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Chapter 90 Group Level Up ② Underground Floors 3 to 7

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip


As we went down another level after everyone leveled up, I asked the kids to give the Pure Slime a name. She will be our new companion and definitely going to follow us for a long time, so of course I want a name for it.


After a result of some strict examinations, a name was finally decided.


「Best regards,『Maurice』」


When I called out to the slime, it jumped happily and crawled up my head. Oh, aren’t you a mischievous one. But could you stop sucking my magic while you on top of my head. I’ll give you a lot later, ok.


「Seriously, I can’t believe that the next contract after me is actually with a Slime…」


La Veil was a little bit of a pain right now. Well, she definitely didn’t expect that the next being to be in the same position as her would be a Slime after all. Sorry La Veil, you do know that I can count on you more than tens of thousands of times right, so why are you upset now about this?


Now then, it should be time to get back on the main topic. The power level of kids and Cielo seems to be doing well for now. Mika is also currently standing in as their escort right now since she won’t be able to raise her level unless we go on the deeper floors. The monsters would only change after the 10th level, only their levels going up. The monsters we have encountered so far are only 5 types, and they are: Blade Beetles, Goblins, Yellow Apes and Pure Slimes. Well, if there’s too much variation of monster species then it would make a chaotic mess out of the ecosystem.


Also, we sometimes encountered adventurers as we moved from place to place, and even though everyone was under a lot of stress, they would leave us alone, laughing as they distanced themselves.


「Well, even if they try to get involved, it would still be easy to rough them up」

「Either way, they probably have no time to do so. It’s not like it’s not already dangerous inside the dungeon after all.」


That’s right, if they quarrel with other groups and end up incapacitated, there’s a high chance that everything would collapse. Of course almost everyone wants to avoid such risks. No matter how much of a bad person they are.


And then, while we were talking about that, a little problem came from somewhere else.


「Help us!!」


Several adventurers who suddenly came into sight were running towards us. Analyzing them with fairy magic, their levels were around 30-40. The average levels of those on the 7th floor should be around 20 – 25 so it shouldn’t have been a problem for them, however everyone was in a tattered state. Nevertheless, it’s still another matter if I would help them or not.


「Don’t move, I’ll help everyone」

「Eh, ah, ugh!?」


When they were close enough, I summoned halos restraining their hands and feet and after the sudden bind, the adventurers all fell down to the ground, face first. Sorry about that but I’m just being cautious since I don’t know what might happen. This also serves as a warning.


「They are coming, master. It’s also a good number」

「La Veil, can you handle them for me because I will have to put barriers on the children?」

「Leave it to me」


We finally encountered a new monster. Moreover, their numbers are around 20.


Nameless Lv.48

Race: Flare Monkey


HP 975/975

MP 404/404

ATK   476

DEF   308

MATK   472

MDEF   294

INT      33

SPD       405


Skills: Fire Beast Magic(C-)Tree Climbing(B)


・Fire Beast Magic

 『Magic that can be used by beast type monsters. It can use magic that matches the characteristics of the monster.』


It was a large flock of monkeys with bodies covered in flames. They are skillfully using their tails to jump from tree to tree, though what I’m more curious about is the big flame at the tip of their tale. As for their size, they were not really that big, but their status and levels are not something you would normally find in this area. I don’t really have time to do this but I’ll just ask for a bit.


「So, why were you people trying to escape here?」

「We’ll answer everything, please just let us go!! We will all die if we don’t run away!!?」

「Ah, yeah. Don’t worry about that, I’ll ask again after things settle down. La Veil, take care of it」

「Umu, understood」


The monkeys finally came within La Veil’s range. The nearest monkey started its assault by throwing a flaming ball towards La Veil. It looks like their tail also serves as a magical conductor.


「Hooh, are you underestimating me」


With a swing of her halberd, La Veil returned the ball of flame with tremendous momentum.




Unable to react to the speed of the returned fireball, the Flare Monkey’s head exploded, dying instantly. Enraged by the loss of one of them, the other Flare Monkeys assaulted La Veil, wanting to tear her up with their claws embedded with magic,


「These monkeys didn’t understand how useless this is. Bad luck encountering me, now all of you will die」


Each time the halberd was swung a red light was created, which incinerated any monkeys hit, killing many of them in a single blow. All of the monkeys were wiped in just a short amount of time by her flame dance. Because they all jumped at her, that probably made it easier for La Veil to eradicate all of them. She returned to me with a cheerful look. Though a bit of dissatisfaction was written on her face.


「Oh, you’re done. Now then, shall we continue our conversation?」2


I turned my sight on the adventurers again and asked, but as expected everyone was stunned so they couldn’t respond. I know how they feel, but don’t they understand the situation they are in? When I began tapping my feet, they finally regained their sanity.


「So, sorry……」

「It’s fine, so can you explain yourselves?」

「A, yeah」


When I asked them why they ended up in our location, they didn’t give me a clear answer. To simplify, they said that they went to a level that wasn’t fit for them and that they unknowingly camped in a location close to a flare monkey nest. As a result, they ended up chased by the group and fled all day long until they reached this level and finally found our group.


「So, are you telling me that you didn’t purposely drop them on us?」

「That, that’s right, your group was just in the direction of our escape, that’s why we were telling you to escape――gyiii!?」


They were lying so I stabbed my sword near one of their feet.


「I’ll ask you again. One more time, but I am also warning you to be careful of what you say. This time I might actually hit you for real, you know. So, what’s the real reason?」



「Are you really ok with that Master? To let them free」

「Well, nothing really happened this time so it’s fine. Still, there sure are a lot of adventurers here with really rotten roots」


Seriously I almost vomited after hearing their reasons, but I still released them without really doing anything. Arena consoled me saying 「You did great!」 which made me feel a bit better. Well if I left them restrained here, they would have died for sure and I didn’t really want to kill them. It might have been a naïve decision, but I don’t want to suddenly kill people in front of Arena.


There were a lot of other people around us, and because they saw a lot of stray baggers working with us, so they thought that they could just leave the monsters to us and run away. If I was still a human, I definitely would just leave them alone to die. But I am also thankful that I am a fairy right now.


「「Aidle. That was really amazing……」」

「Fairies are mostly like that」


Cielo and fairies like all humans and beastmen by instinct. That’s why I would have felt even more disgusted if I killed people. In the first place, I don’t really have the drive to kill a person, that’s why I let them go. They also witnessed the power of La Veil, so I don’t think that they will ever try that again with us. And they would also spread it to others when they go outside.


「Alright, let’s camp out here for today. Everyone, regroup after cleaning up the defeated monsters. Let’s go dismantling」



 We got a lot of flare monkeys today so it should be a good time to take a break. Every demon was collected. Not really that many though. Well, it should be enough for practice, I guess. After confirming that everyone has a monster body to handle, the children gathered around the most experienced children in dismantling.


「Now then, what is your name?」

「Um, it’s Ryata desu」

「Yosh, from now on, I’ll assign you as their teacher. Can you guide us in disassembling?」


Ryata was surprised by what I’ve said. Well, sorry about that. We’re not really that proficient in dismantling either. That’s why we would also like to learn the proper way to do it.


「Shall we start then, teacher?」

「「「Please teach us」」」

「I, I got it, alright~. Then, we shall start with Yellow Apes…」


Even though hesitant at first, after hearing the requests of Cielo and the children, Ryata consented quietly.


And then, according to Ryata’s instructions, we dismantled monsters one by one and at least two children would cooperate to process one. Some pairs were about to cry after failing, but Arena encouraged them to continue until they finally managed to complete it. When one of the little girls finally finished the last one, La Veil immediately prepared a huge pot.


「We will be making stew out of the monster meat hunted and gathered by everyone today. Let’s all eat together」

「「「We did it!!」」」


The children lined up in front of the pot showing that they had a lot of fun. Ashia was glancing over here, but also properly lined up with the others. It will disappear without you knowing it, you know?


「La Veil-san is good cook isn’t she……how envious」

「Cielo is not good at cooking. The meat ended up turning into charcoal the other day…」

「Don’t worry Cielo, I’ll teach all about it, fight!」

「Uuh, thank you for the consideration……」


As expected, Cielo kind of resembled me in my previous life, so I felt sympathy with her. I’ll teach you just like how Testania-san taught me so don’t worry about it.


More like La Veil has too many good points. When we started our journey, she would only bake things and eat it, but after eating Aguera-san’s dishes, she started cooking on her own.


Because it was delicious, I would always leave our meals to her, but I wonder if it’s fine. Well, the person in question seems to be satisfied with her work. La Veil hated humans, but slowly she was also able to accept them, and that hatred completely disappears if it’s for children……


The children were eating with tears in their eyes saying 「So good」 as they stuffed food in their mouth. Looking at the scene, I also noticed that La Veil was happily swinging her tail.


「Thank you for your delicious meal today」

「Mou, you don’t have to praise it that much, it was only a hobby of mine. Please look forward to the next ones!!」

「Of course we’ll do. Right, Arena?」

「I love La Veil’s dishes!」


Yup, if I was a man, I would definitely want to marry her. Both of them.


When everyone finally finished their meals, I handed out something to everyone.


「Aidle-san, what are these?」

「Ashia, this is a board game called Othello. Well, it would be a good thing to exercise everyone’s brain before going to bed. It’s easy to understand, so why don’t we try it?」

「Wha, why do you have something like this?」


Ah, Mika who was an otherworlder was the first one to react. Now that I think about it, don’t I have any way to escape explaining……ah no, there is another way.


「Well, it’s something that was popular in my hometown. It seems like heroes also used to come to this world even from a thousand years ago, and I think it might have already been forgotten in most countries」

「Hmmm…After all, there were also others that were similar to us」


Well, that should do it, I think……I would like to hide the fact that I’m a reincarnated person for now. Though I don’t really need to do it.


Alright, Arena can show how it’s played to everyone. Because you only need to flip aligning sandwiched rows, everyone immediately remembered the rules and started to play, enjoying the game. And of course, I lost…


「Be sure to finish and go to sleep after a few rounds, okay?」



I created a water barrier while everyone was concentrating. This would keep us safe during the night. After putting up a tent, everyone entered. The space inside is expanded, so there is plenty of room. I have already used it a number of times today, so I feel a little headache, but I should be fine tomorrow.3


「Arena, shall we turn back into a fairy?」



And so, me and Arena returned to being fairies while putting a dummy in my sleeping bag. I then called out to Maurice and the two of us immediately dived on the slime.


That’s right, this is what I have always wanted to do.


「Oooh~this is so good~~」

「So good~♪」

「Uwah, that looks really good」

「That looks really comfortable~」


The contract was definitely worth it. The slime that wrapped around me and Arena with quite the exquisite softness served as our bed. With this, I will definitely be able to sleep soundly. We are currently sleeping between Mika and La Veil so that the children won’t be able to see us.


A lot of annoying things happened today, but this evens everything out. Anyway, good night~~…



The Next Morning



「This is……how did this happened」

「It seems like my body became numb because too much magic power was absorbed. It’s not really my fault you know」

「Maurice, bad!」

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