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Chapter 8 Discovery! The First Human and Town

Can’t find one!

I haven’t really realized that the grasslands were this wide… that’s quite a problem


We still haven’t escaped the grasslands. Though the sun has already risen and fallen twice, seems like we’re having a pinch. Now then, what should we do about this? Because all we did was walk, we are having too much time to spare. Arena is also starting to doze off from my arm. Ah, she fell.


Can’t help it, I should have just done this from the beginning. Oh well…


Then I activated fairy magic to sense magical powers, the image is spreading a thin film of magic, then any magic power that gets inside the field will be detected.


…yosh, found one, Arena, we finally be able to go to a settlement today, keep at it just a little bit more okay?



Then I started running for a bit, the mass of magical power I detected is now within my range of sense. For the time being, let’s look for a good spot to see what’s happening.


Oh, There’s people



Arena’s usual tension returned all at once.  It’s the first time for us meeting with a person from a different race.  The tension is starting to go up.


…Oh wait, It seems like it’s under attack


The first human I discovered was being chased by demons, the distance is around a hundred meters away. He was riding something like a wagon, probably a merchant? He seems to be a young man. The Demons chasing… Six Bear Wolves. Their size is as big as a bear, so it’s quite intimidating. That person will definitely turn into their breakfast if this goes on.


I just can’t stay watching that, let’s help, then we ask for some information after



I dropped down my hood to cover my face and ran. It is a distance that I can reach in just a few leaps if it’s only around a hundred meters. I intercepted between the wagon and the bear wolves.


To me who suddenly appeared, the young man called out with a loud voice.


Eh!? Just when did!!? an adventurer!!

No, I’m different, but I will be helping

Eh, ah, thanks for the help!


I then cast four attribute magic towards the Bear Wolves.


Wind blowing through, become a spear and pierce through my enemies!!


Six wind spears were created and moved at high speeds. The spears don’t fly straight as it approaches its targets and then pierces their target close to their eyebrows. Only the last one from the back managed to avoid the spear and came rushing in. Its body is slightly larger from the other Bear wolves, and its fangs are also longer. Is that probably their leader?


Nameless (12) Lv.25

Race: Bearwolf · Leader

HP 245/245
MP 53/53
ATK 128
DEF 110
INT 13
SPD 220

Skill: Swift Movement (D +), Beast Combat (C-)

I see, is it because of that skill? It seems like it was a demon focused on speed, but then again sorry. Try to dodge if it you can.


While raising a scream of doubt thinking that it should have dodge the wind spear but then it was found lodged at the back of its head, and that also ended its life. There was really nothing to it. I can just freely change the trajectory of the Wind Spear.


Everything’s fine now


I called out to the young man riding the wagon. At first the man looks scared, but after noticing the corpses of the Bear Wolves behind me, he slowly breaks out into a smile.


Amazing! Knocking them all down even though you’re alone! Is really true that you are not an adventurer?

What’s an adventurer?


Well you see, I just came out of the mountains, so it would really be helpful if you can teach me about those things and many more


After a moment the man shows a relaxed face took out his hand to offer a handshake.


Alright, If it’s information that you would like, I don’t mind, I’m a merchant by the way. The names Pad. Then again thank you for the help. By the way, why are you hiding your face?

Un, please treat me well, I’m hiding my face so that I won’t particularly stand out, I would really appreciate it if you don’t delve deeper into it.

Alright, Understood.


I took his offer and shook his hand. I will also be able to learn a lot of things so that’s good. This is probably alright for a first meeting.

While travelling on the wagon, I been receiving information that he knows.

Adventurers by the are mainly people who subjugate monsters or explore dungeons, sometimes they also do jobs like escorting merchants escorting merchants, mercenary works and other miscellaneous jobs, most that couldn’t find a job ends up as adventurers.

It sure seems like a dangerous, job on the other hand. Are you a merchant?  Though you look young can you really become one?

That’s how it is, Even adventurer can become one you know. Because merchants are being guarded by the guild, even young people like are just doing fine.


Pad lets out a wry smile, and moved his hands over the cargo behind us and raised the cloth covering it a little. Several boxes are piled up inside.

These are?

Vegetables, they came from the neighboring villages.


When I opened one of the boxes, there are vegetables that I didn’t know and some that I have already known and are separated by color. I see, so these are merchandise. Even demons would like to target such foodstuff.


Then again, why didn’t you hire any adventurers? Didn’t you think of the probability of being attacked by demons or thieves?



At first Pad was quiet, but then started talking about the situation. Iya, Do I really have to listen to the situation? Maybe I should just leave it as is. I’ll still listen to it.


Originally I hire adventurers regularly, and the vegetables also sells quite well. We even have enough money to hire adventurers with good parties.  But recently it seems that most adventurer parties were being sent to a different request. It’s getting quite empty here

If that is so, How about other merchants?

Ah… It seems that everyone can’t  get out of town. The Guild Master is still trying to negotiate with the feudal lord, but still hasn’t received a good reply… Because I’m dealing with raw ingredients, I need to visit the villages that I have contracted otherwise I won’t be able to feed my family


I see, I was thinking of letting him guide me in the town, but there seems to be some dangerous air hanging over it… maybe I should look it up when I arrive. That only as far as Pad have deduced. Well it doesn’t really matter that much to outsiders like myself right?


It seems that things are a little harsh, but then returning to the main topic. Let’s talk about negotiations

Of course, You’re a benefactor of mine, as long as it’s not about money, I can probably deal with it.

Because I gave you the Bear Wolves materials earlier, can you pretend that you haven’t met me?



He’s making a face that says what the hell this girl is thinking. Is there any reason for it?


I will move away, but that is until I escort you close to the town. You can say that I’m just a traveler who happened to walk close by and you’re a merchant who just happened to receive monsters that were hunted by someone from somewhere and want to sell it. I don’t have anything that will prove my identity and it would really be troubling if get delayed being questioned by guards if you with me right?


This is also for me. I forged my status and normally they can’t see Arena, but we can’t be sure there won’t be anyone who will be able to see. Once doubted, it will probably last forever. The possibility of being dragged also increases. It is in my opinion that we should reduce the risks as much as possible.


What about Arena.



It was cut down in a single word. But you know Arena, isn’t safety important?

Important? Then it’s fine!!


What’s wrong, did say something?

Ah, sorry, I was spacing out, so how is it, about that?

It’s a request from my benefactor, I can’t really refuse it, I also got the Bear Wolves. It’s just that I’m a little sad about it. I would really want to give you hospitality along my family at my house.


Hospitality… Human world cuisine!!


Additional Request!!


Even though I said to go separate ways before entering the town, I didn’t really mention about not meeting anymore. So I would really be pleased to take that offer of hospitality.


With those words, Pad gave the familiar smiling face. When I extended my hands this time, he took it and shakes it vigorously.

Right, and one more think I would like to ask.

What is it?

Are there any other races in this town were heading?

Hmm, ah, of course, of course. Most of them were treated as slaves though

…Eh? Why?


No way, no way, is this world something like that? Slavery seems to be something that exists here? Uwaah… I wonder if the culture is something like that…

Why did you become depressed?

Ah, no… it’s just something of a culture shock a little. Well, I’ll just confirm it myself at a later time.  


As I said that, I jumped off the wagon.


But still slaves huh… I have also read such novels. But… well…

What’s wrong?

Ah, no, it’s nothing. Anyway, The Town,  I’m looking forward to it.



After several hours…


I can finally see it! Impressive…



In front of us is a tall gate and a massive wall that seems to surround the town. Before that, we saw people entering the town under the gate where soldiers are inspecting. It seems that our turn will be coming soon.


Okay, Next, Please show your Identification Card.


When my turn came, a soldier came to me. He exactly have the looks of a dutiful guard.


I have come from a mountain village and was planning to have my Identification issued here from today

Well, that is quite rare, then you need to have a deposit, but do you have any money? Its three silver coins.

Hai, This…

That sure looks quite old, Well that’s good


The money was something given by Testania-san after we left Fairy Town, It seems that it was something left behind by the predecessor Queen who had been on trips. It was totally left aside because there isn’t really anyone that uses money. I can’t just use this indiscriminately because there isn’t really that much, not until I get some income myself.


I won’t ask you where you will get an Identification, but you can return and get back the silver coins once you show an issued identification

Thank you, I will definitely return

Your welcome, and Welcome to Havel


The first city Arrived!!


What’s the name of this vegetable?

It’s called Boltoco, This country is a production area but you didn’t know? It chewy and really tasty

hou… How bout this one?

Ro Toro is it. It’s bitter and is used for making some bitter accent in food

And this one?

It’s the fruit of Ribble, although small, I accidentally burned my throat when  mixed it up up with some other things.

So Otherworldly…