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Chapter 85 It’s just a matter of time.

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip


After a few days, the three returned to Ladaria’s castle. The heroes were now properly working as guards, and even though they are being thrown left and right by Ojas they seem to be working hard without complaining. Fufufu, well they will have something to look forward to on their next vacation. The best shows the town could offer will be waiting for them.


Once when I tried kneeling in front of Forna, she immediately ran off her throne and stopped me. Eh? What? If the Deity of the Fairy Worship does that, the country will perish? Don’t say such scary things.…… 1


「And so, I will now be going to the Dungeon City」

「I don’t really understand what you mean……」

「Well, it’s like me saying I’ll be going to a convenience store」 is how I talked about it after all. Speaking of Convenience Stores…… it should be something not to worry about. I didn’t really need their service.2


Well, it’s just the right time. I want to dive into dungeons and acquire some god made magic tools. To be precise, I want to go on an adventure. After all, I’ve been working a lot all this time.


「Ah, right, Aidle was an adventurer. I haven’t seen you doing anything as an adventurer lately, so I forgot about that……I’m sorry」


That’s just mean, but I can’t really say anything back. Also, you don’t really have to apologize. After all, I did it because I wanted to.

And one more thing, there’s actually a good reason for me to go. If we could succeed in duplicating or creating similar things to god made magic tools, we could sell them for money or exchange for more beastmen that are yet to be freed. After all, the slaves in Galania were not really that expensive.

The current population of Ladaria is around 20,000 people. There should be around 200,000 more beastmen that could be freed from other countries. Everyone is working together right now, and we’re expecting more people to arrive soon, so the preparations are ready even if the entire population of Ladaria returns.


「Well, I’ll be going on a vacation, so for now I’ll leave this teleportation crystal with you. You can contact me using that if it’s really necessary. I will come back if I want some mofumofu though. If I pick up some god made magic tools, I will send them to the factory」

「I, I understand……I’m always taking care of my tail…you know?」

「That would be for the best……」


Before saying our goodbye I went to the church, while Forna relaxed, blushing while brushing her tail.


「Ah, that’s right, we will also save La Veil Radd after, so shouldn’t you get some people to protect the church?」


「Alright, Cielo and Mika secured」

「Eh? Eh? What? What’s going on? Where are we being taken to?」

「Eh, what, what is this Aidle? Hey, wha? 」

「Alright, don’t struggle now. Move out!」

「「Where to!?」」


When we arrived at the orphanage, La Veil immediately took custody of Cielo and Mika who were watering the fields.

As usual, everyone was preparing for the next lecture, but when they noticed me, they stopped and ran over here.


They seem to have become more aware of their work recently, and they have been making finer details on their props, as well as making stage equipment by learning the skills of people at the factory. They’ve become quite dependable.


For the time being, I give candy to the children who greet us. Well, this candy is made by boiling honey of the world tree~



Oh, oh, they look like hamsters with a stock of seeds in their cheeks.


「Everyone, I’ll be borrowing the saint, okay?」


「Yosh, I’ll leave watching over the church to everyone」



Good, good. I also taught them calculation, reading and other things for this. They can do things on their own now. I should also ask Forna to watch over them.

And also, Cielo who was being carried stopped struggling and looked at me with a troubled expression. Even if you furrow your eyebrows, that would only make you cuter.


「Um, why are we being treated like this so suddenly?」

「We will be bringing you two on a dungeon hunt」

「Is that the reason why we were forcibly kidnapped, that’s awful!? What about the church!?」

「I’ll ask Forna to help with security, and the kids have been properly trained by me so they can pretty much do anything on their own. I also have to think about what to do with La Veil Radd soon. For that reason, I feel like I need to make you a bit stronger too.」


The two couldn’t help but droop down after hearing my words. Mika is still fine, but Cielo on the other hand is nothing but baggage.


Mika Sakurada(20) Lv.52

Race: Human (Awakened)

HP       9,599/9,599

MP   10,014/10,014

ATK               5,516

DEF               5,888

MATK           11,207

MDEF           12,330

INT                4,200

SPD               7,540

【Unique Skill】Automatic Recovery, Holy Sword, Automatic Translation, Item Box

Skill: Sword Arts (D+), Concealment (C+), Appraisal (―)

Titles: Hero, Otherworlder, Blessed by the Goddess


Cielo・Forbranad・La Veil Radd (15) Lv.2

Race: Human

HP     94/94

MP  101/101

ATK         13

DEF         14

MATK       22


INT        280

SPD         10

【UniqueSkill】Prophecy, God’s Eye

Skill: Water Attribute Magic (D-)

Titles: Saint, Shrine Maiden


Now that I look at it again, she’s really weak. She’s even inferior to the young Forna before her power up. If we go to La Veil Radd with her current status, she won’t even be able to protect herself, and would easily be taken away.


「Cielo, let’s go on a detour. The distribution of monsters will be more stable in a Dungeon, and I can protect you within the limited space. After we are finished diving in the dungeon, we will then head straight for La Veil Radd, making it two birds in one stone」

「uh……I’ll be relying on you, about that……please take care of me…」

「Go, do your best Cielo!!」

「Mika should do her best too, right?」


After going out of Ladaria, we were greeted by an amazing sight.


「Eh? Why is there so much snow?」

「What are you talking about, Aidle-chan. Isn’t it winter already?」

「Eh?……But it’s not cold」


Because the country is covered in a dome of trees, I didn’t know what it’s like outside. The inside is always warm.

I show them the usual light clothing and equipment inside my robe. Cielo and Mika were surprised while La Veil looked envious. Speaking of which, I haven’t really considered wearing a coat before. Where could I buy a vertical sweater? Even though I don’t wear anything underneath, it would still be enough to protect me.


「What about Arena?」

「Not cold~♪」

「Really. Arena is so warm~♪」



La Veil, who quickly moved behind Arena, held onto her as if she caught a child who was trying to run away. Arena also wraps herself around La Veil’s neck. Is she trying to do a neck lock?

I don’t if it’s really the case, but fairies are not normally affected by their surroundings. Maybe they are highly adaptable? Well, they manifested based on natural elements after all.


「The Dungeon City is up north, so we should probably get dressed expecting the cold weather. We should go back to find some for now」



I bought out gold coins for everybody to buy premade clothes, and enough so that everyone could choose the designs they like. The materials used are mostly those from hunted demons. Are the fluffy ones made from beast-type demons? This is probably good, right?


「Oh that, it’s from a sheep type monster……」

「This one please……」


Once again, we all went outside of Ladaria and Cielo came to ask me where the Dungeon will be.


「Since we’re going to La Veil Radd after, shouldn’t we aim for the biggest dungeon city?」

「Are you sure?」

「『Amoune』 is the name of the city. It’s a neutral city that is populated mostly by adventurers. It doesn’t belong to any nation. It is governed by a union of great merchants. The security of the city is a bit bad because the laws and policies of the town are a bit loose」


Well, it’s just as I expected of a town built around a Dungeon. It would definitely attract people who are aiming to get rich quickly. All the materials and Magic Tools will also be distributed to the merchants. When it comes to security, I could easily kick away anyone who tries to bother us. As for other problems,


「If we get discovered as a women only group, we would definitely be targeted」

「Everyone, be sure to cover your faces with hoods」

「Will do~♪」


Cielo and Mika also agree. It will be a little bit troublesome if we don’t keep our guard up, but it should be fine if everyone stays together. It will be a journey with me hiding my identity once again, after a long time.


「For the time being, let’s register Cielo as an adventurer」



That’s just how it is.



「It’s really soft, isn’t it, La Veil……」 Munyu munyu

「Fluffy~~♪」Munyu munyu

「Stop it, you’re tickling me」


「……」*waki *waki

「Ah, um, Mika? Why are your hands coming closer in a strange gesture!?」

  1. TL Note: Well, for a god entity to kneel down a mere King that she enthroned, that will definitely make the populace raise pitchforks or at least question the royalty.
  2. ED Note: Me no get it.