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Chapter 79 Day 74~88 Growing up in a different way

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip

Two weeks have passed from the time Forna started her repeated leveling up and mock battles. It was quite surprising to see how she was able to adapt to fighting monsters in just a week, and to the point that she is now able to easily subjugate any weak monsters she encounters.

When it comes to mock battles, it seems like she’s talented with swords and she was even able to win a few battles with no magic. Seeing this, I think it’s a really big improvement.


「Nonono, I think Forna is quite talented, you know? A normal person won’t be able to easily improve just like that, you know?」

「Hmmm…… Maybe it’s because she continuously moved her body along with increasing her level?」


Ah, there’s also that way of thinking. Well, normally, people raise their skills according to their levels after all.


「Even so, it’s still not enough even with your current level. The status difference is still too high, it still isn’t enough.」

「Unn~~ Having a child’s body is really~~~~」


Her level is already 150, however her current status is only a third of the status of Ojas. It probably increases as the person gets older. However, that’s something we can’t do at the moment.


「I understand your feelings of urgency, however we need to do what we can. Forna’s average status is gradually increasing, so we will continue doing mock battles as before. We might discover something to cope with the difference as we continue.」

「U, Un!!」


And so the days continued with her working hard. Once every two days, we would take a bath at a nearby lake. We were also feeding her with lots of food because Forna is still just a growing child. I think she will have an amazing figure when she grows up in the future and I’m looking forward to that.


「Now then, let’s begin. I am ready to receive you no matter where you start!」



Right now, Forna’s sword skill is D. Since she started without that skill even existing, it could be considered a tremendous progress.

I don’t really have to move much if it’s only at that level, so Forna will need to use many tricks in order to cover for the difference. She tried using feints, throwing sand, throwing swords, and many others.


And right now, magic is also added to Forna’s arsenal,


「That was quite a surprise. It is impressive how you were able to come up with such nasty tactics.」

「But, I still wasn’t able to beat Aidle……」

「Well, don’t you think that it would actually be quite effective if you used against someone else? In a traumatic sense that is…」


What Forna showed me was a really nasty way to fight which surprised even me. And yes, even with magic included, she isn’t able to win against me. However, if it was against Ojas, he would probably suffer a lot from such attacks so I could now see hope for Forna’s victory. She tried a lot of nasty tactics when fighting me, however none of those were able to succeed against me.


「The results of your daily efforts are now showing results. And based on that, I think that Forna is quite suitable to be a commander.」

「You, you think so?」




The two of us happily stroked Forna’s head while praising her. However, it wasn’t yet the time to be relieved, not until this situation ends. The Forna has grown a lot since the start. I don’t want to end up with the responsibilities of a king after all.


After that, we divided a week into three and a half days of routine where the first half is continuous mock battles and the second half focused on leveling. The reason for that is to improve Forna’s tactics and see if it could be used against monsters. As Forna’s level increased, the stronger the opponent she could win on her own.


Right now, we were testing 『Fox Fire』 with all 4 of us doing trial and error, refining the skill. Forna was also delighted to know that she was becoming stronger as the days passed by and was putting a lot of effort in leveling up.


We debate about how to make the country better every night, so I think that she’s developing as a proper ruler.

As the month nears its end, I was surprised by how fast Forna was growing. Right now, she is still shorter than me. However, her chest started to rapidly develop for some reason. That’s why she’s now a big breasted Loli. Each time she moves, her breasts also sway, which is really distracting me a lot during our bouts. [ED: Moments like these make me forget that Aidle is actually a female.]


「How, how did it ended up this way…… How should I explain this to Meru-san?」

「Wouldn’t it be better if you honestly explained it, I think?」


If this continues then I will go berserk again. When we were taking a bath, even though I’m not a man, it felt like I was going to bend down. I know about otaku culture and their shenanigans, however this is just too good to be true.


「If those two weapons are attached to Arena, it will probably be purified」

「I think thinking about that happening is more disturbing, Master.」



And then another week went by. It was also a lot of fun. Near the end, she was able to turn a flock of wyverns into a bloody mess, and managed to defeat an actual dragon on her own. 


『More like, it was Master’s fault that a weird switch like that is turned on whenever she’s fighting monsters』

『It’s not my fault, don’t say that it was because of me! I am honestly scared about it too……』


I couldn’t help but smile wryly at this result. Seriously, her eyes were indeed full of joy, however that’s not the kind of joy I like to see. I’m sorry Meru-san, I think I’ve made a mistake somewhere without knowing. I know that you really treasured her a lot.


The night before the battle. We have finally returned to Ladaria after a whole month of absence. When we arrived at the plaza, it was noisier than usual. As a precaution, I covered Forna with a cloak,


「Everyone, we have endured as slaves for the past few years. Is it really alright if we forget about the past just like that? I don’t think so! Everyone should remember how humans trampled us, stepped on our dignity and didn’t even consider us people!!! For that reason, what we currently need is not a weak leader. I am thinking that humans should also feel the pain of being dominated against their will!!!」



「What a terrible slogan…」

「That wolf is really a lost cause!」


Ojas, who appeared in our sight, is currently doing a negative campaign. He raised a flag that was occupying the plaza with the crest of his clan on it, and along with a slogan saying 『The Strong and Majestic Ojas is suitable to be King』. Every time Ojas spoke a line, the surrounding wolf people were giving a response, and there were also quite a few people who stopped by to listen to their speech.


Ladaria now has more people than before, and some have become inhabitants without witnessing how this country was created. That’s why it couldn’t be helped if there are those who would actually sympathize with him.


「As proof of this, the third princess has never made any objections to our speech for the past month, and only remained inside the castle without even trying to show herself in public. That is definitely because she doesn’t have the guts to fight back. How could she easily bow down to Galania and let that country have its way with ours!! If it’s like this, then what would happen to our dignity!!」


That’s not really the case, you know. Ladaria is actually quite rich just thinking about the revenant ore mines that we discovered. It’s probably Galania who would bow down to us instead, to ask for a supply of Revenant ore. Not to mention that they are still in debt to Arena.


Forna, worried about the situation, looked at me with worried eyes. It couldn’t be helped for her to worry I guess.


「What should we do Aidle. Won’t the public see me as a bad ruler because of this…?」

「Eh?… Nonono. You don’t really have to be worried at all, you know?」

「Wh, why?」

「That’s because everything will end if you win the Duel tomorrow. Even if it’s true or not, it will be decided by the winner of the Duel tomorrow and people will follow that.」


After all, that’s the only thing that is important right now. That’s why I am not worried at all. And because of that, I pushed Forna’s back and we returned to the castle.


「Oooh, Forna-sama!!…… wha, how, wha, eh?」


 Forna who was seen by Meru after a while was twisting in embarrassment. Meru-san who saw the BIG changes tried his best to restrain himself from having a nosebleed. Well, I told him in advance about the changes, so he was able to prepare himself, at least I think so.


「Er, um, Meru. I don’t know why but after training for a while I ended up becoming like this……」

「Eh, no! I mean it’s fine. But you know I’m glad that you’ve grown up and became really beautiful……」

「Is, is that so? Then, it’s good!!」



Ahhh, hmmm. Maybe I didn’t really know if I should be grateful or angry with this result. Well, even I didn’t know that it would end up like this after all. Meru finally snapped back to normal then told us that a bath has been prepared. Now that I think about it, our baths outside have always been rushed. I want to have a long relaxing soak after a long time.


「Ah right. When did Ojas started doing that weird propaganda?」

「I think it was the day after everyone left. At first it was just a simple campaign trying to find people who would join him, which finally escalated to denying the current state of Ladaria」


Was he doing that every day? He sure has a lot of free time……


「All of the beastmen who have been here since the establishment of this country are of course supporting Forna. It seems like there are a lot of latecomers who are joining his group though. Most of them were from races that were quite bloodthirsty. That’s how about……」

「It’s fine Meru. I could understand the current situation. That’s right, all I have to do is win tomorrow, those people would certainly understand if it’s like that. That’s what I believe.」


「I’m sure the feelings of this country will become united」


After hearing Forna’s words, Meru bowed deeply and said「That is right… I’m sure that will be so」. It seems like her feelings have now settled down. It would be easier to clean up some garbage tomorrow, so that Forna will be able to stand strong as royalty.


『Tomorrow, if some weird people appear, let’s deal with them immediately』

『Leave it to me. I’ll be sure to leave nothing behind』



It will be the debut of Upgraded Forna with a little special mix. I don’t really want to interfere but I have to do it this time.




Having a bath after a long time is the best. Also, Forna’s floating balloons were amazing as expected.