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Chapter 86 To Amone

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip


The first thing we aimed for was Galania. In order to reach Amone, we would need to pass by Galania then pass through road blocks, mountains and forests. Why aren’t we riding La Veil? Well, it’s because La Veil looked so pitiful and was almost crying. Also, because she wanted to pamper Arena? We also really don’t want to end up getting entangled with another hero along the way.


Well, travelling normally would take more time. I haven’t really fought anything challenging in the last 6 months. I’m currently lying on my back relaxing on La Veil’s lap as we continue our journey.




Right now, we’re about to enter Galania. I made a horse like Golem using fairy magic and four-attribute magic, but it was very fast because I imagined it as a Salbert, a horse from my previous life. And because it’s not a normal creature, it will continue running until its magical power is used up. And because of that, it took less than a week for us to arrive.

Also unlike a normal carriage, it can move regardless if it’s day or night, and it can automatically arrive at a target location. It also automatically stops if people block its way.


「「「~~~~~♪ ~~~~♪」」」


Now that I think about it, I noticed that a new skill was added to my status. Arena also learned 『Parallel Thinking』, but I didn’t notice it because her status was always covered by La Veil. I tried using it because it has a high rank, but it made me feel weird. It felt like thoughts were jumbled and split inside my head.


「「「~~~~~♪ ~~~~~~♪ ~♪ ~~~♪」」」


In order to cope with the skill, I continued activating it as we moved towards Amone. As for magic power, I converted into Fairy Magic so I didn’t have any problems regarding fuel efficiency. And I only need a night’s sleep to recover. Its style was also set in a way that could run over demons.


「「「~~~♪ ~~~♪ ~~♪ ~~~~~~~♪♪」」」


By the way, I, Arena, and La Veil just finished singing nursery rhymes to kill time. For the next turn I was thinking about playing folk music while playing with instruments,

The saint and the hero were looking at us with blue faces and were begging for something as if they were about to die.


「Plea…ease……Need a break… ugh!?」

「I, I can’t anymore……I’m dying」

「Ah, sorry, sorry. We will be arriving at a river soon, we will be resting there」


Arena and I, who were in our fairy forms inside the carriage, quickly humanized. Arena then created a waterbed using fairy magic inside the carriage. Although the other two fainted, they now have peaceful faces.


And so we have now taken our break. The two washed their faces in the river while the rest of us prepared lunch and started eating. The food we have is something that we got from the castle’s cafeteria. The aunt’s gazes were too strong to refuse, so we took everything that they prepared for us. Well, I didn’t really need to refuse because the food they prepared was always delicious.


「Haaah, I thought I was going to die……won’t the carriage break if it we continue running at that speed?」

「I think there’s no problem regarding that, after all I reinforced it with my magic before we left? Hamu~~」


Mika was worried about the carriage, however my fairy magic is an all-purpose skill. Because I increased its durability, it won’t break easily even at that speed.


「Arena~. This one is also delicious? Here, Ah~n」


「Ah, that unfair. My share too, La Veil」

「It couldn’t be helped. Here, Ah~n」



It’s so peaceful. Well, it was also peaceful when I was in Ladaria. It’s been a while since I had some time to travel and enjoy eating food at a suitable location. Somehow, it felt like I lost power from my shoulders for a moment. So peaceful~~


「Has Mika ever been to Amone?」

「I haven’t. I heard that some heroes went there to kill time, but they said that they could not clear it」

「Was it impossible to even for heroes?」

「They could have cleared it by brute forcing, however there were a lot of trap rooms around floor 20. They were not able to clear past that layer. Well, they were able to confirm that the dungeon has around 50 layers. Though it was information from a long time ago.」


A Trap area is it. As expected of a Dungeon, I guess. Also, no one was able to go all the way through. I don’t know how strong monsters will be, but I would like to face a strong one if possible, so we’ll just have to check.


「O~I, are you adventurers?」

「Hmm? That’s right~」


I heard someone calling out to us, and when I turned around to respond, I found a group of merchants and their escorts. They were also taking a break in the area. The one who approached was a man, probably around 50 years old. His charm point would be his beard that was arranged in three braids.


「I am Monja of 『Aged Sunset』. You are? 」

「I am Aidle of 『Fairy’s Banquet』. So, is there a problem? 」


 When I introduced myself, he didn’t act surprised. He doesn’t seem to be a person who came from Galania.


「Nice to meet you. I was just wondering if you are maybe heading towards Amone? 」

「Yeah, we want to go on a little dungeon hunt」

「Hou, is that so……well, right now, you see, I think it would be better to not proceed to Amone?」

「Eh, why?」


After looking around, he quietly whispered it to me.


「It’s not really openly known you see, but the adventurers guild currently hijacked Amone. The adventurers that are with me fled from the guild by saying that they were going on an escort request」

「Was there some infighting happening?」

「Well, it hasn’t reached that level yet. However, the rift between adventurers and merchants in that city has been growing for several years now. Right now, although there hasn’t been anything bad that happened openly, the atmosphere within the city itself is filled with tension.」

「Are we not able to enter the dungeon?」

「You can go, but I think there are problems with handling materials. The guild is sure to intervene, so that the merchants won’t be able to buy it directly」

「Oh, if that is the case then it will be fine. What we were aiming for is the dungeon entry after all」


Although he looks at me with a worried reaction, we won’t really have problems in that regard because I store almost all of the materials that we harvest after all. We probably won’t stay in the guild either. All we have to do is go shopping while looking around, find an inn to stay overnight and dive directly into the dungeon without worrying about that.


「You sure are a strange one. Well, I did warn you but I won’t stop you anymore. That would be against the freedom of an adventurer. 」

「Un, thank you very much for the advice. Monja-san, here’s something for the information」


I hand over some silver coins, and after hearing him say 「Thanks, Jou-chan」 I returned to the place where everyone was resting. I’ve rarely met good adventurers like them other than Suvia and Morial. 


「It seems like there are problems in the city. Should we just ignore it?」

「I’ll leave the decision to Aidle. I don’t really like to get involved in troublesome things, or be used」

「I…… I am still not sure. However, I would like to help people if they are in need…」

「Well, for Cielo, La Veil Radd would be on a higher priority」


As a result of our discussion, we have decided to intervene if we deemed it necessary depending on the situation. Well, that would only happen if we do get entangled into something serious. Otherwise, I wouldn’t want to do it because it will be a waste of our time.


「Well, our first objective is still the dungeon. It will be alright to do other things after that. If it’s not to the point where people are killing each other then we will just leave it as is. We can’t just but in on other people’s problem without really knowing it after all」


「I also don’t want to be bothered by troublesome things because it’s annoying 」

「With that decided, let’s move again. First is to reach that place soon」


((Were going to suffer the shaking hell again……))

 Oh my, why are they hesitating to ride?


 And so we passed by several towns, watching the scene of two beautiful girls throwing out several times, singing, playing instruments and also defeating some monsters along the way.


「「「We have arrived」」」」

「「Ugh, finally arrived………」」


We now set foot in the 『Dungeon City Amone』.


Aidle’s Parallel thought tuning


Aidle 1『Let’s see, what would happen if I move this wayー…oh, eh? I’m stuck?』

Aidle 2 『……9 Seven Silver』

Aidle 3『Today I will be having a game with my lovely Arena in our mind~』

Aidle 4『Yosh, I’m here』

Aidle 5『Leave it to me』

Aidle 6『Arena-tan Go Go』


Arena 1『Dogun』『Funnnu!?』

Arena 2『……』 below is and then moving ahead