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Chapter 108 Mika Side: The Cursing He


Chapter 108 Mika Side: The Cursing Hero


TL: Yuki

ED: Filip




「 Mou, you meanie. My face still hurts~……」


「 After this, you need to stop peeking at the Master’s underwear.」


「 Right 」


「 Uuuu~~~」


La Veil and the alter ego Aidle gave me a dumbfounded look, and I slumped my shoulders. But it’s not like that. You see, when you look at a figurine, you can’t help but look at the whole thing, because you’re interested in the shape and form, right? I didn’t understand it at first, when I listened to them talking about it in the other world, but Aidle is cute……, and her fairy form is even cuter…… so I just had to see it! It’s a matter of necessity!!


「 Anyway, Mika, do you know where this area is?」


「 Ah……hmmm. It’s okay, I know this place.」


I looked around and got a general idea of where we were. Great, we’re near the cathedral. It’s close to the castle, and I can go and get it done quickly.


「 That’s the direction to the castle. We’re at the edge of the country, so let’s move along the wall and aim for the castle. My holy armor is on the highest floor of the castle, so let’s approach it from the outside and climb up.」


「 Okay. I’ll contact you then. Master II.」


「 Got it 」


( Master II……?)


When La Veil asked the alter ego to communicate with her, she gave it a strange name, and then it nodded and stuck to La Veil’s ear. What is that? It’s so cute! I want to do that next time!


「 Master, we have arrived safely.」


『 Okay, Cielo and the others are a bit far away, but they’re down near the cathedral. We’ll go through the gate, and you can start moving as soon as possible. If you think it’s dangerous, don’t hesitate to use my homemade transfer stone.』


「 All right, then. See you later.」


『 Be careful, okay? Bye.』


When the communication was cut off, the alter body left her ear and went back on her shoulder.


「 I tried to use it, but I’m more familiar with Synchronization, so I didn’t need it… Mika, you can keep Master II.」


「 Why didn’t you just let me use it from the beginning?」


「 Ah… sorry about that 」


I regained my composure and ran around the edges of La Veil Radd in the midst of the night when people were sleeping, avoiding the patrols as I went on. It’s hard to keep your footsteps as silent as possible since there’s almost no sound in the city.


「 I never thought the night would be so quiet.」


「 Even the taverns in La Veil Radd are closed after the sun has completely set. I think the only places with lights are the inns.」


「 That’s one of the rules of heroism. It’s really annoying.」


「 Haha, I think so too.」


La Veil and I talked about this as we made it to the walls of the castle. The guards are …… not that many. I used concealment to hide myself, and La Veil did the same, so we then jumped over the wall.


「 Nn?………Was it just my imagination……」


I heard a little noise and the older guard turned around, but he couldn’t see me, so he didn’t notice. I let out a sigh and took out my holy sword.


「 Why did you take out the Holy Sword?」


「 It’s like dowsing. If there’s holy armor nearby, it can respond……… Okay, there it is. Let’s go.」


「 That is quite convenient……」


I didn’t expect it to be left in the same place as it was, but that’s a good thing. With that, I can use my special abilities. Thinking of this, my steps naturally became faster.


We waited for the guards patrolling the vicinity of the tower to leave, and then we entered the tower. The tower was a simple structure, with a straight spiral staircase leading to a room at the top. It was originally meant to house the Great Sinners, but Goutani-kun said he would keep my holy armor in there……and ……


I remembered something and stopped in my tracks.


「 What’s the matter, Mika? We’re almost at the top chamber?」


「 That’s right…… There’s no way Goutani-kun didn’t set any traps. …… La Veil, can you use magic now?」


「 Hmm?……I can’t use it. This feeling……It’s like when we were in the 20th floor of the dungeon.」


「 II-chan, can you communicate?」


The alter body shook its head. We can’t…… do this, we have to escape.


「 La Veil, the entire tower here, is a magic tool that prevents magic from being used while it is activated. In addition, Goutani-kun can also place a 『 Curse 』, so the moment we enter the room, we may be subjected to the 『 Curse 』. That’s why Aidle has to be there.」


「 Impossible, I see. Then let’s go outside for a while. I can’t even channel my magic here. I’m surprised that my 『 Synchronization 』 can’t be used. It’s more powerful than floor 20, restricting even a covenant.……now that I think about it, you’ve just realized this now Mika, that’s a few points deduction 」


「 Uuuu~~~I’m sorry……」


 La Veil was angry but only gave me a forehead flick…… We then tried to use the 『 Concealment 』 again to get out of the tower.


That’s where we ran into them.


「 I got called in, but who are you people?」


「 !?」


The man standing in front of Mika and La Veil was wearing the holy armor of a hero and was looking at us while holding a holy sword in one hand that he had already drawn.


「 If you’re here, you must know about the holy armor, right? Are you some kind of hero’s spouse? Let me see your face.」


「……Long time no see, Goutani 」


「 Hah?……Sakurada, huh?」


When Mika took off her hood to reveal her face, the man called Goutani’s face lit up, and he began to giggle like a child.


「 Oi, oi, it’s been a while indeed! I was a little worried that you might have put Cielo-chan in danger after leaving with her after I put a 『 Curse 』 on you and was not sure what to do, but it seems like it was alright!! Nn? So who is that girl over there, where did Cielo-chan go!!?」


「 That’s not the case. I was helped by these people. They also helped me return here. 」


「 Heeh, is that so 」


 When Goutani found out that it wasn’t Cielo, he instantly looked disinterested and replied curtly, but Mika, who knew about the anomaly, didn’t react and continued talking.


「 What are you doing here?」


「 Hah? Of course, it’s to keep others from taking your holy armor. That’s why I put up a lot of my curses around here, you know? I didn’t expect you to fall for it, though. If you’ve come this far, you’ve only just realized that my abilities have been activated, haven’t you? You’re always like that, aren’t you? 」


「 That, that is……」


Mika paled at Goutani’s words and hurried to check the status of herself and La Veil.


Sakurada Mika(20) Lv.387


Race: Human (Awakened)


・ Status reduction due to curse skills ・


HP 14,561/14,561


MP 33,335/33,335


ATK 3147


DEF 2240


MATK 5678


MDEF 5110


INT 4200


SPD 5390


Automatic Recovery, Holy Sword, Automatic Translation, Item Box, Mental Resistance


Status Limitation (Curse), Restricting Alarm (Curse) 


Skills: Swordsmanship Arts (B+) Concealment (C+) Appraisal (-)


Title: Brave, Otherworlder, Blessed by the Goddess


La Veil(1653)♀ Lv.1085


Inherent Race: Red Dragon (Ancient Dragon): Human State


・ Status reduction due to curse skills ・


HP 4030/4030


MP 2102/2102


ATK 5268


DEF 8687


MAK 13,088


MDEF 13,269


INT 2200


SPD 25,798


【 Inherent Skill 】 Dragon Scale, Inferno, Super Synchro


 Status Restriction (Curse) Restricting Alarm (Curse)


Skills: Dragon Magic (S), Fire Magic (S+), Body Size Difference Correction (A+)


Title: Descendant of the Ancient Dragon


・ Status restriction (Curse)


『 Reduce all statuses to 1/10 except INT 』


・ Restricting Alarm (Curse)


『 Keep certain people aware of your whereabouts.』


「 You know what Asahina always says? You should check your status often. You haven’t learned anything, have you……」




Biting down so hard that her lips bled, Mika endured the words, regretting that it was her fault and thinking that he was right. After all the help Aidle had given her, she had grown stronger. She was angry at herself for being so lax.


However, there was still some hope.


「 So, where’s Cielo?」


「……I wonder 」


The fact that Goutani was here meant that Cielo and the others could go and help the Pope without any obstacles. But that’s only if Goutani hadn’t planted the Curse on them.


「 What good does it do to lie low? …… Oh, right. The person behind you said you were a collaborator. I’m sure you’re not the only one who has a problem with this. If you have holy armor, you can certainly block my attacks and abilities…… dammit.」


「 And if so, what? Cielo and the others should have rescued the Pope by now.」


「……What the hell is wrong with you? You really don’t know anything, do you?」


Goutani mocked her, and Mika, unable to hide her annoyance, tried to release her holy sword, but La Veil stopped her and stood in front of Mika.


「 La Veil……」


「 Don’t pull the trigger here, Mika, we can’t win now anyway. What’s the meaning of that smile, kid?」


「 Oh? You’re a woman, aren’t you? Well, I’ll tell you what. There’s another hero in this country right now. There’s me, Sakurada, and ….. one more.」


「 No way……」


「 I’m not lying. I said, 「 One of you useless bastards is dead, send one over here.」I asked Asahina, and she was happy to send me. And I asked him to get the Pope. I’m sure they’ll be happy to help. And I’m sure they’ll be happy to help.」


Mika couldn’t control herself anymore and released her holy sword to slash at Goutani.


「 Gou~ta~niiiiiーーーーーー!!!!!!」


「 Oh, want to have at it.」


Goutani swung at Mika’s holy sword and knocked it down, and then hit her in the stomach with the handle. Mika blacked out, losing all the air in her lungs as she slammed into the wall across La Veil, and La Veil just watched quietly.


「 Hah. Idiot, A small fish is still a small fish, even if you raise the status of it while it’s under my 『 Curse 』……So, you’re not scared of me, are you? Is that what you’re trained to do?」


「 That’s not why I’m here. I’m just not going to waste my time. So, kid, if you get us, what are you going to do then?」


「 Hah?……I think we should execute all the bandits except Cielo-chan. We don’t even need Sakurada anymore. You’re lucky, aren’t you? You can go down in history as one who died with a hero.」


「……Is that so 」


For some reason, La Veil smiled when she heard those words and raised her hands. It was a sign of surrender, but Goutani didn’t like the look on his face and punched La Veil the same way he had Mika.


「 Guh……」


「……Huh, sore loser.」


La Veil’s consciousness faded away without losing her smile until the end.


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