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Chapter 10 Hunting Time

I went to the lodgings recommended by Rena-san and then going out of town after making a reservation for a week. The purpose if of course subjugation of wolves and goblins. And I even bought a monster dictionary for beginners on the way, it quite useful as it tells the details of subjugation materials and procedures on dismantling.


「Now the, Arena from here on I will proceed with the subjugation requests but what will you do?」


「As expected. 」


Maa, I have plans on accumulating experience, but I guess it’s still good as is. Now then, let’s get as far away from the city as possible. I might be seen by other parties nearby if I don’t away.


「Oh, Found em quickly.」


After running for several minutes I found a monster. Are those furry four legged demons wolves? Unlike horn wolves, it seems to be a bit larger and have no horns. The fangs are strangely longer though.


Nameless (2) Lv.4

Race: Wolf

HP 170/170
MP 8/8
ATK 53
DEF 31
SPD 55

Skill: Solid Hair (D +)


Unlike goblins, its status is much stronger. The Solid Hair Skills seems to be good against physical attacks.




I tried slashing the wolf that jumped towards me with power on similar level to my camouflaged status. The sword just slid on its fur. Just like that It continued down to its claws. At the point of contact its claws got broken and blood slowly drifts out of it, seems like it got angry from the  and was showing a intimidating look.


「I see, It can definitely intercept it. Is the combat method its using utilizing its tough body hair…」


The next moment I cut off its neck with my raw status. The two other wolves that was startled from the astounding speed were also cut down one by one. After that I immediately stored their corpses.


「On the next target’s lets have Arena deal with them. 」

「Leave it to me!!」


I immediately found three wolves. Arena then jumped out of my hood and quickly casted fairy magic. By the way Arena’s Status is like this…


Arena (3) Lv.97

Race: Fairy

HP 547/547
MP 3420/3420
ATK 68
DEF 2038
MATK 1184
MDEF 3254
INT 72
SPD 530

[Intrinsic skill] Fairy magic (water) manifestation dependency

Skill: concealment (B)


It’s a literally armored fairy nuke. As expected from armor made out from dragon materials. Most attacks wouldn’t be able to damage her let alone leaving a scratch.


Arena made a huge water ball and fired it towards the wolves.




The water ball hits them just as they were about to dodge it. A terrible sound was released and their bodies went flying. Only the wolves remain rolling on the ground was left behind. Ah, she posted a victorious V sign with a face filled with a smile.

As arena started travelling with me, she started playing board games inside my hood. Her INT seems to have risen a little. Is there such an effect in this world too?


「You able to beat them well. 」

「Ehehehe ~♪」


Actually there is a really huge difference in status, but she’s cute so I’ll forgive everything. They wolf was also in a beautiful state. Well then ext is goblin hunting. I have fought a lot of them on our hometown area. Let’s get this over with.








Everyone was annihilated together in one magic strike. Next is to strip the demons of materials and gathering them in one spot. In my previous life, rabbits, snakes and fishes were cooked and eaten without any feelings of aversion towards it. I took off the goblin’s right ears, the fur of wolves, and eyeballs. The rest were burned, the smoke was wrapped in water and was returned to the ground.


「As expected I don’t seem to be satisfied yet…」


Arena is also starting to turn into a Battle Junkie. Then again I wonder what other creatures live around here? I opened the monster dictionary.


「fumu fumu~…Oh?… Orc??」


According to the monster dictionary, it has the figure of a huge person with the head of a pig is what was drawn. I imagine some dangerous delusions when speaking about orcs, but I wonder if such tragedies ever happen here… Well I don’t really have to think deeply about it. More than that, I wonder if orc is edible. I wonder if it is possible to go for it because if looks like a pig?


「Arena, want to hunt this?」



Then its settled. I asked arena to fly and search from the sky, then she found 3 of them a few hundred meters away. When I ran towards the direction she instructed, I found orcs taking a nap in the middle of the meadows. Oi oi, what a careless bunch.


Nameless (5) Lv.14

Race: Orc 

HP 595/595
MP 3/3
ATK 197
DEF 154
SPD 13

Skills: Meat Wall (C-)


Surely it has a really fat looking body, but meat wall is just bad. According to Monster Dictionary, the defense power is quite high, making this demon possessing such skill serve as the literal wall for D rank parties. It gives a good experience value if you defeat with a party that has good cooperation because the monsters movement is considerably slow. The meat is also edible, and is delicious even by just baking it.

But it sure is quite big. Its weight would probably reach around 300kg if you considered its body structure. I wonder how a party can carry something like this? Do they lend trolleys to carry them?


「… …ngo?」


Ah, it opened its eyes. As the orc spotted me, it quickly got up and grabs his club. Although it looks quick, this series of actions took about fifteen second long. I is really slow. There are likely many ways to take it down from that point.




The orc swings down his club, but it didn’t hit anything thanks to the “telephone punch” stance before releasing the attack. The low intelligence is also probably one of its causes. It’s really just a Meat Wall.


「Arena, GO」

「Ayeaye sar!」

Using Fairy Magic, she created a water ball big enough to cover the orc’s head.



She threw it like a baseball player’s pitch. Was it really necessary to move like that? Then the water ball hits the orc’s head directly, then the water stayed in place and didn’t scatter. In other words, the waterball clung onto the Orc’s head cover all of it even his face.


「…! …!?」


The orc struggles to scrape off the water off his face with his hand, but the water wasn’t moving, continues clinging to its face and was just slipping through its fingers. At the end of its struggles it just dropped down to its knees and fell down. Then to finishing it with a water spear, it convulsed for a bit and stop moving.

The other two woke up from the noise of the fallen orc. Knowing that one of their companions was killed, they came rushing towards us in a fit of rage.


「Blade, rip them off at my will. 」


When the blade of wind passed through their neck, the orc’s neck fell while giving off a dumbfounded face. In this way, even with only the head, it was already big. It was too much for the hand to carry. Well,  I should just disassemble it then store it.


「Arena, Because I’m about to cut it up, can you wash it with water?」

「Leave it to me~ Washy~washy~♪」


Let’s burn all the internal organs and unnecessary part for the time being. I don’t need the fat. Then, after removing the parts including the tongue, it will probably be finished soon.


「Now then, shall we head back soon? 」


The sun is still high up, but I want to return and cash this up on the guild before the sun sets. It’s only a distance that would take ten minutes if I run, but let’s move carefully for the time being since it’s just the first day. I arranged my hood, placed Arena inside and return back to the town. By the way, I still haven’t refunded the silver coins that I handed this morning at the gate. I went out from a different gate than the one that I’ve entered. Yosh, let’s go pick it up now.


A short while just before the sun starts to set I arrived at the front of the city. There were some adventurers standing at the front of the gate, three adventurers. Everyone seems to be men at a good age, but when they found me approaching, they approached me with a smile creeping out of their faces.  I cover over the hood so no one would be able to see inside.


「Yo Jou-chan, Even though you just registered today, did you go subjugating even at such time?」

「Yes, I have just returned from that now. 」

「I see… they why don’t you hand it over to us?」

Is what they say so, then the three of them surrounded me and pulled out their swords. Because there seems to be no other people around, only the guards are watching, but there isn’t anyone who trying to speak out at all.


「As you see, asking the soldiers for help would be useless. Third parties wont especially interfere in adventurers troubles. Moreover, outside town would be excluded in extraterritorial law. Even if we rough you up for a bit, it will only be concluded as injuries through battle and will be cured. If you leave behind what you have collected now, we might just see it with a blind eye and not inflict any damage onto you beautiful body. 」


I don’t really want to go along with their proposal because I have a feeling that they won’t actually go along with it. Probably the perpetrator also knows a lot about this. Apart from the one talking, I closed in my distance with the other two from behind.

「After defeating you guys and dragging you into the city, should I drop you off at the guard house? There seems to be a lot of witnesses around after all. 」

「Hehe, that coming from the mouth of just a single person, However, you should have just gladly receive the advice of your senpai… men do it!!」


One person went for a thrust, the other one was shaken off, and the man in front of me went for an upper slash. It seems like they are trying to kill me. Perhaps they were one of the witnesses during my fight with drew. That’s probably why they went to attack, but it seems these people weren’t really aware of the difference in power.






Their unsheathed swords lost their blade all the way down and only the handle was left behind. The men looked at me with a dumbfounded face. A sword was held on my hand. It was a common iron sword but there wasn’t any change to it even after that.


「Perhaps, you have seen my fight with Drew-san and you just assumed  that I’m probably just some D rank adventurer? Well you see I am actually B Rank. I wonder if you can really do anything with such a low status. 」

「Thi, this bitch」

「What should we do, oi!」


The two people behind me roared, but aren’t they planning to escape? This will be punishment for the crime of making Arena listen to dirty words.


I punched the three in their stomachs and they all fainted. I took out a rope and bound them, then dragged them in front of the gate guards.


「How should I put it, robbers? Bandits? Whichever would be good, just consider these people as criminals.  」

「Ah, I have certainly witnessed it. But you sure are strong jou-chan. When I saw do you this morning, I didn’t really expect that it would be like this. 」


Oh, It was that person whom I met his morning. I take out and showed my guild card.


「This, I have finally obtained an Identification Card. I would like to get my silver coins.  」

「Alright. Leave them over here. I’ll bring these people to the detention house. 」

「Hai, Hai」


And after the event involving the adventurers, I am now returned to town. I also got my three silver coins, and afterwards it’s only exchanging loots with the guild. I also bought two skewers from an open space nearby, then headed for the adventurers guild while having a duet with Arena.


「Is Rena-san here?」

「I’m over here, welcome back Aidle, you really did go out alone. 」


Rena-san was sitting at the receptionist desk. I raised my hood a little and shown a smile, then put out a bag containing subjugation partts from goblins and wolves and placed it on the counter.


「Since I have successfully finished the request, can have the rewards?」

「Umm… Yes, I have confirmed it. Subjugation parts for five goblins and five wolves. 」

「Also, I would like to sell wolf materials if it’s alright. 」

「Is Rena-san here?」

「It’s alright. Please proceed over here. 」


I took out five wolf furs from my back. Rena-san was seemingly astonished. As expected, it seemed kind of suspicious.


「Where, where did you take that out from just now?」

「Etto… from my back?」

「… Just maybe, you have something more there? 」

「Eh, you mean like this one. 」


I took out the orc tongue again from my back. Rena asked me that she would check it out for a bit.


「This, Isn’t this an orc’s tongue! Isn’t this is supposed to be a D Rank Demon? 」

「Right, Well it was taking a nap, so I quickly subjugated it. 」

「I, I… see. Then I am convinced. But please do be careful next time alright? Because it is common sense that you need to be with a party when dealing with orcs. 」

「Okay. 」


And so after that, the total amount of money I got was 6 silver coins and 25 copper coins. I think that should be good enough as starting income for the first day. That would be enough to pay for six days on the inn. In the end Rena-san said「that should be enough for today, please have a good rest. 」 and after that I headed back to the Inn.


「Afuu~ 」

「Afuu~♪ 」


The moment the doors were closed, two people dived into the bed. A bed with a good amount of firmness, and good amount of fluffiness takes exhaustion away.


「Various things have happened today but did you get bored? 」

「First time meeting people, enjoyment huuun~~dred percent~♪ 」


Wherever it is it seems that she’s having fun, in any case… let’s serve dishes to Arena that I have stored inside my space magic.


「Since I will be going to Pad’s house after this, will Arena be eating first? 」

「Hui. 」[tl; Agreeing… ]


While looking at Arena eating pancakes with honey from the world tree, I trace back the things that happened today.


「Although there are both good and bad adventurers in the adventurers guild. There are seemingly a lot of loopholes in its rules and regulations, but I might probably be involved in more of those since I’m currently going solo… If I raise my adventurers rank quickly I wonder if I could get rid of those things.


Those guys were definitely treating like some the same as beginners. That fact that something like that happened outside of town, more and more of those same fellows would probably aim at me in the future.


Then it should be better to raise my rank after all. A lot flexibility will also be included in my movements.


「Nn~Nn~? (What is it?)


Don’t tilt your head while looking at me with your cheeks filled with pancakes Arena, because my feelings will overflow. Look, look, there’s nectar leaking from your mouth.


「I’m probably going to be busy from now on, so let’s do our best, okay?

「Nn~! (kay!)



At a later date.

「Aidle-san, when did you caught some thieves? A reward was delivered here this morning by a Gate Guard you know?  

「Eh?… I didn’t remember that… Well if it’s a reward for me I’ll gladly take it. I don’t remember subjugating any though?

(Are they treated at the same level as demons?)