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Chapter 6 Raising My Partners Level

Joining together with Norn-san, We move towards the throne room. It seems to be a big deal in regards to the fairy town,  so we don’t want anyone else to hear about it.


Arena? she’s clinging into my arms smiling since a little while ago. Yes, I’m letting her come along with us. I have already anticipated that she wouldn’t listen even if we refuse her to come along. How am I supposed to reject her like this!! No, It’s Impossible!!


Do you understand that, Testania-san began explaining things while having a wry smile.


「Among the fairies born from world trees, there haven’t been anyone born other than Arena in the current time. and also there haven’t been anyone with age close enough to Arena」


「Was there a reason why there haven’t been anyone other than Arena being born in the past few years?」


「About that you see, Usually there would be at least a few elder fairies born in a year. Manifestations of the world tree is supposed to be born within a certain period of time. The fact that there is nobody manifesting, means that there is something happening within the human realm and something really bad」


In essence, this seems to be a case of approaching tribal extinction crisis. If a fairy is not born from world trees, which returns to world trees after a certain time, the current situation now is definitely a pinch.


「Are the world trees weakening or something?」


「It’s more like, It is storing power for in preparation for something. and the power difference will be a trigger if a Fairy will be Born or Not」


「What is that preparation for?」


「One possibility is that something has been exposed to a really dangerous threat」


「I don’t really get it?」


「Oh, that’s right, I think there was a time similar to this, There was a time hundreds of years ago where a Demon King was born, it has been told that fairies weren’t born for decades at that time」


Demon King? Is there really anyone who can win such beings that can even affect world trees? I have already become ridiculously strong, but I think it will still be difficult for me to win. I don’t feel like fighting one though.


「So what’s that got to do with me taking Arena along?」


「You see, I think you are currently stronger even against myself, also I don’t think anyone else can match up to you other than heroes, even if you are traveling in the human world. and because of that I think that you wouldn’t really have any problems taking Arena along with you.」


「About that, there is still a possibility of Arena’s existence to fall in the hands of humans, don’t you think?」


「Oh, that’s right you didn’t know about that, humans can’t normally see fairies」


Hou, now that’s some new facts I didn’t know. so you can just stay transparent in the views of humans.


「The reason for that is because fairies are beings closest to nature, If they don’t possess a special type of sight, for example someone that has demonic eyes would be able to see us, so not unless a fairy reveals itself they won’t be able to see.」


Because I am a fairy myself I haven’t really noticed it. It is known that that such existences are just called as visions or an existence in the legends. I mean, Because there are possibilities of meeting with people, wouldn’t that be dangerous…?


「I know that you are worried but, why not see Arena’s status」




Arena (3) Lv.5


Race: Water fairy


HP 85/85


MP 210/210


ATK 23


DEF 34






INT 12


SPD 65


[Inherent skill] Fairy magic (water) manifestation dependent


Skill: concealment (B)


「Why does she have 『Concealment』!? Not to mention the level is high!!」


「Did you know that Arena remain until the last moment of Hide and Seek, The next person found after her was Norn」


I didn’t know about that. Maybe she has talent for Hiding? Now that I think about it, could there be a high possibility that Arena has quite high specs? could she possibly be a late bloomer?


The person herself is puffing-out her chest while having a confident look. Mou… Let me squeeze that cute cheeks.




「Ah, this is useless, she’s too cute」


「And so, although it’s not the main subject, I’d like you to report about the situation of the world during the trip」


Testania-san takes out two elongated round bars? Such and incredible thing was handed to me. The size is around the palm size of a fairy, Fairy Letters seem to be engraved at its center, and fine workmanship was also done to its surrounding. The materials used is wood, probably from the world tree.


「This is a Communication Magic Tool created by the precious Fairy Queen , It was made by parts of the world tree and will be able to communicate with people that possess the same device. Magic Power used increases as the the distance from each terminal increases. If either one of us have enough magical power to activate it, it can be activated for at least 30 minutes」


Ooh!! Even though very limited in this world, there are things that can be handled like mobile phones. Even if it’s not that good because its not multi functional, there is still the essence of this worlds civilization attached to it.


「Please take this along with you too」


「This is?」


It looks like a scroll of something, It also contains the same workmanship, but the material seems to be made of gold. There is only a little difference in appearance and is really light.


「I want this to be handed over to the representatives of the kingdom that you believe that can be trusted. The royal families of this world, if you trace back to old history, there is a treaty with fairies in cooperation with people. this is the proof」


「Is it OK for me to disclose my identity to the person I have chosen?」


「You can stay in Human condition, I think it will be good enough to just show Arena with you」


Indeed, will bringing Arena be good as a symbol for the Fairies?


「I’m not setting any deadline, but the faster you can find collaborators the better, I still don’t know how the surrounding demons may react but just in case」


「Understood, I will try not to stay that far away as possible」


「Well then, Arena, I have agreed that you will be going with me on my journey but we still need to prepare a few things for you before that」


「What is it?」


「Well that… Fast Leveling!…」


In order to keep Arena safe, I decided to raise her level. More specifically, we will just let Arena hit it from far away, then I will Insta Kill it. It won’t be close proximity battle, I will only let her throw stone or use fairy magic from far away.


「After leveling are you going to bring me along?」


「Of Course, I’ll take you to the end of the world, don’t you feel excited preparing to go on a great adventure?」


「Excited!! Will do it!! Love you Aidle!!」


「Yosh! Let’s get married Arena, Is there a good chapel anywhere?」


「Oi, Wait a bit you idiot!」


Oh, if it isn’t Norn-san, why are you pointing a sword on my neck?


「Even though your a fairy your foolish enough to ask for a concept such as marriage」


「The shape of Love has many forms even for Fairies right!?」


「You don’t have to cry that out you stupid person… Before you go on a trip, have you prepared human clothes and minimal equipment?」


… … … Hwaa!


「Having that look, It seems you haven’t really thought about it, then the the will proceed faster, come let’s go to that place」


The place we reached was something like a warehouse. I know that dried meat, vegetables, and cereals are stored here. Why are we here? The moment Norn-san goes out from on of the boxes, a hidden door was on the floor. We opened it and went down the basement where the stairs is connected.


「In here are equipment of Adventurers who have died around here in the past」


「Why are things like this in here?」


「We use it for bartering with Coblins because they also have connections with dwarves too, we also trade such things. Swords and Iron armors can be used as materials if melted.」


In exchange, Fairies are offered spices, unusual food items, some preference items and so on. Because fairies are small, A barrel of spice would be enough for fairies to use for a couple of years.


「Coblins also haven’t visited for the past 5 years, so I thought that I could spare some wares and let Aidle use it when using Humanization, It’s just basic things since it is easier if you manifest things you with fairy magic right?」


「Well, I guess so…」


But still, there is a feeling of resistance in using dead adventurers equipment as expected.


「I was only expecting a small amount but, this was unexpectedly amazing」


When we arrived at the bottom, there was a really wide space, even wider than the upper warehouse. Various armors and weapons are lined up in the basement. Everything seems to have aged in years, some are already become rotten or rusty to the point that it’s already useless.


「Just how long ago have this things been here?」


「Some of them seems to have been found from corroded or fossilized, It’s probably been a thousand years ago, and we haven’t really been able to grasp the exact time when we collected them」


I have guess so. Arena then enters into a big helmet and fly around with it, hey hey that’s dangerous you know!!




「Arena!? Stop chasing carrying that weird helmet around!!」




How free willed… Her figure is like that of a real fairy in form and attitude as what a fairy should be seriously.


「….how nice」




「Eh, Ah, un!! well then, can you 『Humanize』 for now and pick up things you would like to use, do not forget to store quickly the things you like with space magic. 」


We can’t really resist our instincts as fairies. even Norn-san has been enduring it. I better choose the things I want a little faster. It really is bad to endure it.


「After this, let’s play with the three of us alright?」


「Uh, Ummm…」


Well then, I don’t have problems with light equipment, Let’s choose equipment with metal pieces and leather to go with it. now then is there any good pieces around…


「…Oh, there are some suitable pieces of metals here~ maybe something like this. Un, the quality looks good enough」


That way, I pick up the necessary parts and quickly stored it keep storing it on my space magic. Incidentally, there also seems to be an inherent skill called Item Box separately from space magic, but the capacity seems to be incomparable. I have never been able to reach its limit it was just too big. After storing a big dragon I already stopped thinking about it.


「Wait, now that I think about it, can’t I use materials I got from demons?」


Because I have a lot of materials collected from demons, let’s try making armor from it. Mainly for Arena. Using skin for cloth, I don’t thinks attacks will easily pass, so there is no problem with using them.


(Does that mean there will be a 3 size measuring event for Arena?… Oops the Nosebleed…)


While restraining everything from overflowing. I was thinking about materials and designs that I will be using for Arena’s equipment and went back to where the other two is located.


Oh, Norn-san is already playing with Arena.


「Norn-san, I’m already done..」




「Are did you already start playing around?」


「Ah no, it’s that, Because I have been playing around even when we were travelling around the world, I couldn’t really tell the difference if I’m serious or just playing around anymore… I really feel ashamed when I switch back to my old self…」


「Ummm Norn-san, do you know what marriage is?」


「What are you trying to say?」


Iya, this is hopeless. Norn-san really seems to be a Gap character. It’s actually a bashful girl. Usually you see her as knightly in armor and seems dignified, The way she speaks also seems so dignified, that just shows just how much serious she plays her knight role. Moreover, she is strong. Such a person plays around just like Arena, she’s just pretty simple. just like an innocent child.


「If you let Testania-san show such a gap like this, It will be a Hat Trick achievement along with Arena. I Would really like to show it to everyone!!」


「Aren’t you getting a little bit overboard!? Return to sanity!!」




「Aidle, why are you going away with Arena?」


「Ah, It’s to make equipment for Arena. that’s why, this is something that must be done!!」




While temporarily immersing in happiness, I completed Arena’s equipment. In my previous life, I have been doing sewing on some of my part time jobs. Now one of my wishes, that is to make beautiful girls clothes have been achieved.


「It kind of looks painful to look at aren’t you trying a little too hard?」


「I’m still fine~」


I made her do one turn on the spot, and made various movements, there seems to be no problems in particular and it makes me feel relieved.


The equipment of Arena used various demon materials, the clothes were created from Blow Serpent Skin, processed dragon scales and turn it into armor, and a knife using it’s fangs. I think I made it well. Because I do not have such processing knowledge. I used Fairy Magic and it made things really easy it’s just too convenient.


Also, I noticed it later, that status is also affected by equipment.


Arena (3) Lv.5


Race: Water fairy


HP 85/85


MP 210/210


ATK 643 (+620)


DEF 431 (+397)




MDEF 310 (+267)


INT 12


SPD 50


[Inherent skill] Fairy magic (water) manifestation dependent


Skill: concealment (B)


ATK and DEF, MDEF were tremendously increased. Is there really a big difference if the materials are good? I have only equipped Iron Sword until now as a weapon, because the changes seems really small, I didn’t really noticed it. Anyway, let’s customize Arena’s equipment from time to time as we get good materials in the future.


「Now then, Time to go!!」




The two people went outside of Fairy Town, I wear clothes and armor made for Humanizing. This equipment is made from simple leather and iron armor and a slightly good sword. I brought it because the materials used was Iron, and the sharpness seems to be much better than others of same quality. Even if it breaks I’ll just use another Iron sword from storage,


「Let’s Go!!」




The first thing I found was a big hairy demon. It was breathing hard.


Nameless (17) Lv.34


Race: Red Bear


HP 653/653


MP 55/55


ATK 313


DEF 527




MDEF 240




SPD 389


Skill: Beast Fighting (C) Animal hair (C) Fire breath (D)


It’s appearance was a bear, However the color is red. It i a demon I have seen for the first time, It seems to be specialized in defence. Even though it’s a bear, is it going to attack using breath?




The Red Bear charged without hesitation when it found us. Because fire can be seen from it’s opening mouth, are you going to breath fire while assaulting? Young man, I have misjudged you。


「Arena, I will stretch a water film to prevent it’s breath, please attack from above using water fairy magic!」


「Ay ser!」


The moment I saw Arena jumping above I instantly cast Four Attribute Magic.


「Water Splash blow upwards, prevent everything!!」


When I put my hands on the ground and chant, the ground split and created a wall of water. It was hit by the breath of the Red Bear just in time, but it couldn’t pass through the wall and just turned into steam.


Understanding that it was useless, it stopped for a moment.




Arena’s water ball raised a roaring sound and hit it. Because it hit it’s head, the Red Bears loses its balance and collapsed. I jumped after it and swing my sword towards its neck, cutting it until it’s bones without difficulty. the head of the Red Bear flew. I was surprised that it tried to counter me at the moment of my strike, but I have been too fast for it to follow.


「Good work~ Your power seems to have tremendously increased Arena」


「tried my besht!」


She landed on my shoulders and looked up, she was stroking my face while I rub her head with my fingers. I stored the red bear after. Time to end this fulfilling situation I guess.


「Well then let’s continue the hunt」




After several hours, Arena’s Def and MDF exceeded 1000, so I decided to end the level raising. The level didn’t reach 100, but its already enough to be able to cope up with difficult situations.


「Hunted a lot~♪」


「That’s right, We got plenty of meat today so shall we make it a festival with everyone?」




There were still various things to do, but this pretty much ends the preparations for the journey. Later let’s have fun with everyone to limit. A deep emotion flows through, and having Arena coming along with me, the feeling was truly amazing.


I was anxious to go on a journey alone even though I have become strong. I have thought about a lot of things like being deceived by people and getting hurt. In such cases I also thought that I would get through with it if there was at least one person supporting me. For me, my first friend in the world, Arena will be taking that spot.


(I became a bit sentimental… In the past I was a child without much emotions)


The past life that I remembered was really terrible. There was no friends nor the people I loved as family nor the people I considered my best friends, I don’t know if I will be able to cherish others, but at least there’s the feeling of wanting to protect, these feelings are ones I would never throw away.


「Come on Arena let’s go home」