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Chapter 103 10,000 Years of Experience

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip


 This is the edge of the 49th layer. As usual, there was a sea of sand all around, and huge worm monsters and fast-footed bird monsters specialized in desert environments were throwing themselves at each other in a world where the weak and the strong devoured one another.


Today, however, something happened that the monsters had not expected. A rock wall that was buried under the sand for a long time now began to resurface. Loud grinding sounds and strong vibrations spread out as it slowly arose out of the sands, followed by a really loud roar.


The rock wall was something that the demons could not break no matter how many times they attacked. And so, thinking that the source of the roar was the master of the structure made the demons flee far away. And then……




「Iyaa……we’re finally out!!」


「Why did you do it using your fist, Master. Don’t you have a Holy Sword that you could use」


「Well, let’s just say that I’m not in the mood of using it」


「This is just ridiculous……」




「My Holy Sword can’t even scratch it……」


「E, erm, it’s alright, Aisle-san is just strange so don’t think about it!」


「Ahaha, that is certainly quite a bold move」




We finally decided to make our escape. It was fine getting into the shrine, but we were not able to get out. That was a really bad miscalculation. But well, knowing information about the dungeon, I do know that the layers are connected so with that in mind, I decided to just break the walls in order to get out. And since Mika’s Holy Sword can’t even put a scratch on it, I decided to smash it with my bare fists. Brute force for the win.


I immediately set up a water and wind barrier cooler as before, and asked La Veil to lead everyone as I repaired the wall that I just broke.


「Now then, this desert area should be the last part of this hierarchy, right? La Veil, do you know where the other Red Dragons are?」


「Hm? Hmmm, yeah……though, I think you should be able to notice it too. It’s quite faint, but you should have been able to detect the place where their magic power is gathering. Perhaps they are also finally done with convening to other what I told them」


「Yoshi, then let’s pay them a visit then? 」


「Leave it to me」


La Veil transformed into a Red Dragon and got all the kids on board. The kids were so excited to know that they could travel in the sky again, and we were soothed by their excitement. Quad also followed excitedly behind them. I felt my eyes tearing up a little.


「I am quite excited. After all, everything that’s happening right now is still new to me」


「Why don’t you also try returning to your fairy form as you watch over the kids. You might also find that fun?」


「Ooh, I will do so」


Quad turned back into a fairy and flew towards the area where the children were sitting. When Quad is in his fairy form, he looks just like a normal young boy. He still had the same green hair making him look like a young version of himself. Why is it that when he humanizes, he becomes a dandy old man? Is it because of his mental age or something?


Mika and Cielo also took their spot at the head of La Veil with Arena, while I sat at the back. When La Veil jumped up, Quad was the one who shouted the loudest in surprise.


『We have been waiting for you, oh revered one. We, the Red Dragons, are ready for our journey』


『umu, then I ask everyone. You don’t have any problems using 『Humanize』?』


『Of course. While we were waiting, we all practiced together. Everyone acquired it as a skill, so it’s not a problem.』


The Red Dragons were found around the 30th level. There are about 300 of them, and if they’ve all acquired the 『Humanization』 skill, then there’s no problem. I mean, they were all too clever for that. They all have a rank of D in Humanization. They’ll still have some monster characteristics, but we’ll be able to say they’re new beastmen. I’m sure Forna wouldn’t mind.


「All of you Red Dragons, don’t let the people outside make a fuss about you. …… Well, they’re going to make a fuss about you anyway, so for now, I want all of you to wear a necklace for a follower’s contract to keep them from thinking it the wrong way, okay?」


『A Monster Contract? We don’t mind doing so if it’s only that, distinguished fairy』


「You sure are quite perceptive. You may take that off if you are in human form」


『We don’t really mind either way. After all, we were mere kin of a much higher being』


Oh, I got the immediate okay. I was relieved to see that they all wore them without any discomfort. I thought they would be more proud, but they were obedient. But well, for La Veil, she would only find something like this to be 「Boring」. I know because of the way she is.


「And then I need you all to give the kids a ride when we leave. I’ll draw you a map of the location and give it to you later.」


『Those children… They were proudly carried by our most noble being. There is no reason for us to decline it』


「I see. Thank you for the work then」


And so, after everyone was mounted, we once again took off. The children worked in pairs with one older kid supporting the younger ones. Good luck, big brothers and sisters, please look after the younger ones.


Also, it was decided that we should leave the dungeon at midnight. If a large number of Red Dragons disappeared into the sky during the day, the surrounding countries would be wary. Let’s go out of the dungeon at once when everyone is asleep, and have them go in human form to the outside of the city. We all agreed that once we got out of the city, they would turn into Red Dragons from there and take the kids to Ladaria.


What about Floor 20? I’ve used fairy magic to take control of the space from outside the door to allow me to activate magic. We then destroyed the scorpions in just a few minutes. Everyone looked super refreshed after. The traps were easily disarmed by the kids and we moved past them in an instant.


From the 19th level, it’s a meadow. There’s almost no adventurers moving above the 10th level. Even so, just to be safe, I used 『Fairy Magic』 to detect if there are others around. If we are spotted, the adventurer might report us, so we all move quietly in the daytime in our humanized state.


「Still can’t hide your tail, huh?」


「I am sorry for my inaptitude……」


「Well, I it can’t be helped」


The Red Dragons are now in their 『Humanized 』forms. However, there were horns sticking out of their heads, a long tail growing out of their bottom, and incidentally, I could also see red scales on their arms and legs, though they were thinner than usual. Their eyes were also more reptilian.


Their bodies on the other hand were slender, neutral, and very beautiful. And although they were all naked, their specific parts were properly covered in scales. Cielo and Mika were blushing when they saw the guys.


We took one long break around noon. It was a measure to get the kids moving late at night. We let the kids take a nap, and the Red Dragons rested as firmly as possible.


Aidle was being taught something by Quad in the meantime. It was regarding the way he recreated『Food』 from knowledge and memory.


The taste of those teas and pastries were wonderful. That’s why she thought that if she could recreate the taste from her previous life, she would definitely want to be able to do so.


However, Quad was looking apologetic.


「That took me 10,000 years of practice to do it……I’m not sure if it will live up to Aidle-sama’s expectations.……」


「Well, I don’t think I will be able to do it like Quad, but as long as I can reproduce it to some extent, I’m fine with it. I don’t care how long it takes, so will you please!」


「No, I’m not at all reluctant to teach you. I am actually more than happy to do so」


I did it! I exclaimed while waving Arena around in delight. In her previous life, Aidle was not really what one would consider a normal girl. Even if she had the ingredients, she could not make a dish she had never eaten before. The food specific to this world is great, but she thought it would be great to have it with the food from her previous life’s knowledge. Once again, I am very happy to have a Quad as our new companion.


「Now, let me tell you directly how I create my images using fairy magic. You’ll learn faster this way.」


Quad put his hand on Aidle’s head and activated the fairy magic.






Then Aidle’s head looked like it puffed up and then blew off. With a whooshing sound, she fell towards the group of red dragons. All the people who were watching the event were stunned but they could only watch.


What Quad did was simple, he just gave Aidle the same experience that he had practiced directly into Aidle. Yes, it was more than 10,000 years worth of experience……As a result, for reasons unknown, Aidle’s body exploded and was blasted away. She had retained her original form, but one could see that she was twitching suspiciously.


After a while, the situation finally registered in their minds and they began to make a fuss.


「Aidle!? 」


「Oh no……I should have kept it short」


「This is no time to be talking about that! I don’t even know how I should react in this situation!!?? 」


La Veil retorted against the old man, but then realised that this one is indeed essentially a fairy.


「Um, well, let’s see. Can I just pray to God?」


「Cielo, she is not dead!! Probably!!」


As the Red Dragons, who were distracted by Aidle’s strange twitching, kept their distance, Arena came running and sat down next to Aidle. She then picked her up and put her on her lap and started stroking her head as usual.


For some reason, the smoke from her head began to dissipate, and Aidle stopped convulsing.


「Aidle~ are you awake~?」


「………………………gah, I thought I was going to die」


(((What the heck happened!!!??? )))


Oh, that was a close one, I would have gone through the gates of Hades if I hadn’t been healed by Arena. All of Quad’s accumulated experience was instantly transferred to me, and my brain nearly went poof. That was a close one.


「Master, fairy or not, aren’t you too strange?」


「I’m sorry, Aidle-sama, it seems like I made a mistake.……」


「Ah, it’s fine. Thanks to you, I’ll be able to do it earlier than I expected. La Veil, it’s because for me, Arena is an all purpose panacea」


Really, just being pampered by Arena is enough to relieve my fatigue in an instant, so this is no small feat. Now then, that’s a huge amount of fairy magic experience I almost died to get. I’ll have to practice it as soon as possible. I’m still a bit new to this, so I’ll get used to it in time.


「My goal is to conquer Japanese, Western and Chinese food. So look forward to it, Arena」






Alright, let’s give it a try.


「……Hmmm……what, what is this result? 」


「……amumum……un, bitter!!」


「Jelly~? 」


The result: something incredibly bitter, irregularly spasmodic and gelatinous.