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Chapter 111 Opponent in a Fight

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



*poke, *poke




Feeling something poking me on the shoulder while I was basking in the morning sunlight on my bed, I woke up. I looked behind me and saw Arena’s sleeping face and two fairies that looked like me standing there giggling and sobbing. Oh my, what’s wrong?


“I knew it, a [New Hero] was here?”


I asked, and the fairies nodded their heads. I held out my palm, and they jumped back into it. Then something entered my head.


“…I see what you mean, Quad, that’s brilliant.”


The fairies were only allowed to communicate with each other, but Quad was there to record and video record the events. I don’t know about Mika and the others, but Quad left a perfect record of the heroes he fought. He made it look like he was stopping the heroes, but he made sure that the fairies couldn’t be seen and gave them time to escape. That old gentleman is too clever.




“Yes, yes, good morning~”




The way Hinomoto-san was talking, she didn’t seem to be too keen on the idea. Maybe we can work something out through discussion.


Since we’re not in a place like the arena of a martial arts tournament, I’m afraid we’ll break many things if we have to fight in a small area.


“Okay, Arena, let’s spend the day in fairy form, shall we?”


“Really? Are you certain?”


“Yeah, I have to meet with La Veil and the others.”




Ohhhh, that’s right. It’s been a long time since we’ve been alone together, though we’ve often been fairies lately. I could hardly look around when I was in Amone, so I guess I should be happy.  The only game we played was blindfolded chess with [Parallel Thinking].


“I’m worried about La Veil and the others, so let’s go see what’s going on in the country and listen to various people’s stories. Let’s go!”


“”Let’s go♪””


Well, what do you think of La Veil Radd?


Looking down from the cloudy sky, La Veil Radd is nothing but white buildings that match the surrounding snowy mountains.  And the roofs are highly sloped, probably because it snows all the time. The inn where we stayed was also generally long and narrow. The inn we stayed at was long and narrow, and it was common to see four stories high buildings.


But a goddess sitting on top of a red dragon… National flag? Maybe. The flag of the country was displayed in many places. Hmmm…is that how they treat La Veil?


For now, let’s listen to what people are talking about.


“There is a surprise this morning. Normally, everyone goes to the Pope’s morning address every day, even if there’s no edict to call everyone.”


“I take it this isn’t the usual scripture talk? Maybe it’s about the priestess?”


“Yeah… It’s possible, Cielo-sama… It’s been a while since she was kidnapped, but I wonder if she’s okay…”


“Idiot, the heroes are searching for her… It should be fine!


“Ah, ah… I guess so.”


And that’s what they said in the morning. If there is to be an unusual convocation, then it might be Cielo-related. Holding hands with Arena, who was licking candy and following me, I turned my eyes to the surroundings as I listened to the believers walking towards the castle.


The people who looked like believers were wearing robes with red and white lines, and those who didn’t, were all walking around with the same [book]. I thought books were expensive, but in this country they are so essential that they are handed out to everyone, so maybe that’s the Bible.


The words that came out of their mouths were all about heroes and shrine maidens. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a single bad thing about them. They were mostly worried about the priestess and thanked the heroes for their service. It’s no wonder.


“In this way, it’s like a venerable [Hero Religion]. It’s certainly entirely different from [Fairyism].”


“How solemn~”


“Well, we’re just playing along, right?”


Now, as we came to the castle where all the believers were gathered, we saw a shadow of a person in a place that was overhanging the castle. Instantly, the believers bowed their heads. Oh, that’s the Pope. Furthermore, a man appeared in front of them.


A sword at his waist, white armor on his body… I looked at him with my Fairy Eyes and saw that he was the problem child of this time.


Goutani Sentsuji (21) Lv: 390


Race: Human (Awakened)


HP 153,550/153,550


MP 246,531/246,531


AK 29,566


DF 23,900


MAK 60,010


MDF 48,900


INT 1500


SPD 43,872


Unique Skills: Automatic Recovery, Holy Sword, Automatic Translation, Item Box, Holy Armor


Skills: Sword Arts (SS), Concealment (S+), Tampering (B+), Appraisal (-)


Title: Hero, Transmigrator, Blessed by the Goddess 


Hmm… even Mika can win if she tries hard enough. If she were to use her holy sword property, she should be able to seal the deal, and I really want to let her fight. In order for that to happen, the holy armor has to be returned to Mika’s hands. I’ll have to go get it soon.


“It’s starting~?”


“Oh, it’s true. Wow, Cielo’s looking like a mess…”


Cielo came out, but the look on her face when she heard Goutani speaking, as if he had gone through many hardships and had reached a state of selflessness. If I were to describe what kind of face she had, I would say it was a serious face. I’ll have to go comfort her later.


And as expected, when they talked about the marriage ceremony, La Veil and the others were brought in with cloth bags over their heads and strapped to crosses. It doesn’t really matter, they just put their arms through on top. I can see slave collars around their necks, so maybe that’s why she can’t use [Synchronization].


[Arena, let’s go say hello to La Veil and the others.]




So, we approached La Veil, who was being abused, and La Veil spotted us. She turned her eyes to point at her neck while puckering up her mouth. Yes, yes, wait a minute.


I manipulated the collars of La Veil and the others with [fairy magic] and released all restrictions. However, the collars will remain on. Okay, [Synchronization] is connected.


[Hello, La Veil, was it yesterday?]


[Oh, we’ve been waiting for you, Master.]


[Hello~, La Veil~]


I was about to ask her about what happened after that, but Quad had his fairy alter ego out, just like me, and he retrieved it from Cielo and handed it to me. The timing was just too perfect, Uncle.


I asked him to show me Cielo’s condition. I see, Hinomoto-san is also wearing a slave collar. I don’t know what the reason is, but it seems that she can’t take any action that would be detrimental to the problem child. Still, she’s not a bad person around, following Cielo to some extent.


“Ciel-chan said she was helped by her before. She’s basically neutral and doesn’t get involved in troublesome things, but she was always in Asahina-kun’s party because of her strong attributes.”


Mika said in a whisper, turning her face down so as not to be noticed. Then I guess I might be able to convince her. The question is, can I do something about the attribute and bring it up for discussion? I haven’t seen her status yet, so I don’t know how strong she is.


Quad said that even if he really tried, he wouldn’t be able to beat it, so she must be pretty strong.


[La Veil, I’m going to rescue everyone now.]


[Hey, Master, wouldn’t that cause chaos?]


[Don’t worry, I’ll make replacements for everyone. Once they’re all on top of each other, Arena and I will use fairy magic to make them all invisible, so we can get out.]


[It’s still going to be a mess.]


Yes, I think so too. But I can’t help it because I’ve been able to do so much more since I got the Quad’s experience. Right now, I am still rational, but I have a feeling that if I let myself go with it, something even more outrageous than at the martial arts tournament will happen.


It might end up a little bland, but it has to have substance. I’ll make it look like a Golem, and then I’ll transfer the faces, body shapes, and clothes of the three of them onto them… Execute.


“…Okay, okay, we’ve got the look-alikes.”


The face is expressionless, but it moves like it’s supposed to, so I guess there’s no problem. The next step is to create an illusion by manipulating the light so that the followers can’t see it. I let the three of them slip out, and put the bland golem in the same pose and position.


Then, me and Arena put invisibility on everyone, and the illusion was lifted. This allowed us to escape without anyone finding out.


“Um, if we had done this from the beginning, everything would have been fine…”


“I was expecting an irregularity like Hinomoto-san to be there. Besides, from what I’ve heard, I was not convinced that the trouble boy would kill Mika and the others yet. He would definitely use them for his marriage to Cielo. And all my predictions came true, so here I am.”


“I was so worried about ~~guh~~ you idiot~?”


Come on, stop crying and let’s go. I’m sorry for hiding it from you. I took out my usual white robe, fashioned it into something similar to the followers, and handed it to everyone.


“Here, put this on. If you keep it on tight enough, they won’t notice, right? We’ll be going to Cielo’s place for a bit, so you guys can look for those rumored to be rebels, and Quad can continue to work with La Veil and the others. I’m off then. Arena~”


“See you later~!”


“Yes, have a pleasant trip, you two.”


“Don’t worry, we’ll save you a place to stay. If you’re not coming back, use [Synchronization] to let me know~”


“Yes, yes.”


“She’s too free spirited… Mmm?”


As the situation progressed, Mika was disappointed that she couldn’t do anything and was being swept away. But then Aidle came back and clasped Mika’s cheek with her small hand.


“Mika, I’ll have your holy armor back by the end of the week, and you can take care of Goutani. Understood?”


“… Yes! I’ll leave it to you!!!!”


“Okay, that’s a good answer. Bye bye!”


With a beautiful smile, Aidle and the others went away. Once again, Mika thanked Aidle in her heart for her willingness to let them finish the job.


Then, she once again looked at the opponent she was going to defeat and determined herself to do so.




“Meanwhile, let’s give Cielo a number of homemade candy balls (failures) as a consolation prize.”


“Should I stop?”




I was stopped by Arena.