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Chapter 81 Day 89 A Merciful Tyrant

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip

As soon as the match started, Ojas immediately attacked. He accepted the provocation thinking that he wouldn’t lose in status against her. He wanted to end it immediately, and to him it didn’t really matter if Forna changed.



「Too slow!!」

「Aguh!! Ukuh……」


Due to the clear difference in status and skill, Forna was clearly at a disadvantage.


Despite this, Forna continued fighting back while planning her next moves, and though this made her feel cold sweat running down her back, she was able to cope up with her enemy’s strongest moves who is considered a really strong individual among beastmen. Those attacks were still within the probable range that she could cope up with.


「Hora, hora, did you think you would be able to win with that level? Haaah!?」



It seems like he deliberately toned down his attacks. After all, rather than using his claws, he would attack with his fists or by kicking. Forna also did her best to retaliate, however all of her attacks were blocked and the damage she was receiving gradually increased.


(What is this brat planning, her attacks doesn’t seem to follow the same pattern…… It’s not just a random series of attacks, and it feels like she was aiming for something…!?)


Ojas was getting annoyed because Forna never followed a single form of attack in the 10 minutes that have passed since the start of their match.


And then,



「Wah! Youuuu!!」


While he was distracted for a moment, the sharpened tip of her sword grazed his cheek. In retaliation Ojas swung his claws towards her, but Forna quickly fell back after successfully blocking with her sword.

Only at that time did the battle stop for a moment. Forna’s breathing was a little rough, but she was able to stand firmly. She then looked at Ojas and whispered something. From the people who were watching the match, they probably thought that Forna was in a clear disadvantage, but from her point of view that was quite the opposite.

Ojas who was also thinking the same way, mocked her for how bad it was.


「Oh, it seems you still don’t want to give up. Though it’s true that you have properly prepared for this duel, otherwise you would have been taken out as soon as the match has started. But this is the end! You realized it didn’t you? You can’t win. You did well indeed…… however it will be over now. You definitely have realized that you couldn’t beat me, right? If you surrender now, this humiliating match would end now, you know?」


In all honesty, it was the public who didn’t want Forna to continue getting hurt anymore. She definitely did her best, but her attacks never properly connected.

No matter how much training she did, it was probably not enough to match up to Ojas who was originally a strong warrior.

But then the air around her suddenly changed.


「Finally………Ready……Equip Up」

「……What? Are you telling me that you are ready to lose?」


「I’m finally ready to beat the hell out of you. You f*ck*ng b*tch. 『Fox Fire』Activate!!」


In that moment, Forna displayed a ferocious face that she had never ever showed before. Her opened wide eyes shone like amber and near her tail which was only one, 8 new tails made out of fire grew.

Right then, a swirl of magical torrent flooded the area.


「Wha, what is that……」


Ojas, who was shocked for a while, finally managed to say something, but Forna only raised a Middle Finger in response. After that she assaulted him with the words that she wanted to say for some time now, including rants of annoyance paid back with a lot of interest.


「You idiot! Do you think I would tell you about it? You mongrel, who would want to expose their card if asked? You’re the naïve one here, b*tch! Garbage like you should be treated like garbage and be cleansed. Dance, 『Fox Fire』」


Eight fireballs were released, surrounding Forna.




The next moment, Ojas was already being approached by flames. He even casually accepted it as if it was nothing. In his mind, he was thinking about what a child like her could do. After all, she was just an 8 year old girl. However, what was that? He suddenly felt threatened and immediately prepared for combat, although he didn’t know where that pressure was coming from.


But he was already too late to react.


「You really are an idiot. Did you really think that it would end with just that? There’s no way I would let you win, nor let you escape out of this that easily!!」

「Na, that’s what I should be saying to you!?」


Right then, the fireballs changed shaped all at once and then started attacking him. Swords, spears, bows, daggers, axes, large swords, lances and halberds, all of this prevented Ojas from retaliating while continuously dealing damage. Adding to that is the burning effect of the attacks, so Ojas would still suffer even if he barely escaped an attack,


「What, why are they following me!? What the!! Aggaaaaーーーーhh!!!」


The floating weapons clad in flames never moved away from Ojas no, they didn’t let him escape. Forna was just menacingly watching him with cold eyes as he suffered and screamed in pain.




Ojas who had most of his body hair cindered was now down on his knees. He hasn’t lost consciousness yet, but it was very close due to the severe pain.


Forna’s 『Eight Tail』 is a combination skill, made of 『Fox Fire』 and 『Learning』. It is a unique combination that only Forna could do. 『Learning』is an inherent skill that was developed within Forna, which was unlocked as a result of raising her level and trying to learn about how to fight enemies that are stronger than her.



 『The ability to remember combat moves once it has been memorized』[ED: Might actually be “seen” or “tried” instead of “memorized”]


That is the only explanation for that skill, and when it was combined with 『Fox Fire』 it had a tremendous effect if used against a single opponent.


The reason why Forna attacked randomly was to make Ojas do various attacks, and at the same time Forna was learning his attack patterns to make sure that she would be able to grasp all of it without making any gaps. That is including his way of dodging, breathing rythm, and movement, along with every other notable actions that he would do.

As a result, Forna was able to grasp all of Ojas cards. Right after that, his attack patterns were projected with 『Learning』 and were assimilated with 『Fox Fire』 and there, the best magic to defeat her opponent was activated.


What was created this time was a magic that assaulted the opponent while reading his actions. The weaker the opponent the lesser the number of tails projected, but in this case she activated 8 of them. This means that her opponent was indeed a strong individual and was barely able to fit within the range of her projection. However, that means that it was still within her limits so she could only smile at the results.


「Now then, the surface might have properly been singed, but the insides seems to also be filled with filth. Should I disinfect it too~~~?」

「Gi, giyaaa!?」


Hearing that Forna was still raring to go, Ojas finally snapped and screamed. Hearing his reactions, Forna couldn’t help but smile more menacingly.


「Don’t surrender just yet, Ojas. Now then, what did you say again, you want to take my life? I couldn’t hear it you know, can you speak louder?」

「Yo, youuuu……「Flare」 hiyaaa!!」


The moment he tried to speak, probably wanting to fight back, a flame spear passed a few centimeters across his face. The spear moved without stopping and stabbed the floor, and it then continued burning the floor as is. Fear ran through his core as he listens to the flame burning the flooring.


「Ojas. This isn’t a request, it’s an order. If you don’t have any intention to listen then I have no choice but to kill you. I will definitely do this, if it’s to protect the lives of everyone here that I treasure. However, I am giving you a choice if you surrender…… won’t you become the commander of the guards? Well, Ojas, what do you think……」


Forna deliberately tried to soften her opponent in a match where her opponent was literally silenced and she was even threatening him. Just where did their sweet and lovable ruler that was full of courage go? Who is that terrible woman who laughs at the suffering of her enemies and would speak words that a lowlife would speak. Nobody would want to believe that she was the Forna they knew, it was as if the air would freeze just by listening to her words.


(Damn…Damn it!! This, this woman is crazy!? What would happen if such a terrible woman becomes the ruler!?)


For a moment, Ojas was actually worried about what would happen, but then he remembered something. Also, depending on his response, he will probably be killed on the spot. He did want to win with his own power, but considering the current situation, it seems like he needs to use the insurance that he prepared.


His pride would be severely damaged by doing so. However, he had no other choice with the situation he was in.


「……Do it」


「Alright, stop」





He did prepare something after all. I have been watching the crowd for a while now, but it seems like I got distracted by the wonderful tail.

Upon my appearance without sound, everyone was definitely surprised, I’m sorry but I have to do this.


「Eh, why did Aidle enter the stage?」

「It’s to prevent this」

「Hmm?……Ahー…Is that a needle?」


It’s been a while since I had a conversation with Forna in this form, but somehow I felt thrilled by her wildness. Am I becoming an M?


「Something like that. That’s why, Cielo」

「hai hai, I’m coming over. Sorry, please let me pass~」


Cielo comes up to the stage after I called her over while avoiding the beastmen that was watching. When she finally climbed up the stage, everyone was making a fuzz saying 「It’s the shrine maiden…」 or 「It’s the fairy’s shrine maiden…」 and the likes. Oi, I’m glad that you’re happy about it but do that later.


「Cielo, can you check this with 『God’s Eye』 for me」

「I understand……… this is, clad in paralytic poison」



As he started to understand his situation, he thought of trying to escape. Ojas tried to run away but was stopped by a sword aimed at his neck. Uwah, you’re showing an even scarier face now Forna.


「La Veil, did you catch him?」

「Of course. Someone on that level wouldn’t even be able to escape no matter how hard he tried. The idiot lost the moment he exposed himself by doing that」


La Veil appeared with a beastman being carried on her shoulder. When La Veil dropped the man on the ground, the『Blow Gun』 he was carrying fell on the ground. After Cielo confirms the object, she then stood in front of the audience.


「I will explain the current situation. Just now, this beastman attempted to shoot Forna with a needle drenched in Paralytic Poison. If this attempt is confirmed to be done by a member of Ojas’ clan, then the match will be considered his defeat」


While everyone was focused on the man, his robe was immediately removed. And sure enough, what appeared on his head was a pair of wolf ears. Well, that was to be expected, I guess.


「……Then it’s decided with this. The match is her Majesty, Forna’s 「Wait a bit!!」Ueh?」

「That? Forna?」


「You bastard, how did you say you were going to end this? Should I shove swords in your butt for you to understand what you did? Bastard! This is a sacred duel you know, a duel!!!!」


When Aidle was about to declare her victory, Forna stopped her, then forcibly lifted Ojas to face her.


「Bastard, did you really try to sabotage me with poison?」



He could do nothing more than to stay silent. Many of the beastmen who were following him also paled the same way as he did, and everyone else was enraged. Even if he tried to make an excuse here, it would only worsen the situation. That’s why he tried to stay silent. And then,


「Shut, up, everyone!!!!!!」


With her words filled with rage, everyone was silenced. Forna’s eyes right were definitely burning in anger.


「Ojas, you. You disappoint me, not only me, but everyone else too. Your father was rather famous for being a bad mouthed person, however he did possess pride and was said to be a man among men on the battlefield to his last moments. I was expecting you to be like that, however you」



He couldn’t argue back and could only stay silent. Forna continues while showing an amazed and irritated face. 


「However what did you do? Was this something a chieftain would do? Is this something that a man who was proud to be leading his people would do!!? Is it only like this? Are you trying to take the throne just to satisfy your idiotic mind!? You would even dare to declare war against the humans and you did this? Do you think the people around you are toys for you to use!!! You even dared to flirt with me!!!…… Do you know what kind of lowlife do you look like right now?」



「You and I were originally born under different situations, yet we were both incompetent at the time we were born. However the weight we carried on our backs were of different scales. I couldn’t stand on my own and carry everyone on with my power alone, however I will do so. Absolutely」




It was a complete defeat. He lost in power, in will, even on roots. Ojas finally declared his loss, and in the end he was waiting for his verdict which would have been his death,


「That’s why bow before me. Live that life not for yourself, but for the country. If you want to clear the regrets of your ancestors, don’t uselessly shed blood!! Don’t stray away from who the real enemies are!!!」


Forna was reaching out to Ojas. She didn’t want to needlessly kill her own people.


「Hear this everyone!!! People of Ladaria!!! What we should be aiming for is a bright future! We won’t forget our past!! However it is not right to die for it either!!! If everyone understands this, then I ask you all to follow my lead!!!!!!!」




With one person as the lead, everyone falls down on their knees like a ripple spreading around with Forna at its center. 


Forna finally breathes a sigh of relief and then removes her 『Nine Tailed Form』, and then her face returns to the usual kind face that she has.


Right then, she called out to everyone once more.


「……This is a public consensus. Do you swear to everyone to accept this loss?」

「………Yes……I admit my loss. Your majesty…… I will be working…… under your wing…」


With that answer, Forna responded with a sweet smile.


「Yes, please do so!!」




Later on, this duel gave her the title 『Tyrant of Charity』 but it was only a few days later that she has learned of this.


「Alright, with that done it’s time for a 『Kemomimi Ondo』. Aidle!!」

「Alright, were up, Arena, La Veil, let’s go~」


「Sigh, it couldn’t be helped……」

「Eh, eh? eehhh!?」


On this day, the beastmen were once more united…… by the Kemomimi Ondo.


「That was great Forna. All the people were Meromero to you. There were also two factions」


『The Flat Chest is Justice Naïve Loli』Faction

『The Sadistic Big Breasted Loli is Sweet Pleasure』 Faction



The next day, a law was immediately declared that everyone would be equally punished if any of the factions would have a dispute in front of the queen.