes……fufu. The sound of its screams every time I do so is still lingering…… guuu.」

「Ahー……sorry? I know that doing this all of a sudden is terrible, but you need to do it in order to build up resistance early during the training.」

「Forna, you did your best~」

「Uu…… Arena~」


Watching Forna cry as she struggles to cling to her sanity while hugging Arena also makes my chest hurt. Even though I feel guilty about it, I still have to continue. I’ll let Arena handle the mental care for the time being, but I wonder if my value will also start to drop as we continue this. Well, maybe I could also let her ask for a reward when all of this ends, or something……


「And so, how much did it rise this time?」

「Ummm…… it’s now 80. So, so high in just a small amount of time.」

「Well the level of wyverns should be around 70-90 in this area. However, that alone won’t be enough to match up Ojas, who can probably win against those monsters.」


That’s why, even if it’s the current Forna, it would still not be enough to beat Ojas on her own. Forna finally started to gain confidence after knowing that her level has increased, so she wiped her tears and stood up.


「I will do it. I don’t know how much I can improve, but I have decided on this. I also don’t want to just rely on Aidle in solving this.」

「Good, that’s the spirit Forna. If it’s you right now then you will be able to defeat even a demon lord!」


「Well then, should we go dragon hunting next!」



Why the pale face now? We will still do it, you know? 




The day ended after fighting one dragon. Forna’s spirit was not that down when she was faced with a dragon, but she finally reached her limit when she did her best finishing off the dragon by stabbing it’s eyes until it died…… right now, she’s resting on Arena’s Lap Pillow.


「Wow, I can’t believe that I would level up from 1 to 100 in just a day. Such a great result. Tomorrow we will do mock battles in order for me to get used to my improved status, right? I will do my best to forge both my body and spirit!」

「That’s right. I will be reporting to Meru today, so can I leave dinner preparations to everyone?」

「Leave it to me. I want to learn a lot of things.」


I then moved to the stone that was synchronized with my space magic. I arrived in an office. Meru immediately caught me and then shook me as he asked about the results of the training today.


「Aidle-sama! Is Forna-sama alright!?」

「It’s~all~right~she~is currently~fine~~」


Meru is strong as expected. The moment he caught me, I was shaken with tremendous force. After he let me go, I briefly explained what happened during the day. While listening, it couldn’t be help for him to be concerned and he was also shocked as I continued. You really cared for her……


「I sincerely apologize for the trouble. I will do my best at managing the kingdom in Forna-sama’s absence. Aidle-sama, I leave Forna-sama in your care.」

「Un, leave it to me and you don’t have to worry about anything. Also, please don’t do anything unreasonable.」




After that, I returned and was greeted by a good smell emanating from a pot. It seemed like La Veil finished dinner preparations just as I arrived. Tonight’s dinner will be Wyvern Hot Pot. 


It’s kind of surreal seeing La Veil, a dragon, cooking other dragons, even if they are of a different classification……


「Ah, you came back Aidle. Was Meru worried about me?」

「He was indeed, however he also fully respected Forna’s decision. He’s a really good person.」


In my previous life, there has never been a person who trusted me like that, with all of his heart. Forna understood this and was a bit embarrassed, but also proud about it.


「Now then, because tomorrow will be mock battles for the whole day, you will be moving a lot. That’s why eat your fill up and sleep well.」


「Forna, it’s already night time, so quiet down for a bit.」

「……Uuu, I’m sorry… fufufu」


The 4 people laughed as they enjoyed a quiet meal. 


Forna’s Current Status……


Forna(8) Lv.100

Race:Fox Beastman


HP 710/710

MP 707/707

ATK  431

DEF  299

MATK 721

MDEF 655

INT 760

SPD 578


【Inherent Skill】Fox Fire





「Now, fightー」


「Don’t overdo it, okayー」


「Fuwaaa~so good~♪」

「Uuuh, I can’t move. I have only been sitting a lot recently」




After the meal, they did a bit of muscle training and massage then they fell asleep.