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Chapter 25 End of Training

TL: Yuki



「Uu, Tou!!」

「Too slow, Improve your speed more!」


Since then, we have been continuing mock battles. If it was against me, I made sure to have him take notes and correct him, if it was against other opponents. I gradually increase the difficulty of encounters. I also forbid checking his status, but well his achievements are certainly accumulating. The latest was fighting three wolves alone. Next target is to fight against a bearwolf.



「Even if attacked, don’t be agitated! Get up quickly and prepare yourself!!」


In any case, we continued the mock battles and monster subjugation. I can only judge based on what I have known and experienced so I’m not really in a position to judge, but for now this is all I can say for myself. At this time, he definitely was blessed with a good teacher.


「Feint is good, but if you can’t follow up it’s just like telling your enemies to come hit you!!」



After fighting for a while, Sigurd collapsed again spread-eagled in the ground. Looking at the position of the sun, It would be around noon soon. It’s about 6 hours now since we started this morning. His battle endurance surely has increased since before. It’s proof that his movements and control are properly executed.



「You are evidently getting stronger, because you definitely have leveled up from defeating monsters, I think you can be considered top ranking among beginner adventurers at this point.」

「I that so… even though on my own, I think it’s that way」

「Why the dispirited response. Is something wrong? 」

「It’s nothing really… Even if you tell me that, seeing you not even a bit tired doesn’t really make me happy」


Is what he said and got up, and began preparing lunch.

His attitude sure has change, in these past few days, he rarely talked to me.


「Oi, it’s done」

「Yes, yes」


Today’s lunch that was made was red beans, grilled meat and wild grass. If you season everything in seasonings made from Fairy Town, you can eat just about anything. Salt and other spiced are quite expensive in this area and were also surprised that pepper was procured overseas. Well it was more surprising that they can use the World Tree’s parts as a substitute though. I don’t know how you classify that as ingredient but baked leaves tastes like salt and dried crushed branches tastes like pepper.


「For us aristocrat’s seasoning are being procured, but I have never seen anything like this, it goes well with meat even on wild grass. Even if other seasonings are not added, the taste is already good enough.」

「It is a secret ingredient from my hometown and of course, the manufacturing method is a secret」

「I won’t ask for that, so what will be today’s opponent?」

「For today it will be Bearwolf」

「I have been waiting for that」


A few days has passed, but doing things this way was more fitting for me. Every encounter will befit his current status and also setting up the right monster to fight while never letting him encounter unreasonable monsters. I places safety margins and now, it’s time to engage in battle.


PoV Sigurd:


Tools, Environment, Way of Living, were all taken away. It was very frustrating. I seriously thought that why as a noble should I do such humiliating things. But at the same time however, I know that I am certainly becoming stronger and feels a sense of fulfillment. But even that by itself is really irritating.


(… …why am I getting annoyed so much)


No, I probably already knew the answer, but I don’t want to admit it. I don’t know what will be waiting for me at the end of this, and after all this, I might still end up getting kicked out without becoming a vassal. It was also said that this request was accepted through cash but…


「Idiot, that’s dangerous!!」


「Water Doll!!」


The claws of the Bearwolf were approaching my face. The sight seemed to move in slow motion. It was frightening, but I didn’t close my eyes. I applied the battle techniques that I acquired to follow-up for my blunder. I moved my sword in between my face and the approaching claw. Then her water doll made contact.



The sound of gutsun* was heard, and a shock followed a part of my sword flying. The sword has been broken, but it’s attack was prevented! If you are still alive you can still fight!!

「Take this!!」


I pulled out the knife on my waist used for dismantling and with my all stabbed its throat. The feeling of ripping through soft meat and bone was felt and the Bearwolf collapsed.

While my consciousness was fading, I could hear her stupid voice along with feeling of being embraced.


「… … Ahh… that was really bad, the lord might get angered by this」

I thought that she was worried about me for a minute, but what the hell is this woman saying…



Aidle PoV


I felt stupid looking at the result when he was fighting a bearwolf. It was already way too close when I noticed the bearwolf’s claws because it was out of my sight. I slipped in a water doll just in case but Sigurd was able to somehow block it with his sword, but if he wasn’t able to defend at that time, he might have lost an eye.


「I might need to think a little more about this, but he was really motivated though.」


Oh, he’s already waking up, It was just a little concussion, but I will just verify his safety to be sure.


「I won’t leave any scars, so you don’t have to worry about it.」

「I know this is not amusing but…I have a request」

「What is it?」

「That scar… the one from before… can you leave it…」


After thinking for a bit about his request, I decided to go with it.




「I’m sorry about that」



After recovering for a bit and got up, that’s what Sigurd told me. Eh, what did he just say? The Sky?

[TL: 空耳(Soramimi) andすまなかったな(Somanakata) is what she is comparing]


「Did you hit your head or something, why the sudden change?」

「Don’t ask about it. I have only three days left… I will do it seriously from now on」

Sigurd turn towards me, then placed his hand on his face.



「I’ll be counting on you for the next few days, but…」

「…fine, do your best」


On the fourth day of training, he finally showed resolve.


3 Days Later –[TL: Sponge Bob Time Card]


A nobleman was standing in front of the gate. He made sure to finish all his work the night before. His guards are in a state of being wary of any monster that might approach.



「… Still not here yet?」


It is almost deadline, but then the two people who secluded themselves still haven’t shown themselves. He was his only remaining family member. He was not cruel enough to just abandon his bond of blood, even if he can’t join the world of nobles.


「They came back!!」



I raised my eyes to the words of the soldier and look at where they directed. Looking at a distance, I could see the figure of two people, and doubted my eyes.


「Is that… Is that really my son?…」


I certainly recognized that one in white robe but, the face of the one walking next to her was quite different from the one I have known.


The sharpness of his eyes was different. The clothes and protective gear that I lent for adventuring were in shambles. The sword he was carrying was also missing half of it. What caught my eye the most was the scar from his eye that goes down until his cheek. Everyone could not let out a sound thinking as to what kind of demon caused that.


(She told me that she would go casually, but just what in the world did…)


「I have returned, Cotoise-sama」

「…What in the world happened to your face?」

「Because He requested for it to be left alone, I left it as is, it was from a fight with a monster he defeated himself」

「What is that monster?」


「What did you?」


Speaking of Bearwolves, a D rank adventurer would need a party to defeat it. She mentioned that he killed it alone. It was defeated by a man who only knows how to do pranks before this time.


If so then I have to confirm.


「So, how strong exactly is Sigurd? How about his Sord Art Skills? 」

「Since I have already expected that you would ask, I borrowed a magic tool for showing status from the guild before I accepted the request.」


Operating it for Sigurd, Aidle showed the two of them his status.


Sigurd (14) Lv.21

Race: human


HP 412/412

MP 257/257

ATK 194

DEF 171

MATK 167

MDEF 154

INT 85

SPD 203


Skill: Sword Arts (C)


The soldiers that have seen his status paled as they thought about what kind of life he lived to make him triple his level in just a week. The Sword Arts skill also went up to C which was beyond the original goal which was D. Something like that could only be achieved normally with at least a year or more of training, yet it was achieved in just a week.


「The request have been completed, so, may I receive the certificate of completion?」

「Eh, Ah… Here」

「Then, I will be going on ahead, after this you can relax yourselves and talk it out… 」


The adventurer clad in white robe quickly snatched the certificate and entered the city.


Only Dabble, Sigurd and the soldiers were left. Slowly they all looked at each other. As of now Sigurd has now a dignified feel but doesn’t really match his looks. But that alone is already a pleasing event for Dabble, though he doesn’t show it on his face.


「…I didn’t know what kind of training you did and there are probably a lot of things you would like to say to me, but first let me ask you, what do you wish to do from now on?」


Sigurd took a glance at all the soldiers, then looked at his father’s face and said.

「I will do what I have to do」









「Goodmorning Aidle-san, have you completed the request?」

「I just finished it」


When I came to the guild and showed the certificate, Rena-san came to see me with a face of admiration. I was indeed fooled by Drew-san huh. It was certainly not as tiring as escort requests but it tired me due to taking too much mental attention even at controlling my physical strength.


「Anyway, with this I will finally be free for a month, I can finally be released」

「Thank you very much, Don’t you want to give your thanks to Guild Master who is dying from overworking on the upper floor?」

「Nah, I wish he would just turn into a corpse as it is」


I was a little serious about that though. That schemer, I will etch to my heart that I will never receive a request introduced by that person again. I immediately bid my farewell with Rena-san and immediately went back to the inn. Washed my body then thought about relaxing with Arena.




「This time without failing… you lose」


It’s the 10th consecutive defeat.




「For now, is it okay for me to PUNCH you father?」