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Chapter 112 Use One’s Frustration as a Learning Experience

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



Cielo, who had returned to her room earlier, was mentally exhausted after all that. Even though she had friends she could trust, the people’s clouded eyes were quite unbearable.


“You’re a respected believer… However.”


However, Cielo would still like to seek a faith like [Fairyism]. She believes that a life of free thinking and a desire to live with a smile on one’s face should be the ideal way for humans to be happy.


It is only dependence that makes it a part of life, leaving all faith in the existence of heroes, popes, goddesses and holy dragons. What we should be thankful for every morning should be our own actions.


But I want to avoid making people abandon their faith. Because that would just be arrogance.




“What’s the matter, Cielo? Why such a deep sigh?”


“Oh, no. I’m just thinking about how difficult religion can be…. Aidle… and Arena…”












Cielo silently grabbed the two fairies with her hands and pressed them against her cheeks. Being close to her eye, Arena is catching the large tears with her own body, but the fairy never looked uncomfortable. She scooped up the tears with both hands and spoke to Cielo.


“Crybaby? Don’t cry~”


“… Thank you very much, Arena.”


The tears flowed one after the other for some time. After a few minutes, Cielo stopped crying, and Aidle got down to business.


“I’ve given you a hard time, haven’t I?”


“No, I was able to get a good idea of what’s going on in my country. I think this is good. Now, what are you going to do about it?”


“That’s the thing… I thought I’d use this.”


With that, Aidle took out the [Recording Crystal] that she had used in the [Young Beast Group Eneku].


“Let’s use this to get some words out of the problem child and use it as material for a counterattack. Then, if Cielo wants, I can switch places with Cielo. I can use my [Fairy Magic] and [Humanization] skills to take Cielo’s form, and if you just tell me the important information, I’ll be able to deal with the problem child.”


It was Aidle’s way of being considerate. It must have been mentally demanding to deal with that after seeing the way she had been holding back in front of the people and the way she was crying now. It must be very hard for Cielo to do this every day.


However, Aidle can take it all away. It’s not an opponent for the intelligence focused fairies, since it is not about her in the first place.


“No, I won’t stop.”


But Cielo refuses to do so. Why? She stroked Aidle gently on the palm of her hand.


“I have to fulfill my responsibility. The fate that I once ran away from, I want to fight it to the end this time. Like you and Forna, who rebuilt Ladaria, and like the children who continued to struggle for their lives in the dungeon. I, too, want to be like them…”


“…I see. Then I’ll leave you with this body of mine instead. You can always contact me when things get hard, and I’ll take care of you instead of just healing you, okay?”




Aidle created her own alter body and gave it a crystal ball. However, neither of them were normal, both the enhanced [alter-body] Aidle and the recording crystal were both special versions enhanced with fairy magic.


“If you ever get in danger, I’ll be over here to help you. Also, I can normally let you have the recording crystal and put it on for that problem child.”


“From what to what…”


“It’s fine… and. Looks like they’re here, so I’ll be going now. Oh yeah, I’ve already rescued Mika and the others, so don’t worry.”


“Yes! Yes! Please tell them I’m fine.”


“Yeah, I’ll see you in a week then.”




As soon as Aidle and the others disappeared, Goutani came in. The alter ego of Aidle was on her shoulder, starting to record with a handsome smile, as if telling her, “Leave it to me, buddy”.


“Ugh, that was a little reckless, wasn’t it?”


“Aidle, are you okay? Do you need to rest?”


“Hmm, let’s wait until we get to the inn. Don’t worry, the pain will go away soon.”


The act of creating a half-body of me sent a tearing pain through my head. It was only for a moment, so I was able to stay in Cielo’s presence without incident, but honestly, the lingering pain alone took a lot of my mental strength.


But when I thought about Hinomoto-san, I thought that since I didn’t know the characteristics of the holy sword, it would be better to have enough strength to deal with any situation that might arise. If it’s just a headache for me, I’ll do it.


“Besides, Cielo said she’d do her best.”




“Regarding Cielo, yes. We’ll be on our own and do what we can.”




“That’s a cute reply, I want to play.”


The girl was fighting to accept the reality. What I can do for her is to gather materials for her fight. I want to help those who are trying their best, no matter what.


“Speaking of which, I wonder where Hinomoto-san is. Well, we don’t have to meet her today, but…”


I’m sure we’ll run into her somewhere anyway. If we don’t come at them, they won’t attack us. But since Arena is here now, I’ll do it when I’m alone.


So, I used [Sync] to connect with La Veil and flew back to the inn that everyone had taken.


“Aidle! How was it? How was Cielo!? She’s not hurt, right!?”


That’s when Mika caught Aidle. She grabbed the fairy’s body and shook it, “Ababa”. With the lingering headache, it was a double whammy.


“Calm down. Look, Master’s eyes are rolling.”


“Eh… Ahh! So, sorry, Aidle…”


“Spi~ning~spi~ning~rou~and round~”


“Oh, you’re acting like Arena, aren’t you? Let her sleep for a bit.”


La Veil stopped her, and after a while, my shaken brain returned to normal and I got up [humanized]. Oh, I thought it was going to throw up.


“Okay, Mika, seiza on the floor. Let’s talk about what we’re going to do.”


“What? Are you using me as a chair…”


“Aren’t you happy to be my chair?”


“I am!”


I sat down on Mika-chair, and she started squirming, but I ignored her and started to talk.


“La Veil, did you find someone interesting?”


“It was very difficult to find people who don’t even know how we got here, but… There were a few people who were talking about it. They were all talking very quietly so that the other believers couldn’t hear them.”


“Did you get the content?”


“Absolutely, and Quad wrote about what they were saying.”


He held out a piece of paper to me and bowed. As I’ve learned recently, that’s how Quad is…


And when I looked at the paper that was handed to me, I saw a few words.


“[Cardinal], [Heretic], [Brave], right…”


The Cardinal was the only person in this La Veil Lad who had power close to the Pope, but it seemed that he was working in secret, that was one thing. And he agreed to eliminate the bishops and knights around the Pope along with the heroes and make the Pope his puppet. Isn’t that a bit much, gentlemen?


I’m sure you’ll be able to understand why I’m here.


What is the purpose of this cardinal? If the troublemaker marries Cielo, the next pope will automatically be a hero, so the power shouldn’t go to the cardinal.


“I’m not sure what to make of it, but I think it’s a good idea. If it’s the words of an ally, it’s likely that he’ll follow them.”


“Is it about a plan to take a sip of sweet bounty together?”


“But what kind of bounty?”


I don’t think they need the money. Oh, but Halia is taxed, so economically it’s hard. So, he wants to use the prestige of his bravery to collect more money from his followers. That’s the best I can think of. That would be the least of it.


“Have you ever met the Cardinal, Mika?”


“Yes, I have. He’s really tall, but he’s also expansive. He looks like he’d bounce if you threw him. He was always wearing all kinds of ornaments, and the way he treated women was just like Goutani.”


Thank you very much for your explanation. I wonder if that filth I was talking about is running the country now. He also loves money.


That’s it then. For now, capturing the cardinal and defeating the heroes will quickly bring the situation under control. In front of the people, of course.


“After that, Mika will beat up the troublemaker, and I’ll announce the truth,” is the general plan. Oh, Mika, I’m going to get your holy armor back in a few days.”


“…Why, in a few days?”


Apparently, she thought I was going to get it today. She stopped being a chair and stood up, holding me in her arms. She wouldn’t let go of me…


“There’s no particular meaning, but you see, it happened yesterday. I mean, the security will be a little tight, right? Maybe it’s because they are getting ready for their wedding ceremony in a week.”


And Mika (Fake) has been caught. If the troublemaker is thinking that far ahead. I’m sure he’s thinking that some people will be trying to sneak into the tower. And it looks like he’s increasing the number of [Curse] installations.


“That’s why, if possible, I want to get it just in time to rescue Cielo. If they find out about Mika and the others, they might take Cielo hostage.”


“I see… I understand.”


So, I’m going to bed early today since I’m tired. I’ve used extreme fairy magic today, albeit on a small scale, to create half of myself.


“We’re also tired from being tied up. I think we should eat and go to bed early today.”


“Then I’ll prepare it for you. I’ll just go out and find something to eat.”


“Thank you, Quad-san, I’ll leave it to you.”


Then La Veil used [Sync] on me. When I looked at her face, I noticed that she was looking at me with a serious and also frustrated look on her face. It’s unusual for La Veil to look like that.


[Master. Can we have a talk before we go to bed?]


[Hmm, what is it?]


[Would you… Will you help me train?]


[…Okay. Shall we start tomorrow?]


[Mm, sorry for the bother.]


It’s okay, I’ll plan something for that.




[What’s the best difficulty level? There’s sweet, medium, hot, spicy, hellish, and annihilating]


[The top one, of course]


[Hey, dominatrix with big tits]


[I will destroy you.]