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Chapter 22 Just One Adventurer Left


「B Rank already huh? You are the first to raise rank that fast in less than a month, other than heroes that is…」

「Heroes also register as adventurers?」

「There seems to be a lot of them that do monster subjugations. The current Hero is also an adventurer. The current is said to be SSS and was considered the strongest among them」


Is the Hero someone who was summoned? Because there is someone like that, then it might be a perfect match for what I wanted. I wish I would meet them someday, but that is if they are easy to talk to…


「Ah the topic somehow changed but, are you doing anything today?」

「I want to go home and rest some more but…」

I did sleep a lot these past few days but it was not enough… I want more of Arena’s Lap Pillow.


「I see, so you won’t be taking any escort request for today anymore」

「… Well, that’s how it is…」


To be honest, request like that are harder than anything. I can’t sleep well, I get assaulted by a lot of questioning, I could not focus on just the escorting. How many times have I almost fallen asleep on those jobs if I wasn’t careful enough.


Then I was handed a request form, I decided to look through it, Hmmm, I guess this should do.


Designated Request – Teaching Quest

Reward – 7 Gold Coins

Details – Teach swordsmanship to the lord’s son

Duration – 1 week

Completion – Raise swordsmanship to rank D, current rank E

Designated Rank – B

Designated Number – 1 person


「Is this person a noble of this tows… I have never met with them before」

「Seems like the got news that you received a request as a fighter for a noble in canaria, so they want to meet you by all means.」



There’s no way it was from Astel-san’s side who leaked it. Someone else might have mentioned it. Well, it is tiring to silence everyone so I don’t really mind it and accept this request. Ah, but this time it is only as a teaching instructor? If, that is so, wouldn’t anyone just be good enough.


「Okay, I confirm this for now?」

「Ah, can you go on your own?」

「I’ve passed by the house several times so it’s fine.」

「I see, then go ahead, see if it’s fine you Aidle」


I was sent off by the two people and several employees of the guild. But a week huh? It is nice of you to arrange a quest for me to stay hidden for a week. I will be able to rest for a while with this request I guess. Well they can’t complain if the one who requested was a noble after all.



「Well, it depends on the attitude of the other side, it might become a serious request.」


「You’re a demon, guild master」


Rena puts a paper on desk as she calss me that. She also was a demon though…


「Isn’t it fine, it will be the same with canaria, there is no one more fitting to take that other than her after all」

「Is that why you raised her to B Rank?」

「That is only part of it. And it’s okay because she can definitely do something about that idiot. I can’t rest assure of the residents safety if that is not fixed. 」


It is kind of irresponsible of me to do this, but I think Aidle will definitely do something about that. Otherwise the future of this town will definitely be grim.

Because of that person’s personality, the request is definitely perfect for that girl to handle. Let’s believe that she can also fix that person’s character.


「It is really bad that they have to rely on adventurers, it’s just a common story though」

「Then please work properly to fix that!」





「When thinking of nobles, it’s always the house that determines it right?」

「Cute Dress~?」

「Arena is cuter right?」