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Chapter 12 Escort Request

「Escort Request, is it?」

「Yup. From the stories that I have heard, there are currently a lack of adventurers’ right?  」


Rena-san, who still has a sleepy face after going to the guild early in the morning, is who I asked for the request while having a confident look. I am definitely being stared at.


「I think I have already informed it to you yesterday, but escort mission belongs to intermediate quests. At least a D rank party would be legitimate. Not to mention you are just going solo, right? Are you really sure you can do this? 」

「Would actually being able to take down six bear wolves alone good enough? 」

「That is still much better if you compare to being surrounded by at least 10 thieves. It will be hard to fight while protecting your client, it’s definitely impossible to do it alone… 」


She always takes out a proper argument every time I find reasons to argue. Thinking about it normally, it is certainly impossible for me to do this alone, is definitely what she thinks right? I don’t that she going to back out of this anytime soon.


「But you know, are there any adventurers at the moment? Because this person is asking for an escort in the neighboring town, It can also be reached by a wagon in less than a day. I don’t think there anything too dangerous would actually happen in that amount of time. 」

「Hnn~~~ You don’t really want to listen do you. 」

「Iya… she’s just worried about you, you know. 」

「That’s how it「Why not let her do it? 」… Guild Master!! 」


The person who came out from behind Rena was the examiner, Drew-san whom I’ve fought yesterday… Guild Master?


「Good morning, Will the guild master be doing examinations again this time? 」

「Good morning. Nah, am just killin time. 」

「Please do some work!!」


I think he really should.


「now, now, By the way Aidle. You may end up dead if you trying to make light of escort request you know? It is several times harder than normal subjugations. Not to mention doing it alone. By that alone makes the difficulty drastically rise to B rank. 」

「Idon’t want to break the trust of that person, I will still do it even you say no, the adventurer in this city are pretty much useless at the moment. 」


After listening to my words, they distorted their faces from the truth at hand. As expected, there’s still room for negotiations.

「In regards to the Red Dragon subjugation. Certainly it cannot be helped, but don’t you think it’s a bit too much collecting all adventurers to the point that there’s nobody left going around the city. Here, this, take a look. 」


It’s the request for the Red Dragon Subjugation. There is something funny about the request itself.


「Why is it like this, why isn’t there any rank restriction? 」

「Ah, So that’s why even those beginner ranks came along. They didn’t even listen when I tried to stop them. I also went to the merchant guild’s guild master to appeal to the lord, but it seems that it was already paid in advanced. That’s why only people like you were left behind and there seems to be no one else who’s more dependable than you… right? 」


It seems like Drew-san is trying to let me hear it on purpose, but I just tilted my head.


「I know because of that fight, You weren’t serious at all, did you probably possess adjustment and hiding skills?」



Uu… As expected, he was able to notice it after all. Let’s admit it obediently here. This will definitely be better than being suspected in a weird way.


「You’ve understood it well. 」

「I have been doing this for years you know, and since I myself possess adjustment skills, I am familiar with people possessing it. So, will you do it?」

「And the conditions are? 」


Drew was broadly grinning and began to laugh. Jeez, I can’t call you with –san anymore.


「Then this will be a quick conversation and that saves me. I’d like you to prioritize requests that are nearing their deadlines. The degree of contribution for the city will be large, and it will also make you rank up faster than normal. The higher you rank up, the lesser you will need to hide your power. That is what you are expecting right? 」

「Even though I don’t really plan to stay that long? 」

「The Red Dragon Subjugation Corps will be leaving in a few days. Even a little late, the estimated subjugation time will probably end in about a month. It will be good if it will be until then. How is that? 」


Thinking for a short while, I checked the bulletin board to see just about how much quest I will be able to handle in about a month.  Most of them are escort request from merchants. That alone reaches to more than 50 requests.


「…Nn? 」

「What’s wrong?」

「…well, It was nothing. It’s fine. I’ll accept it. But there are a few conditions. 」

「Alright, I will listen to as much as I can help. Just say it. 」


Then let me borrow your ears. Whispher~ whisper~  whisper~…


「…Ah. Certainly I will probably able to help with that. But persuading will probably be tough. Is that really possible? 」

「I’ll leave that on your care. I will be escorting today until tomorrow, so I will probably return by afternoon tomorrow again, whether it is possible or not… it will be easy. 」


「…Got that… Rena!! 」

「Ah! Yes!!」

When Drew spoke to Rena, who was staring at me, she twitched for a moment. Sorry for surprising you for a moment.


「Please accept this request, then discard of the previous status plate that was issued before and we will be issuing a new one at a later date. 」

「Eh. Ah. Yes. I understand. 」

「Well then, I’ll be going. 」


When I got out of the guild, there were two persons waiting for me. The other one was Pad-san. The other one was…

「Good morning Pad-san, so, Is this person Alba-san?」

「Ah, that’s right… oi, Pad, you weren’t really joking? 」

「That’s why I told you to relax for a bit. 」


What on earth did you tell this person? Well not like I would mind it.


「I got into a little trouble, but the request have been received, we can depart anytime if it’s all prepared. So where is the cargo to be shipped? 」

「Ah, it’s in the entrance of the square. Young lady, will you really alright with this? 」

「I will guarantee it. 」


I give out a really confident face, then Alba-san gave out a sigh, and then proceed to the square as it is. Then he gave out a signal by hand.

「Apparently everything seems to be fine, well then Pad-san, I’ll be going. 」

「Ah. He is a bit of a grumpy person, but he’s not a bad guy. Please, I leave it to you.」

「That’s what I intend. 」


Well there are some things I need to do before reaching the square.



(What’s up? (Twitch))


Arena. The moment she woke up this morning, she has been playing shogi alone. I didn’t expect her to be so into it in this way. I will probably not loose… is what I was thinking.


(I will be going to a neighboring town at a friend’s request, and I want you to stay at that clients shoulder until we get into town.)



Then I picked up Arena from inside the hood, and then she began observing Alba-san for a while and then a few moments later gave out a smile.


(I’ll do it!)

(Thank you. I’ll be counting on you. )


Even if in the small chance that Alba-san may be attacked, Arena will be there to help. From the start I absolutely won’t let anything pass by me. Seeing the status of monsters and drew makes me think 「Ah, this is probably alright. 」

So I did this.


「… What are these?」

「What is… oh that 『Revenant Ore』don’t tell me you don’t know about it?」

When we got into the square, two iron carts were connected behind a wagon. Most of them are filled up with emerald colored stones. Are these Revenant Ores?


「Well, Here take a piece. 」

「Eh, uwah」

He threw a giant Ore to me. How should I put it, fast! Isn’t that like receiving a pitch from a baseball player!?

As I grasp the stone, It feels like its somewhat pulsating. It is certain that what’s causing this pulsation and light glow is magic power. How is it stored?  

For now let’s say what my impressions are.


「I can feel something pulsating and I can also feel the magic power inside it. 」

「Oh, that is also called the “Beating Stone”. That will be a material used for making magic tools and weapons. A lot of blacksmiths have been waiting for this on the next town. I really have to deliver this to them, because they won’t be able to live without it.」


「That is certainly not good if delayed, let’s start at once. 」

「Oh, then are the others still not here?」




Other people…?

「Oi…oi,oi, Don’t tell me.」

「I’m alone you know?」

「You’re lying right, jou-chan!!??」



「By the way, How much is a Revenant Ore?」

「If it’s the current price, about three gold coins(3,000,000 yen) per 100g」


「So Pricey!!!」