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Chapter 99 Dungeon Fairy

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip


When I woke up, I was greeted by Arena’s saintly face as she was stroking my head while her other arm was my pillow. Eh, Maria-sama?


「Morning Arena, you didn’t sleep?」

「Morning, well I want to watch Aidle’s sleeping face and I wasn’t that tired compared to everyone else. Also, wasn’t it Mika who did almost all of the work this time?」

「I see……How long was I asleep?」

「I think it’s been around three hours now since that time. And look, the clock over there is also moving properly now, right?」


She’s right, the hands of the clock which was the trigger before are now working properly and moving along with the pendulum. Looking at the corridor which was an endless one before, it now has a proper path ending on a white wooden door.


「That, where do you think is it connected?」

「Dunno? Other than that, Aidle, can you take that away, it’s kind of prickly, you know?」

「Prickly?……eh, the heck is this?」


There was something white fitted in my body. Wait, this is armor. It was properly fitted on me and the design was closely made for ease of movement. I then turned towards the place where the Ancient Armor was supposed to be, but there was nothing there now, as if nothing happened.


「Around the time when Aidle and everyone else fell asleep, I noticed the armor glowing, and before I knew it Aidle was already covered in armor as if you had worn it yourself」

「Eehー……that’s just strangely disturbing. Ah, I could remove it」


I didn’t want to wear anything that Arena hates after all, but it’s a good thing that it easily came off. I’m glad it wasn’t some kind of cursed gear. It would have been a real pain if I had to destroy it every time I wanted to take it off, if it didn’t come off.


After taking off the armor, I was properly able to store it, and it didn’t forcefully return, unlike a certain sword I have. This will definitely be helpful.


「Though if I have this kind of equipment, I couldn’t help but really stand out」

「Aren’t you already standing out already……?」

「Well, it’s just that if I hide my face, I would still stand out with that on, right?」

「Eh, but you never truly hide your face anyway in the first place, don’t you?」

「Uu~~~Arena is bullying me~~~」

「Ah, sorry, sorry. Now, now, come over」


Arena spread her arms inviting me for a hug and I happily accepted it and hugged her back. Perhaps, it was because our roles have reversed where I’m the more childlike now that it was easy for her to control my emotions. Not like I hate though and it’s healing my soul.


After enjoying that moment for a bit, I then checked my status. Since I definitely got that Holy Armor, there were probably skills dedicated to it similar to the Holy Sword that I acquired.


Aidle(3) Lv.1340

Unique Race:Dimension Fairy(Awakened+)


HP   30,665,998/30,665,998

MP   63,600,023/63,600,023

ATK  342,803,900

DEF  311,009,010

MATK 542,269,990,444

MDEF 523,087,703,400

INT  7100

SPD  201,226,905,500


【Inherent Skills】Fairy Magic, Fairy Eyes, Manifestation Dependency, Conceptual Resistance,

  Holy Sword (Stage 2), True Holy Armor (Dormant)


Skills: Singing (S), Sword Arts (EX), Humanization (S+), Four Attribute Magic (EX), Adjustment (S+), Concealment (S+), Subordinate Contract (―), Parallel Thought (B-)

Titles: Dragon Killer, Master of Ancient Dragon, Rebel, Battle Master, ●・●●


・Holy Sword (Stage 2)

『When Activated, the status of the user is multiplied by 10 and it is possible to use 『Holy Attribute Magic』.――――――――――――」


・True Holy Armor (Dormant)

『DEF・MDEF is increased 10 times. Disable all abnormal conditions. If one acquires this skill, correction will be applied to the skill Holy Sword when used as a medium in improving its characteristics. This skill currently cannot be used because and is in a dormant status』



『Cannot be displayed』


The two from above are good, the third one on the other hand is strange and cannot be displayed for some reason. I’m kind of scared if this ended up as something like a bug on the system. Ugh……though I don’t really want to possess the skills of a Hero.


……Well, I think it’s going to be fine because my race didn’t really change or anything else right?


「Alright, time to get up」

「that’s right」


 After waking up everyone and returning Maurice to it’s original size, we went in front of the door that appeared.


「I wonder if we will encounter more corridors like this if we continue?」

「Please give up on that thought~ I don’t think I’ll have the mental tolerance to continue suffering from something like that……」

「Me too……」

「I don’t think we’ll encounter something more dangerous than that anymore though. Anyway」

「Let’s go, then」


When I opened the door and entered, 『I disappeared in front of everyone』




Something resembling a shrine stood in front of me. I wonder if that’s what I think it is. Maybe it will say『You won’t escape this place that easily- idiot』. Or『I decided to invite you because you are special and will be able to talk to the manager』. I wonder if I can still use 『Synchronization』?


『Arena Over?』

『Oohh Aidle. Where are you, why did you disappear so suddenly? Over~』


I’m impressed by the lovely angel that is Arena who always follows through with what I start.


『I was transferred in front of some kind of shrine. The bronze statue that welcomed me was so sloppy when speaking. What about everyone there?』

『We arrived in a place with a big round table where everyone could sit. There’s also a lot of magic tools placed on the desk』

『Roger that. I’ll return soon in the name of guts and flow』

『Roger that』

『Or rather why is it about guts and flow』 *Clank


We were able to exchange information without much trouble, though I ignored La Veil’s call and just cut off the 『Synchronization』 right after. It’s fine as long as the other side is safe. Now then, I’m sure I heard something click from the back. I head towards the direction where the sound came from.


Looking around, I found several statues resembling a wizard, or maybe witches? There’s also engravings on each one of them. Are they the owners of this dungeon from the past? But why witches though?


When I entered the room beyond the opened door, there was a man standing, waiting.


An old man, to be more precise around about 60 years old with dark green hair and wearing an all black outfit. The old man spoke to me while following with a refreshing smile.


「Nice to meet you pretty lady. I am in charge of managing this dungeon. Would it be possible to inquire of your name?」

「Ah……yes. It’s Aidle. What about you?」

「Aidle is it, I am really sorry but I still do not possess a name. I am only known as the manager of this dungeon」


Behind the old man was a strangely mysterious device fitted with a large jewel. It kind of resembled the transfer stone that I created but larger. I could also feel magic power overflowing from it’s core.


「Now then, I know that you have a lot of questions to ask and things to worry about, but before all that, would you mind listening to my story first? It’s been a long time since I had guests over after all, so I’m rather feeling quite uplifted you see」

「Ah, un. I also wanted to know a lot so it’s alright」

「Thank you, then how about we talk this over some tea and sweets?」


When the old man flicked his finger, a white desk with a pair of chairs popped up along with a tea set and a teapot filled with tea, and another one with milk. Many sweets also decorated the table surrounding the tea set. The lively old man then called me over. He seems to be genuinely happy about this.


「Then let us start.. First of all, this is the last floor of the dungeon, which is the 51st floor. I would like to offer you my heartfelt respect and praise to all of you for successfully conquering the dungeon. The many prizes for doing so are probably being examined by your friends right now. If you are worried about them though, would you like to see their current situation?」

「Uum, nah it’s fine, I have already confirmed it with the others」

「I see, so you were able to communicate with others. I am a bit envious of possessing such skill, very so……」


He let out a lonely laugh rubbing his hands together, but he then served me a new cup of tea noticing that my cup was empty. Oh, the scent has changed, it’s apple based tea this time.


「Although I look like this, I am not really human. It’s probably around 10,000 years since I was born. Normally, one wouldn’t develop such emotions, but emotions have accumulated in this dungeon after existing for such a long time. I couldn’t help but learn it slowly as time flowed」

「You did mention that you were in charge with the management earlier『Management』. So what exactly are you?」


I already activated my 『Fairy Eyes』 since a while ago, but even doing so I can’t see the status of this old man. It was the first time that I’ve ever encountered something like this so I’m a bit upset.


 However, the bombshell that the old man dropped right after was far more amazing than I expected.


「My race is 『Fairy』, one that was born in this dungeon. However, unlike normal fairies, I am tied to this dungeon and can’t get out」

「……Eh really? Are you really a Fairy?」

「Oh, so you know the existence of 『Fairies』 then? By the way, that crystal over there is called a『Dungeon Core』. Also the real 『Me』 is linked to that, you can take a look」


The old man smiled as if he had succeeded in doing a child’s prank. He also didn’t lie. Following his suggestion, I approached the dungeon core, which was emitting a fascinating glow, and when I took a closer look…


At the center of the magical device was the old man.


Nameless(12,998) Lv.1

Unique Race:Dungeon Fairy


HP   1/1

MP  ・Cannot be displayed・

AK   1

DF   1

MAK  1

MDF  1

INT  ・Cannot be displayed・

SPD   1


【Inherent Skills】 Dungeon Core (Deteriorated), Fairy Magic, Fairy Eyes, Manifestation Dependance


Skills:Humanization (EX)


Titles:Dungeon Administrator


・Dungeon Core (Deteriorated)

『Those possessing this skill have some authority in the dungeon. However, those who possessed this skill also cannot leave the dungeon』


I was dumbstruck. The status of the old man was ridiculous, after all he was literally integrated to the core, and only a part of him could be considered 『Living』. Anything other than that could not even be considered as a 『Living thing』 anymore. That explains why he was able to easily create all those things out of nothing, it involved 『Fairy Magic』.


The old man inside the core was curled as if he was sleeping. More like he can’t wake up at all. As I observed, the old man came next to me and then looked at me and the dungeon core alternately. 


I looked up at the old man’s face, but only shook his shoulders in response.


「……Is it because you are lonely? Is that why you called for me?」

「……I only want to share my knowledge. Luckily though, the person I invited this time seems to know of 『Fairies』 other than myself. That’s what I have been hoping for, other than that is just to have a good conversation with someone……after all, I wanted to know what real fairies are like, I want to know what they are like outside……that’s all that I’ve wished for」



I can’t stand it anymore. I gave the old man a big hug. How could someone continue to live with such terrible treatment.


「You are an idiot, old man……how could you live alone in this place for so long……that is just too sad」

「Ahaha, that is…kind of rough……I never expected anyone to cry for me, you know?」

「That’s only a natural reaction~~~」

「……thank you very much, Aidle-sama」


My tears continued spilling for quite some time. The old man also gently patted my head while I continued crying……