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Chapter 17 A Noble for the First Time

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



With Vannua-san guidance, we went to the district where nobles live. It was surrounded by walls different from the ones surrounding the town. As expected, it was mansion. I have been thinking of visiting such place before so I was kind of excited about entering one.


「I’m Vanua, the Guild Master of Canaria’s Adventurers Guild. We would like to have an audience with Earl Astel」

「Understood. Please come inside and wait for the time being」


After being allowed to go through by the guard, we were greeted by a beautiful flower garden. Looking closely, I could see flowers resembling roses but in varying of colors. I can feel its elegance.


「Is this the hobby of the Lady of the House? I guess that’s a hobby fitting of a noble. I think this is a good kind of hobby」

「I also agree to that. Flowers are a symbol of love」


We then went inside the mansion and was guided by a maid. There were seemingly high priced items displayed all over the place… even in the room where guests are received there were expensive looking items and also splendid furnishings. Even that small gold ornament, how many gold coins would you get if you sold such refined piece I wonder.


「Are you nervous?」

「That’s not it. It’s because this is my first time going into such a place」


Even Arena is filled with curiosity and is moving around the room now that her shyness from before has totally disappeared. Please don’t accidentally break something by carelessly touching them.




After a few minutes chatting with Vannua-san, A noble came in with a following maid. His fluffy mustache suited this blonde uncle really well.


「I’ve kept you waiting. So, were you able to find one?」

「Yes, if it’s this one here, there would be no problems」

「…Hmmm. Jou-chan, may I know your name?」

「Aidle desu」

「I see, I am Earl Astel Veitiro, the feudal lord of Canaria」


After a brief introduction we proceeded to discussing the full details of the request, and so the full details of the situation have been revealed.


「The truth is I should have been the one supposed to fight the knight leader because my daughter Melchiora wants me to do that, you see」

「Aidle-kun. You see, Astel’s only daughter really likes strong people like her father, and unless you are an aristocrat that is stronger than her father, it ended up with her not accepting marriage proposals, no matter who it was from」


I see, let’s check Lord Astel’s status for a bit.


Astel Veitero (48) Lv.65

Race: human


HP 867/867

MP 607/607

ATK 591

DEF 385

MATK 461

MDEF 503

INT 195

SPD 368


Skill: Sword Arts (C+) Four Attribute Magic (D+) Swift Movement (D)


Oh, he can use four attribute magic? He’s a great Uncle. He’s even stronger than Vannua-san in terms of levels. It is well known that he is strong among the militant faction of nobles.


「If that is the case, why didn’t the earl himself challenge the knight leader?」

「That’s because I know that the knight leader is stronger than me. I have served as a former deputy captain of the kingdom’s knight order before, but something troublesome happened. One time when I was picked up by my daughter, the knight leader fell in love with her at first sight」


Ah, I think that if the knight leader wins the battle, he would definitely ask for the daughter’s hand in marriage. There was one condition that was set to allow a representative for the duel, if the representative is an adventurer, the representative should be below rank B.


「And so, that is why the request ended up like that」

「I also know that the knight leader is somewhat strange and weird in many ways. He decided by himself that he must have her now. Such a troublesome person」


Vannua-san also mentioned to me that 「Melchiora-sama is only 8 years old」and I understood. Isn’t that person just a perverted lolicon? I don’t know how he really feels, but using such methods to take what you want is out. I would definitely never fall in love with such a man.


「Just for reference, how high is the level of that knight?」

「When I was working at the castle I have heard that he was about 150 at that time」


Oh, he is higher than Norn-san? It seems that he is quite strong. If that is the case then the lord’s daughter would be taken away for sure, right?


「Melchora-sama has already accepted, the conditions for that duel that is」

「You see, that child, she thinks that I am the strongest and most reliable father in the world… As a parent, being admired by my daughter like that makes me really happy, but this time I won’t be able to live up to her expectations, that’s why I submitted the request, in order to fulfill this desire.」


Are, now that I remember, what was with that request about replacing the guild master if the request failed?


「What about that condition of the knight leader taking the guild master’s position if I lose?」

「That is something Melchora said. If you win he will give anything you want in his power, but if the knight leader won, his condition was to take the position of guild leader, he will also be married to nobility as a son-in-law, meaning he will take full control of this town, which is something that I also would really like to avoid.」


I understood the whole story. It is good to accept the request of your cute daughter, but as for me, will that daughter of yours accept me? I am a little worried about that.


「Even though it was the Earl who was supposed to fight, is it really ok to leave it to me?」

「There is no other choice for my daughter but to consent to it, the knight leader has already agreed to it. The problem is if you can actually win or not」


Something like that isn’t really a problem though, but maybe I can ask for a reference for me to set my strength?


「About that, do you think he will be able to handle 3 Rock Lizards alone fighting them at the same time?」

「Earl Astel, this one here escorted a caravan of more than 80 merchants not to mention defeating a large group of monsters, along with those are three rock lizards, it was also performed just a while ago.」

「Is that true!?… then I will leave this to you」

「You can leave it to me」


There was also Vannua-san’s follow up, this would probably make this request sim-「Father!!」-ple?… she came out?


「Father! Is it true that you hired adventurers!?」

「Why are you here Melchora?」

「I’ve heard from the maids that a person from the guild came!! Why won’t father fight him by himself!?」


From that point on it turned into a quarrel between father and daughter. I retreated to the side along with Vannua-san and was enjoying the tea served to us. The tea was also at a high standard in this world. I like its fragrance.


That girl, Melchora, is such a beauty that can even be compared to a doll. Wearing a red and pink variation of children’s dress and having the same blonde hair as her father which seems to glow whenever light hits it. Her red eyes give off the impression of a powerful personality. She has the image of a tsun tsun princess.


「She sure is cute. Despite being just 8 years old, she sure gives off a slightly mature impression.」

「She will definitely be gifted with a beautiful face in the future, right?」


I feel that Vannua-san despises the knight leader in more ways than one. Did he do something?


「You see, a few years back, he came to visit the guild. At the time he told me that he would like to measure his abilities」

「Ah, that really must have been a disaster」


I just remembered that he was still holding a cup in his hands. Looking at the contents it seems like it would boil over. It won’t break, right? Why do I hear a creaking sound?


「Hey, you!!」



I turned around and I saw a beautiful person’s face looking towards me. Her eyes are staring directly at me.


「Can I help you with something?」

「Show me proof that you are stronger than father!」

「How would you like me to?」

「Fight with my father!!」



The earl’s voice and my own overlapped. Are you going to fight instead of your father in the future?


「I think that will be dangerous, but if ever I attacked a noble, there would be a penalty right?」

「That’s right, it’s even normal if death penalty would be given. Even a duel would not be forgiven」

「No, wait」


The Earl interrupted us. As expected. It’s useless I guess.


「There would be no problems if it’s just a mock battle. Are you fine with that, Melchora?」

「Yes, Father!」


So you’re a daddy’s girl. I’m kind of worried about your father. The earl took off his robe and picked up his sword.


「Sorry, this is the only way for me to convince my daughter. You see, I would like to do this seriously, but I will be saved if you could somehow help me out here.」

「Is it OK for you to lose in front of your daughter?」

「If it is for my daughter, I won’t mind disgracing myself」


This one’s a lost cause too? I don’t really like doing this but I will still do it.




We went behind the back of the mansion where there was an open field that was used for training. It is as wide as the underground training area of the guild. This place is used by the earl’s knight order to train but currently it’s half empty.

When the Earl shows up, the knights stopped their training and aligned together. It seems that the knight order is quite well organized.


「Oh, Earl. It’s still not yet the time for us to fight」


A man who was at the forefront came to greet us. He was carrying a heavy looking sword in his back and was wearing heavy armor. Is this that knight leader? The Earl responded with a grin while giving off the air of a nobleman.


「Well you see, I have found an adventurer to be my representative. We were going to get some warm-up for a bit before fighting against you.」

「Hou… You were able to find one. That’s a surprise… Oh, Melchora-sama, you came along too」



Melchora who was frightened by the knight’s disgusting stare hid behind the Earl. The figure of the frightened girl was also very cute, but to such a pretty girl, having a smile on her face definitely suits her much more.


I got onto the field after the Earl, but I was greeted by a rude laughter from the other side the moment he saw me.


「You, as I see it you seem to be a woman. Do you think that such an adventurer can fight me seriously? If we were talking about a knight then maybe you can at least be a challenge, you did know that I’m the leader of the Royal Knights of this country right. Are you sure you could even count as entertainment against such a knight as myself」

「That’s why I am here today you know.」


「I’m telling you that there’s no way for me to lose to a Lolicon Pervert like yourself」

「… …Loli?」


Ahhh, is that word something that doesn’t exist here?


I turned to face the Earl telling him that we should start the mock battle soon. It is good to have a bit of strategy as to how I can pummel this opponent in the best way when the duel starts later.




「Well then Earl-sama, I would like to end this in five strikes?」

「Ve, Very well, please do so…」

(I wonder how or where should I strike first… )