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Chapter 2 The Town of Friendly Fairies

TL: Yuki

ED: FlashBangMaster


「Yup…Definitely Fantasy!!」

There were stupidly tall trees making it so that looking up would be a pain. Wrapped around the trees were Fairies houses that seem to have been made using natural things from the forest. The place was lit by the fairies’ bodies that emitted gleams of light.

That is what was in the woods that we came through, but this space seems to be isolated by something, even the air in this space seems different. My Excitement is already going into overdrive…

The moment I was reincarnated I was definitely sent to an area close to this fairy village on purpose, Gods also do some good things every now and then. I probably would’ve died if I didn’t meet Arena though.


「Ah…Sorry… yoshi…yoshi…」

Because I suddenly let out a loud yell, Arena was slightly frightened. I cuddled her head immediately, 「there, there…」this should return the mood to before. Although we have just met, She won’t think I’m a scary person right? I need to make sure of that.

And now, all the fairies who noticed Arena and I gathered towards us. Everyone was as tall as Arena, In terms of differences, it would be their colors and shades.

「Who’s this?」

「A face I don’t know?」

「Where, does she come from?」

「Arena’s acquaintance?」

「A new Resident?」

「A visitor for the Queen?」

Only the last words caught my attention. Queen? Of the Fairies? However the curiosity of the fairies was really incredible and they bombarded me with questions. Arena was then lifted up by the fairies and made a 「Kyaa」noise. She seemed to be enjoying the attention and being lifted up.

A few minutes later, everything finally calmed down and they went away. Arena stood next to me and asked 「You okay?」with a concerned face. I’m fine just a bit tired from all that I replied. While we were talking someone came up to us and called for us.

Looking towards the voice, there was a fairy covered in full body armor excluding the face. Unlike other fairies, Her hair and eyes had shining rainbows within them with oscillating gradation and color. She has a really beautiful face like a goddess to match.

Looking at her anyone who could see could tell that she was of a different class. Giving off the bearing of a knight and carrying swords were the main indicators of that class.

「Greeting, My fellow fairy without a name」

「Ah…Hai! greeting… Um, who might you be?」

「I am a fairy serving under the Queen, thy name is Norn. For a newborn fairy your INT seems to be quite high which should really help the situation. Thy queen is waiting, would you please accompany me to meet her?」

「Of course desu, I also want to know about various things.」

Finally someone decent enough to talk to has come, But still this person seems to know that I was just born, Maybe she possess something like [Fairy Eyes] like myself. Let’s have a peek at her status for a bit.

Norn(105) Lv. 125

Race: Elemental Master Fairy

HP: 720/720

MP: 6000/6000

ATK: 1052

DEF: 543

MATK: 830

MDEF: 1620

INT: 140

SPD: 540

[Inherent Skill]Fairy Magic, Fairy Eyes(Degraded), Manifestation Dependency

Skill: Swordsmanship(B-), Shield technique(C-), Four Attribute Magic(A+)

I don’t feel like fighting but, I don’t feel like I will win either way. The tribe is also in a different level. An Elemental Master seems to be an extraordinary species. She does possess [Fairy Eyes] like I suspected but what is with that (degraded) next to it? Perhaps she is only able to see a limited amount of information.

We followed Norn while staying silent. Just being silent is kind of boring so I’ll try to talk to Norn for a bit. Norn-san also seems to have a different level of knowledge compared to the others based off of her INT.

「Anou, what is that huge tree at the center?」

「Nn?…Ah… It’s called the world tree, It is also the mother figure of all the fairies who are here.」

「Mother Figure? Is it what that allows fairies to manifest?」

「That’s right, But you seem to be different」


「Wah…Wah, sorry, it’s just, You don’t look like thy same as the ones around here, thy moment you were born it seems you didn’t know anything about yourself, Most fairies stay safe because they are being born close to world trees but there are also rare cases like yourself that are born on the outside」

「What about Norn-san?」

「Me? I was born in this tree, I am also a childhood friend of thy current Queen that we will meet」

「Heee…What kind of fairy is the Fairy Queen?」

There seems to be no status differences among the fairies, but probably there are things like etiquette instead. It is probably better to know it if it exists.

「She is definitely more intelligent than me, as well as a nice person, although she has thy title of “Queen”, there is no problem approaching her like with approaching other fairies, Fairies with thy highest INT stats are the ones that are in thy position of King or Queen, There is also a common understanding that a King or a Queen can be interchanged based on how high their int is」

In other words it’s just like an extended game of yours huh? A fairy just being a fairy I guess. (What?)

「Fairies with high INT tend to have stronger and more unique inherent skills. One of thy unique skills would be something like my [Fairy Eyes]」

「I see, so does the queen also have one?」

「Well… That’s something you should really ask about from thy person herself, that is how things should be done.」

Looking at where her finger is pointed, there appeared a heavy looking door. There are tree roots above it and it’s really huge, piling over and over that looks like it would break if a little weight is added. and then it goes smoothly to the side and down.

「By the way, that door is something that thy Queen made herself」

「Handmade? Seriously by the Queen?」

「I also sneakily helped out a little bit」

「Norn-san is that your normal way of speaking!?」

「Yup, I really want to speak out like a gal talking about sweets and hobbies」

「Ah my image of her has completely changed!!」

Norn-san makes a satisfied face while giving out a snort. So that’s why. Norn-san who is serving under the queen likes to show some dignity that befits the job she has taken. Apparently fairies like to live normally even if their INT is high. This seems to be normal around here even if their status is different. They don’t do much about that and are just having fun.

「Well then, Let’s go, She is waiting inside.」

Norn-san gave out a really bright smile and walked towards the door. I wonder if Norn-san is tense.


No, that probably isn’t the case. It’s more like trying to conceal her overflowing joy in front of the Fairy Queen that she has known for a long time. I wonder what she’s really like?

「Greetings new neighbor, I am the Queen, Testania Fairliner. Sorry about this but, is it alright if I look at you with my “Fairy Eyes”?」

In front of me is the Queen sitting in on wooden throne. Norn-san got down on one knee. Then stood back up after. Eh was that it? Or maybe she got tired of it? That might be it.

It seems like the queen didn’t mind so I stayed standing. It was the same with Arena.

…Why are you here with me? this child…

「It’s ok… Is it ok If I look too?」

「It’s fine♪…」

And when we checked each others status she suddenly exclaimed loudly.

「「Wha…what is this!?」」

We shouted at the same time. The fairies that were standing around jumped a little when we shouted. Having been silent for a bit we then exchanged a handshake.

Testania Fairliner(105) Lv. 346

Race: Titania

HP 500/500

MP 75,000

ATK 325

DEF 1330

MATK 3420

MDEF 4041

INT 1200

SPD 305

[Inherent Skill] Fairy Magic, Fairy Eyes, Manifestation Dependency, (or destiny), Clairvoyance

Skills: Four Element Magic(A+), Cooking(A+)

Even though she’s a Queen, her cooking skill is so high!! If I make something it becomes a ball of coal. How envious of a skill. Anyways what is with this status that feels like a weapon of destruction. The MP is so high. The level is 3 times larger than Norn-san.

「Your status is also on another level, the INT is also 6 times higher than mine, I guess wise-men are also born from time to time, and you’re just a newborn by the time you reach my age you will definitely be a great figure. Your “Fairy Magic” is also on another level I can’t believe you can freely manipulate it」

「No Queen, you are great, learning culinary skills to A+ level is really envious. Please teach me about it if there is time」

「Alright! I’ll teach you all about our local cuisines♪…」

Yahooo… I’ll tell you about magic and stuff and write many recipes. I will only turn it into charcoal again if I make an ignorant mistake…

「Queen, Let’s talk about that story at a later time.」

「Oh sorry about that… for now, shall we hold a Naming Ceremony?」


「Briefly speaking, It’s about deciding your name, every fairy that has manifested around here possesses one. because that is part of their nature」

Is it something like assimilation? Integration that occurs in a same group of existence. What scares me is that maybe it might affect my character? Or maybe I will have a dual personality? There is no personal annihilation right?


「Those that are from outside are supposed to choose a name on their own, but since you were brought here by Arena to this fairy town, I would like to think of a name for you. That is fine right?」

It might be close to a fairy’s instinct. Because I have memories of being human, it seems my fairy instinct has been shattered. A Fairy has a tough life if you consider living in this world.

(Unsure about sentence)

「Well then, shall we begin the ceremony? That way we can all have a banquet tonight in celebration of having a new comrade」

「Do we really have to make it so grand?」

「Don’t you think it’s a perfect reason to celebrate?」

「Is that right?」

Don’t look at me as if it’s just like that. Arena don’t look at me with those shining expectant eyes. Fine, Let’s throw away my common sense as a Human and just go along with the fairy tribe.

「Then let’s Begin!」


「Now. the No. 14985 time, Naming conference will now begin 」


「No no no no no no」

Why is it done in a huge wooden stage with wooden tables at the middle and in front of the world tree, Even the whole town of fairies gather together just to decide on a name. What’s more amazing is that they have done this meeting for a ridiculous number of times already. Do they really have to make a fuss about something like this?

「Now first will be introductions!」

Are you serious? Am I really getting so nervous that cold sweat flows from my hands? This is ridiculous. My heart is also pounding like crazy as if it would come out of my back at any moment.

No, but I already promised to abandon my common sense as human. Entering a town is to follow the rules of the place, there should be nothing to be embarrassed about. Let’s just go along with it.

「That’s why I will go. !!! Ready!!! Let the naming begin!!! I thank everyone who participated and came to this gathering today. Remember everyone listen to everyone’s ideas and don’t argue!」


The words that were going out of me seemed to turn into something silly and my nervousness disappeared. I definitely should not mind it. (No clue what this is saying)

「First of all I am a Dimensional Fairy!!! A lonely fairy that is one of it’s kind in this world!!! 」



Eh? What? Why’s everyone giving me that pitying gaze? Hey you there female fairy, don’t cry as if I’m something so sad.. You’ll make me cry!!

「Second!! My INT stat is six times higher than the Queen waaaaaaa!!!」


「Third!! My special skill is singing!!! Everyone has to listen to my songs!」


Abandoning my thinking I used [Fairy Magic]. I created clothes, IDOL style, and also created “Glow sticks” for all the fairies present. I missed most of the details about it but still went with it as I remembered. I then proceeded to sing Idol songs I know. What are the sticks used for someone asked. I quickly grabbed and waved my sticks to demonstrate.

Not long after my hype reached its climax along with the fairies and their eyes followed me wherever I went.

Well, It will be fever time till morning I guess.

「Queen… Wasn’t this supposed to be a naming ceremony?」

「Eh? what? (swish swish)」

「… … ah never mind(swish swish)」