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Chapter 102 Loot and Invitation

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



「La Veil, you became smaller again after a long time」


「Indeed. At the time of the battle with the Holy Armor , Arena increased the duration effect, so I was okay, but this time I got tired in a lot of ways. It was quite a struggle」


「So how much do you want?」


「Until I am full」






I put my hand on top of La Veil as she was lying on top of Maurice and holding Arena. She was on the verge of falling asleep after the duration of her magic transformation ended. I then slowly let my magic power flow through her to which she gave out some cute cries, and as I was petting her like that she grabbed my hand and started suckling and playbiting with my fingers.


Cielo and Mika on the other hand were teaching the children how to cook. It was only a simple meat and vegetable stir fry though. I did warn them to pay attention to the use of seasonings, so it should be fine ……I really do hope so.


Oh, that’s right, after taking care of Cerberica, I haven’t really asked Quad what he would want to do.


「Hey Quad. What are you going to do now? I only wanted to release you, but would you like to come along with use for now? After that though」


「At the moment, I do wish to follow Aidle-sama. I want to at least give back something in return and it seems like going along with you guys would be fun. Would that be alright though?」


「Of course! Then, I guess, please take care of us too from now on?」


「Yes, I look forward to working with you」


「「「Nice to meet you!!」」」


With that, our dungeon troubles should be over now. It should be a good time for us to return, but before that I should examine everyone’s status and our loot. Alright, everyone gather around~


First up are the kids. All of them should be over 100 now, and they have reached the point where they would be able to live well on their own now. With their current status, they won’t be needing any backers to help them in the city.


「Ashia’s children group has also become great ~」


「Thanks to Aidle-san. They are going to be great when they grow up…」


・Average Status of Children




HP 700/700


MP 320/320


ATK   260


DEF   210


MATK  290


MDEF  220


INT   80


SPD  280


Skills: Throwing (D~C+), Trap Dismantling (C+~B)


If they were adventurers, their status alone should be around D Rank. They could also throw knives from mid range and could hunt monsters on their own as a group. Almost all of them could dismantle properly and are not afraid to fight. They have also watched our way of fighting a lot. And at night, I would play board games with them to increase their INT. As a result of this quest, I’d say I give everyone a passing grade.


Next up would be Cielo. She was also around the same level as the kids.


「Good work Cielo」


「It was the first time I worked really hard to train myself. Look here, it’s like I have some abs now, right?」


「Are you implicitly telling me to lick your wonderful belly button?」


「That’s not what I am saying at all!?」


Well, you know, you did roll up your clothes to show me though……


Cielo Folbranad La Veil Radd(15) Lv.130


Race: Human


HP 1340/1340


MP 2470/2470


ATK   1215


DEF   989


MATK  2166


MDEF  2370


INT   330


SPD  911


【Inherent Skills】Prophecy, God’s Eye


Skills: Water Magic (B-), Throwing (C-), 


Cooking (D-)


Titles: Saint, Priestess


Cielo should have more than enough physical strength to get by, and her water magic that she uses in healing everyday has also grown decently, and the daily muscle training until exhaustion has also shown its results. Good work, now you are more than capable enough to fight back if attacked by regular adventurers and fanatics. I would say, she had shown the most growth out of everyone.


……I wonder why I mostly have to train people that are in representative positions in their countries, such as Forna, but it can’t be helped because they are friends. Let’s go next without worrying about it.


「Mika really helped a lot this time. The useless Hero has now graduated」




Mika Sakurada (20) Lv.387


Race: Human (Awakened)


HP 145,611/145,611


MP 313,350/333,350


ATK   31,477


DEF   22,400


MATK  56,780


MDEF  51,102


INT  4200


SPD  53,900


【Inherent Skills】Automatic Recovery, Holy Sword, Automatic Translation, Item Box, Mental Resistance


Skills: Sword Arts (B+), Concealment (C+)


Appraisal (―)


Titles: Hero, Otherworlder, Blessed by the Goddess


Arena told me that she did her best fighting against the mass of scorpions and she also struggled fighting against the rampaging undead during the Holy Armor Battle. It must be that she acquired the 『Mental Tolerance』 skill due to being stuck on those really grinding battles, so I think she would become a great Hero? Well that’s what I’ve been told by everyone at least. With that, I hope she becomes a good guardian for Cielo when they return to La Veil Radd.


「La Veil’s level didn’t really increase that much though」


「Well, that’s to be expected since I am already in a really high level range. Not to mention that I only did the minimum while controlling the battlefield so it can’t be helped. It’s okay though since I was able to get my fill of that Mead」


Well if it was not for La Veil, we would have really struggled getting past the 20th floor, and I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate on my fight with the Holy Armor. That’s why I consider her the MVP. She’s also an indispensable straight man partner…


Finally, Arena who was the center of support and assistance, which greatly helped Mika during the Ghoul Battle. Her Levels have now surpassed Testania-san. That’s great Arena, you might now have become the best in our Fairy Village!




「You don’t have to force yourself to wake up. You may continue sleeping」




Arena (103) Lv.366


Race: Fairy


HP 1570/1570


MP 13,420/13,420


ATK   899


DEF   6420


MATK  3590


MDEF  10,057


INT  16,500


SPD  530


【Inherent Skills】Fairy Magic, Manifestation Dependency, Limited Growth


Skills: Concealment (SS), Parallel Thinking (SS+), Twin Sword Arts (A-)


I don’t really understand her growth despite being from the same fairy race. Her INT has grown to more than double compared to mine. I don’t think I would be able to normally win when competing with her. I do wonder though just how far her growth would reach……




As for Quad, probably an after effect of being linked and released from the dungeon core, there was a huge change in status and Race.


Quad・Cerberica (0) Lv.300


Unique Race: Amartis (Awakened)


HP  5985/5985


MP  420万0250/420万0250


ATK  30


DEF  3677


MATK  388,021


MDEF  365,470


INT   35,500


SPD   73,344


【Inherent Skills】Fairy Magic, Manifestation Dependency, Fairy Eyes, Precise Usage


Skills: Humanization (EX)


Titles: Reincarnated Fairy


・Precise Usage


『Increase all Skill Ranks by one』


First of it, after being separated from the dungeon, the Race changed to Amartis. It means 『Servant』, though if I think about Quad’s situation, he should be the one needing servants. After all, he did serve the world for a very long time.


I don’t really know why the Race changed, but it definitely had something to do with『Reincarnation』 in his title. As for me, I’m glad to have a companion as a reincarnated individual in this world. The skill 『Precise Usage』 will also be quite useful when learning new skills.


「Or rather, why doesn’t Quad have a fairy like temperament?」


「Well, I don’t know about that either. But, it is not inconvenient, so I don’t really mind」


Well, I also don’t mind being in the presence of a dandy old gentleman. However, despite his appearance, he is still a fairy so he does possess the mischievous part of being one. I do want to get spoiled by sitting in his lap all the time though.


Then, as for me, my status didn’t change at all. If there are any changes, it’s only the new title 『Dungeon Ruler』 that was added. It was probably because I was forcefully linked to it a while ago and served as something like a proxy. Well, it couldn’t really be helped so I set it up in full auto and left it be.


More importantly, it’s time for magic tools.I’m really glad that we found a lot but I don’t know what will be useful. So I let Quad explain about them one by one.


・Revenant Board x6


『A board made from Revenant ore. By channeling magic power, it enables movement in the air. The speed increases or decreases depending on the magic power flowing through it.』


By the way, it seems that all these magical tools were brought by the witches.They said it was the best of their creation that they had brought in case someone had actually cleared the dungeon. I guess, they were all really having fun.


It’s kind of like a surfboard in size. It’s designed to hold your feet in place, so you only need to relax and try to not let it flip……


「Oh, Oooh! It’s floating!!」


「You seem very excited, Master. Even though you could fly on your own」


「Aidle, unfair! I want to do it too!!」


The board apparently changes its direction of travel by shifting and tilting the center of gravity. There was no problem in making single turns or sharp turns or even a sudden stop. The Revenant ore seemed to be pure, and there was no apparent problem even if it consumed a little more magic power. If we can mass produce this, we can definitely sell it.


Ah, Mika fell face first……


「……guh……it hurts…」


「Oh, come on now, don’t cry. You’ll learn how to do it with practice. I’ll help you out so hang in there, okay?」




What’s the use of your mental tolerance for…… I held her hand and guided her on how to float and balance herself, and after a while she was able to learn it, so I told her to teach Cielo after. I then asked Quad to explain the next Magic Tool.


Quad then held a bell the size of the palm of his hand.


・Bell of Monster Avoidance x6


『A bell that emits a sound that monsters hate for a certain amount of time. The sound is inaudible to humans.』


Oh ……, this would start a revolution if we sold it to merchants. I can’t mass produce it because the adventurers might go out of business. So the stock will be limited,


・Magic Light Sword x10


『A sword with a blade constructed out of magic that is generated while magic power is consumed. The sharpness depends on the magic power consumed.』


「This looks interesting. Let’s test it out」


「Because it is a thing that I have not used for a long time, I think that it is better for me to use it to the degree of getting used」


「Right, right」


I let the magic flow, and a magic sword appeared. I punctured the walls with it a few times, and it shattered after hitting around ten times. The strength of the sword also changes with the amount of magic power it consumed. This might be a good substitute weapon for people who mainly use magic. Mass production is also possible.


「And last but not least. Isn’t this huge? What kind of magic tool is it?」


It was a round sphere… made of some kind of metal.


「It’s called Magic Metal Body. In the center of the sphere, there is a revenant ore that has been processed. When you pour magic power into it, it transforms into whatever you imagine. For example, if you use it as a weapon, no matter how many times it transformed, it will return to its original state after, so you don’t need to maintain it」


While saying that, Quad channeled his magic, and the sphere wriggled like slime and detached part of it. Then just as Quad has said, the part that was detached turned into a simple spear type weapon.


「The metals that detached even if brought apart will still possess the magic power of the revenant ore and will be possible to pull back to it’s parent」


When Quad thrusts the spear against the wall, the spear turns into liquid metal again and returns to the sphere. So that’s the basic usage. It’s fun to see how many different ways this can be used. If I can make a smaller version of this, I can use it for infinite knife throwing giving me an advantage in battle. Alright, I’ll take it!


 I put away all of the magic tools, finding them mostly useful, and then we all ate together with the kids who had just finished cooking dinner. Quad was so impressed with the meat and vegetable stir-fry made by the kids that he shed a few tears as he ate it with a smile on his face.


「Iya, this is so good……Taste is such a great sensation, isn’t it?」


「Is this the first time properly tasting something?」


「Yes, my body was in the core, so I was enjoying all the tea and sweets just for the atmosphere」


「It was delicious though, the ones you have prepared」


「It’s a reproduction of the knowledge and sensations that was present in the core. Now that I think about it, I wonder if they belonged to her, Mother that is」


Well, thinking about it, she did throw herself into the core after all. Her soul was even present for such a long time with her memories intact inside the core. It’s definitely not a surprise for Quad to inherit her knowledge.


「Um, Aidle-san」 




I had just finished eating and was about to go to bed when Ashia called out to me with the others behind her. What is it?


「After we get out of this dungeon, are we going to leave the city?」


「……Ah, well, do you still want to continue as Stray Baggers? If it’s your current condition, you should be more than capable enough to survive in the dungeon even without the help of grownups. I’m pretty sure that if everyone grows up well, they would be among the top ranking adventurers」


「Yes, but I don’t think the people of the Adventurer’s Guild would leave us alone in this state. We may end up deceived and used for their own good……. So, is there any good country that you could recommend us?」


Hou, you were able to predict it, so my words were pretty much unnecessary at this point. I patted Ashia’s head and kneeled in front of her.


「How about… after we get out of here, why don’t you all take the Red Dragon Express to Ladaria?」


「Ladaria……is it? Is that the place Aidle-san and everyone came from?」


「Yes, and just in case I’ll give you a letter I wrote, and you can give it to the black-haired man and woman who will be at the gates. He will definitely take you to the castle and listen to everyone’s story」


I handed Ashia the letter I had prepared in advance. The black-haired ones are the Heroes, and they probably haven’t been changed from the time Ojas deployed them at the gate. Ashia took it with care and put it in her purse.


In any case, I need to prepare a necklace for the Red Dragons to be recognized as a follower. If hundreds of red dragons suddenly appear in the sky, they’ll probably think it’s the end of the world.


「Well, Ashia and the others can get used to their new life in Ladaria before us. We’ll be back in Ladaria soon enough」


「Un……. Thanks for everything, Aidle-san」


「「「Thank you!!」」」


「Yeah, you’re all welcome」


I smiled and happily accepted their thanks. Nishishi~~




「Do Ashia and her Friends like to sing and dance?」


「The same as what Arena-san is doing? Yes, we also like to do it」


(Yoshi, not I have secured some new members)