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Chapter 93 – With a Little Courage and Pride

Since the start of the endless battle against the Tyrant Scorpions……More than 10 hours have passed. From that point onwards, the level of the scorpions gradually increased. On the other hand my sword just became weirder as the battle continued.


「It’s the 3rd molting!!」


Yes, the sword continued its pace of peeling off every few hours. It accumulates and turns rugged but then it becomes more refined after each peeling off. It now reached the point that it would slice iron as if slicing air.


Another effect is that no matter how long I keep fighting, I don’t even feel a bit tired at all. It’s been a while since I’ve been in a fight like this so my tension is a little high.


「How are the children!?」

「It looks like this won’t end soon! Anyway, time to go even deeper!!」


Looking at the children for a moment, it seems like everyone is still doing their best. If they do this well, we can surely concentrate on our work as well.


「It’s all good then. Is everyone else still fine!?」

「「「We are still fine!!!」」」


Both Mika and Cielo seem to be a bit exhausted, but they show their fighting spirit by shouting out loud along with everyone. Alright, time to continue. Speaking of which, I don’t really understand this sword. Was it evolving into something else?


Finally, after the continuous onslaught and slow paced advance, we finally reached the final trap area, the one before the next floor. The children have been doing their best for a few hours now but it seems like everyone is now stuck on this one.


「What should we do……where is it……」


The children seem to be worried as Ashia tries to figure out the gimmick of the trap. The trap itself wasn’t that hard to figure out, the problem was that the entire area was a treasure trove of interconnected traps. All the scaffolding would seem to activate other traps. Every other step would be an out unless they found the one and only proper path.


Even with my eyes, I can’t find it. Every block in this place is stuffed with magic power so I can’t be sure if most or all of them were bluffs. I’ve found a few that I could say for sure were traps, but I don’t know where the duds are. The trap was well made so it’s really hard to see through.


This area seems to be built to prevent anyone from passing through. The children are also starting to get scared because of the dungeon’s clear intention to kill anyone in here.


(We came here on a whim, but it was a bad idea coming all the way here after all…ah!)





Run gently clasped Ashia’s hands. As I was observing them, the other children were also watching them from behind.


「Shall we solve this together?」


Everyone nodded to Run’s words in response. They were doing their best. In the end, everyone wanted to do this together and even if they make a mistake there will be no regrets……Ashia also agreed.


Then, after doing it for almost half a day, it finally happened.


「It done!!」


The quickest among the children came back to call us with loud voices. Hearing that, we all made a move.


「La Veil!!」

『Everyone run, I’ll hold back the onslaught for a while!!』

「I’ll also stay back for now!! Mika, escape along with all the children you could carry!!」

「Got it!!」


Arena, Cielo, and Mika carried children to escape while La Veil returned to her humanoid form and stood in front of the corridor to block incoming attacks. I also stopped fighting and fell back beside La Veil to block the passage.


「I’ll be here as the last line of offense and defense, when everyone escapes go and follow them then confirm the situation with 『Synchronization』!」

「Got it, do your best Master!!」


From the passage that we were blocking, scorpions started to pile up like waves of snow. I’m starting to feel disgusted about it as black and steel scorpions are also mixed up in the pile. Though my battle tension is still at its peak, that’s why I want La Veil to escape first.



「Come, I will not any of you pass」


Along with the other children, La Veil carefully passed through the corridor. However Asia and the others were still there at the end of the passage standing in front of the door.


「Why haven’t you escaped yet!?」

「La Veil-san! Look at the floor, that place is the only path that everyone could walk through. I managed to put a mark on it, but the other children won’t be able to reach it!!」


There were several protruding stones on the ground before reaching the door, and only one of them is marked in red. At first glance, La veil immediately understood. The mark was painted with blood. Half of that stone that is, and that was a slab in between the door and where they are standing. The distance was not something that normal children would be able to reach.


「I’m sorry, I’m really sorry……We finally managed to complete the answer. We did it successfully but……the other children……were too tired and unable to move……」


The children were definitely exhausted and they were all just sitting down. Just when their spirit was about to reach their limits, they were able to find the correct answer and bet everything on their huts and focus that were sharpened to the limit.


Looking at them, La Veil proudly declared.


「Well done everyone!! Leave the rest to us!!」

「We did our best to figure it all out!!」

「Alright, we’ll bring everyone all at once!」


La Veil carried as many children as she could hold and brought them towards the door. Cielo, Nika and Arena also carried everyone and after a few round trips everyone finally made it across. La Veil then used 『Synchronization』.


『We’re done over here!! You can come over now Master!!』

『That sure took a while, did something happen?』

『The little heroes just worked a bit harder than they should. Anyway the pathways have been marked so please follow it!!』

『Alright, prepare for departure La Veil』

『Alright, leave it to me!!』


Soon after, a really loud noise was heard, followed by a rumble that sent vibrations through the walls.


There the children saw one girl running away from what one would call the embodiment of hell. The sword she was carrying was giving off a strange brilliance, but no one had the time to worry about that at the moment.




「Everyone!! Open the gates now!!! It will be a crazy ride!!!!」


Right before she stepped on the red marked plate, Aidle unloaded as many monster materials as she could. Looking back, despite the passage being clogged, she was still able to witness the hellish view as the door began closing.

Still, they were expecting the scorpions to reach the door before it closed, due to the speed of their approach.


「I did expect it but this is annoying……Are you ready?」


From the passage after entering the door, the strongest dragon showed her head with her mouth open wide, ready to spit a hellfire that would turn everything into charcoal.


『Perfect!! Now, erase everything!!!!』


A bright red ray that obstructed the view was released.

It dyed the room white and passed all the way through the other side……and then the door finally closed.


And now we are currently in the middle of a wide meadow.


「Haaah…I’m tired. Is everyone alright? ……Whoops」

「Everyone, go to sleep……」

「Un, good work everyone」


Everyone was put to sleep other than members of 『Fairy’s Banquet』. My body won’t probably be able to move for a while from exhaustion.


「Oh, the sword’s brilliance finally disappeared……ughー…the sound of level up doesn’t stop, I’m tired and hungry……Magic is…it seems to be useable now」


The water barrier activated without problems this time and covered us. This should be enough to make this place safe. The sword is……oh well, I’ll investigate it later when we wake up.


「Aidle~, thanks for the hard work」

「Hmm, I’ve endured quite well」

「These two. You probably won’t be able to get over it if even one of them went missing.」


It was not a place that one party would be able to survive. Even a team of heroes were not able to break through all the traps. It would definitely be out of question if it was only a group of backers that could overcome it. It was only made possible because of this special group.


「All the children will definitely come back alive. That way they can live strong and proud even when they go outside……」

「It will be fine. They have already become really reliable」

「Un, I’m sure everyone will become good people in the future. We guarantee it」


Oh, they got Arena and La Veil’s guarantee huh. Then there’s no doubt that they will become a heroic symbol in the future. Anyway, time to sleep too.


「Maurice, Bed~」


I summon Maurice, return to my fairy form and lay down. Arena also did the same and lay beside me. La Veil then lifted Maurice and brought us close to the children. What’s wrong?


「I’ll also sleep in my original form and since I’ll be sleeping in a circle surrounding you, it’s better to rest soundly」

「Alright……well, we also don’t want them to get separated so it’s fine」

「The children shouldn’t have any problems with that. Well then, good night~……zZZ」



「Hey, starting today, don’t suck up too much Okay. Please listen……」


「…Un. Then good night……」


「You understand, right」