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Chapter 16 Canaria’s Adventurer’s Guild

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



「Ah~… Kuuaa~… Ahn, I slept well.」


Looking outside, the sky was bright and clear. It seems that I’ve slept for a full day. Ah, I forgot to prepare food for Arena!?




「What did you do yesterday? Did you go out without me?」

「Ah….? Shogi, was playing because I don’t know what else to do. What time is it now??」


Eh, have you been playing shogi all this time? Seriously? Did you even forget that more than 24 hours have past already? Do you want to be a professional player in the future?


「Aidle Food~~」

「Ah, right. Just a sec, I’ll prepare it」


This child will probably become someone big in the future. What kind of big she will be is something I don’t know.


*knock *knock



Even though it’s still early in the morning, could it be someone from the Inn. Or maybe is it someone from the merchants?


「Yes, who is it?」

「I’m someone from the guild. Is it alright for me to enter?」

「Eh? Ehhh.」


A person with a rugged looks, the face is that of a young man. It’s probably a staff member of the guild.


「Is it ok to confirm that you were the one who escorted all that merchants that arrived yesterday?」

「Yes, it’s fine.」

「Sorry about this, but is it possible for you to come with me to the guild today?」


Errr… I still haven’t eaten breakfast yet. But it seems that he is in a hurry. Wait a minute, I still haven’t asked why he came looking for me.


「I forgot to ask, but what business is it that you have with me?」

「Oh, I’m sorry about that, it is about rank promotion.」




Since I came to Canaria just a little amount of time ago, I haven’t really toured it yet, but the structure of the city is quite similar to Haval. Even their guilds are positioned in similar places, not to mention having almost identical looks. While moving towards the guild, I could see that the scenery is a little bit different from that of Haval.




「Oi, that rank up request is here!!」

「Stupid! You don’t have enough party members to take on that!!」

「Hey Receptionist-san, can you suggest quest for a beginner like me-」

「Today, there’s no quest for medicinal herbs. I guess some other magical materials should do.」


The adventurers seem to be struggling to find a good quest in the guild are really noisy. The receptionist are also good at their job, and can easily deal with a lot of adventurers.


「This sure is amazing」

「I think this is just normal around here though? By the way, let us enter here」


Normal is it… yup normal sounds good… normal…


A young man was sitting inside the Guild Master’s Room. The moment I turned towards him he showed me a smile, but I got a bad feeling about that.


「Oooh, I have been waiting.」


Vannua(25) Lv. 57


Race: human


HP 855/855

MP 392/392

ATK 541

DEF 558

MATK 263

MDEF 175

INT 150

SPD 309


Skill: Spear Arts (C+) Charm (C)


His level is quite high. Something else attracted my attention though. Is it because he seems to have activated that skill?



『Attract and Control the target on which the skill was used with certain probability. Success rate will depend on the attractiveness and level difference of the target.』


Uwaa… This one here is a Lady Killer. This is the type I really hate the most.


「Yosh, time to go home!」

「Ow, wait, wait. You still need to finish your promotion test in this city. 」

「Eh? Why? I was planning to take a promotion test after returning to Haval though」

「Would it not be much better to take it here before returning?」

「Also, why are you promoting me directly to rank C? I am currently rank E you know, won’t the promotion be to rank D first?」

「Ah, about that, sorry for not informing you. Your rank has already been raised to D when you have completed that large escort request. What I’m suggesting now is for you to be promoted to Rank C. I would like for you to take the exam now if possible.」


In other words, it is not skipping but advancing. Somehow it feels like formalities are being ignored at this moment. But well I still don’t know the reason why they want it so badly though, so I’ll ask first.


「After doing all of this, what is your main purpose? You are not just pushing for me to be promoted just so I raise my rank, right?」

「…Ah, that’s because you seem to be quite skilled that even my 『Charm』 could not affect you. I don’t really know how attractive you are since my skill didn’t work and I can’t even see your full face.」


As expected, he was really using his skills on me. I want to beat him up but that would cause a lot of problems around here.


「I’ll be taking my leave, goodbye!」

「Ah, sorry about that really, but please could you wait for a bit. I’ll be telling you the real reason now so please stay for a while.」




「Designated request for a certain rank?」

「Yeah, at the moment, there are no intermediate rank in this town. It would be either beginners or advanced ones.」

「Won’t it be fine if you just promoted some random Rank D adventurers or make them take the promotional exams?」

「That won’t do, even if I do something like that they will be sure to fail the request.」


I confirmed the request contents… hmmm, what does this mean?


Fighting Contract – Designated Request

Reward for completion – 130 gold coins

Request Content – A contract for a duel that will happen in the City

The opponent is the Leader of the Knights of Canaria

Completion Requirements – Defeating the Knight Leader

Designated Taker – A person who have been promoted to Rank C Solo

Designated Number – 1 Person


「Isn’t the content a little too specific?」

「Yes, that is exactly why. In general, the rank of an adventurer would be a clue towards their strength or of their party, but in this case it’s different. A normal Rank C from a party would have no chance of winning. Only someone who got to Rank C solo or higher.」


Adventurers working solo are quite rare. Even if they can challenge strong monsters, the efficiency is bad. Not to mention the amount they can carry would also be limited, and it would really take a lot of effort to escape when they are surrounded. That is why they mostly join parties.


People like me are not really good with socializing and there are those with some personality problems. Not to mention that such troublesome people won’t be able to rank up that easily.


「I have been hearing rumors going around, since yesterday. They are about an adventurer girl who escorted 80 or more merchants and even defeated a rock lizard alone. What I thought at that time was that, the heavens have brought me blessings.」

「Is that so, then that’s how you were able to know my whereabouts because of the rumors yesterday and send that person call out to me.」

「Oh, so you got the gist of it?… Sorry about that Calmira, you may go now and take a rest.」

「Ye, Yes…」


Calmira, the one who guided me here, left the room in a hurry. Oi, you didn’t have to rush!


「You see, If you don’t take the request, there will no one who will be capable of taking it, and once it fails the Earl, who is the feudal lord of this town, will have to fire me, which to me is still acceptable. But the next person he plans to replace me is that knight leader which I really would like to avoid at all cost.」

「Why do you hate that?」

「Why you say… It is quite obvious you know? What do you think would happen if the Adventurers Guild which is the symbol of freedom get under the control of the feudal lord? What awaits the adventurers would be nothing but exploitation.」


I see, because in this world, such thing is easily allowed, I could understand his standing a little. So this person was also thinking about the welfare of the city. My first impression of this person was definitely that of a no good person.


「If there are such circumstances, is it fine for me to receive it, what about my previous request that I still haven’t finished? If I alright if I can’t return my completion to Haval, and for me to delay it for a day or two? 」

「Regarding that situation, let’s solve it using this here」


When I looked where he was pointing, a full length mirror was there. By the way, something like that was also placed in Drew-sans office.


「This here is called a 『Communication Mirror』. Only guild leaders can use it, so if it’s about reporting your request completion we can use this to report to Haval’s Guild Leader. Well using it this way is usually not permitted, but with Drew-san it will probably be fine.」


I don’t know if it will be alright though, but I guess it’s worth trying? When Vannua-san operated the mirror, on the supposed reflection I could see Drew-san from the other side.


「Hello, this here is the Guild Leader of Canaria’s Adventurer Guild, is Drew-san in?」

「Ahn?… What is with the annoying communication using the mirror even though I am busy at the moment, Vannua is it? What do you want? 」

「I have something to discuss with you, can I have your time for a bit 」




After talking about me and my request completion certificate, Drew-san voices out a deep sigh and then nodded vertically.


「It cannot be helped I guess, Letting an aristocrat take control of that place is bad, can I have a word with Jou-chan for a bit, is she around?」

「Sorry bout that, it seems I’ll be returning a bit late.」

「Jou-chan isn’t in the wrong here so it’s fine. Please do lend a hand to the Guild Leader. Things will be easier for the him if you do so.」



Then after a short time, the view from the other side disappeared.


「There is a time limit on using of that. If used once it won’t be usable for a whole day. Anyway, do you want to have your promotional exam soon?」

「I’m fine, but what about the ones whom I need to fight?」

「Of course that would be me. Even if other people would do it, they won’t probably be a match against you. 」




Underground Training Area



「Ow, owwww…」


At the moment the signal to begin have been raised, I went straight in front of him and give him a smack and that finished it. People in charge of recovery hurriedly cast recovery magic to Vannua-san. Good work… After a while, he revived and was holding his slightly swollen cheeks.


「I can’t believe it, I didn’t expect that even I won’t be enough of a partner. Are you possibly stronger even against Drew-san?」


I show to him my status board, and he clearly went pale.


「The difference is really bad… I can’t win at all.」

「If you were able to successfully use 『Charm』 then would have probably been bad for me.」

「I guess, well then, it hands down result… Let us renew your rank to C at once so hand over your card, the faster its process the sooner you go.」


Guild Rank Up in just a few days. It’s nice and it gives me a sense of accomplishment. Well everything went up because of unforeseen circumstances though. Ah, I feel like I would be involved in more and more…


「Aidle awight?~」

「Yup, but if you give me a kiss I will feel much better.」

「Then Chuu~♪」


That takes away everything painful! Thanks Arena!




「Vannua-san, you’re a stud that makes women cry right?」

「No, don’t misunderstand me, I have a wife and kids and have never cheated!!」


Ahhhh… My kids, daddy will be home soon after daddy finishes all his work for the day.