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Chapter 91 Group Level Up ③ Underground Floors 7 to 19

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip


The next day, we went down another floor as we continued to raise the children’s levels and after a few hours, we finally reached the 11th floor. Perhaps due to proper meals and sleeping well every day, the children now looked much better and healthier compared to the first time I’ve met them. I asked everyone if they had any difficulty, but they smiled saying it was fine so we continued.


The average level of the monsters around here is 60m, so I asked Mika to join the level grinding. Cielo and the children’s levels also averaged around 50 so it’s just the right spot.


・Average Status of the Children



HP 300/300

MP 150/150

ATK   120

DEF   100

MATK   140

MDEF   100

INT   50

SPD 130


Skills: Throwing(F~D+) Dismantle Trap(D+~C-)


『Throwing』 was expected since everyone used throwing attacks most of the time. As for their status, when the children grow up it will be adjusted according to their levels.


Cielo・Folbranad・La Veil Radd (15) Lv.51

Race: Human


HP 560/560

MP 872/872

ATK   314

DEF   355

MATK   746

MDEF   702

INT  310

SPD   374


【Unique Skills】Prophecy, God’s Eye

Skills: Water Attribute Magic(D-)Throwing(D)

Titles: Saint, Shrine Maiden


Cielo’s status looks better too. Before, her status was far lower compared to Forna’s after all. Also, because her growth is more compatible with magic, I’ll teach her before going to sleep.



「What is it?」

「From today, you’ll be a stone thrower, a water provider, and a dismantler.」

「Is it alright for me to cry now?」


This is also a step to become stronger, so it’s not good to decline. Now then, about the monsters, the types have already changed after moving past the tenth level. The number of medium and large sized monsters has also increased. If you go in this area, you’ll hardly see any adventurers, so it might be a good place to earn money. The number of monsters also increased.


Nameless Lv.63

Race: Mad Serpent


HP 1133/1133

MP 588/588

ATK   841

DEF   743

MATK   659

MDEF   591

INT      45

SPD       757


Skills: Earth Magic(C+)Earth Swim(―)


Nameless Lv.63

Race: Vital Frog


HP 1405/1405

MP 399/399

ATK     622

DEF    650

MATK  684

MDEF  631

INT   10

SPD     1010


Skills: Tongue Attack(C+)


The Mad Serpent is a slender snake with a body length of about 8 meters. What to be careful about is that they can approach and attack by swimming in the ground. They don’t have poison unlike other snake types, but they could easily constrict a child and squeeze them to death. Soil attribute magic involves manipulating the ground, but it was easy to read because of the vibrations prior to the magic activating.


As for the Vital Frog, which was a common enemy, it’s a big frog with a rounded body……though is that really a frog? It attacks mainly by stretching its tongue to strike. Its means of transportation is rolling which makes it look really weird. I almost kicked one like a soccer ball when it rolled near me. Their body length is about 1m, and they attack in groups of around 5 – 8.


「Some of the snakes and frogs were too muscular…… disgusting」

「I don’t mind the snakes, but I don’t like the frogs looking like meat balls……」


It seems like both I and Mika have the same hate of frogs from before we were transferred here. After all, if you look closely, the ball of muscle is also covered with a slimy coating. As a girl, there’s just a natural reaction to be disgusted by it, right?


After reaching between the 10th and 11th floor, we took a short break and talked about the next floor.


「Speaking of which, we are now in the 10th floor, but are there no boss battles?」

「Boss? Is there going to be a strong enemy master? Can I fight it?」

「It won’t be a match for you. And so, what do you know about it Ashia?」

「There is a Floor Boss. On the first 10th floor, the boss is a Red Ogre. There should be a group of 10 Ogres under its command」

「So 11 in total. How are they arranged?」


Ogres are strong individually so they usually attack alone, and they are very big. The size of one is around 6 meters. Their weapons are clubs, but sometimes they use the trees growing around. Its attack range is wider than La Veils reach. Being large targets, so it should be easy to hit them by throwing stones.


For the boss battle, everyone should have enough status, however to make sure that anything unexpected would be prevented I kept the children in a circle and surrounded them with a water barrier. The water barrier itself is then passed to Cielo to control. It’s training, training~♪


When we stepped into the field, the environment suddenly changed.


「Uwaaah……We’re surrounded by stone walls. There’s also a ceiling」


It was like we were sent into a small coliseum. A short distance in front of us, just as Ashia said, there was one Red Ogre surrounded by 10 Ogres. It was alright because we were still far away from them.


Nameless Lv.95

Race: Red Ogre


HP 3624/3624

MP 811/811

ATK   2241

DEF   2309

MATK  887

MDEF  1234

INT       25

SPD        803


Skills: Stick Arts(B)Superhuman Strength(B-)Shield Arts(C-)


Nameless Lv.65

Race: Ogre


HP 1899/1899

MP 403/403

ATK   1121

DEF   1154

MATK  446

MDEF  623

INT       15

SPD      455


Skills: Stick Arts(C)Superhuman Strength(C-)


The Ogres were similar to the ones we’ve been fighting on the 10th floor. The Red Ogre on the other hand is twice as big as the Ogres and has a deep red toned body. It’s as strong as one of the people I’ve fought at the finals of the battle tournament. Because of the『Superhuman Strength』skill, its attack powers are also relatively stronger. It would be a bit painful for Mika or Arena to get hit by its attacks.


Moments later, the Ogres finally noticed us. The Red one then released a loud cry which was followed by a charge from the surrounding Ogres aiming at me. I see, it’s at least smart enough to command and give orders. However, I don’t want them to get close to us.


「Dragon running through the ground, aim and maim my enemies」


Using Earth Magic, a mass of soil transformed to look like a dragon and intercepted the Ogres. Because the ogres were close to each other, they were all caught and easily knocked straight into a wall. After ramming them with the earth dragon, I immediately restrained them by fixing them in place with earth magic. Alright, now it will be a one on one fight.


The reason why I didn’t use fairy magic this time is that the kids might end up getting caught in it and it’s not good for them to know about it. Also, because I’ve been relying on it too much lately so I’m holding back. I do things as I like most of the time, but I also follow the proper time, place and atmosphere to do it.




And now, it’s the Red Ogre’s turn.


「Aidle~ Can I go at it~?」

「Eh, Arena wants to go? But won’t that be not easy to disable?」

「I’ll be fine~maybe」

「If you say so……I’ll prepare a follow up just in case」



I let Arena go because she seems to be very motivated this time, La Veil on the other hand looked as if she was on the verge of crying. It’s alright because I’ve prepared proper defensive measures. If you are that worried, you can go a bit closer to watch over her.




One they were close enough, the Red Ogre immediately initiated a destructive blow, however Arena easily avoided that attack and dived closer to counter.




She accurately slashed the tendons of an ankle with her dagger. The dagger has a paralyzing effect, but it didn’t manifest because the target is just too large for an immediate effect. Still, that was enough to slow down the target’s movements.


Annoyed, the Red Ogre attempted to kick her with his other foot, but before it could do so Arena dived under his legs and slashed his thigh. She then followed with a cut on its back and this time was a flashier attack, leaving behind a cross slash wound.


「Gaaaaaaah!! Guguauuuuuhhh!!!」


Although it was a good attack on it’s back, it still had a lot of HP left. Then in an attempt to stop the assault, the Red Ogre started flailing its arms around, along with its body.




Without noticing, Arena already moved on the Red Ogre’s head. She grabbed onto the Ogre’s hair with one hand, while  the other hand was holding the dagger.


She stabbed the dagger in the head. Ah, it stopped moving. The paralyze effect was finally activated so it fainted. After losing consciousness, it fell down like a stick with its belly hitting the ground first. Woops, that was a bad fall.


Following the fall Arena rolled away stopping next to La Veil. After that applause rose from the children who were watching.


「Amazing, I never thought that she could win using only a dagger. She looked like a skilled warrior who is used to fighting」


「Arena-chan, so courageous~…」


Well, it was more like Arena’s INT was greatly used in the battle. With her high intelligence she was able to predict all of the Ogre’s movements and attacked precisely the points where she could deal the most damage. After all, in order for me to win against Arena in a duel, I must over boost my speed to a point where she couldn’t predict it. Though in case we actually end up fighting, I would give up before we would even start.


「Alright, let’s finish this and process everything then head to the next floor」


The stone throwing party continued. This time, everyone’s levels went up by 10 so it was a delicious amount of experience. Alright, time to speed things up once more. After taking a lunch break and a little rest, we then moved to the next floor.


After that boss battle, it then took us around 2 days to reach floor 19. The monsters that appeared along the way were Hobgoblins, a higher ranked goblin, the maple sheep, which creates some sweet Sheep and fluffy fur and lastly several types of lesser dragons.


The Maple Sheep has nice fur and the meat is sweet which is said to be a raw material of some kind. I wanted to hunt a lot, however since it was an extremely rare creature, we were only able to hunt 2 as we moved.


Cielo along with Mika were also aggressively fighting against lesser dragons. They are not the type that flies since they don’t have wings, but they have long powerful tails that could crush their target. Well, they are not an opponent for a Hero.


There were a lot of hobgoblin raids, but La Veil went into a full rampage leaving all of them almost dead. It was a really horrible picture to see.


「Because goblin species actively target children. We need to kill them to raise the children’s levels more, to a point where they could get rid of it on their own」

「Aren’t they considered the lowest of the low when talking about monsters? Well because of that, do forgive me if I end up accidentally killing them while trying to hold back my power」

「Umu, I’ll leave that to you」


It took us a while to move around the 10th floor because most of the area was a forest, however we quickened up the pace from 11th to 19th floors because it was all stone corridors. Regular adventurers would have a really hard time on these floors since the average levels of the monsters were around 90.


The next floor is finally the 20th floor. It was a place where even the heroes were not able to break through. I was thinking about it,






「……Evening already. Alright, shall we set a camp here for the time being?」

「Masters stomach clock is as accurate as ever」

「I’m going to do my best to cook today too!!」

「That’s the spirit Cielo!」


Then following La Veil’s instructions, everyone started cooking properly.




Today’s menu will be lesser dragon steak. However when the two did it.


「「Something’s different……」」



After leaving Ladaria, Cielo’s new challenge:







It was decided for her to do some basic muscle training.