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Chapter 23 Start of Living for Survival

TL: Yuki



And so I came to the Lord’s house. When I showed the request form and my guild card to the guards I was led in to a receiving room. I have been waiting for quite some time, so I talked with the guard.


「Well, the Lord’s son has received a few instructors before, but it was a disaster…」



He kept on talking about that son in question.


「Well anyway, he was really a bit detestable, this year he is becoming 14. He would go to a merchant’s store and kick things in there, if children come near him, he would hit them and laugh at them, and sometime a go after receiving a little sword practices, he tried taking down a soldier that can’t fight against him」

「And the lord was tolerating that?」

「Because he is the only son, he was thinking that it is fine, but in case the son is incapable, a noble could adopt from other nobilities for a heir, but that would kind of make things messed up so that is a last resort」


Hmmm… A week with such a son huh… What can I say, Drew-san probably knew of this and he wants me to beat him into shape until the request is over. Oh, the other guard came back.


「Thank you for waiting, the lord wishes to speak with you for the time being.」

「I understand」


The request is only just to teach swordsmanship though I wonder if it would be useless. If those stories are true and he ends up as Lord, the town might be in danger.


「Got you!!」


「Eh, Ahhh!?」


As I was walking inside the mansion with the soldier as a guide, a young man appeared from a corner wielding a sword, so I stepped aside and dodged his attack.


And that young man attacking couldn’t stop his sword.








It didn’t hit me but the soldier in front of me received the hit. Fortunately the part of the sword that hit was the dull side and only a bruise was the damage to soldier. Because the strike was not executed well, it seems that it didn’t in an instant death hit. But well, he still fell and groaned.


「Hey, it’s an intruder!!」



I was thinking that this person is just hopeless. And now he is even setting me up as an intruded. Un, it’s definitely the lord’s son is it. The soldiers that gathered were also in a confused state seeing the situation. Well, the young soldier that was guiding me fell on the ground. The sword that kid is using is gaudily decorated and the materials used for it seems expensive. Hey don’t just drop your sword on the ground.


But well, the soldiers really can’t help it but follow him. And so they surround me for the time being. The young man has a victory smirk pasted on his face. For now I will try persuading my innocence.


「I am an adventurer who was invited for a request this time, while I was being guided to where the lord is, I was attacked by that person but because I dodged, he ended up hitting the soldier instead, the sword over there is proof of that. 」

「Wrong!! It was this person who robbed my sword and tried to attack me!!」

「Attack you for what reason?」


He seems out of it and can’t understand my question.


「You are the son of the lord, what kind of reason is necessary for me to attack you?」

「Ahhh… Ummm… Well, kidnap me and demand for ransom to shave off the power of our house?」


「If that is the case, Then why do I have to get involve with you, I can make you faint and just take all the money inside the mansion. If it’s cutting power, then killing you is not good, instead it will be weakening the head of the and letting you succeed it. Well I guess there is also the choice of replacing you with someone else to get rid of your family’s power by changing it inside out. But I didn’t do any of those so I am innocent.」

「Wha…wha wha what are you talking about, you!!」

「As I have said, I would take everyone down here even using only a wooden sword, why would I waste my time using such a gaudy looking sword not fit for combat to use. It would only be a burden, the materials used for it and it’s not even that sharp, also the balance is bad, it can only dent a common steel helmet, isn’t that something like a treasure? 」


The soldiers that surrounded me listened to my story. Once on started to laugh, everyone caught up in it and can’t stop. At first it sounded like a small radio, now turned into a loud sound.


「Damn it, why are you people laughing!! Don’t make fun of an aristocrat as myself!!」

「That adventurer will be your sword instructor」



Ohh, he’s confused. Perhaps he didn’t hear of this request from his father?


「What did you say you were!? Are you really going to be my instructor? 」

「That is what they say, you didn’t know?」


It seems that he didn’t believe it, but as for me, I’d like to speak with the lord soon to finally start the request. I talked to one of the soldiers surrounding me to guide me along.

The young man who has been out for while picked up his sword and followed us. He probably plans to sneak attack again but I wish he would just stop it this time.


After entering a study room, the lord who seems to be working raised his face and greeted us. He looks like a kind old man in glasses.


「Are you the one who received the request?」

「Yes, my name I Aidle」

「I see, I am Dabble Cotoise. I have heard rumors about you, please have a seat. Oi, please prepare tea.」

「As you wish, master」


After saying that, the maid in the corner of the room went out. His son is probably waiting next door so please be careful.


「Well, the request is about teaching my son swordsmanship, but have heard about my son?」

「I was assaulted when I entered the hallway hitting the soldiers head and declared that I was an intruder to be punished…」

「… …」


And the air froze. Then beyond the door, I heard a crash. Oh Father-san turned pale. It’s okay, because I didn’t really do anything.


「Well, fortunately, every soldier that responded believed my testimony, so they never really did anything. Don’t worry. I won’t really do anything to the first son of nobility」

「… … sorry about that.」

「It’s fine, so I would like to confirm the details of the request, but there’s also something else I’d like to consult with」

「Well, let’s hear what you’d like to say」


PoV Son of Lord


「Fuck, what on earth are they talking about?」


That rude woman seems to have been doing well with my father, but I absolutely won’t admit that role of Instructor to that woman. That woman covered in white robe… She didn’t look much older than me. She looks like she is only Rank F or E right? I won’t submit to such a smallfry.


「But I can’t go against my father… Am I still going to harass or get rid of her? No, but it will be troublesome if she retaliated… 」


In the first place, I am the eldest son of this house. But I never stayed on taking any education, I have left it behind long ago. Even though I only acquired sword skill from self-learning,  why get an instructor for me right now? I am getting irritated at being treated as stupid.


「Shit… Fuck…」

「What are you doing?」

「Ah, you, you!?」


PoV Aidle


Because Sigurd was listening closely and not paying attention I kicked his stomach. It kind of looked funny when he rolled on the corridor, but well I can’t keep this up for long.


Sigurd stood up while stomach. Is this part of his rebellious spirit? Then I will gladly take it down.


「I got permission from your father. Starting today, you are my one-week disciple, and you will not be considered as a nobleman during that time」

「… …?」

「Don’t get it? Well I’ll explain it later… for now let’s go」


I grasped Sigurds’ neck, and then leave the mansion as is. Although he struggled to escape, the difference in status is just way too high for him to do anything.


「Damn it, let go of me! Who do you think I am! 」

「From now on you are just sigurd, you see, we will be leaving now」


On that day, the people of the town witnessed Sigurd Cotoise which everyone knows. And that person was being dragged by a girl who was recently known as the Goddess of White Waters.

The soldiers that witnessed this were called out by Sigurd to ask for help, but he was just ignored. At that moment, he realized that he has no allies here.


Because of this girl, for the first time that he went out not to go shopping or eating, where normally nobody could stop him.


And finally, they reached the city gate. The usual gate guard looks at Aidle while being a bit shy.


「Oh, jou-chan, grabbing the head of the lord’s son and dragging all the way here? Are you planning to leave the town as is? 」

「That’s right… see here…」


I showed documents from Dabble-san to the guards and was permitted to leave while heaving a sigh.


When I threw Sigurd out of the gate, I instructed the guards to close it temporarily. It’s fine because I got permission to close it for 30 minutes and was written on the documents that I handed over.


「You can’t return home anymore you know」

「Why, why are you doing this to me!?」

「Why, well because it’s a request, can you pay me for that, and because penalties will be issued if I return you now.」

「Please return me right this moment!」

「Sorry, but that’s not going to happen, the request has already started. I will do it till the end, so let’s move to our destination from here.」

「Don’t be stupid! Return me to town! 」



I thrust my sword on his neck and made him walk towards the forest, and lets him sit down at when we reached the entrance.


「Well then, For this week, you will be spending it at this place.」

「What are saying so suddenly, you!?」

「Take this, an iron Sword from my stocks, and take this knife. I will teach you how to dismantle demons so you have to do it yourself. For now if something on the level of orcs or higher comes out I will help you but other than that, it’s up to you. I will provide water but you have to search for a local source yourself. I’ll lend you a tent so stay safe. 」

「Hey listen to me damn it, don’t do things without permission!! Explain what in hell this is!!」


「… …」

「Oi, don’t just stare blankly at me!!」


This young master sure orders a lot. I quickly prepared everything for him because this is not a charity project. Well, I guess it can’t be helped. I was thinking of doing this a little later but I guess I can explain for a bit.


「Simple story, I will teach you things outside of aristocracy, along with swordsmanship that is. It was included in the request that was added later」

「What, what do you mean?」

「Since this is something you can’t do in the future, I suggested that 「Is it okay for me to let him get this experience」 and it was agreed on and that results to this.」


It seems that the shock from that really hit him. He is now in orz so I sat down and continued.


「I don’t know the reason why you became a delinquent, nor want to know about it. Or what happened between you and your father, but I do know that you learned swordsmanship through self-studying alone. That’s why I added this request.」

「… …It’s already too late.」

「Even so, my obligation is to train you, dragging you here might be unreasonable for you, so I set up one rule for you.」


I pierce the Iron Sword in front of Sigurd. A sword is just a sword but if you hit someone with it they will die. Understanding this Sigurd moved a bit away.


「From this day, till the end of this week. Try attacking me, if you manage to defeat me then you may go back to the city. I won’t complain and even say a few good words for you to the lord.」


Oh, it seems that my provocation succeeded, he is now having power in his eyes. But well, he is still a noble so I can sense a feeling of looking down on those eyes.


「That story, is that true?」

「Because it is included in the request it is not a lie.」


「Oh? That’s good」


He grabbed the sword piercing the ground, then jumps towards me trying to cut me down but it’s useless. I jumped back a bit and avoided it. He went crashing down and trembling be he seems fine.


「I will definitely hit you!! 」

「Good luck with that I guess?」



Woops, Arena, invisible, Invisible!




「you want to get out of town to train him with swordsmanship, so is it fine to take him out」

「Well, is it fine for us to go out there? 」

「I think it won’t end well if I don’t do that」

「… … is three gold coins as additional payment good」

「Thanks for the business」


And so it’s time for survival training!!