Chapter 26 Taking a Stroll and an Emergency Request

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TL: Yuki



「Aidle, Hu~rry~Up~

「Yes, yes, just a bit okay~」


Today is a first stroll with Arena. However, there will be a lot of opportunities finding me if I stroll normally so it is a rule that concealment must be activated by the two of us.


「Well~ Its interesting things when looking from above a human’s town」

「so interesting~」


Looking from above, Haval had a rectangular shape. The entrance can be found only in the north and south. Merchant shops were aligned on the main streets and at the center are the merchant and adventurer’s guild while Dabble-san’s house is near the eastern wall. The rest are all just residential areas here and there.


Are there no slums in a town of this level?


We were flying along with the wind as we watch the scenery from above. Then a soft touch pokes my head.


「Let’s ride a cloud, Aidle~」



When I turn around, I saw Arena making a cloud that looked like cotton candy. It was wide enough for the two of us to lay down, so it’s okay to get with the both of us.


「Why’s it like this… Why, doesn’t it collapse even though it looks so soft? It sure gives a mysterious feeling…」



Even though it is soft enough to change shape, it wraps up the body as if it’s some high quality cotton. Isn’t this ignoring the laws of physics?


「Does it feel good~?」

「It feels good, in double ways than one」



The feel of resting in the soft sensation of clouds while listening to an angelic voice beside me feels really good. The two of us were close together while licking the world tree’s Honey Ice Cream while heading towards the forest.


We moved close to the forest where I trained Sigurd. We moved to the ground, pulled out sheets and prepared our lunch. It was a sandwich with orc meat, fried eggs and world tree’s leaves. The fried eggs were from small birds that are as big as fairies that live on the world tree. We collect the eggs from them.


「「Let’s Eat!!」」


It feels like were going out like a couple, but it is a very fluffy and warm feeling even if we aren’t really doing anything. My happiness levels are breaking through the roof and Arena is smiling three times brighter than usual.


「「Thanks for the Meal!!」」


After finishing our meal and drinking Honey Juice, We started a lively game of Tag. Although my status is astonishingly high, it was almost useless. Arena is just abnormally good at hiding.

Once you lose sight of her, it would be extremely hard even for Testania-san to find her. Even I find it hard to find her on visual sight only. When looking for her by sensing magic power, I was only barely able to find her.


「Found you~!! You’re IT!!~♪

「Kyaaa~ I’m caught~ Hyahahahaha~


Once you got sight of her, it will be easy to catch her. After grabbing her waist and hugging her, she seems to be really enjoying it.


Ahhh, I’m being healed. Possessing concealment skills and a small body, demons would rarely find them. If they are hiding on grass and someone reaps them they deploy defensive walls. I can see the many advantages of fairies.


「Arena, I think it’s probably the right time to leave and aim for the capital」


「It will be a bigger city, and there will be Royals like Testania-san」

「A biggah Town! Woooah!!」


Unanimously, the journey toward the kingdom has been approved. And after all that, I am now giving a lap pillow to arena, it will be just a while more until evening.


「Oh, are you getting sleepy?」

「Unn… sweepy~…」


Arena is already at the point where her eyes are almost closing. If I think about children around her age, then it’s almost nap time now. Well I lay down Arena with a lap pillow though. When I was stroking her smooth hair she went to sleep while smiling. I also closed my eyes for a while, and later it was already sundown.


「Nuuh, My legs~」


「Uhh, please spare me~」

When I woke up, it was already evening. At that time Arena played around with my numb leg. It was torture! I also suffered from stiff neck…


We rode a cloud again when we returned to the town. I can the setting sun on a distant mountain.


The sky’s gradation changes from a whitish sky to a night sky. Stars are already coming out. The moving clouds disappearing beyond the mountains are probably forming into rain clouds.


「It sure is peaceful」


「Oh, have you learned some difficult words?」


If possible, I would like someday to be able to make friends with more people, of course along with Arena t


「Oh, welcome come back! Aidle-san a staff from the adventurer’s guild was looking for you? 」


When I entered the Inn that I stayed in, the Inn Lady’s daughter said that to me, but I decided to put it on hold for today. I’ll see what it is tomorrow.


「So why did you asked me to come today?」

「Eh? Ah, right, about that you see. I was getting really impatient and wanted for you to come over here sooner.」

「Did anything happen in the city today?」

「Well, there’s nothing of that, It seems that the subjugation troops still haven’t returned」


It doesn’t seem to be a problem related to the town but is urgent. It’s probably not just an ordinary request.


「Ah, you did mention about an emergency request.」

「If possible, I would like for you to accept it.」



If I don’t go and refuse, there will be huge penalties for the adventurer. I guess, I can’t just decline it. To follow this guild master’s schemes, it doesn’t really leave a good taste. I told the Inn’s poster girl that I won’t be coming back for a while, and then left the Inn after that. An adventurer sure feels like working for a black company.


「Though I asked for Rena-san to find you at the inn but it seems that you were absent, Just how long were you away from the Inn?」

「Is that how you ask for a person you threatened with an emergency request?」

「Oi, oi… …」


Drew-san who was waiting for me at the entrance urges me to come in. He ask me to talk while having a drink, but that won’t deceive me.


「So, what’s the problem this time?」

「Ah, A messenger from the subjugation unit arrived around this afternoon, it seems that the adventurer’s will be returning this morning.」

「Finally everything’s going back to normal, so was it completed?」

「Yo, You… … …」


At the same time as he drunk his alcohol he smashes his hand on the table.


「The subjugation force escaped, they said that the Red Dragon was far stronger than they thought, and they came back from a losing battle… Shit!!」


Drew-san doesn’t hide his impatience as he slams the reports he was holding down on the table.


「What about dead and injured people?」

「About 80% of them are injured, miraculously though no one died. About half of the injured will probably be incapable of continuing their business…」

That really is a lot of damage. It could even be considered a huge disaster. It seems that a lot of them ended up having missing limbs, and probably ending their adventurer lives. Not to mention that the ones that have received those injuries were the extra adventurers who would have only been a burden for the request.


「Most of them were beginner ranks, so it’s not like the effect on the town will be a huge, but realizing its future effects, the damage will be far more horrible… A lot of young ones have been affected after all… Haaaaah…」

「So what’s the urgent request for me?」


Drew-san raised his face that was facing down, then looked at me with a hint of tension then asked.


「… … …Can you defeat that Red Dragon?」




… …Hmmmm, that one fought over 131 people right?



「I have never fought one. So how strong is that?」

「It is considerably strong enough that even 5 A rank parties were taken down」


A ranks? I guess they were also added on the subjugation team. Because their strength should be around the same status as Drew-san, everyone would probably be around 60-80 in level. So if they weren’t able to defeat such dragon, its level should be around three times higher, not to mention the status would be way different considering its race.


「There might be a possibly for me to be injured but I can probably beat it 」


After calculating possibilities, I was confident that I can somehow defeat it. However, I cannot ascertain just how strong it is. But,


「You have already considered it as an Emergency Request right?」

「Will you really do it? Then this…」

「All materials are to be donated to the Town. I understand so will you process it now?」



And then drew san began processing the request like an excited child. Oh, I wonder if there was a complaint. It might have been also ok for me to receive penalties and not accept the request, but I’ll probably have to find a place to settle down again or they might even try to bind me.


I received the request from Drew-san and verify its contents.


Emergency Request – Red Dragon Subjugation

Completion Reward – 2500 Gold Coins

Request Contents – Must Subjugate the Red Dragon who settled in the Hill of Lizar.

Requirements for Completion – Defeat of Red Dragon, Recovery of Materials

Designated Rank –

Designated Number of Applicants – One Person


「What a terrible amount for a Reward. It’s even higher than any of the reward I have accumulated.」

「If you are able to complete this request, you might be promoted to S Rank at worse it will be A Rank in an instant, so please do your best and complete it!」

Well, that was out of my expectations. But, becoming S Rank is it. The opportunity of meeting Royals might increase greatly. My Motivation rose a bit. And if we have that much money, we can just travel for a couple of years without doing adventurer work.


「Since I will be explaining this to the Adventurers for a bit, you can take your time and rest for today.」

「Okay, then See you tomorrow」


「Aidle, are you going to fight the dragon?」

「That seems to be the case this time」

「Is it okay for me to follow?」

「Probably Impossible this time」


I will donate the materials of the Dragon to the town this time. That is how they want it so I can’t really complain. I will give up on taming it this time so I’ll just wait for the next opportunity.


「Well if I defeat the dragon, we will have a picnic on that hill after, the view will probably be good」





「Ah, Drew」

「Hahnn? Unnn!!??」

Announcement Drew Received Stomach Pain

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