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Chapter 115 A Child’s Lament

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“Oh, d’oh! Wha… Mu?”


La Veil, who had been up all night fighting since the day before, stopped fighting when a nice scent entered her nostrils. The Aidles wondered about it and stopped fighting too. Right then, three familiar fairies and a human came flying from La Veil Radd.


“Oh, Arena!”


“La~Veil~ good work~.  Here’s your lunchbox~♪”


“Oh, my… Arena made this for me, right?”


“Yes! I made it with Aidle…”


“Oh, you’re such a motherly girl, ~~~~~!”


“Is she a mother now?”


“No, that’s how it’s set up. It’s been a while since I used that term.”


We haven’t used that term in a while, have we? They hugged each other like they were overcome with emotion. La Veil started crying when she saw what was in my lunch box. Arena asked Aidle if she could write some words on it, and Aidle suggested what to write with sauce. She wrote [I love La Veil] on it.


That includes my feelings, you know? I said in [sympathy]. She didn’t listen, but…


“… Being carried through the air by a fairy was terrifying, wasn’t it? I never understood the feeling of the green boy flying with fairy powers, I…”1


Mika was sobbing to herself, but it couldn’t be helped. When flying over the mountains, the altitude is inevitably high. She didn’t move even a bit while we flew, she was stuck with a strange look on her face.


“La Veil, how long did you last?”


“Mmm…. Gulp, hmm. I’ve barely managed two this morning. I’m surprised at how much my level has increased, Master.”


“Their bodies may be made of magic, but they’re still living beings. Although I can’t really imagine me getting hit.”


I don’t think I’d feel too bad about it though because the way I was beaten was so soft.


“It’s not surprising, since I was fighting an alter ego.”


“Oh, I see.”


If this was Arena’s form, she would have chosen to be hit one way or the other, but not in this case. Well, my alter egos are made to scatter into a pink dust cloud when they are defeated. It’s not going to turn into a bloody mess.


But two of them…that’s a fast pace for a two-day fight.


“Have you learned any new fighting techniques?”


“Something like that, but the unveiling will have to wait.”


La Veil finishes the lunch that Arena and I made for her in a matter of minutes and stands up, looking satisfied.


“I want to do this before I forget what it feels like. I’m sorry, Arena, but it would be nice if you could bring me lunch again…”


“I’ll bring it!


“Master, please give me Arena. This is something I know. It’s called a commuter wife.”


“Do you want to be executed here and now, you bad dragon?”


After some joking (seriously), I sent out additional Aidles. La Veil’s smile twitched at the sight of it, but I said, “This is different,” and turned to Mika.


“Mika, I’m going to leave three copies here for you to win one on one. Each time you win, your strength will increase, but hang in there.”


“Okay, okay. Do I have to use the holy sword?”


“I think you have to use it, or you’ll never win, right?”


“So strong… why are they so strong?”


She was surprised when she saw my alter Aidles statuses using her appraisal. That’s right, it’s as strong as the ones La Veil is fighting. I think you’ll have to be innovative to win, right?


“Yes, well, first, it’s still me technically, and I’m a sword fighter. You can do whatever you want. Here we go.”


“Aaaaahhhh, holy sword Activateeee~~~~~!!!!”


The brutal fight began, with no time for questions. Of course, I’m going to have to hold off a little because it’s not like in La Veil’s case where there’s an infinite number of resets available.


“I see, so Mika is training here too.”


“That’s right, good luck to both of you.”


“Yeah, I’ll leave that one to you, and Arena, you keep an eye on Master to make sure she doesn’t overdo it, okay?”


“I’m on it!”


She doesn’t trust me at all.




Yes, this is Cielo. I’ve been able to feel much better thanks to the presence of the Aidle’s Alter. Even as an alter body, her status lightly surpasses that of the other two heroes, so she’s so dependable that it’s almost scary.


Even now, this alter body is watching over me, spinning the recording crystal around in her fingers. I’d like to give her some sweets later.


“So, Cielo-chan, let’s hurry up and decide on the design of the dress.”


That is why I can endure this situation.


Goutani has been using my lap as a pillow for a while now, showing me a number of dresses that I could wear, drawn on sheets of white paper made of good material. They were all beautiful, probably designed by master craftsmen, but they did not touch my heart at all.


Maybe it’s because of his dark and cloudy eyes, unlike Mika’s.


“…Goutani-sama. More importantly, what about the doctrine of today’s lunch… No, what have you been doing so far?”


“Huh? Is that more important than my marriage ceremony?”


“Well, if we’re going to get married, I’d like to hear about your… I’d like to hear about the daily work of the person who will be my husband. I thought.”


“I see! I’m sure you’re right, a wife would be worried if she didn’t know her husband’s work routine. Okay, I’ll teach you, Cielo-chan, follow me.”


“Eh, ahhh!”


He grabbed my hand and started walking at his own pace. I ran after him. The alter body in the background smiled and told me, we were getting some good pictures. She looked so cute. I waved a little to her because she was so cute.


We were brought to the Pope’s office. What were they doing in my father’s room? When I entered, Hinomoto-san was standing beside my father, just like that night.


“Hmm? What do you want? You’re here with your future wife.”


“Oh! They asked me to show them my work. So, I thought I’d show you some of my ongoing exploits.”


“… I see.”


After hearing that, Hinomoto-san turned to father again as if nothing happened. Rather, I am very curious about what father is doing now.


“Um, Father is…?”


“Oh? “Oh, he’s in the middle of making a new Bible. He’s having me fix it up based on the notes I got from him.” …You don’t have to answer that.”


“I’m sorry about that. I decided there was no need to bother you. Is there a problem?”


“… Nothing. But don’t talk anymore.”


“I’ll leave it at that.”


Hinomoto-san really knows how to handle Goutani, doesn’t she? However, perhaps due to the power of the collar, she immediately turned her head back to Father when commanded.


“Does it bother you? I guess I can’t help it. He’s your father, isn’t he? But don’t worry. All he’s doing is helping us as a couple to live a better life. Right?”




“Answer me.”




He kicked up his chair and Father fell out of it. I immediately tried to run over to Father, but Goutani grabbed my hand. Let go of me, or I’ll gouge out your eyeballs?


“….that, I’m alright so, don’t mind it”


“See~he said it himself?”


We glared at the giggling Goutani, but he brushed it off as nothing. I was astonished to see what was on the desk when Father fell down. It was a piece of paper with the following inscription on it.


[There is no one equal to a hero in this country, but only a hero who conquers the world with prestige.]




It was as if the word “arrogance” had been directly written down. Are you going to let the people read this? To the people? To the faithful?


“This is… What is this? Is this how you want the Bible to be written?”


“[This]? Oh, come on, that’s a terrible thing to call it, isn’t it? This is… Yeah, it’s important, you know? People all over the world don’t even know about us heroes. They don’t know how precious we are, how much we’ve contributed to the world, how hard we’ve worked!!”


Goutani held up his hands and opened his eyes unnaturally to look at me. His eyes were filled with insanity.


“I went through that hell, and I thought. I was made to experience that [murder], that [genocide], and I thought. The human beings in this world should be even more grateful to us Heroes. They should bow their heads, and thank us for saving this world, give us money, offerings, and women, they should pay tribute now ~~~ ah!!!??”


The hero with a shining holy sword stands before me as a pathetic man.


“That’s why I chose the most obvious way to do it” 


he said. 


“It’s very peaceful, don’t you think? I really wanted to crush them by force and make them obey me, you know? But then I met Cielo-chan, and that changed my mind. Heroism is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Do you know how happy I was when I came to this country, when I was greeted with smiles and gratitude by a beautiful girl like Cielo-chan? Those longing eyes, the praise, and awesomeness that the people directed at me!”


Laughing loudly. Laughing like a child. Laughing like a madman.


“I thought to myself. I really thought that this woman was the goddess’ reward for my hard work! You are my hope to live in this world! So, I’m not going to hold back anymore! I’m going to have everything that the people in my class envy and live happily ever after! This is the first step!”


It was like a lament. But I was the one who predicted it. I’m the one who knew it and let it happen. Maybe it’s not my fault alone. But is this the [Hero] of today? If so, how much madness has our world put on their shoulders?


He, whom I now knew with all my heart to be horrible, was just a pathetic kid clinging to my legs and saying selfish things a child would say.


“So, I’m going to teach them a gentle lesson in the Bible. You know, how great we are, me. And Cielo-chan, I mean, me, my accomplishments… Cielo-chan, you’ll recognize me, won’t you? Right?”




Still, I don’t have an answer. What he’s doing now is not a good deed. He’s just a child who’s putting himself on the pedestal and spouting [barbaric] and [falsehoods]. So, what I can do now is… Just pat the child’s head.


“… Did he fall asleep?”


“… Yeah. I just… I realized that I had been mistaken. It wasn’t me he was looking for. It was salvation itself, wasn’t it?”


“Not everyone can keep their heart as strong as me, Asahina and the others. At that time, we were children who didn’t even see the color of blood properly in the previous world. We were the same as the children who play around in this world. The past generation of heroes, they could have become great warriors, but our time was different. Half of the heroes are a bit, well.”


Both Father and I were at a loss for words. To be fighting the Demon King and the demon tribe with such weak mental strength.


“That doesn’t mean I can pity him, though. Not everyone is as [deliberately] crazy as he is. It’s just that he was extraordinarily weak-minded. See, Pope, he said, more hyperbole there. We have to hurry, okay? They want to make it to the wedding day.”


“Ugh… G… Okay, got it.”


“You, too, leave him there and go back to your room. And think long and hard. Think about the future of your country. And think about him. If you can’t forgive someone, don’t forgive them. Especially you and Sakurada-san, right?”


“… Yes, I guess so.”


I lowered him gently to the floor, bowed to them both, and went back to my room… I’m sorry, alter. I don’t think I’ll be able to give you any candy today…




“Yes, yes… Eh? Oh, yeah. Okay, I’ll go. I’m coming, so don’t make a fuss.”


“What’s wrong?”


“It’s an emergency. Let’s go, there’s a candy crisis.”



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