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Chapter 19 Knight Leader VS Fairy

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



This time, a member of the knights was in charge of signaling the start of the battle. I took out a new Iron Sword from my back, while Darius held his two-handed sword with both hands. You don’t see something big like that too often. The blade alone is longer than my height. By the way, Darius is twice as tall as my current height. If you look at us from a different perspective, it would look like a child fighting their father.


「The conditions for winning will be, surrender, losing consciousness or death. Any form of attack will be allowed and there is no time limit.」

「Got it」


Darius takes a stance by lowering his waist and turning towards me, focusing on me. It a gaze that was trying catch any movement from me. Honestly, being stared at by a mass of muscles like him is disgustingly scary.





Oh, despite being so heavy, he moved with incredible speed. The wind pressure alone feels like it would blow me away, but well, I don’t feel like avoiding.


(Image of having a weight much heavier than my enemy’s…)


The giant sword was sent towards me along will all his mass and power. I also lowered my stance to receive the sword attack. I consumed magical power to dissipate the shock from impact, but I also used fairy magic, which doesn’t use magic power, so that my magic consumption would drastically decrease.




I stepped forward and received the heavy blow. I also erased the wind pressure it caused.


「Good, you received that well…」

「That still seems to be light though, are you really not holding back?」

「Then I’ll be more serious!!」


He struck at me with his sword as many times as he wanted. I was pushed a little and even dropped down on one knee… Sorry~. It actually so light it feels like he is only tapping me. But you see, winning so easily isn’t really fun to look at, you know.


Looking at the audience I can see Melchora looking worried, Vannua-san looking anxious and Earl Astel was groaning. After a while it reached to the point when Melchora had a look as if she was about to cry. Well I guess I can understand how she would hate being the wife of this person, even if he was stronger than her father.


「You annoying little girl! Just blow away already!!」


Darius continued swinging his sword towards me trying to smash and crush me, but I parried it and moved back for a bit. I can still continue playing along but I got tired of it.


「Uwah, you sure are amazing, little girl…」


As I was taking a stance, he followed up with an attack, but I dodged it sideways. Well, he didn’t stop and ended up crashing into a wall. Ahhh, it was such a splendid wall. Look there, looks like everyone was troubled by that. I guess I should have been careful about my position.


「Damn you… Quit moving around so I can crush you!!」

「Well, can’t you just attack me with more focus?」


I take out a red cloth from my storage because it seems interesting. Darius realized I was making fun of him, so he came chasing me again. I waved the red cloth away from him. Doing that made Arena really excited. Currently, I’m imitating a bullfighter. He sure looks like a cow trying to stab and slice me by thrusting himself continuously, right?.


「 Quit moving around you stupid!!」

「I don’t really want to stop though even if you show me that red face of yours… well let’s continue~ come, hit me here~」

「You! Youuuu!!」




Melchora’s PoV:


「Awesome… He’s just seriously at her mercy, that Darius」


Melchora was shocked. Darius is someone who is known throughout the town as the strongest. Not listening to the orders of the Earl, even controlling the knights order for himself, he did display enough fighting power for that. That’s why she also realized that her reliable father was looking for help, but she also knew that Darius would not carelessly oppose the Earl because they are not enemies.


And then, one day an adventure covered in a white robe came. The person doesn’t even show her face, I thought that she was just probably trying to trick father so I became quite suspicious of her. Since I thought that it was impossible for her to become a substitute for my father, I asked her to fight with him, but father was the one lost, defeated by the knights created by that woman to fight father in her place. I was looking at my father who got defeated, and I had to admit that she had overwhelming power.


But when it came to fighting against Darius, she didn’t use that power.


And their battle began. Although it was Darius who seemed to make the first move, trying to crush her, it was blocked splendidly. She then avoided all of the attacks that followed with ease.


But still, what Melchora was attracted to was her atmosphere when fighting. It felt like she was really having fun.


「Why is she smiling?」

「Well, that’s something I don’t understand. But she did not have the feel of a battle maniac though.」

「Isn’t it like she is playing with Darius?」


That’s right! Is how Melchora thought. That person has the face of a child that has just received a new toy. Even though I can only see her mouth, her eyes must definitely be sparkling.


「Father, who really is that person?」

「I don’t know… but well… I can at least be sure that she is fighting for you, even if she is faced with such an opponent.」




Aidle PoV:


「Haaa… Haaa… Haaah…」


Darius was drenched in sweat and was out of breath. Is he reaching his limit soon? I was expecting him to have more stamina though. Maybe because there isn’t anyone that could go against him, he was negligent of his training. Then I guess this is it.


「Can we end this soon?」

「Haaah… If, you can do then go ahead. If you just keep on blabbering then I will crush you.」


His anger levels shoot up and attacked me with everything he has, in full power, but well, something like that is useless.






I returned the favor countering with a slash, and that attack severed his sword, chopping it to pieces.



「It is over, isn’t it?」



I bashed his head with the flat side of the sword and made him collapse. He staggered from the hit and got down on his knees. I then pointed the sword at his neck.


「Do you want surrender?」



He is still probably conscious, but he is not replying. Stubborn aren’t you, are you not going to admit defeat right here now? His eyes seem to be moving, looking around the area ahead of us.


「Knights, what do you want to do? I could finish him of right here if I wanted though.」

「Let… Let’s see…」


The knight I pointed at was confused. I also asked the Earl but he replied: 「I would like to end this without killing if possible」

「You know… Darius, just accept defeat right now!! Whatever you do, you can’t do anything against this adventurer, not in the situation you are.」


But Darius didn’t respond at all. Or maybe, he is trying to bide his time?




When I moved my sword for a bit, he quickly made a dash, are you running away? No, that direction is…!!!


「Melchora-sama, quickly escape!!」

「I won’t let you escape!! Ooooooaaaaahhh!!!」


Darius threw away what remained of his sword and dashed towards Melchora faster than before. Vannua-san tried to intercept him by blocking the way, but because he was unarmed, Darius easily beat him down.


「Nooo!!! Don’t come here!!」

「You, you will be my hostage!!」


Well then. I’m not that gentle enough to let a person like this be forgiven, especially those who are trying to hurt such a beautiful girl. Or rather the match has not ended yet.


「Oi, your opponent is here」

「Impossible!! How the hell did you overtake me!!」


Well, certainly, just that speed of his alone I would say it’s impressive, being able to move so fast needs huge SPD status. But well, I converted my MDEF and unused stats into SPD just now, so currently my speed is around 20 million. If you win against that speed, then I can only see you as something like an unidentified creature.


「Gah!!…Ooooaaah!!!… Uuuh!!…」


It’s useless you know? Did you think you can beat me up like what you did to Vannua-san? I countered his fist strikes and crushed his bones.


「Iiihhh!! Ahhhh!!! 」


I don’t really like seeing someone suffering in front me. So I kicked his head and he got blown away. He bounced several times and ended up hitting the knights.


「Winna~ Aidol~~


Thank you for that Arena. Well, in the end, it was me who actually saved the girl. On the other hand, Melchora was staring at me. It must be because, after all, it’s unrealistic for a girl to beat down a giant man like that. Let’s just ask about injuries.


「Are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere?」

「No, I’m fine but… that… your Hood Onee-sama is…」


…Hmmmm? Onee-sama? Hood? …Ah, right, I got it. Is it because of that last attack? Well, about that.? Eh why are you clinging to me? Why do you look like a maiden in love with those glittering eyes?


「Ah, Onee-sama!!」

「Um… Help~?」


I directed my gaze towards Vannua-san and Earl Astel, but both of them just gave out bitter smiles and stayed silent. And Melchora was rubbing her cheeks and hugging me with all she has since a little while ago. What’s with this situation? Suspension Bridge Effect? Is this that Suspension Bridge Effect? Is there no ‘Yes Lolita no Touch’?


「Aidle, popular~


Ahhh, stop it Arena. I’m good with the feelings but I don’t to be involved with nobility.


「Astel-sama! Your important daughter is about to be taken by a woman adventurer! Are you fine with that!?」

「I feel somewhat complicated, but I think it’s much better than giving her to some random man. But still, you sure are a beauty yourself, huh.」

「This stupid idiotic father!! Vannua-san!! Please do something about this!!」

「It is also a waste for me but I have no rights over this and her affairs.」

「You!! I’ll have you die later!!」




Melchora PoV:

(Darius was defeated)


I couldn’t believe it at all, but the adventurer woman in front of me pulled through it. I also had a lot of respect for this person before, but everything changed when suddenly Darius ran towards me after not admitting defeat.




I couldn’t muster any strength in my legs. Even though I have always admired strong men, I was utterly frightened when I saw that man. I realized I was just a weak child of a noble.


And at that moment, when I was about to be taken by Darius’ evil hand, that woman appeared just like a gallant prince. After the woman kicked that evil man away, I looked towards her and noticed that her hood was off. And then I saw it.


Hair with a gradation of pink and red arranged in a bobcat style, and the beautiful, cute and strong willed looking rainbow colored eyes that the one who helped me has. And a face that looked worried about me.


At that time I knew… I fell in LOVE…




For a while now Melchora will be involved in the next chapters…


「Go away!! Stop!! End it right now!!」

「It is useless to stop a strong aristocrat, the power level is over 5000!!!」