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Chapter 98 Fairy VS Ancient Armor (Holy Armor)

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip


「La Veil, transform and protect everyone with『Synchronization』. I altered it with fairy magic to make it last as long as possible. I also scattered fire attribute elements in the air as finely as possible 10m in front of the children. Can I leave it you?」


『Leave it to me』


Arena nodded and moved next to Cielo. Cielo was still frozen in fear and despair, with her voice trembling with fear at the center of the children.



「A……a, Arena. I, I am……」

「It’s alright. I want Cielo to be the emotional support of the children. There is too much murderous aura around here. Aidle is barely preventing it from penetrating the water barrier, but even a small amount of that would affect the children. For now, can you help me reassure them?」

「Y, Yes!」


Arena smiled at Cielo in order to encourage her, and slowly watched as determination sprung forth in her eyes.


「Everyone, it’s absolutely going to be alright. We already went through a place that could be called hell once. Compared to that, these are just dark and unpleasant monsters coming to attack us. That’s why don’t be scared. I want everyone to support Aidle by praying for her victory」


The children turn towards Arena. A sense of relief finally surpassed the fear they were feeling, and the cloudy words they listened to have become clearer. After all, the smile of Arena gives vitality to all living beings.


「We fairies love people’s smiles more than anything else. And if those people do their best in hoping we succeed, we will also do our best. That’s why everyone, pray……?」


Soon enough, one by one, they put their hands together and started to pray. For those who helped them, for those who protected those, for those that guided them to reach this point. Cielo also joined. No one is scared anymore.


「Thank you……」


「Mika! Are you alright!?」

「Ugh, it’s grotesque and unpleasant, and when I split them they spill out a strange unnerving odor, still I am alright!!」


Although her face is distorted, Mika continued extinguishing monsters with her Hold Sword with high tension. Her body was now moving more unconsciously fluid due to the many powers up so far, but she still seemed a little unstable as if she could collapse soon.


「Alright, then here’s a gift for you」


At that moment, Arena used Fairy Magic on her. Soon after, Mika’s thoughts became clear compared to how messed up she was before, and her face returned to sanity. Arena gifted her the skill 『Mental Tolerance』.


「Wait, just how versatile is that magic!?」

「It’s only temporary. But even with that, it should be more than enough to help you in clearing them out! I’ll follow up with support but only you could truly defeat them!!」

「I will the best I could, so leave it to me!!」


Mika, finally getting some momentum continued extinguishing the enemy, each with a single strike of her sword. Arena also helped by shooting enemies with burning blades, cutting arms and legs while hindering their regeneration. And compared to the endless scorpions rush, they have more leeway. If it’s only that amount, then it won’t be long before they could clear them up.


She only had one concern though. That is, if THAT came to help.


「I’ll give you a great big hug when you are done, so definitely do your best, Aidle」


Beyond the corridor that La Veil blocked two sword fighters were exchanging blows countless times. It was a battle between two beings that transcended beyond what would be considered normal. Even with La Veil’s 『Synchronization』she could barely follow the fight between Aidle and the armor.


Nameless Lv.500

Race: Ancient Armor (Awakened+)

True Holy Armor (Curse), Insanity (Status ×1000)


HP   60,000,000/60,000,000

MP   0/0

ATK   50,800,000

DEF   60,000,000


MDEF 89,000,000

INT  7000

SPD   100,000,000


【Unique Skills】Insanity (Curse), Grant Undead, True Holy Armor (Curse)

Skills: Madness (S), Sword Arts (SS+), Shield Arts (SS+)



Aidleー (3) Lv.1065

Unique Race: Dimension Fairy (Awakened+)


・Status Altered by Fairy Magic・

HP   10,550,350/10,550,350

MP   42,639,989/42,639,989

ATK   300,100,035,472(+300 Billion)

DEF   200,100,046,981(+200 Billion)

MATK 75,051,000,911(-300 Billion)

MDEF 167,078,665,400(-200 Billion)

INT  7100

SPD  99,700,291,000


【Inherent Skills】Fairy Magic, Fairy Eyes, Manifestation Dependency, Conceptual Resistance, Holy Sword (Stage 1)

Skills: Singing (S), Sword Arts (SS+), Humanization (S+), Four Attribute Magic (EX), Adjustment (S+), Concealment (S+)


Subordinate Contract(―)Parallel Thought(B-)

Titles: Dragon Killer, Master of Ancient Dragon, Rebel, Battle Master




「Oh, Oops, ei~~!!? Tsk, why is it so fast, it’s annoying!!」


Our sword techniques are on equal terms, however my speed can’t catch up, not to mention that it was ridiculously skilled. It’s probably the difference in combat experience.


At first, I used Holy Attribute from 『Holy Sword』 to attack, but it didn’t really do anything because the enemy in question is a former Holy Armor, and the fact that this doesn’t affect it at all also makes me quite annoyed.


「However, there are many ways to tilt the engagement! Now, Fairy Magic!!」



It was not a direct attack using fairy magic. Fairy Magic will have little effect on opponents that are on the same threat level as the user. That’s why,


(Turn the Floor into a quagmire!)


The next moment, the surrounding floor was transformed into a quagmire. Both our movements were restricted, but 『I Teleported behind it』





A quick transfer using『Space Magic』 and『Fairy Magic』 and I targeted the opponent’s leg with a powerful strike. But,






「Oops, guh!」


What ridiculous hardness, even with the huge difference in power the armor was barely dented and it didn’t even get blasted away. This… did it concentrate its power in that area? Uuuuw, my hands are slightly numb from the feedback.


The armor didn’t let that opportunity pass and sent a counter blow a thousand times faster than Genkaku’s Iai, however I was able to escape by transfer at the last moment. I returned to the position where I came from, but the Armor did not move and was only looking at me from where it was. It didn’t even pursue me.


If it was dented, that was more than enough evidence that it worked, so I continued the assault by making short range transfers aiming at its blind spots.


「Does this thing possess a sixth sense even though it’s just a lump of armor!!?」


Despite trying many times and aiming at blind spots, I always met a strong counter attack, as if I was being followed. What’s more ridiculous is that despite its bulky body, it was more than flexible enough to attack me even in the most ridiculous position and because it’s so big, its attack would reach me first.


It tried to overwhelm me with speed perceiving my every assault, however as long as transfer speed is faster its attacks are unable to hit me, though my attacks on the other hand barely damaged it. If any of its attacks were to hit me, I might seriously die from the sheer difference in power.


「Haaah…… can’t be helped. I guess I can’t just wing this and win without gambling……」


It’s easy to risk your life in such situations. The outcome will be decided in a single strike. However, failure would definitely mean instant death for me.2


If it was me from my previous life, I probably wouldn’t mind either way since I had nothing to lose……but now.


「Right now, I have Arena and everyone, so I won’t easily give up my life. And……right now, I’m not even a human anymore」


I don’t see myself as a human anymore. I will show you what a fight with Aidle the fairy is like in her original form.




For some reason the sword I am using also shrunk along with my size. It transformed into the right size that I need for the『Fairy Magic』that I will use.


(The image will be godspeed on myself, a sword for exorcism, and a wish to save everyone………?)


This time, it was the Ancient Armor that came rushing towards me. The mud floor was completely ignored. Not even a second passed, but as I was observing the situation,


I could hear it, their wish, their prayers.


On the other side of where La Veil was, I could hear their voices, cute voices, small voices.


(………My exhaustion is disappearing)


I could feel the tiredness vanishing from my body, and my headache disappearing from my mind. Oooh, I remember this feeling. This sensation is similar to what happened at the concert I did in Haval, the same way during the tournament at the royal capital. It was a time when everyone was smiling as they prayed.


The sword of the Ancient Armor approaches me, aiming for the kill. It was definitely its strongest strike and fastest swing so far. However, even that speed became 『Slow』 for my current disposition.


I could have warded off the sword that was filled with evil energy if I want to. But this time I instead, I countered with a powerful slash instead.


Aidleー (3) Lv.1065

Unique Race: Dimension Fairy (Awakened+)


・Status Altered by Fairy Magic・

HP    10,550,350/10,550,350

MP    42,639,989 /42,639,989

ATK  100,100,035,472(+100 Billion)

DEF  100,046,981

MATK  75,051,000,911(-300 Billion)

MDEF  67,078,665,400(-300 Billion)

INT   7100

SPD  599,700,291,000(+500 Billion)


At this point I didn’t really need that much physical attack, so I decided to just put enough to damage it and the rest was dropped on speed. I realized I only need one proper hit. Whether it can be done depends on how I deliver it. I didn’t really know the reason why but I just feel like I need to do it. That’s why,



「There is no need for me to transfer anymore!!」


I ignored the approaching sword and struck with my sword enchanted with 『Penetrate』. My sword flashed through with strings of wind spiraling as it went straight to its target, and with all my concentration thinking 『Pierce through the Ancient Armor』 I delivered the blow.




A shining trail of light went through the armor in a flash. After the flash though, no visible damage was seen in the armor. What I actually aimed at was not the armor itself but the 『Curse』 attached to it. The armor struggled to stop me the moment it probably felt my intent, but failed to stop me.


Soon after, the darkness covering the armor dispersed with intense momentum. It did try to struggle to attach itself back, but all it did was paint the armor with its color.




After a loud roar, the armor was covered by intense light and all the dark energy wrapping it was completely dispelled……




It seems like I have successfully defeated it, and the other side also finished their part so a notification of Level Up came. I was then assaulted by an intense headache, but I did my best for everyone…… I also humanized along the way back. Because the battle this time was far more intense than the fight with the scorpions, I’m literally dead tired……


A moment later, I also heard the sound of the armor collapsing. It was a white armor similar to what the Hero I have faced was wearing. Can it be equipped though? The corridor also returned to the beautiful mansion area.


『La Veil……It’s over』

『Umu. That dense murderous miasma also disappeared. Are you alright, Master?』

『As you can see, I am almost at the verge of dying from fatigue, but I’m fine. What about everyone?』

『The heck is with that reply……well anyway, Mika and Arena did their best and succeeded in annihilating their enemies. I’ll open up this side now, just a sec』


When La Veil returned to her Human Form to open a path, the kids immediately made a mad dash towards me. Arena was also flying following the kids from behind. Cielo and Mika were both hugging each other while crying but also smiling in relief.


「「「Onee-chan, are you alright!?」」」

「Oooh…yeah, I’m alright, just a little tired. We have defeated the monsters so everything should be alright now」


Probably feeling relieved from my words, the children sat down again around me.


Arena squeezes herself from the children and hugged me. Ahhh, finally my healing has arrived.


「Thank you for the hard work Aidleー……」

「Arena, you…… did you guide the children to pray for me?」

「Un, I thought that it would definitely help Aidle even a little. Did you receive it?」

「Of course…… I properly received it」


If it wasn’t for that, there would have been a big chance that I would have lost my concentration. Anyway, I’m really sleepy.


「It’s alright if I take a little nap, right?」

「Un, I’ll take a little rest as well, so take a good rest, okay?」

「Then I’ll let myself be spoiled by your words………」


Arena PoV:

Aidle slowly fell asleep in my arms, so I hugged and carried her like a little princess, and then I called out Maurice. Probably due to absorbing her magic power whenever we slept, Maurice has grown bigger.


「Maurice. Can you spread out flat and wide enough to become a bed for everyone to sleep on?」


After quivering as confirmation, it stretched its body wide enough to reach the walls of the hallway. I then instructed everyone to use Maurice as a bed and sleep. Everyone should rest after all, or at least have a little nap thinking about the battles that we’ve just faced.


Everyone started dozing off as they placed themselves on Maurice. Only Aidle was sleeping in my arms and I spent my time watching over everyone while being alert enough to move if necessary. Well, what I really wanted was to watch the sleeping face of my cute best friend though all for myself……






  1. TL Note: The effect of Insanity is not displayed on stats of the armor
  2. ED: I changed a bit here, but I’m not sure if it’s right.