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Chapter 11 Please Visit Our Home

I laid the sleeping Arena inside my hood and then headed towards Pad-san’s House. The house was said to be along the town wall. I got lost for a bit but still found it because I remembered the characteristics of the house as described by Pad-san. I was able to find the house with a tranquil red brick wall and white roof.


After knocking on the door, Pad-san shows his face from inside the house.


Yah, I have been looking forward for your arrival.

Sorry, I got a bit lost.

I was thinking that it might have probably been that way so it’s alright. My wife has just finished cooking, come in and lets have a warm meal with everyone.

Thanks, sorry for the bother.


As I enter, I saw a small chandelier lit up with fire in the corridor. Is that a magic tool too? I could feel magical power coming from the flames. I wonder if you could consider this as someone living a well life.

As I was guided by Pad-san towards the living room, my eyes met with one woman. While smiling nicely, came towards us in light rush.


Ara, ara, you must be Aidle-san right. By the way I’m called Mael. For helping my husband today, I am really thankful.


As she said that, she lowered her head deeply. Please stop it. I just happened to be there when that happened, It wasn’t really that significant you know.


When Mael-san called out, a girl peaked out from behind with a smile. The age is probably around 5 years old. She’s probably older than Arena.

I’m Yae desu. For helping papa, thank you very much. Onee-chan.  

I quickly patted my Yae’s head and turn my face towards pad-san.


Pad-san, please give the daughter.

But you’re a girl you know!?

Gender doesn’t matter in the name of love!!

Even so, That’s a crime you know!!

Araara, seems like the both of you are having fun


Isn’t patting the head of a cute smiling little girl a treasure of mankind? What kind of gold or silver treasures would even compare to this?

After sitting in a chair, I checked out what food has been prepared. Meuniere of a big fish, fruits, meat stew, and drinks. It was enough for four people to eat. But this lineup of food surely makes me crave for rice.


Well then, shall we begin. Aidle-chan, I have prepared this with the best of my skills, please eat up a lot.

Leave it to me, My stomach have been quite empty.


First of all, I take a piece of Meuniere, and carried it to my mouth.


It’s a freshwater fish called Senegal, it was available in the market today. It’s a rare lake fish that is brought to town. It’s quite popular even in the royal city with its soft and juicy meat.


Mummum, this surely is delicious. The meat coated with lemon sauce breaks down at the moment it enters my mouth, and it melts perfectly. A sense of happiness because of the taste continues to pass through my throat. Next is the stew.


That stew is made from the meat of the biggest bear wolf that you subjugated this morning. Bear wolf is one the best-selling meat in the market, but that was even better than the meat of the other meat that was bought in.


The meat doesn’t have any excess oils and really fits well with the stew’s ingredients. The stew’s taste is definitely exceptional. I have remembered the white stew from the easy-to-cook bag that I have eaten in my previous life. This is more delicious if you compare it to that though.


Both of them give a really warm taste, so I’m fully satisfied. Ah, it was really good that I came out of fairy village. Encountering such things really makes it worthwhile for me to decide to go on a journey.


It’s really… delicious. It gives off a feeling of the nostalgic taste of home.


Really? Then I guess it is good. It was really worth the effort, right dear?

Ah, I’m happy with it too.


While I’m eating, receiving a warm gaze from you too makes it hard to eat you know… then for a while I received a feeling of being hugged from my waist. Yae was looking at me as I turned my face.


Onee-chan… a strong adventurer?

Hmm? Well. I guess strong enough that I was able to help your father.

Ah, so you did register as an adventurer Aidle-san.


And then, Yae-chan announced.


I also want to be an adventurer like one-chan in the future!

「「Eh!? 」」

Become a strong adventurer like one-chan, earn a lot of money, and then buy a big house for mama and papa.


Apparently she seems to adore strong women. But you know Yae-chan. I think Pad-san was already planning to raise you as a daughter of a merchant? I don’t this house is that small either, you know. The two of them were looking at me with their face saying that I should encourage her to stop, that’s probably their intention. It seems like it’s I can’t really avoid their intentions.


Yae-chan. You see being an adventurer as a woman is really a frightening and painful job. You have to fight monsters, fight other adventurer, or even at times you have to fight in wars. Yae-chan, do you want your Papa and Mama be sad in case something bad happens to you? It is important to earn money, but as it is now, Yae-chan and your family is very happy, so it is not really the time yet and think more about it from now on.



Pad hugged his daughter, and lowered his head.


Sorry Aidle-san. This child is probably worried that someday in the future I might be attacked by some demons. That’s why she wants to be strong in other to protect me in the future. Isn’t that right?

… Un.


I see, seems like those adventurers this morning said something about trying to monopolize.


In the end, what requests did all those adventurers take? Even though, the city is already on a declining level.

They are being compensated for it. And the reason is because they have undertaken a quest for subjugation of a dragon. The target of subjugation was supposedly a Red Dragon.


What. Well I haven’t really heard anything about it. I am just a novice rank adventurer after all.


What kind of dragon is it? I only knew about the normal ones…

It is a red dragon as the name says, but it is much stronger than normal dragon and can even shoot out a strong dragon breath. It has been recently been staying at a hill connecting the town to other towns. And the roads around that are currently blocked, so the lord requested the guild to gather adventurers. It seems that they are planning to go on subjugation after a few days.


I see, and during that time the guild became empty. It was just today that I received a request anyway.


If the subjugation is successful, it seems like big reward of five gold coins will be given to each individual, that’s why everyone was really eager to receive the request even if they don’t take any other request at the moment, is what the current reality is.


Five gold coins, if compared to currency in my previous life, it would probably amount to five million yen just by participating. That seems really attractive that makes the color of their eyes change. Especially for Adventurers cause there will definitely be a lot of dangers included, it would be a cheap price to many if you can easily get a good amount of money in a short time.


(While it may be true that the remnants won’t really be praised that much… But there will also be the possibility of not being able to subjugate it. Although I say this, I don’t really feel like I can join in. Because my rank is still currently low.  )


But if they are planning to subjugate it in just a few days, can’t you just be a little bit more patient about it? Pad-san cannot move out of town until then right?


I am in the same position, but one of my acquaintance is getting impatient and will really be wanting to go because of an urgent deal. Today I also asked some adventurers but was refused.

Is he also asking for it?

Ah, it was set as a designation request.

want me to accept it?


If I remember correctly, receiving a request directly has nothing to do with ranks. I will probably be stopped by the guild if it’s a really unreasonable one but if it’s an escort mission, they will probably allow me despite my rank.


But then, Pad-san seems to be looking at me with quite a surprised look.


But, didn’t you just register as an adventurer?

That’s right, but regarding my skill, you have witnessed it, If it’s about escort missions I can probably take it.

Is that so?


Mael-san confirms it with Pad, Pad-san then began to explain about stuff, and then pad-san seemed to have made a decision.

…It certainly is so. Being able to defeat a group of Bear Wolves alone, I won’t even be surprised if your rank is over C+.


Eh, are those in that rank? Then this will probably be alright. The radius of the city is within a few kilometers, and the strongest demons around are on the level of orcs. Let’s take em out.


Actually, I have also subjugated three orcs. Since I have too much of it, I’ll be giving you some.


I take out a square cloth placing it beside the chair and also make it appear as if it came from my back. As each pieces of meat comes out, Yae’s tension also goes up, so I put out a little more.


Ju, just now, where did you take that out from!!?

That surprised me… This really is orc meat.

With this, I wonder if this would be ok?  


I have heard that Orc’s meat is popular, so it seems they are pleased. Pad seems to have a convinced face, is what I can see.


If possible, I would like for you to receive the request tomorrow morning. Would that be possible?

If you would prepare me a lunchbox using this meat I would be willing to.

I’m really grateful for that.


Mael-san shows a face full of determination while looking at the meat.

Leave that to me. I will be sure to prepare a delicious meat lunch box like no other.

I’m going to help too!!

Then, negotiations have been concluded. Thanks for the treat.

I then asked about the clients name and descriptions. I will be getting up early tomorrow. I then gave my thanks for the meal and went back to the Inn.


This is just for my own self-satisfaction. If a happy family is troubled, I would probably help free of charge, after that is something I have been lacking in my previous life.


Ah, the stars sure are beautiful.


In here, everywhere you look, that stars really looked good. Or rather, it’s too bright.  Even if there are no lights, we see around clearly. On such a day it is a really good time to walk while being sentimental.


Pad’s PoV


Mael. I am going back to him now. You two should probably take a break now.

Alright. Come Yae, let’s take a rest now as papa said.

Un. Goodnight Papa!

Goodnight, Yae.


I finished my greetings with my family and then hurriedly headed for to that person. Perhaps, at first it will probably be kind of suspicious, but soon when he acknowledges her strength he will definitely be pleased. Because he was just in the neighborhood, I arrived quickly and knocked at his door.


Alba! Open Up!! I finally found someone!!


After a while, a man with stiff looking hair and a bearded face greeted me with a seemingly drunk voice. He is still probably drinking…


What! Oh it’s just Pad. I am still busy drinking myself to death. This will be the last drink of my life…

You big idiot!! An Adventurer who will be taking the escort request has been found!! Hurry up and prepare the carriage and prepare yourself to be able to face them!!

Seriously!! Ok just wait it!!


It is still night at the moment, but in regards to the goods to be prepared, we will probably end up late tomorrow morning if it is not prepared now. But with this it will probably be safe.


By the way, that person is a benefactor of mine, a really strong girl.



Pad is 28 years old

Alba is 32 years old


As merchants, they have registered together at the same time in the guild and are quite friendly with each other.

Pad, wait, let me drink for a bit more!

Idiot! Don’t drink any more before going to work!!!