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Chapter 89 Group Level Up ① Underground Floors 1 to 3

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip


After entering the dungeon, we arrived at an open area of a forest. It’s in a different dimension after all. The adventurers already there were watching us suspiciously, but I started talking to the children and ignored everything else.


「First, those who are carrying patched bags, line up over here so I can use magic to strengthen you.」


In response to my instructions, they immediately formed a line. It seems that everyone is motivated, although they were all very anxious when I first met them. Right now they are brighter than usual.


Using fairy magic I enchanted each person’s bag with 『Weight Reduction』 and 『Space Expansion』, and then finally 『Material Reinforcement』. This amount of space should be filled up by the time we leave. The weight reduction is 1/1000. Well, since the space is expanded, they won’t really feel that heavy anyway. And the last one was to make sure it doesn’t break easily.


「Next, I’ll give everyone 100 stones and a knife that they can easily hold. Cielo too」



Why are you surprised about this? Didn’t we come here originally to raise your level? Things just went this way. The children couldn’t help but open their eyes wide in surprise and make a strange look as I told them about our situation, and they still waited until I was done. And deciding a rough plan, I also included Cielo along with it.


「I’ll begin the explanations. We will start by raising everyone’s levels. Ah, however you can’t fight yet, ok? Everyone should only throw stones at monsters that have been disabled, and make sure to hit it. Also, for after we defeat a target, is there anyone who is experienced in dismantling?」


Several children raised their hands and most of them were part of the older group.


「Then I’ll let you guys teach the others how to dismantle. Include this big sister too」


The children nodded with a smile to Cielo, and her face turned red from embarrassment and appreciation.


「Next is about traps? I’ll deploy a barrier and try to detect it, but there will be a possibility that I might not be able to notice. Okay?」


When I made an OK signal with my hand, everyone followed it. I want to make hand signals. I should probably make them with Arena later when everyone is asleep.


「Now then, everyone, line up in three rows. I will be at the front, La Veil will be at the back, Arena and Mika will be at the side. Cielo will be at the center of everyone. Then let’s go」


Our formation continued to be the focus of adventurers in the area, but we continued the exploration while ignoring the extra attention.


「Oh, our first demon encounter is here」


Nameless Lv.11

Race: Blade Beetle

HP 187/187

MP 54/54

ATK 124

DEF 180


MDEF 121


SPD 145

Skill: Hard Shell (D+)


Our first encounter was an insect type. I’ve detected 6 blade beetles. It’s a large green beetle with a sharp blade like horn on its head. Some of the children screamed when they saw the monsters, but I slowly cast a spell that immediately disabled the targets.


「Entangle them, Earth Bind」


After taking a pose, I activated the skill binding the blade beetles with appendages made of earth. After it disabled the blade beetles, the earth that appeared transformed into a small rock tower, completely immobilizing the target.

The children were watching what was happening quietly, but when it was over they applauded. Alright, now it’s time to work.


「Now, everyone, surround them and throw stones at them!」


Following Aidle’s instructions, the children surrounded the beetles, then aimed and threw their stones at the bound targets. She also directed the girls that were struggling to do any damage to aim at weak spots, like the eyes, or they won’t get any experience. Also, understanding that they won’t be able to move properly while holding the babies, she kept them with her and made them float around her.


(……People might see this as something reckless and dangerous, but they have to do this in order for the children to live strong)


Cielo was also included in the group, but when you look at her closely, it couldn’t help thinking that she’s doing something really dangerous… Mika who was observing her was watching with a pale expression.


「Everyone is done throwing stones, what now Aidle-san?」


Ashia came and told me that everyone has done, asking what they need to do next, so after piercing the demons, I crushed them with earth magic. Because I used a little too much power the ground around the beetles slightly caved in. I immediately flattened the area and released the lifeless demons with magic.

After examining the status of the children, I verified that everyone has leveled up at least once. Good, good, it seems they were able to level up properly after damaging the monsters. Everyone was also excited about their level up for the first time.


「Now then, let’s collect the monsters and continue」

「Eh, won’t we dismantle it first?」


One of the children was already preparing his dismantling knife but was told to keep it for now.


「Everyone would be able to learn more about dismantling if there are various monsters to work with, right? I am planning to hunt as much as possible today, so I think it should be done after that. I also want to move down as soon as we can.」


And because of that, I asked some of the children to store the defeated beetles in their bag. They were surprised that it didn’t feel like the weight increased. After all, when carrying it normally, only one of those would be more than enough for them to carry.

If we want to go down a floor, we would need to get permission before. I see, it’s the same as the one at the entrance. This is because it’s known that the monsters change, mostly becoming stronger, when going on a lower floor. However, with our current lineup, the slight difficulty increase wouldn’t be a problem.


「Come to think of it, is there anyone who was able to go down a floor? What about Ashia?」

「Ummm, Run I think. If I remember correctly, they were able to go until floor 20. It was mostly because of luck though」


When I called Run and heard about the story, the party in question that hired Run is a party of heroes. It’s no wonder why they were able to reach that floor. Run was hired probably out of sympathy but because all of the monsters they defeated were stored in item boxes, there was nothing for her to carry. However, as soon as the amount of traps became too much for them to handle and the monsters also became more annoying, they gave up. I wonder what the level of heroes that gave up after only reaching that point?


Furthermore, they weren’t able to substitute with anyone and could only do things on their own………AH, a dark aura is starting to flow out of Mika……


「Did they bring her along because she was a cute little girl?……Must Kill the Lolicons」

「Yes, yes, do it when you become at least strong enough to fight them」


After all that, we continued to encounter monsters as we moved. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. Not only blade beetles but also goblins joined the attack some times and because of Mika’s weird state, it was a bit troublesome to move.


Anyway, I encountered a few monsters that I have seen for the first time.


Nameless Lv.15

Race: Earth Crab

HP 287/287

MP 120/120

ATK 150

DEF 225


MDEF 211


SPD 30

Skills: Hard Shell (D+) Pincers (D)


It was a big dark brown crab. Its size is almost as big as the children and has huge pincers. When I parried after the crab tried to attack me, the iron sword that was caught by the pincers broke. La Veil immediately followed up smashing the crab.


「Would you please stop doing stupid things」

「I’ll do properly from now on……」


I will pay attention from now on!!


Nameless Lv.18

Race: Yellow Ape

HP 457/457

MP 51/51

ATK 288

DEF 160


MDEF 124


SPD 212

Skills: Animal Hair (D), Brute Strength (D+)


I think a Yellow Gorilla would be more proper to call it than an ape, though it was a really violent creature. After drumming its chest, it immediately rushed but was paralyzed by La Veil’s roar. The children immediately threw stones, and when they were done the gorillas were finished off by Arena and Cielo.

We are now at the 3rd floor but medium sized demons are already starting to pop out.

At that moment, I encountered a certain monster.


「Ah……That is!!」


Nameless Lv.3

Race: Pure Slime

HP 100/100

MP 11/11

ATK 30

DEF 10





【Unique Skills】 Magic Power Absorption


It was a Slime, one of the staple fantasy creatures, I finally encountered a slime. It was really too weak, but nevertheless it was a Slime.


「Yosh, now a part of my trip have been fulfilled」

「Seriously master, was really one of the purpose of this trip to look for that……」


However, that creature is a strange one. Does it only have a single skill? Not to mention, it was a unique one. I was thinking that it was unusual that I haven’t seen any outside a dungeon, but Mika told me that that was not the case.


「I’ve seen pure slimes before, and they could be found anywhere especially in forests. But because they are too weak, they become the staple food of some monsters. That’s not the case inside here though」

「Oh, so that’s why. Okay then, I’ll make a contract with it now」

「Why did it ended up that way from that flow of conversation Aidleー!?」


No, Cielo, don’t stop me. The moment I saw that, I already knew what I wanted to do. In order to fulfill my desires, I won’t be stopped even if I share my saliva with a mucus based organisms!!1

Not to mention:

・Magic Absorption

 『It absorbs the given magic and becomes stronger. Will become friendly to those who give it magic』


That’s why I probably don’t need to contract it. I still don’t know how it will grow, and if it gets stronger then I might be able to have a conversation with it.




When I held it in my hand, it was moving about…… it seems like it was desperately trying to do something but nothing happened. The moment I poured out some magic power on my hand, it began to quiver and steadily absorbed it. Oh, it already stopped absorbing. 

I then placed it on the ground, and it rubbed itself on my feet so I took it and handed it over to Arena. Why does it feel like someone was sneering at me when I turned around?

After that, we both held a part of its body and the at the same time,



「「「Why did you bite it!?」」」


Hamuhumu……it felt somewhat like biting mocchi? After biting it for a bit I checked, and it looked like the Demon Contract was properly established. It looks like Arena also succeeded in establishing the contract.

La Veil and the kids were solidified and shocked from the series of actions that we did, but I completely ignored it. I then introduced the Pure Slime to everyone with a delighted smile.


「Well, I can’t really explain but a lot of things happened. Anyway I would like to introduce a new companion. Please get along well everyone!」

「Oi, explain it properly to the children」



A lot of things happened, but after doing another round of walking, we went down to the next floor……



「This little one is likely going to be useful as emergency food」



「「Please don’t!!」」

  1. Now Aidle is scaring me too. Probably even a certain OP slime would run away