Chapter 95 Secure Transportation and Floor 21-30

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TL: Yuki

ED: Filip

There were many huge monsters in the plains, but their levels were as high as the scorpions, and it somehow felt like this is the actual continuation of floor 19 and only those floors while the previous had a specific and strange mechanism attached to it. I couldn’t help but give respect to the people who were actually able to bypass that place and reach the 50th floor.


The first mob we encountered was Cyclops. They look like giant macho men that fit the term『Meat Walls』 with skills similar to orcs but as big as ogres and have a denser muscle mass. Also because of their low INT, they easily fell victim to Arena’s paralysis and became fodder for leveling the children.


The next one was called Army Minotaur, a humanoid creature with Cow Head and hooves that also resembled the mythical creature of the same name from my previous life. It has a big horn and a thick furry body which was kind of discolored and tough making it quite an annoying enemy. Other than that, the parts not covered by fur were protected by tough armor. Although not as tough as dragon scales, it was more than enough to prevent Arena’s dagger from piercing. That’s why La Veil ended up crushing it in a single blow.


「Was that all? The next group seems to be a monster party」


Nameless Lv.82

Race: Ego Centaur

HP 2577/2577

MP 2602/2602

ATK   1200

DEF   968

MATK  1347

MDEF  1005

INT   260

SPD  1100


Skills: Archery (B-), Blink Step (C-)


A group of around 30 mobs. They have the body of a horse and the upper body of a human, and they look more intelligent than normal monsters. Can I communicate with them?


「Will I be able to talk to those centaurs? I want to ride them」

「Well, this bunch just loves violence as a standard, and liquor. I don’t think it would be possible to communicate with them even if they speak the commonly used language, right? 」


That means I might have a chance if I have some liquor. Then there’s only one thing that I have to do. I told everyone to stay down and used『Fairy Magic』. Using 『Parallel Thinking』, I was able to use a lot of magic at the same time. I also 『Synchronize』 a lot with Arena using 『Parallel Thinking』 when playing games, and as a result the level steadily increased.


「Alright, now to put honey from the world tree~then mix it a little bit with water」


La Veil who saw the bottle of world tree honey froze. I’ll make some for you next time so please wait for now. Then using 『Fairy Magic』 and 『Space Magic』I mix the honey with water,


「……alright, now spin!」


I aged it using fairy magic that was converted into time magic. It’s one of the more advanced magic that Testania-san taught me but I didn’t really have the time to use it. I could also just store it and let it age in the storage naturally, but because my storage space stops time, won’t work……


Before I finished, in the few minutes that I’ve been working, I was also blocking off waves of arrows with a barrier. I also asked La Veil for a taste test if the result was fine.


「Fuuuh~ This is tasty enough~」


With an ecstatic expression on her cheeks, she crumbled down to the ground from the taste. Umm, it’s Erotic, 100 points. If it can knock out La Veil like this, I wonder how it will be like with the Centaurs. I guess I could only verify the results.


I floated chunks of mead into the air then shot them straight towards the Centaur’s faces. The result, all those I hit fell down on their knees with a face as if they tasted something heavenly. Outstanding, it seems to be more than what I expected.


「「「Is it okay for us to throw at them~~?」」」

「Um, no, this time don’t throw at them」


I gently instructed the children who prepared their stones to stop, and then I walked towards the Centaurs. Now then, will they be able to understand me?


「Hello there. Was it delicious?」

「Oh, zhat, whaz splendid tazte that waz. Is zere more?」


Oh, I only tried it but it seems like I was able to properly communicate even though it’s a bit rough. Judging from their stance, it seems no one has the intention to fight anymore. Well, I won’t be giving them that for free though.


「I am willing to give you more, but can you accept my request? I would like for everyone to escort us to floor 30」

「We zhall do it fine. Zcome, ride」


I wonder if they liked it a little too much, everyone quickly sat down. I then encourage the children to mount on them, two on each Centaur. Is this their first time riding? Everyone was excited, and even though they were supposed to be riding on monsters, they don’t show any sign of fear at all.


「Are you not scared?」

「Nope, because I know that big sister will protect us♪」

「Well, I guess there’s also that point…… alright everyone carry this drink. Be sure to share it with the Centaurs, Ok?」

「Zhiz not Zha Liqour」

「Don’t worry, it’s only to create a temporary contract. Are you okay with agreeing for now? It will be removed when we reach our arrival you see?」

「Hmm, Zhat coulzz’t be helped. Alright, human lezz form a contract for now」1


I gave each of the children a glass of water and everyone exchanged it with their partners. And yes, the results were just as I expected with everyone successfully creating a contract.


After all, the language of demons was not really that different from what humans use, so the contracts were easily agreed on without problems. And, well I thought it would have been more complicated. Maybe that was just La Veil being very different.


「Alright, enough of that La Veil, time to get up. We’re about to go now!」

「……Haaah, Master, more drinks!!」

「I’ll make more when we get out of the dungeon, so that’s enough for the time being」


Because we secured some mounts, our movement became easier. We decided to raise our levels on the 28th to 30th floors, but the centaurs couldn’t help but tremble with cold sweat after witnessing our fighting methods. I also tried avoiding enemies of the same race as them, but it seems like they were quite surprised and even frightened by the continuation of enemies being unilaterally restrained, stoned to death and processed after. Sorry about that.


「Now then, I’d like to hear one thing. What are you guys to this dungeon?」

「What we all know iz zhat we’ve been born in zis, dungeon」

「Does that mean that there’s something like an ecosystem in this dungeon?」

「Zhat’s right」


I see, that means that the floor environment is changed depending on the monsters that live in it. I was thinking that dungeons just randomly spawns demons but it seems like some of them live more naturally. It seems like Mika and the children have only heard about it for the first time too.


「Aidle who is happily having a conversation with a dungeon monster is the strange one from my point of view…」

「Isn’t important to have a spirit that is willing to challenge everything?」

「You are just going with the flow, aren’t you?」

「That’s right, I guess?」

「Are you going wild again!?」


Calm down Mika, aren’t you just thinking too much about it?


Alright, the average level of the children has finally exceeded 100. Mika and Arena leveled over 200 after the endless battle with the scorpions. It’s a good thing that Mika has finally started getting more strength. After all, it would be beneficial to have a capable hero by our side.


「After that, wouldn’t it be great if you could acquire a Sacred Armor at La Veil Radd?」

「I have to beat defeat Goutani…」


It should be fine if you are able to smash him. However, let’s at least hit him too.


After a while, we could finally see the end of the 30th floor. After putting down the children, I created the reward mead for the centaurs as promised. I also saw La Veil sneaking in with the centaurs to have a drink but I just ignored it.






Oi, Mika, Cielo, did the two of you also sneak in a drink? I understand you are attracted to the sweet scent, but that’s a really strong liquor, you know? The force of the two who suddenly hugged me, it felt as if I was about to be crushed.



「Not you too, Arena!?」


Arena then set me on her lap pillow as if it was the most natural thing to do. Oi, Arena, Arena, you are drooling on my face. Her drool smells like honey dew.


「Nhehehehe~♪ Ch~uu~♪」

「Oh, I discovered a new side of Arena. She turns into a kissing monster when drunk. I’m very happy, but this should be done on other times, not………Nnnnffuuuuh~~~ッ!!」2


The sudden violent and bold actions of Arena were witnessed by the children, and their faces were painted red. Aidle’s ego was already slipping out but before it completely disappeared, she created a barrier and cover to cover the two, and finally surrendered herself to the drunk Arena.


La Veil also started drinking together with the centaurs while Mika and Cielo were hugging each other, knocked out.




Because of the current state of affairs, the children decided to leave them alone and started disassembling their game and prepared for dinner.


(((Let’s also drink alcohol when we grow a bit more……)))


And with that, the children have started their paths into becoming proper adults……


「………」← Aidle with hollow eyes and cramped body

「Nmu~?……Nfu~♪」←Arena who still continued even after the effects of the liquor already disappeared.


(((How long are they going to continue this……)))

  1. ED: Is it just me, or is Aidle tricking drunk centaurs to work for her?
  2. ED: And kids, that’s why adults say ‘don’t drink’

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