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Legend 1 Testania and Norn (Early Childhood)

「Nor~n, Can you come here for a bit~」

「Nn? What is it Testania?」


At an early age Testania have always been hungry for entertainment. I have always been going along with coz I’m also the which hungers for entertainment. In the first place, unlike other fairies, our curiosity peaks over everyone.

And then I have also done all the “Games” at best that I could think of. Sword Fighting, Tag, Hide and Seek, Daruma-san Falls down, Brack Kick, freeze tag, etc… well anyway we have done a lot of things. But I could not think of anything fun to do anymore despite being a fairy.


「You see~ The Queen is calling us~」

「The Queen is?」


The Queen you see, is the one that leads us. At this time she would be around 300 years old. The way she think now is pretty close to how humans think. However she a cute person and is a natural airhead and tends to break things around her not to mention falling down hitting her nose and crying.


Entering the throne, the queen sitting on her throne while giving out her usual smile.


「I have called her~」

「what may it be Quen-sama」

「Thank you Testania-chan, Good morning Norn-chan, I have called for the two of you today thinking that maybe I can teach you something that would interest you?」



The queen showed something to us. It was a book the size that humans would read. We have never seen such a big thing. I have been surprised that something that big was hidden behind the Queen.


「This is what humans call a 『Picture Book』that human children reads, want to take a look?」



On the first page, there was a beautiful depiction of a young queen, a knight wearing pure white armor standing in front of her to protect her, and a huge black dragon trying to attack the two of them. The title was 『Battle of Love』. The queen continued reading the story while changing the pages one by one to emphasize the characters of the story.


And after the story was over the Queen closes the book and looked back to us.


「So how was the story?」

「The Knight was seriously Cool!!」

「The Queen was so lovely!!」

「Well, if that is so, would you like to try imitating them?」



What do you thing the Queen was trying to do? It was for playing 『Games』 . I, of course played the role of Knight, Testania would play as the Queen and I don’t know why but the Queen played as the Dragon. The Queen also prepared all the things we will be wearing like costumes and props, and furthermore the queen even used Fairy Magic to transform herself into a real Dragon.


「Then, Let’s Begin!!」


「Queen-sama, I promise you that I will definitely protect you!」


「Ah, Knight-dono, please, don’t push yourself, if you die, I will spend most of my days in tears and sorrows」

「I shall not die, and for you the one I love no matter how rugged the path will be I will all overcome it, the raging waters, the vicious storms and even the great dragon won’t be an obstacle!」

It was a marvelous play, but thinking about it now it was too embarrassing. I was wondering why in that 『Picture Book?』love was depicted quite extremely even now I’m still thinking  about it. And one of the most awkward about it was, I got too caught up in the story, to the point that it felt like we really loved each other.




And then, A Great Black Dragon came out, while sending out cute Rawrs that is really not compatible to it’s looks. While holding a wooden sword I stand in front of Testania.


「Come. I will take you down with a single strike of my love. You Evil Dragon~!」



I think our performance was quite good despite being 3 years old. But the Queen is really bad at acting. After getting hit on the head with a pokon and swayed around, the dragon disappears in vain along with its ham actor.


「My Queen, I promise that I will protect you forever…」


「Ah, My Knight, I will love you too forever…」


Then we kissed each other’s cheek and the performance ends. It was more like a theatrical performance than a play or more like it’s not a play anymore, Well we didn’t really mind it because it was fun. With a dodon sound sound the queen appeared and then we hugged her with a bright smiling face.


「「That, that was really fun!!」」


The real pleasure of 『Playing Games』. That was freedom. The story can be done in any way you want and the other things can be done by Fairy Magic. Costumes can be made out of clothes and colors can be changed by Fairy Magic. And you know that the amount of stories you can make is uncountable the you can change the cast and can also just be anyone.


「I am glad that you liked it. I think you could think of various possibilities as your level goes up. so just ask when you want to raise your levels, we will go out together」



We were burning. We asked the Fairy Queen for a picture book with lots of stories, The more curious we get the more stories we read. Then I studied every piece of work that shows how I can be cool, changed the way I speak, the I act and finally the way my relations go.


In order to polish it even more for the sake of having fun. If we have free time we ask the Queen to accompany us in defeating monsters together. Within that time I also polished my skills to be more and more of a knight while being trained by the Queen. Unfortunately there is no one in Fairy Town that can teach me to improve further so it took some time to rank up, but that in itself was also fun.


And finally after a hundred years we have completely become the Ideal Knight and Queen. Now I can move proudly like a knight even in our daily lives. … … and when we reached the age of 103, I realized…


「「Super Embarrassing…」」


To a Fairy, 100 years of age would be equivalent to an adult in human terms. In other words we are now adults. When we realized that our mental age have now become mature, we literally drilled holes and hide there for about a month. However, after playing for 100 years that attitude was already hard to peel off, and it already became a part of our character.


The story would always end in a Happy Ending. The role of hero or heroine would always be us. We have planned in every pattern, so we have already accumulated a vast amount of things. We have always done it perfectly.


… … … we have also haven’t seen each other in a few years.


with such situation, I have managed to recover somehow and returned to normal after two years. I can now somehow show decent behaviour and it reaches the time now.


「Now well, a lot of things happened」

「Those vast amount of things, please tell us」

「Please spare me from that…」



And so various things have happened.


And when you remove the Queen Testania’s character, what will be left is someone with the same character as Arena.