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Chapter 96 Race Difference and Floor 31-50

TL: Yuki

ED:  Filip

「Mika, do you remember when I told you that Fairies are not affected by weather?」


「Good Luck!!!」



Floor 31 was a wide desert. The sun is burning brightly in the sky, almost at a deadly level. Although everyone is wearing hooded robes, it doesn’t help much in this heat.



「Ci, Cielo, don’t give up on your life……」

「……La Veil, I, I can’t go anymore」


It seems like La Veil and Cielo have become close friends now. Cielo now even abandons the polite speech with La Viel. La Veil seems to be really happy about it, though the way they look right now is similar to friends with one of them at the verge of dying and having given up on life.


La Veil was a Dragon of Fire, so she’s not good with cold weather but when it comes to hot environments it doesn’t matter how hot it is, to which Cielo glared at.


「La Veil……unfair」



I let things continue this way, everyone will definitely be exhausted from the heat, so I need to take measures soon.


「For the time being, I’ll add wind to the usual water magic that I conjure. This should be enough to change the situation for a bit, I think?」


This time I created a cold water barrier and let the wind flow inside and out of the barrier, wrapping everyone in a cooler atmosphere. After doing so, everyone’s faces slowly returned back to life and showed relieved expressions. It looks like my control has become even better after leveling so much all at once, which hasn’t happened for a while.


「Alright, everyone, let’s continueー」



The desert floor has been a tough road for the children. Because of their short legs, they can’t walk properly and get easily caught in the sand. That’s why even though they are not really getting hurt, a lot of them kept falling down from time to time.


「Now that I think about it, La Veil. Since you don’t need to hide your status anymore, can’t you just fly everyone on your back?」

「Ah, you’re right. Alright, children, get on my back」


Using summoning magic used a lot of magic power, but that turned La Veil into a huge dragon. La Veil then spread her wings and lowered them to the ground, creating a foothold for the children to climb. Then, with Ashia taking the lead, the children climbed on the wings until everyone got on La Veil’s back.


「This time, it’s twice as big as usual」

『I received immense amount of magic power…』

「I’ll go to the head~♪」

「Ah, I want to go too!」

「Me too, me too~♪」


Arena, Cielo, Mika placed themselves on La Veil’s head, while I sat beside Ashia while La Veil’s transformed her scales to prevent the children from falling off. The transformed scales took the shape of chairs, wall and even railings. La Veil is as dexterous as ever.


『It’s just an application of Dragon Magic. I usually find it uncomfortable, so don’t deform it too much』

「Can you do your best just a little bit for today?」

『Umu, but I would like mead as reward later』

「Haihai. Did you already finish what I gave you before?」


Everyone was cheerfully cheering La Veil who fluttered her wings to raise the altitude, and as the scenery went higher, so did the loud voices of everyone. There is no problem when it comes to updrafts and strong winds since everyone is covered by a wind barrier. However, flying monsters are an exception since La Veil can’t really move as much as usual, so it’s up to me, Mika and Area to deal with it…


『Aidle~there’s something over there~』

『Hmm? Monsters?』

『It seems so』


I also wondered what those were. I then activated fairy magic. Using my hand formed into a ring, I looked as if it was a 『Telescope』to observe. Unfortunately though, I can’t use 『Fairy Eyes』 when using this method to check their status. Now then, what’s the other party like~…


「This is. Aren’t they related to La Veil?」

『So are we letting them go or shutting them down?』

「Wait a bit」


The opponents we encountered this time are Red Dragons. They are about half the size of La Veil’s original size, but this is the largest by far I’ve seen in a group. I didn’t expect Red Dragons to act in a group though. Oh, and it seems like they have also noticed us.


「Will you get angry if we hunt them down?」

『Well, if they attacked first, then they should prepare themselves for retaliation. Even I did that myself you know?』

「Alright. For now I’ll return to fairy form and close in on them to check their status」


Leaving the children in her protection, I flew straight to the flock of Red Dragons. Hmmmm, they really look similar to La Veil. Even with just one of these, the team they sent on Haval for subjugation would probably end up in a pitiful state. The power of an Ordinary Red Dragon is that strong……


Nameless Lv.160

Race:Red Dragon

HP 8741/8741

MP 4600/4600

ATK   3591

DEF   4735

MATK   3300

MDEF   4782

INT     140

SPD   7006


【Inherent Skill】Dragonic Scales


Skills: Dragonic Magic (B+), Fire Attribute Magic (A), Body Difference Correction (C+)


The Inherent Skill 『Dragonic Scale』 seems different from 『Dragon Scales』. Similarly the skill 『Dragonic Magic』 is also different from 『Dragon Magic』. Is this the difference between a normal and an ancient Dragon? Status wise, they are not as strong as the Metal Scorpions, but there are around 60 of them.


As I approached, the Red Dragons suddenly stopped midair. Are they going to engage me midair? Ah, the biggest Red Dragon came and suddenly talked to me.


『Fairy of Ancient Times, regarding the dragon behind you, is that perhaps a descendant of Ancient Dragons?』

「That’s right. What about you guys?」

『So that was the superior presence we detected entering this floor. Why we came to see it』

『Is what they said』

『I see. It seems like they wanted to follow me by instinct because we belong to the same family』


After communicating this, La Veil slowly approached the Red Dragon. This time I also rode on her head along with Arena. Or rather, I’m more surprised that they have knowledge about the existence of Fairies. There is probably some kind of connection from ancient times.




『I thought you guys were the ones trying to hinder us in this Dungeon. And yet, you are willing to spare us despite being the ones trying to conquer this dungeon?』

『If it’s other Humans, then that might not be the case, because we also need to fulfill several obligations. As long as the dungeon or its monsters don’t mind coexisting with us, we won’t mind getting along with them. However, if any of them try to harm those we deem precious, then we would definitely be hostile. And if it cannot be helped, then they have no choice but to bear their fangs towards us, and it will be a battle to death』

『So will you just let us go?』

『To us Red Dragons, just witnessing our superior Kin is a far more precious encounter that we won’t even mind betraying the dungeon itself』




La Veil looks over the Red Dragon with an irritated temperament. It seems like what they are doing right now revived some bitter memories from her past.


『All of you, are you willing to leave this dungeon and come with us?』

『If that is what you want then we would be happy to do so. It would be a supreme joy for us to serve under a higher order of our race』

『Alright, I’ve decided. Master, I’ll take them all under my wing』


Oi, you’re already deciding it on your own. Not like I’m going to stop it though. But, Red Dragons huh, it seems like a group of good friends are going to be added again. Or rather, won’t they just become a proper kin to La Veil?


『All of you, what I like the most are the strong, I would even deem them precious. However, I do not condone upon oppressing the weak, especially looking down on them, so if you want to be taken under my wings then make this oath upon yourselves and live with it!!』


La Veil then intimidatingly spread out her wings as a sign of superiority, and as a show of their loyalty, the dragon also spread its wings and lowered its head as it took an oath, as if they were part of an army.


『We are those who would never despise the weak, pledge not to oppress them, as we offer our allegiance to you!!』


After doing so, the Red Dragon that approached us returned to his group and talked to everyone about what happened. I don’t know exactly how many of them would follow us, but it will definitely cause a big ruckus once we all leave the dungeon…


And then when I asked if there will be any caves or differences in the next floors, they answered that it will only be deserts in the next 20 layers. So it will stay like this until Floor 50? Were we not friends with La Veil, we might have been continuously attacked by Red Dragons while traveling in this desert. That would be way worse than dealing with a bunch of scorpions……


『Because everyone can also be turn into human form with『Dagonic Magic』it would be possible to take everyone out easily, so no problem there. I might just need to pay several extra admission fees to Jess when we return at the entrance』

「We have more than enough money for that though. Will they move together until we move to La Veil Radd though?」

『No, I’ll have them fly towards Ladaria. If we have someone come along with them and tell the people there that it was by Master’s request, then Forna will definitely take notice. It would also help in strengthening the current military force of the country』


I see, it would certainly be encouraging if the Red Dragons became an additional defense to Ladaria. And Cielo, please don’t look at me like that.


「Ummm…Can we at least bring one of them over?」


Mika, you are just wording out what she is thinking. You really want to enshrine one of the Red Dragons over there don’t you?


「No, that’s not it. Rather, if possible, I want to shift the worship to Red Dragons instead of just one Holy Dragon. Not to mention, right now, that place is still under the control of Goutani. I think they are currently trying to blindly teach everyone about heroes」


Is that why she wants to use the Red Dragons, to recreate a new religion? ………well, that would be possible but what kind of religion do they want to create after destroying the old one? I’m glad that they are telling me this but, noーno wayーrightー?


「Of course, we will be preaching out Fairy Religion(Cult). Right, Arena?」


「Wha, what!?」


C, Cielo! I didn’t expect the three of them to be scheming about this while riding on La Veil’s head, not to mention even involving Arena. Just what in the world did these female foxes offer to make her agree? It’s already an absurdity just to be able to trick a Pure Fairy, not to mention having her be the linchpin to hold me down.


「No, that’s not it, did you agree with them because they offered you some sweets? Because that’s the only way I know to easily go through a Fairy’s defence」

「Arena-san isn’t that easy to please right? Do you want some candy?」



Fine, I’ll forgive it because it’s cute.


「Mika, if you will agree with me not showing myself, then I will go with it. Well, at worst, I’ll probably end up going with the flow anyway and would reveal myself to everyone. Though that will depend on how I go with the flow」

「I don’t really understand what you are trying to imply but I could somehow understand what you are trying to imply」

「We can do this Cielo……」


Cielo seems to understand me better these days. Even so, it looks like I’m going to crush another Hero, Goutani, just like the ones I’ve defeated in Galania. But well, that is for later because we don’t really know what will happen at that time.


「Well, worshipping Heroes would also be important to Cielo, but don’t you care more about that?」

「Of course I do!!」


We continued our journey towards the 50th layer safely without any problems, but by the time we reached it, it was already turning into night time and the place was veiled in darkness. There doesn’t seem to be a moon in this area so it’s just a pitch black world that was spreading before us. Also just like a normal desert, the temperatures at night were really cold. At this time, it was La Veil who trembled with a blue face.


「It’s… Really… Cold……」

「Everyone cling to La Veil. It would be a little warmer after we set things up. Cielo, can make warm water using magic?」

「Yes, I think so」

「Good, then make some and put it on everyone’s cup. I will be preparing the bonfire in a bit」


I took out a large amount of dried tree branches from my storage, piled them up and lit them on fire with magic. Some of the children immediately came over and put out their hands in front of the fire. La Veil also came after while being hugged by several children. Ah, it’s a beautiful woman with a runny nose.


I set up a huge pot on top of the big fire and quickly prepared meat and vegetable stew in it. The meat for today is Minotaur. Although it’s not Marbled Meat, it was still soft and easy to eat. The moment it enters the mouth, the meat melts immediately releasing the flavor within and spreading around in no time.


「muuhm, hammuhー(More pleaseー)」



This is the noble ancestor Ancient Dragon they look up to huh……She looks more like a child…or rather, don’t influence the children and make them imitate you. No, okay.

「After all, won’t that kind of relationship have something like a hierarchy relationship…」

「Ancient Dragons are not really fond of something like that though……it’s them that are the ones suggesting it on their own」

「You don’t want to make a Harem?」

「Shut up!!」