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Chapter 9 Adventurers’ Guild

We have moved from the gate. Seeing that there a lot of wagons parked, this place seems to be the departure area. After arriving at the plaza we have seen a lot of stalls, and most of them are selling food that can be carried by hand, it gives off a feeling that it was set up for adventurers or people with a light diet. I also found a stall selling meat skewers so I decided to buy some and give it a sample taste.


Arena, you’re drooling…



「Ma’am, could you give me two meat skewers please」

「Aright, Oya, You aren’t a familiar face. 」

The lady greeted me with a lively smile. As expected she seems to have understood the situation.

「I am a traveller, I’m currently planning to travel around the world. 」

「Hahaha, such an interesting young lady!! Here you go, it’s eight copper coins for two. 」

「Thanks, Here… 」

「Thank you, Please do come again. 」


I didn’t ask if what kind of meat this was, but the meat is oozing with a juicy looking oil and have a really appetizing smell. The sauce also gives off a really good scent. And for the taste… a bit chewy and has a really good texture. I wonder what kind of meat is this.


「Aidle, Ne, ne, Aidle!」

「I know, I know, Here…」

As I passed through the alley near the plaza, I removed a few pieces from the skewer and put it inside my hood. Since the space inside the hood is enlarged, I didn’t worry about it getting dirty.


「Is it good?」


「Fufu, Isn’t it. 」


Now then, I’d like to get my identification card issued when I came to this town, then freely move and earn money by being an adventurer. Then again, if I want to prioritize safe, being a merchant also isn’t that bad. But because I don’t have any acquaintance who can be my mentor, it will difficult.


「As expected, I should be an adventurer, I want to earn money as soon as possible after all.」


I won’t probably be in danger not unless I encounter a demon far stronger than a dragon. Alright, let’s head to the adventurers’ guild. I have heard from Pad where it was located, so I could find it without any problem. Or rather let’s head straight there now.


There are many children running along the way of merchants and adventurers, and everyone seems to be full of vigor. At first glance it looks like there isn’t any problem around, but after looking closely at one point wrinkles start to form from my eyebrows.


(Collars… Beastmen?)


I saw a muscular lion-like beast person carrying the materials of a house under construction following instructions of a seemingly muscular person. In a shop along the road, I saw a girl with dog ears chained to a wagon. There were also a lot of female beast men inside a cage. People around me didn’t mind it, and just pass by as if it was natural part of the landscape.


(When I think about it, I’m feeling quite disgusted and makes me remember memories of my past life)


I hid my face inside my hood so people won’t see my expression, but still I’ve been wondering if I’m the only one feeling strange like this in comparison to the people around. I still can’t accept this though.


In the center of the town I finally found the adventurers guild, and it sure is big. Probably three times bigger than a normal house is it? There aren’t that much earthquakes in this continent. Well can’t help being surprised about it, lets enter inside. I have already prepared myself.


As I entered, I quickly found a reception counter and went straight towards it. There seems to be a tavern on the left side of it. Let’s get some juice from the bar master later. I continued heading towards the reception. I felt gazes from the surrounding adventurers, but I just ignored them because it feels like they are only trying to evaluate me.


On the counter window, a beautiful nee-san greeted me with a gentle smile. She has blonde hair and thin make-up, I can smell a faint sweet scent, yup this is really like A Receptionist

「Hello. 」

「Welcome young lady, what may be your business here?」

「I would like to register as an adventurer, you see, I came from a mountain village and couldn’t get an Identification card from there」

「I see… there will be some explanation and examination before registering, will that be alright?」

「That’s fine.」


Then the receptionist hands out a piece of paper.


「Are you able to read and write letters?」

「Yes, I was taught in the village so it’s fine.」

「Then it should be fine, Please fill up this application form. In case of receiving injury or anything during the examination, we will be able to deal with it with recovery magic but will cost a silver coin. I do recommend filling it up, but what do you think about it? 」


I am a human for the time being so let’s accept the offer.

「Yes, Please apply me to it. 」

「Oh, such confidence, then I will be calling the examiner, so please use this tool to measure your status so that we can keep track of your performance. 」


In the direction that was pointed, there was some kind of crystal-like ornament that resembles a box.


「Disclosure  of your status is by your will, but as most people hide their own, please think about it. 」

After saying so, the receptionist nee-san went to the back of the counter.


「…Well then, Let’s do this. 」


There are things I’d like to try, and then I placed my hands on the crystal. After that the crystal started to glow, I detected a small amount of my magical power being taken. Then a copper colored card came out from the empty slot in the box. I see, so it has that kind of mechanism.


Aidle (15) Lv.7

Race: human

HP 260/260
MP 140/140
ATK 73
DEF 30
INT 81
SPD 54

Skill: Sword Arts (D +) Four Attribute Magic (D-) Cooking (C +)


All skills and status other than cooking have been camouflaged with 『Concealment』 effect. I think this should probably be enough as status for an adventurer that can beat a lot of goblins or escape without trouble. Sword Arts was also set as if it was above beginner level and a little bit familiar to it. As for magic, it was set to a level that you won’t be having problems using it on daily necessities.


「Ojou-san, the examiner has selected so please come with me, Was there no problem issuing your status? 」

「yes, it was fine, I don’t really have anything to worry about my status, so I’ll be showing it. 」

「Eh? Are you sure about that? Then here, we will be keeping a copy with the guild. Then let us proceed here. 」


Where are brought to was at the basement of the guild. Eh, Is this structurally okay? Won’t this building sink?


「This place has been created to be used as training grounds for adventurers and also as an evacuation center  in case a disaster happens. You can train yourself here anytime once you passed the exams, so please do your best. 」


「Oh, Is that Ojou-san there the one you mentioned?」


After hearing that I looked over the training ground and noticed a man standing up in the middle of the training field and approached us. He was wearing light equipment, a muscleman that looks quite strong. His face also gives off a strong feeling.


「Are you the examiner? 」

「Ou, then let us begin. Oh, and you don’t have to worry because I will be properly holding back just to be safe. I have been doing this for a long time. The details of the exam will be to fight with within three minutes. Jou-chan should keep up with me with swordsmanship or be able to use magic 10 times. If you will be able to do this then you will be accepted. 」

「Do you mean there will no win or lose?」

「Yah, so come in with all you’ve got, I will also be evaluating your stance so do your best. 」

「Are we using weapons for training?」

「No, You can use whatever you want and we will also have a recovery team nearby. If you are injured, there won’t be any problem as long as it’s not an instant death. 」


That sure is true. After nodding, I pulled out my sword and prepared for combat. Rena-san, The receptionist, stands in between.


「We will now begin the exam, I will signaling the end of the exam so please don’t worry about it… Now then, Begin」


Thus the first interpersonal combat began, but first lets see the examiners status.


Drew (35) Lv.83

Race: human

HP 1023/1023
MP 587/587
ATK 731
DEF 710
MATK 352
MDEF 277
INT 54
SPD 411

Skill: Sword Arts (B +) , four attribute magic (C +), Swift Movement (B), Iron Wall (C), Adjustment (B +), Grappling Arts (B-)

Isn’t he quite strong?  So such a person is an examiner, having status this high would probably be good enough. The level of Adjustment is also high, so I guess showing a little bit of power would also be OK.




For now, I swiftly closed in and waved my sword. There is quite a huge difference in status, and I have to perform as if my fighting style was that of a beginner.

「Woops, Seems like you’re givin it yer all 」When the examiner lightly intercepts my attack, I swing my sword swiftly to his side. He then quickly avoided it by crouching and jumping backward. I am somehow thankful that I was able to match up his speed.


「Spears of Wind, pierce him!! 」


A spear of wind was created, and it was ten in number as the examiner wants and was sent at a slower speed.


「hou, you sure seem to have promising future when it comes to magic! While being able to use it ten times, you are also using it with sword arts!! 」

「I am grateful for that!! 」


He breaks the spears of wind with his skill. I’ve shown a slightly upset face. Then quickly moved again and block his sword strike.


「It is a good thing to stand up to fear! But be sure to keep caution!! 」


At the point where our swords collide, an elbow strike was released towards my chin this time. I avoided it by moving my face back with a paper thin margin, and then my sword was pushed down with a strong force from above. It seems that he used 『Swift Movement』this time. His attack was also received by my sword, but it was blown off and rolled to the ground.


Arena inside my hood seems to be getting excited, well it that she’s enjoying it so it’s fine.


「I can tell that you are still holding back! It’s probably time you stop that!!」


It seems that the examiner is getting a little bit more excited. He immediately pursued me to attack. I then jumped back and released magic.


「Earth, Create a wall and rise! Prevent everything! 」


I tried to hold down the pursuit by creating an earth wall in front of the examiner view, but the examiner just went straight into the wall and pierced through it without trouble. But that’s just fine.


「I cannot be stopped by something like that!!」

Well the main purpose of that wall was no to block but to distract even just a little bit. I grabbed the examiners leg by stooping down and pulled it down with great force. While falling down on his back, he quickly escapes kicking the spot where I hold. The examiner then quickly escaped by rolling back and returning to his stance. I tried to pursue but it was no good. That grappling technique sure is troublesome.


「Dangerous, dangerous… I was about to be finished. Your fighting intuition and use of feints are good, you seem to be too used to fighting despite being beginner. Seriously, from where did you actually come from? 」

「I am just from the countryside, and have always been hunting.」

「I see, I’ll take it as that!!」


That’s the most convincing reason I can think of at the moment and its good that he is seemingly convinced. Now then, since in the current situation the attacks seemed to have stopped, for let’s just keep up the clashing to give off a good impression. It should be about two minutes now this should end soon.


「Okay stop, that’s it for now!!」


The 3 minutes has passed. The times have ended just at the time our swords clashed. A soon as the examiner breathes out, he faces me as a response and offered for a handshake.


「It’s a draw, I still have more status in comparison, but when you level up you’ll definitely be stronger than me.」

「I’m Aidle, Thanks for that. 」


It seems that I have successfully passed without troubles. Well I’m just pretending most of the time though. For some reason Drew-san is trying to look inside my hood.


「Congratulations Aidle, By the way I’m Rena, I’d like to thank you in advance. 」

「Un, pleased to work with you.

「Then, Just go and finish the registration then explain about the adventurers guidelines

「Yes! Then drew-san,  thank you for the hard work. Well then Aidle-san lets go this way.


Drew-san waved his hand and finally walked away. I was also led by Rena-san and was brought to a private room.


「Now then, this is the application form.

I received it and filled up the items quickly. Name, Age, Hometown, Good Point, Feats, etc.

「I have certainly received it, thank you, now then to explain the regulations for beginner ranks.


Arena-san. Could you please stop jumping about inside the hood, I’m happy but it’s making me feel embarrassed.


「If you register as an adventurer. Most people starts as F ranked. After that, the rank will rise according to the degree of accomplishments you have gained upon requests, the number of surpassed demons and the degree of contribution towards the town and the country. Although there is no clear standard regarding this, please understand that it should be done precisely and fairly.  Starter ranks are from F to D. Promotion to C rank will also have an examination, so we recommend that you raise your level and skill continuously. Starting from C rank is called intermediate rank, and ranks are divided as C- C and C+. Higher ranks after this are evaluated the same way and would need to take an examination as the rank goes up as achievements pile up. Do you have any questions from this point?


「I’m good, please proceed


「Yes, Then, beginner rank adventurers have various restrictions. One is that they have to at least do one quest within a month. Any quest will do as long as they can accomplish it. Since subjugation requests for goblins and wolves are issued at any time, the number of subjugations for it doesn’t really end. Then we go to requests which are divided into Continuous Request, Designated Requests, and Urgent Requests. The suppression of monsters in the surroundings will always be requested Which Belongs to Continuous Request as I said earlier. Designation Requests Includes escorting merchants and harvesting materials like medicinal herbs. This is popular with adventurers of Rank D. An Urgent Request will be announced if a disaster has occurred. Please do note that all adventurers are obliged to participate without exception during these times. In addition, since penalty fees may be set when taking a Designation Requests is not accomplished, please think before taking one yourself.


Un. There are no unreasonable things included so far. It has a fairly good regulation, and you can move freely as long as you don’t cause any trouble or show any troublesome behavior.


「In the case of causing crimes, the guild won’t be involved with it, dealing with it would be followed in accordance to the town or country’s established laws.

「What about problems between adventurers?

「Since the basics of it will be classified as just a fight between each other, the guild won’t necessarily intervene, not unless something else is involved. Fighting will not be considered as a crime and it just all end up as self-responsibility, if you ask for recovery, you will be charged with regular fees.


In other words, please judge with one’s own individual morals. I guess that would be fine.


「Since we will now be processing the card, please stay and rest for a bit.

「I understand.


Kiii… batan…


「…I currently have some free time. Arena, want to play a little shiritori?

「Leave it to me!!


「Then, here is your adventurer card.

It was a metal sheet that was handed over to me. My name and rank was engraved into it, only this? It looks really simple.

「About this, is there anything special about it?

「This plate have been designed to be able to check the guild’s mark when passing magic powers into it. It is used for the guild so it will also be considered as an Identification Card. Oh and please do be careful not to lose it, we will be charging some penalties in case it is lost.

「Okay, I’ll be sure to treasure it.

「About this, is there anything special about it?

「no, I don’t think you should actually take it that far…

Yup. I’m not really worried about it getting lost since I can store it using space magic. With this, I have safely become an adventurer. It’s good that it was finished earlier than expected. I wanted to try and take a request now.


「Is it okay if I take a request now?

「Oh, but didn’t you just have a fight with Drew-san?

「I’m fine, I’m quite confident with my strength.


So I decided to get a subjugation request for Goblins and Wolves, Both of them only requires 5 of them so It will end in a bit.


「Oh, that’s right there was one more thing I’d like to ask.

「What is it?

「Can you  recommended me an Inn to stay in?


Introduced Inn


「One room please for one person, the stay will be for a week.

「no, I don’t think you should actually take it that far…

「Yes… etto… an adventurer person right? A silver coin is charged for one person a day… Is, Is there something wrong?

「… Eh, Unn…. No, there isn’t anything wrong?

「is, is that so? 」(You eyes, seems scary~~)

(A loli animal girl with cute braided hair!… … … MARVELOUS!!