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Chapter 94 Moving Forward and a Miscalculation after a long while

TL:      Yuki

ED:     Filip



The children all got up at almost the same time. Probably because of everyone eating regularly, their hunger came at the same moment. A chorus of stomach growling could be heard.


The first thing they all noticed when they woke up was that they were surrounded by a gigantic red dragon.


Normally, one would react as if it was a life or death situation, but the children knew quite well who the dragon was, and that instead of being afraid, some were even leaning against its warm body and were starting to doze off again.


The next thing they noticed were two familiar looking people sleeping on a Slime. Cielo who also got up gestured them to watch quietly and be silent.


And then they thought.


((It wasn’t humans who helped us……))


Mika happily strokes the heads of Aidle and Arena, who were showing lovely sleeping faces, with her index finger. The two were comfortably smiling while asleep. Of course there were no children rude enough to try and wake up their tiny benefactors.


「……Nn?……Oh, is everyone already awake?」


When I woke up, I was greeted by the faces of the children surrounding us. It seems they were confused and didn’t know how they should react, as they were only staring quietly. If I suddenly humanize, they would probably be surprised.


「Umm……You are, Aidle-san right?」

「Yup, good morning everyone. Sorry for asking this so suddenly, but can everyone keep this a secret?」


The children immediately nodded in response. That’s good, but it’s also fine if they actually talk about it. Anyway, for the time being I transformed and then took Maurice and Arena and put them under my hood.


「Thanks Maurice, you can absorb a little bit」


When I said that, it absorbed around 10% of my magic power. It’s a little more than usual but it’s fine. Ah, that’s right, there’s also the situation with Cielo.


「Ummm, Cielo? About La Veil」

「About that, why don’t we have a meal first?」


Cielo stopped me halfway and then looked at everyone, an act followed by grumbling stomachs. Even mine was grumbling. Well, I guess we can’t talk properly in this situation.


「Then, shall we start preparing for now?」



The children quietly replied as if to not wake up La Veil and Arena. I should take them all home back to Ladaria. 


『……Hm? Something smells good~』

「Oh, you’re finally up La Veil? We’re almost finished preparing meals~~」

『Nu, ah good morning master. Good morning everyone……ah I forgot that I was in this state. Sorry, I’ll transform right a-「「「Good Morning La Veil!!」」」 whoops!?』


The children carrying plates rushed towards La Veil who just woke up. She probably didn’t expect to be liked by humans in her current state and was a little disturbed. She was also moving strangely to avoid hurting the little ones. Ah, she’s crying.


『……Oh, I just felt nostalgic being treated like this by humans』

「Everyone here is grateful to you after all. Now, why don’t you humanize so we can start our meal?」



When La Veil returned to her human form and started eating, Cielo sat next to her. La Veil wanted to move away because of the awkwardness, but Cielo immediately started talking about the main subject.


「……Um, you, you were the Holy Dragon, right?」

「Ugh………Well, I guess… I was indeed called that before」


I was wondering what she would say, but well, she seems to be worried that Cielo who was seeking salvation would feel delusional or betrayed after knowing about her. After all, what was in front of her was the very being that they have been worshiping for a long time now.


「I understand. I know that we enshrined you without your permission. I also know a lot about what happened in the past since I’ve been reading books about past literatures. I was skeptical because the said being was nowhere to be found. But now that I have actually proven that such legendary being exists, I somehow wanted for you to be our 『Support』 without realizing the burden……I’m really sorry for being such an unnecessary burden」


When Cielo bowed her head to apologize, La Veil was surprised by that. After all she was expecting her to seek salvation or ask for help like the usual worshippers do, without thinking about her feelings. Well, after listening to the stories about what happened to La Veil before, it would have been inevitable for her to think that way. However, La Veil was still troubled by the unexpected response.


「……At that time, I knew that the masters were inferior to the Demon King. At best, I was the only one that they could rely on at that time. However, I couldn’t understand the concept of trying to survive that the masters were talking about even if they joined together. Probably, if not for how I am now, I still wouldn’t be convinced that anything like that matters. That’s why I ran away, because I was ashamed of myself, I am not a noble being worthy to be enshrined and worshipped the way they see it. So you don’t need to apologize」


The two faced each other as they talked. It seems like both sides have reasons that are just contradicting each other. However, they no longer need to hide how they feel. 


「Right now, I am just La Veil. And you are just Cielo. I won’t be the Holy Dragon of La Veil Radd, not now nor in the future. However, if humans believe that I could bring them salvation, then I will try to see it happen with my own hands」


「But well, if there are people that actually need help in front of me, and my Master is willing to help them, then I’ll be happy to lend a hand. That’s how it is」


La Veil smiles as she smoothly caresses Cielo’s head. As she turned her face towards me, I smiled and gave her a thumbs up in response.


「I want Cielo to be allied with La Daria so we will also be saving La Veil Radd. We’ll do our best to help~」

「Is what she said」

「……Hai……Thank you very much. I’m really grateful……」


Listening to our conversation, Mika hugged Cielo after. Mika was also in tears but she was smiling as she sensed that her best friend’s heart is now at ease. 


It’s a good thing that the misunderstanding was settled without problems. Now they can be much more open to each other. Well, we haven’t really told the kids about us yet. 


「Everyone~ Aidle-sensei’s『Fairy Lessons』are about to start~ gather here first before we start out departure~」



Well as expected, some of the children were quite surprised and some of them looked as if they were moved. Umm, I’m only going talk about what fairies are like normally though? However, after what Forna told me, I was quite amused about what the tales about fairies were like. When it comes to what I think about though, the very existence of this world would be the fantasy itself……


「Well then, first is that we are not humans. Considering that, are you still willing to follow me? If anybody doesn’t want to continue, we’ll escort them back to the entrance」

「「「We’re fine!!」」」


Considering the situation, I have expected this answer, but it sure is very nice to listen to their uniform reply. I was so happy about it that it felt as if tears would fall out of my eyes. I patted the heads of the children who agreed with me with a smile, and told them to get ready for our departure once more.


Also, I have finally checked my status after all those level ups, something that didn’t happen for quite a while now. Ah, this is already going insane.


Aidleー(3) Lv.1065

Unique Race: Dimension Fairy(Awakened+)

HP      10,550,350/10,550,350

MP      42,639,989/42,639,989

ATK   100,035,472

DEF   100,046,981

MATK   375,051,000,911

MDEF   367,078,665,400

INT    7100

SPD   99,700,291,000


【Unique Skills】Fairy Magic, Fairy Eyes, Dimension Magic, Manifestation Dependency, Conceptual Resistance, Divine Sword (1st Stage)


Skills: Singing (S), Sword Arts (SS+), Humanization (S+), Four Attribute Magic (EX), Adjustment (S+), Concealment (S+), Demonic Contract (―), Parallel Thinking (B-)


Title: Master of Ancient Dragon, Dragon Killer, Rebel, Battle Master


My attention was drawn to the Awakening『+』 part close to my name……


Nope, let’s not think about it. This time after all, we were kind of in a pinch because I couldn’t use magic, so the growth of my physical abilities is… Let’s just say it makes it easier for me to protect everyone. Though if possible, I want to stop this ridiculous way of level grinding.


Next is, why do I have a 『Divine Sword』 sword skill? Why is it in stage 1? No, it’s definitely because that weird sword is similar to a holy sword or maybe something else. But I definitely don’t need something like that……


・Divine Sword(1st Stage)

『―――――――――――――――――Allows the use of Holy Attribute Magic. ――――――――――――――――――――』


That was the only description displayed. Speaking of 『Holy Attribute Magic』, is it something similar to what Kousaka was using. Will it be similar to what the heroes are using, or will I be able to unlock more abilities after reaching certain stages?


I went to ask Mika.


「At the moment we arrived in this world, we were already able to use the effects of our Holy Swords?」

「There were no stages?」

「I don’t remember anyone having such conditions. Or rather, the sword that Aidle was using was a Holy Sword?」

「No…… It was only a sturdy sword we found when we bought equipment for La Veil」

「If I knew that it was a Holy Sword, I would have destroyed it on the spot」


Just how much do you hate Holy Swords? But well, I’m just glad that I didn’t get the title of Hero. Though it also adds more questions as to how I was able to learn to wield the Holy Sword? For now, I took a look again at Mika’s Status. 



『A title given by the goddess to Heroes of the World, and is manifested by fulfilling missions given by the goddess』


Ooh, so I won’t be able to get it. That makes me feel relieved. After all, even if I am also a reincarnated person, I seem to have gone through a different process. I don’t have a mission nor know anything about it. Freedom is the best after all~~♪


「For the time being, I don’t really need this sword so can I throw it away?」

「That should be for the better」

「Eh, you’re throwing it away!?」



And so I threw the sword beyond the horizon. I only used it because it was a good sword and bought at almost zero price. It’s just the right time to change to a new regular weapon.


I could hear the sound of the sword hitting the ground from a distance. Mika on the other hand tried to tell me something in a hurry, but I didn’t really understand it. Now then, time to refresh my mind and「huh?」 ……


Me: With far sight「I thought I was just imagining it but……」

Mika: With eyes shining in excitement「What is that function? How envious!!」

La Veil, who had a bitter smile as if she had already given up: 「That seems interesting master, it seems like you have created an infinite projectile weapon」

Cielo: Who was panicking, 「You! What if we suddenly receive divine punishment!?」


Ahhhh. It was definitely using the skill as a beacon to return. I wonder if I could erase the 『Divine Sword』 skill with 『Fairy Magic』. Gyaaa… the moment I attempted it, I was assaulted by a feeling as if my head was going to explode. 


「Aidle~Good Morning~♪」

「Sigh, it can’t be helped. Arena is also finally up」


「Do you still like me even if I ended up with this?」

「I like Aidle always, you know~♪」1


Arena who came out of my hood whispered happy words to my ear, which healed my depressed self, and so we enjoyed our meal for the day. As for the sword……well, it was a sturdy blade so it will be useful at least.


Alright, time to prepare and make sure that we don’t do anything out of the ordinary for today.


「Seriously, this Divine Sword is quite sturdy and won’t even chip after I swing it at full power…」Converted all status to ATK

「Now that I think about it, you were able to easily crush that hero’s Holy Armor with your bare fists……Is this weapon really something that belongs in this world?」

「Ummm, you two. Don’t you know that the power of the Holy Sword depends on the power of the owner? 」



I immediately threw it into the horizon once more, but once again, the Holy sword came back.2

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  2. ED: Looks like Aidle got a new waifu, and it’s a sword waifu this time.