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Chapter 87 Search Preparations

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip


『Dungeon City Amone』


It was like a city built inside a giant crater. The town was beautifully aligned in a hollowed out semicircle, with all of its main avenues leading to the dungeon, and even from the edge of the city you could see that there are adventurers waiting at the entrance, which looks like a huge open mouth. Houses were built along the slope, and the foundations were all made out of bricks.


「It’s amazing. You could see the whole city by just looking down」

「This is also a spectacular view. Many buildings feel a bit rough, but I could feel the atmosphere」


The style of the houses looks old and dirty. The road seems to have been made by hardening the soil, and holes could be seen everywhere. There are special parking spaces on the outside where horse-drawn carriages make their stops. Is that some kind of countermeasure?


「Welcome. It will be one gold per carriage, so will you be able to pay it?」

「Oooh…It’s expensive」

「It couldn’t be helped you know. You won’t have to worry about it being stolen if you leave it here, and I’ll give you a number plate so that you won’t lose sight of it. And also, there are no other parking places in this area. If you don’t want to then go somewhere else」

「Hmm, we’ll think about it for a moment.」

「Alright, well that’s just how it works around here」


Actually, there’s no need for us to think about it. I only wanted to check the price. After we moved to a place out of sight, I stored the carriage and the golem in my storage. Not bringing a live horse was a good decision after all.


「It would have been better if the Inns weren’t like this」

「It would definitely be better for us to prepare ourselves……」


I was filled with enthusiasm when we entered the city, but there were no gates. Mika did mention that all monsters in this area spawn inside the dungeon and there seems to be almost no threats from the outside. Well, there’s only a wasteland out there after all.


I thought about inn prices as we moved around, however it wasn’t as expensive as I had expected. There is also an abnormally large number of Inns in this place. According to the people living in this place, 70% of the buildings in this town are Inns. Moreover, most of them are simple and only offer a rest area. Most of the adventurers are here to dive in the dungeon. This city also has the highest adventurer population in the world, so such establishments couldn’t be helped.


We walked downhill towards the center for around 30 minutes and then found a certain place open.


「So, is that the guild? I wonder what happened to that place, and…… why does it look like a gathering spot for bandits?」


There’s something strange about it. The faces of the adventurers hanging around the entrances look more like those of villains. I don’t want to even go near it. It felt like I would end up in a bad argument if I talked to anyone. I don’t want to get involved.


Is it not possible to live in the dungeon unless you are a strong macho man? Why is that,


「Let’s leave them alone for now」


「I guess」

「They look scary」

「Let’s go~♪」


It unanimously decided not to enter the place. After lowering our hoods, we quietly headed towards the dungeon. After all, it seems that place is close to the dungeon, and the entrance could immediately be seen.


「That is Amone’s dungeon……」

「That’s right,『The Grotto of Gloria』」


It was already wide looking when seen from the outskirts, but looking closely, it was much wider than expected. The hole extends obliquely downwards. There was a barrier like a film from the center, but the adventurers were entering without hesitation.


There was a fence-like wall near the entrance, and something resembling a hut nearby. It seems like we need to go to that place to get permission in order to enter. Do we need to pay? It’s a hassle to queue up……


「Now now, don’t show that annoyed look. Arena, go」


「Wait! Sigh, it can’t be helped, but don’t expect me to be persuaded that easily」


And so we waited in a queue for around 30 minutes while I was being hugged by Arena, then it was finally our turn. We won’t enter today, but we want to listen to explanations about the dungeon.


「Hah? Who are you people? You don’t seem like someone who are from around here, but are you adventurers?」

「We have just arrived today. We don’t know much about the dungeon, so can we ask for an explanation about it for the time being?」


「Hou……have you entered the guild?」

「No. We were wondering why scary looking guys are at the entrance」


I don’t really feel like going to that place. I didn’t feel like he would refuse to give us an explanation even if I say we didn’t go there, so I was honest about it.


「Ah, those idiots, seriously……Well, never mind. Right now the dungeons are managed by the union, and if you want to enter, you will be charged with 5 silver coins per head. Those who enter the dungeon have their own special equipment. There is also a requirement to bring along a 『Bagger』」


「It’s as the name implies. They’re the ones who dismantle materials and carry it. They are also familiar with traps. After all, you’re all beginners, aren’t you? If you go to the guild, you’ll also be able to hire people. I did ask if you went to the guild so I could also recommend that」



It seems like he was actually a kind person. Sorry, Jii-san.


「You have probably heard from someone along the way, but you can only see the city on the surface. It’s better not to go to the guild, and that’s why a 『Bagger』 is a must when entering the dungeon. Well, if you get lost, Baggers can also guide you around. That’s all I could recommend though…」

「Will you only be here today?」

「I’m always around here in the morning. If you understand that, then just go straight there」


After I finished talking to the Jii-san, I shook his hand. But I thought about something for a bit,


「I understand. By the way, what is Jii-san’s name?」

「Hah?……It’s Jess」

「Jess-san is it. Thank you. I’m Aidle. See you again」

「La Veil, see you later」

「Arena! Byebye!!」

「Ci, Cielo. See you later」

「Umm……I’m Sakurada. See you again Jii-san」2




We then left the hut after telling her our names. After all, it’s important to introduce yourself to good people. Now then, I’ve heard the information we needed for the time being. Next will be to go shopping and then finding an actual good Inn.


「Using fairy magic, I could easily do it on my own」

「Master could also use special magic after all」

「Will, will it really be that easy?」



I’m currently filled with energy and want to do something.


What we found out by going around the stores was that most merchandise up for sale is preserved foods. There were various kinds of dried meat, hard bread, and water bottle magic tools. It seems like water can be compressed, so a container of about 500 ml can actually fit about 10 liters. It was 10 silver coins, but from an adventurer’s point of view, it wouldn’t be much.3


I bought water bottles and preserved food for all of us for the time being, and each one of us received his share. If we get separated by a trap, we’ll be able to last for a few more days.


「From now on, we’ll only carry a minimum amount of necessary luggage along with our weapons. And then this」


 I handed each one of them a home-made teleportation stone.


「As soon as the danger comes, just fill it with magic. You will be instantly teleported」

「Master. Isn’t this something that you could only create with a considerable amount of magic power」

「It wasn’t really that hard to create it, La Veil」


It takes about one month to create one of these. I created 1 while in Galania. I then created 6 starting from the founding of Ladaria to the time we reached Amone. In any case, this is currently the last batch.


「Alright, now it’s time to look for an Inn. It’s dangerous at night after all. And then we’ll have a meal on our room」


After walking around for quite some time, we finally found a good Inn. With 5 people, we were split into 2 rooms. It’s great because they have good beds and also have hot water on offer.


「Master, how are you going to separate?」

「Well, even if I wanted to, Arena is?」


「Uwah, it seems like Arena doesn’t have any intention to leave…」


Arena is currently hugging my head. Mika was staring at me with a jealous and disappointed expression.


「Then, the remaining 1 extra will be decided by a rock-paper-scissors. It will be 3 and 2」


「I will not lose!」


La Veil, why are you even competing with the other two? We’re good friends, so why don’t you just join us?


((I will definitely have those two lovely creatures for myself!!))







「Sorry about that…」


The Rock Paper Scissor ended with Mika’s victory. And so, we asked the shopkeeper who was staring at us as if looking at suspicious people for a while now.






Mika didn’t even blink, and while sitting on her bed, she was burning the sight in front of her in her brain. By the time Aidle and Arena dove on the bed, they both returned into their fairy form.


(Why……why can’t I become that small and cute too)4


Mika was regretting being born as a human being, after living as one for a long time. For such cute creatures to exist, it’s hard for her to show her love with her current self….




「Eh, ah. What’s wrong?」

「「Open your hand?」」


When Mika opened her palms, the two sat down, one on each hand as if on a chair and faced each other. The two are light as a feather, however their softness was certainly felt through her hands. She desperately pretended to be calm.


「Will Mika tell us about her original world?」

「Want~to know♪」

(……I’m so glad that I came to another world)


On the other hand, La Veil and Cielo’s group.


「Cielo, is there something you want to ask? You’ve been peeking at me for quite a while now」

「Ah, sorry about that La Veil-san……Um, where did La Veil-san come from?」

「Hmm?……Well, you could say that I’m not from any country. I was living near a hillside village. I just happened to meet master at some time which caught my interest and then decided to went along with them」

「Um, what about your family? That name…um… it is similar to ancient dragon-sama」


 La Veil’s status was currently augmented by Aidle’s 『Fairy Magic』, and her strength is supposed to be hidden. However in Cielo’s eyes, only special races and certain skills would be able to disguise status. But since only her status column is disguised, it probably became suspicious.

On the other hand, Cielo did not intend to force her out to say something she’s trying to hide, so she only waited to hear what she would say.


「Ah!!……No, that’s not it. Well, you see my name was given to me by my grandfather, but that was not because he was religious, or because of religious matters…」


Though hesitant, Le Veil managed to answer Cielo’s questions. She was thinking that Cielo would end up worshiping her if she finds out……


(I wish we could get along with each other just like master……)




「Oh, Mika’s breasts are so soft~♪」


「…Nn…Nn!」 Mika’s worries continue to increase because of the two fairies.5

  1. ED: Best treatment for depression!
  2. Seems she already forgot the name.
  3. ED: Water compression… I would rather believe the bottles are like item boxes.
  4. ED: The difference between summoned and reincarnated.
  5. ED: I think we can all agree here on one point. Picture needed.