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Chapter 80 Day 89 Dignity of a Ruler

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip


「I have been waiting…… though I didn’t expect you to show up, and not run away」


For the confrontation a special stage was made in the town center. It was in the same place where Ojas continued his propaganda for the past days in order to gather a crowd to watch the match. There were three main purposes for this.

First is to invite the upset Forna, then humiliate her in front of the crowd. Second one is to ensure that the duel will be recognized by everyone present, and last is to prepare a certain scheme.


「……This is a good enough place to settle this, is what I would like to say」


Contrary to what he expected, Forna faced Ojas with a calm demeanor. However, she was still covered by a robe which didn’t show her body lines, and her face was also hard to see inside the robe. He could barely understand Forna’s current condition.


「Oi, what’s with that robe? I don’t think anyone who calls themselves a Ruler should be dressed like that in public. Is this some kind of a joke?」

「I am not playing around, you know. This should be good enough right…… I am only following what I was advised」


That being said, Ojas still didn’t stop mocking her for that outfit, but all that was stopped by the voice of a moderator.


『Now then, to all of the people who have gathered here. This will be a Duel in order to decide who the rightful ruler is today. The decision will be based on the results of the match. I am really excited to see a new page of history that is about to be written!! Iya, I never expected to witness something like this when I decided to visit Ladaria for my honeymoon!!』


For some reason, Senial-san ended up becoming the commentator of this event, and the 2 people from 『Fairy’s Banquet』couldn’t help but give a wry smile. Moreover she said it was a honeymoon, which would mean that she got married right after the martial arts tournament ended. On a corner nearby, they found Jasper grasping his head in pain from embarrassment.


『Now then, let’s move on to the introduction of the participants. First is the patriarch of the wolf clan, who challenged the current ruler to a Duel, Ojas!!』 


 Ojas presented himself haughtily while showing off his wolf-specific parts. He was confidently brushing back his hair like some refreshed idiot trying to intimidate Forna.


『Thank you for the splendid display!! According to my sources, Ojas is currently the only direct descendant of the clan head, which made him automatically appointed as the chief after the previous clan head perished. However his combat ability is not to be trifled with and what he wishes is to show this power to the people, but I wonder if that be enough to prove his dignity to be a Ruler!!!!』


(What a frightening person she is. Was she even aware of what she was spouting out? )


To start with, Aidle wanted Senial to escape immediately because she didn’t know what Ojas would do after she commented that negatively. Is that person a natural bomb dropper? She wanted to comment about a lot of things. However, miraculously it seems like Ojas and his groupies were too focused on Forna that they completely missed it.


『Now then, to continue. We now present to you the current Ruler of Ladaria. Her Majesty Forna Fox Meniant!!』


Right then Forna took off the robe covering her and presented herself to everyone.


「「「………Who is that?」」」


An incredibly adorable beastgirl stood there, dressed like an adventurer. Looking closely, everyone could find some resemblance to the little girl they once knew. However, the atmosphere around her this time was so different that no one could be sure if she was the real deal.


『Ha, how cute!! Eh, seriously? Are you the real deal, your majesty!!?』

「Yes, that is so」


Some people finally recognized her after hearing her voice, at the same time they were all confused, wondering what happened for such a drastic change to take place. She was certainly an adorable girl before, but not at this level, not having such a mature state. Also, after noticing the change in the gazes that surrounded her, she blushed.


「Oi, you…… who the hell are you?」


Ojas didn’t seem to realize as he pointed his claws at Forna, while getting ready for battle. However, Forna was not disturbed by his stupid reaction, so she answered.


「I am Forna, the person who was challenged to a Duel, you know. Weren’t you the one who told me to prepare for this Duel in a month’s worth of time? I just ended up growing into this figure after a month’s worth of training」

「……Fine then. I just didn’t expect something like this to happen in just a month’s worth of time」


With sarcastic words including ridicule, Ojas continued further. 


「I didn’t expect that you would become a fine woman. And a really attractive one at that……… Everyone!! I have decided, if I win this challenge I will at least accept Forna as a bride!!!」



 Ojas started spouting things that did not make any sense while full of confidence, and Meru who was listening to this couldn’t help but react. 


「Wait!! The purpose of this duel is only to decide who should be the ruler! What nonsense are you even spouting?!!」

「That’s what I just decided. I will become the ruler anyway so that would be useful because I will need an heir anyway. And she’s of royal blood so it will still end up that way. If you understand that, stop interfering with our sacred duel, old man!!」

「It’s alright Meru. The results won’t change」

「Ugh, Forna-sama……」


With Forna’s words, Meru finally calmed down. Because it looked like Ojas wanted to continue spouting nonsense, Senial attempted to announce the start of the battle, however Forna stopped her.


「Before this duel starts, I want to ask something」

「What is it?」

「After you become a ruler」

「……What, what is it? Continue」


Ojas happily responded to Forna’s question, probably because he thought that Forna was recognizing him as a ruler. Forna who received confirmation finally started her attacks.


「Then, after you become a ruler, what are you going to do?」

「Of course it’s that. Bring retribution to the humans――」

「How exactly?」

「……Let the slave beastmen rebel against humans who――」

「That is impossible, you know」



Ojas was completely in shock after receiving a direct attack. But that didn’t stop Forna, so she continued.


「First of all, they have slave collars so that would simply be impossible. They won’t be able to do anything as long as that is attached to them. You should know of something like that as well, don’t you?」

「Then, then assault them with the current troops of Ladaria」

「There are only around 3000 battle capable people on Ladaria? No armor, no weapons, not even military supplies. And what do you think will happen if try to attack? We will be immediately crushed not only by humans but also by all of the heroes. Do you want to return to being a slave?」

「Then we will fight until every one of us dies, to their last breath!! We would rather die as proud warriors than to――」

「Do you know what my friends call that? 『Dying a dogs death』 which is completely stupid. Instead of wanting to do something stupid, you should think of doing something more productive」

「Guh, Guuuaaahh, you, yoooouuu~~~!!」


Due to having his useless thoughts and opinions totally crushed, Ojas was so engulfed in anger that even his face was turning red. After all, just before the start of their match to decide the ruler, he was deliberately made fun of in front of so many people. Because of that he completely snapped.


「Then you b*tch, what do you want?! Does a child like you even have any better ideas for this country?!!」


「You do know that she already did a lot for this country, right?」



The answer didn’t come from Forna, but from the people who were watching over her.


「That’s right, as soon as the country was established, she immediately took measures to improve our lives, as soon as possible」

「She helped in expanding the fields that provided our supplies」

「For the children who have no parents, she helped with the expansion of the church’s orphanage」

「It was to the point that everyone could feel that the country was getting rich! Not to mention everything becoming more fun and productive!!」

「That’s right, without her majesty, we wouldn’t have even been able to move forward!!」


Voices could be heard, one after another. Everything was created because of Forna’s will and achievements. Even with her lack of power, she alone was able to establish this. Everything she did were steps heading towards a peaceful future. There was no one who wanted to shed blood.


「Are you people retarded?! Can you even call yourselves proud beastmen?!」

「You don’t know anything, you idiot!! You don’t even know the meaning of pride!!」

「Wha, what?!」


Ojas tried to fight back with his stypid opinions, but it was completely drowned by the crowd which increased the pressure being directed at him.




When Forna’s voice was heard, everyone went silent. The people then watched her with gentle expressions.


「Thank you. That makes me really happy. However, I couldn’t have done it on my own. That’s why I thought that this duel would also be a good start. It is certain that the great kings of the past were not deemed as kings by their power alone. However being powerless would also lower the value of a Ruler of beast people」


Forna is secretly feeling nervous, however she then declared filled with confidence.


「However, today, I will prove that I have all the qualities of ruler that should be leading this country!!!!!」


What everyone witnessed there was not a powerless princess, but a Queen with a face filled with determination. Right then, burst of praise came in response, and with that as signal, Senial started her commentaries.


『And that’s it everyone, this will be a match for the future of this country!! To move on from the past! To create a new and prosperous future!! Let the Duel, Staaaaaart!!!!!』


「I will definitely split you into eight pieces」

「Try it, but I will definitely win」


 And with that, the battle to decide the future of Ladaria started……


Forna’s Current Stats


Forna(8) Lv.312

Race:Fox Beastman


HP 2784/2784

MP 4015/4015

ATK   1573

DEF   1477

MATK  2300

MDEF  2622

INT  800

SPD  3875


【Inherent Skill】Fox Fire, Learning


Skills:Sword Arts(B-), Cooking(D-)