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Chapter 107 Air Travel Dream

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip


「 Now that I think about it, that was an unusually forceful move on your part, Master.」


「 I can’t help it. It has to have that kind of impact. Besides, we have to use the name value of the martial arts association, right? You know, for the fun of it.」


「 That was beautiful~♪」


「 That was good. Here, lick the next one.」


「 Hammuu……bitter~」


「 Hammuu……Indeed, it is~~It’s not going well」


After handing over the documents to the guild officials in Amone, we quickly sent out the carriages and Golem Horses and departed. It was a good thing that my stay in Amone was shorter than I had expected, because even in that short time I was able to make Cielo stronger, and Mika got enough strength to fight the heroes.


And so here we are, on our way to La Veil Radd, Cielo’s hometown. It gets colder the closer we get to the north, but it doesn’t matter to us fairies. However, La Veil was cold, so Arena and I, in our fairy forms, stuck together and used fairy magic to keep her warm.


And I’ve been practicing adjusting taste with candy balls while Arena and everyone else taste-tests them. The worst taste I’ve ever had actually made my tongue hurt so badly…… would you even call that flavor?


「 I don’t know why it would end up spicy when I’m trying to make it sweet……?」


「 That’s because you think of competing flavors in your mind. And when that happens, it’s easy to get the opposite taste.」


「 Hueeeh……I wish I could think of something simpler.」


The old gentleman Quad answered while happily pulling the reins of the golem horse on a rider stand, but this horse doesn’t really need to be reined in…


I don’t know what it is about me, but I’m not good at thinking about one thing, solely because I think with a human sense. I think I can do it if I just let myself go with the flow, but I want to be able to bring it out in my daily life.


「 Everyone~, I got it~, taste it~♪」


「 Ah, un………Wow, super yummy……」


「 It’s true, it tastes just like World Tree candy.」


I’m not sure what to make of this. And Arena is learning to use it faster than I am…… Isn’t that too high a spec?




Oops, it looks like the hero and the saint have reached their limits again. It’s time to take a break.


With the snow-covered mountains in the distance and the meadow still in sight, we were drinking warm soup and talking about the future. According to the story, La Veil Radd should be over there.


「 So, what kind of country is La Veil Radd? All I know about it is that it’s full of hero believers.」


「 You don’t know anything about it…… Well, La Veil Radd is a secluded country with lots of mountains. Of course, it’s not really dangerous at all because there are special roads, right?」


「 And it’s a beautiful country with pure white buildings all over the place. Also the people are warm-hearted and kind to those who come from outside!」


After that, I listened to the two of them talk. The rules and peculiar dress code of the brave cultists. The location of the church, the terrain, and the castle with the cathedral where Cielo’s house was also located.


「 Where’s Goutani? Do you know what he’s doing now?」


「 Right now……I don’t know what to make of it. Information from La Veil Radd doesn’t usually get out that much. The only thing people know about us is that there was a Hero cult. Besides, the takeover was instantaneous……It is possible that he has already taken the position of the Pope. The people can’t see the face of the Pope normally after all……」


「 Besides, if it’s the Pope’s word, all his followers will act accordingly, and if he’s not careful, he could be adding a lot of rules…… I don’t think he’d be that obvious of a fool.」


So we won’t know if they have taken over. If the people are not living in ignorance, they’ll probably try to rescue Cielo’s father and be done with it. But if the people are living in ignorance, I guess we’ll just rescue Cielo’s father and be done with it, though we’ll have to get Goutani out of La Veil Radd.


The concern is that new rules may have been imposed based on the Pope’s words? I hope it’s not to our disadvantage.


「 So let’s figure out a plan. Do you two have anything?」


「 Regardless, I need to go get my holy armor. With it, I’ll be able to fight Goutani, and with my current status, I can win!」


「 I will rescue my father. If the real Pope can speak, we can undo the Goutani takeover. The way in is through a tunnel that we escaped from. We can go through it.」


That’s enough for a proper attack. If we can get our group in there, we can do it safely. That is, if there are no irregularities.


「 Okay, let’s pick a group.」


After a short discussion, each group was decided.


The team that aims to regain the holy armor and defeat the Goutani:


・La Veil




Team to rescue Cielo’s father:






La Veil Radd Exploration Team:






「 Okay, that’s perfect.」


「 I’m gonna beat you to it, Master.」


「「 Supplementary information?」」


「 Arena is cute, but when the master does it, it’s infuriating……」


Well…because I want to explore a new country. It’s not like I’m going to end it all on top of everything else. If anything, I feel like I’m intervening too much. Besides, I have things to do, you know?


「 I said explore, but basically what I’m doing is gathering information and seeing how the country is doing. I don’t even know how it has changed. After that……Cielo, about the previous mentioned tunnel, where is that connected to?」


「 Eh? Uh, the Pope’s chambers and an abandoned mine in the mountains.」


「 They probably know, so you shouldn’t use it, okay?」


「 That’s true.」


Cielo was disappointed to hear those words. No, there’s no way they don’t know about it, and there’s no way her father hid that from them. There’s got to be a trap.


「 So how do we get in? If they check the gate, they’ll know for sure, right? Especially Cielo.」


「 Well, if not from the ground, then from the air.」




I told them how to get in, then got up and stowed the golem horse and cart. Now, I think I’ll stay in the tent until night. It’ll be warmer if I keep it warm with fairy magic.


「 Hey, don’t just talk and start preparing!?」


「 Oi, isn’t it cold enough for you!?」


「 I, I’m going to die.~~~」


I was thinking about it when three blue-faced individuals grabbed me by the shoulders and protested. What about Arena? She’s having tea with Quad.


「 I’ll lend Mika Maurice to cushion her, La veil will keep her warm until she lands, and Cielo will be safe with Quad holding her. Besides, Quad is better with fairy magic than I am. I’m sure he’ll be able to handle it without me.」


「 Ye, Yeah, that may be true, but……」


「 Hmm. Well, there you go.」


I stood up and invoked my fairy magic.


( The image is that of my alter ego when I created it in Galania. This time, it’s not restoration, it’s……, and it’s activated!)


From the palm of my hand, my alter ego appeared as a fairy. The fairy spread out and split into two more bodies, each of which rested on one of my shoulders.


Arena then said 「 Hey Aidle, I want one too, I want one too, can I have one?」 but she’ll just have to put up with it for now.


「 A, amazing, an adorable fairy……A less articulate Aidle was born……」


「 Let go of me you, you fool!」


「 Wow, that’s one way to talk, alright!!」


It talks just the way I think. It’s much noisier, though. This time, there’s more than one, so it will be a bit one-sided. I don’t know if that shows that I’m not a good speaker, but I didn’t think I was that bad…?


「 Mika will be punished later……It’s an alter ego that can communicate, so it can connect to me if you ask. Just make sure to replenish its magic power regularly.」


「 Fairy magic, as usual, is completely questionable……」


「 Stop~」


La veil is playing around with my alter ego and seems to be a bit obsessed with it, while Quad puts it on his head and smugly gives it candy bars, saying, 「 Interesting way to use it.」


「 Ehe, ehehe……」




「 Ehehehe……haa!!」


For what reason would someone try to look/peek between the legs of a person’s alter ego? This piece of junk is……


In the middle of the night, in a land surrounded by mountains that could be called extremely cold, the silvery land of La Veil Radd would be illuminated by the moonlight, and far above it, a red dragon was waiting for its moment, descending gently.


「 Uwah…… is this where we drop off?」


「 I’m scared! I can’t do this!!!!」


「 Quad, Cielo, don’t let her go. She’s gonna pass out.」


「 Yes, ma’am.」


Quad took Cielo by the waist and lifted her up. It shouldn’t be cold yet, but Cielo just couldn’t stop shivering. At times like this, you just have to go. Cielo struggled to break free, but Quad was unfazed.


Okay, let’s go, shall we?


「 Oh, wait! I’m not ready yet! I’m going to the bathroom! I’m going to the bathroom! I’m going to the bathroom!「 Have a nice drop.」「 Then 」Gyaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~…………」


Oh, they fell. When I turn to Mika, she hugs Maurice even tighter and starts shaking. It looks like she’s about to squeeze the slime in two parts, though it’s still sucking in her magic.


『 You’re like a demon right now, Master…』


「……I, I knew it.「 Then humanize La veil.」『 Umu 』 Iyaaaaaaaa~~~~~~~~~~………」


It’s a good scream, too. Now, I have to tell Maurice to 『 Synchronize 』.


『 Maurice, Mika’s probably going to faint too, so please take care of her, okay?』




『 I’m pleased with myself for doing it, but you’re also enjoying yourself, my master.』


『 I think it’s just right for a pervert hero that tried to look at a fairy’s panties.』


I know you were terrified when you saw Cielo’s condition, but you should have a taste of Cielo’s suffering too (Evil Grin).


I we watched, Arena and I turned into fairy form and then we both flew down.


「 Aidle, what about us~?」


「 Let’s just go in as normal.」


「 Alright~♪」


You see, we’re adventurers, after all.

「 We’ve arrived safely but…… it seems like you’re not going to wake up for a while.」 Landing lightly with fairy magic


「……」Fainted while blowing bubbles and with white eyes.


「 Mika, we’re here. Wake up.」 Landing comfortably with dragonic Magic.


「……」She bounces off Maurice’s body and crashes face-first into the ground.